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Reviewed: 03/13/04

After 6 years, Metal Gear Solid is still the game to beat

In 1998, the world was told to wake up and see what would become THE greatest stealth-adventure game on the planet, Metal Gear Solid. MGS is what many, including myself, consider one of the greatest games of all time. With it's stunning visuals(for the time), heart-stopping story and fantastic gameplay, MGS captured millions of fans and still does to this day. Now, Konami is teaming with Silicon Knights and Nintendo to remake the game for the Nintendo GameCube. After a delay and some debates about backflips, the game is here. Does it beat the original? In my mind, yes.

The story takes what you love about modern-day spy films and weaves a tale that will have you on the edge of your seat. A group of terrorists have taken over a nuclear weapons disposal facility in Alaska. They've also got a couple of hostages on top of that. You, as Solid Snake, must infiltrate the base and rescue the hostages. This is the general premise. The original's story was mind-blowing, with out of this world plot twists and memorable moments. With the remake, the story has been expanded to make a bit more sense. Certain cut-scenes are longer and play out the drama in a much more exciting way. This is the problem a lot of people have. Some of the action scenes are pretty far out, with a certan hated one beng Snake back flipping to avoid Revolver Ocelot's bullet. But that's just the beginning. Even James Bond and The Matrix would look at these scenes and say, ''Yeah Right''. But even so, they make the game so much more fun and add a lot of style to an already amazing game.

One can almost sense the time that was spent on the graphical detail in The Twin Snakes. Everything from the beautifully animated cut-scenes, to the animation, all the way down to the finest details, Twin Snakes is gorgeous. The detail is astonishing. Windows will shatter from bullet impact. Snow lands on the first-person view camera and melts away. Hell, the snow even changes direction with the wind. It's a truly amazing looking game. I just recently played a bit of the original game(the 1998 PSX version), then played a bit of Twin Snakes, and the difference is glaring. The textures are beter, the modeling is better, everything looks much crisper and cleaner. The graphcs in Twin Snakes literally puts the original to shame.

What we have with the gameplay is basically everything you could do in MGS2, you can do it in here. Only now it's in the MGS1 world. We're talking first-person shooting, hanging on ledges, shooting out the radio's of enemy soldiers, and anything else you can possibly think of from the 2001 sequel. Over the course of the game, the controls are very easy to get used to. From myself, a veteran of MGS1(and MG in general) who was very accustomed to the PlayStation controls, I was very pleased with the way the GameCube controller worked with the game. Overall, the controls are fantastic.

This is what brought my score down to a 9. I wanted so bad to give it a ten, but I couldn't. It's not the whole sound, as the music, sound effects and MOST of the voice acting is phenomenal. Notice though I said MOST. Jennifer Hale, who voices Naomi Hunter, has absolutely zero emotion. She's very monotone and wooden. The rest of the cast, though, is great. The music, sound effects and overall sound design is, of course, top notch.

FINAL SCORE: 9 out of 10.

Does this beat the original? Yes. I had a lot more fun playing through this than I did the original. And I live and breathe the original. Twin Snakes is amazing, and something every GameCube owner should have.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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