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"Great game, but it doesnt live up to the original"

Back when PS1 was still alive and kicking, I played a little game called Metal Gear Solid. This game had redefined what it meant to be a ''stealth'' game. It had smooth control, great graphics(for its time), it had the works. I loved the game to death. When Twin Snakes was announced I rushed out and bought a Gamecube a couple days before Twin Snakes launched. Well, I am both disappointed and happy. Happy because one of my favorite games ever has been remade on such a great console. Disappointed, because I had expected 10x more from this game than what I got. Don't get me wrong, it is still a great game, and worth every cent I bought it for. It just didn't live up to my expectations.

Graphics 9/10-
These graphics were amazing. Every part of the game looks stunning and I was pleasantly surprised with the cut scenes. The bullet-time effect in this games cut scenes were very cool and I liked them a lot(even though I don't think it fits with a Metal Gear game). When yo go into FPM(first person mode) you can see all of these beautiful details up close. The snow looks really cool and I applaud the people who spent their time making the game look so good. The 1 and only reason I mark this down a point is the frame rate is horrendous. every time some action that involved more than 2 people on the screen happened, it would look like I was in one of the slow-motion cut scenes. This made the game a pain to play, because there is a lot of action going on during gameplay, unless you can avoid each and every guard, you will run into this problem multiple times.

Sound 7/10-
Nothing very special here. Everything sounds good, the bullets still sound very fake, but I am not going to knock it for that. The sound quality however I will knock it for. It sounds good, but you can tell, not a lot of work was put into the sound department. This is a real shame seeing as how this game has great sound effects and music. This seemed to be a problem throughout the entire game, so I moved my GC downstairs where I had a Pro Logic 2 sound system. I still ran into the same problems.

Control 6/10-
This is the absolute worst part of the game. The Gamcube controller is extremely un-friendly to this game. Now, the (original)game was designed for a dual-shock, and anyone can see how different the 2 controllers are, it looks like it was difficult to set this game up. But, I REALLY wish they could've done a better job on this section because it is what ruined it for me. Also, the FPM is useless and ruins the game. Boss' like Ocelot are too freaking easy with this, and the design of the base you are in is very un-friendly to FPM. I also found FPM's controls to be very sensitive, making it hard to aim.

Overall 7/10-
I really wish I could've given this game a higher score. But, when you take a game as great as Metal Gear Solid and mess with its formula, you always spell trouble. A simple port with updated graphics(think REmake) would've been fine. But they messed with it too much for my own liking. Anyone who has not played the PS1 version owes it to them selves to somehow play this game. But, if you are a big fan of the PS1 version, I suggest you keep your old memories of the game safe and wait it out until you know if you are going to love or hate this game(for hardcore Metal Gear fans who have played the PS1 version it is kind of a love/hate basis for this). Overall I give it a 7. It is an awesome game, but it doesn't even begin to live up to the originals.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/12/04

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