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"A Timeless Classic"

A lot of people have complained about the game being not as good as the original PSone title, but I really can't see how. I guess it is because I have never played that one. Everything has got a complete overhaul though. The game has taken all of the gameplay elements from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty that weren't in Metal Gear Solid and added them into the remake. So how could this game be not as good as the first?!

I loved MGS 2:SOL's story so I was curious to see if this game's story was near as good. Well, it is. The game starts off with Solid Snake entering this secret military base and he is supposed to save some hostages and prevent a nuclear strike. Well, after about 20 minutes into the game a whole bunch of freaky **** happens and everything becomes much more complicated and the story gets much better. This game's story features a lot of the same elements as MGS 2:SOL's in the sense that Snake isn't told all of the information he needs by his advisor similar to Raiden's situation in the second game.

The game looks gorgeous. It looks like the PS2 game MGS 2:SOL, but with things that the PS2 might not have been able to handle such as bump-mapping and sharper character models. Now the characters look much more realistic and defined with the use of bump-mapping. The visual effects are extremely well done. That is something that Hideo Kojima and the rest of his team has always done well. Now that they worked with Silicon Knights and Nintendo, the effects along with the rest of the graphics have been taken to the extremes. The snow effects that splatter against the screen really do look just as good as something in 1080 Avalanche or Wave Race: Blue Storm. The only complaint that I really have is that the game slows down a lot. Just by punching an enemy in a big environment will cause the framerate to take a nose dive. The game runs smoothly most of the time at 60 fps, but like I said, the framerate will drop at times.

Again, this is one area that Hideo Kojima's team does extremely well in all of their games. There is always a very epic score in the game. The music, in my opinion, is even better than MGS 2:SOL's. Most of the original voice actors are back to reprise their roles in the game. The voice acting has always been very good in this series. It has always made everything even more cinematic and believable. The sound effects are also done well. Everything about the sound is done perfectly. The guys over at KCEJ have always got their presentation down perfectly and Metal Gear Solid: the Twin Snakes does not disappoint an any way.

All of these critics have been complaining about game getting changed. THE GAME IS A REMAKE! REMAKE! DO YOU HERE THAT GAMESPOT? IGN? THE REST OF YOU? This game has gotten more upgrades than there are bad things. There is nothing wrong with the gameplay. Now you can do everything that you could in Metal Gear Solid 2 like stuffing guards in lockers and going into first person mode for more precise shooting. One thing that is totally amazing in this game is the boss fight with Psycho Mantis. I have heard all of these stories about how he can ''read your mind'' and you have to change...hold on. Do you really think I would tell you what happens? That alone doesn't get the game a ten though. The rest of the game is brilliant too.

The Gamecube controller has a bad reputation for action games. The controller seems to be made for platformer games so of course I was a little skeptical of how this was going to work. They actually did a good job of converting all of these commands to the Gamecube controller. I don't even have time to list all of the things that you can do and how to perform them. I did find a problem or two though. I found that when in first-person mode you have to hold down the button very hard because if you even slightly lift your finger off the button you will exit the mode. The other problem I found was that when I was against a wall when I tried to move left and right I came off the wall. I never had this problem in MGS2:SOL. But I have to say I'm still very impressed that the controls are mapped well to the controller.

graphics-1(it is a PS one game, c'mon)
sound-8(still by today's standards is good)
gameplay-7(missing gameplay elements)
control-9(well, they are good)
overall-7.5(still good, but dated)

graphics-9(see above for detail)
overall-9.6 round to 10(see below for details)

OVERALL:9.6(round to 10)
Instead of looking at Metal Gear Solid as an example to make a stealth/action game people will be looking at Metal Gear Solid: the Twin Snakes. That's is not to say the game is without flaws because it does have flaws like the occasional framerate drop and some minor controls issues. But if you can get around that, and most people will, you are in for quite a treat. Since the game is about six or seven years old some people who have played it might not find it that spectacular. For the people like me who are just now playing it, it is like a rollercoaster ride. It is intense and you want to do it all over again.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/12/04

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