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"Same Gear, Less Solid"

Metal Gear Solid deserves a 10/10, I have no doubt in my mind of that. However, The Twin Snakes made quite a few alterations to what I consider one of the best games ever developed, so I base my score of 8 on the differences I see between the original and the remake.

The first major drawback I noticed in The Twin Snakes was its music. Much of it is completely dwarfed by Harry Gregson-Williams's orchestrated score in Sons of Liberty, and I even found the game's main theme song completely missing until near the end when I caught a small bit of it playing in the background. This installment does not stand up to its predecessors in this field, though I must say there were two particular parts of the game where I enjoyed what I heard. Psycho Mantis's hymn I was very grateful to see carried over, and the music played while facing Sniper Wolf added a nice feel to the battle.

The sound effects i must admit were an improvement. Snake's footsteps over grating and cement, to gunfire, to the choking noises the guards make as you closed your arm around their necks, all sounded very authentic.

The new voiceovers I have a mixed opinion on. Though some I thought seemed to fit the characters perfectly (Gray Fox), some didn't seem up to par. The one I can complain about most is Naomi Hunter's. She seemed very monotonous and emotionless, especially toward the end of the game when she might show a little bit of feeling toward what was happening aorund her and to her.

The graphics are good, looking very similar to those in MGS2. We also still have the option to zoom in on cutscenes, getting a closer look at the detail that went into every inch of Shadow Moses Island. Speaking of the cutscenes however, one thing must be brought up. Though they are beautifully animated and directed, many result in Snake doing things that are, well not humanly possible. Jumping into a backflip off of an active missile is a good example of this. I had always admired Metal Gear Solid for its realism. Toward the end of Sons of Liberty the game began lacking in this realism, and I thought it was one of that game's major flaws. Seeing Snake do many of the things he does now makes Twin Snakes lack in the same way.

.....That having been said, a lot of those cutscenes looked pretty damn cool.

The gameplay is just about as solid as Metal Gear itself. Again, taken almost directly from MGS2 they are easy to use and familiar. I am not a big fan of the Gamecube controller, but the only real flaw is a difficulty in holding down the Z trigger while firing a gun. But, that can probably be chalked up to either a defect in my Gamecube controller, or my hand.

No review needed. The story was directly taken from the original Metal Gear Solid and is every ounce as good now as it was back then.

Overall I enjoyed the first MGS more when I played it the first time, but the fact that I have been a fan of the game since 1998 also gives me a biased opinion. If this is your first venture into the Metal Gear world, then by all means pick up this game as soon as you can. If you've been with the series as long as I have, The Twin Snakes is definately worth a rental just to see the new material, though personally I think the game was a worthy purchase. Long live Solid Snake.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/12/04

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