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"MGS pwns j00"

Pre-Review: I've followed the deity known as Hideo Kojima's brilliant Metal Gear series since its days on the NES and I have loved every single one. When Kojima released Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation I wet myself. The gameplay was spectacular as was the story and the music. At the time, it was perfection. However now, we demand more from our games and Hideo has answered our prayers with Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. I have had this game preordered since it was announced and now I get to review this masterpiece. Here is my breakdown.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics in this game are excellent. While they are lacking in today's overwhelming graphical innovations (such as bump mapping, etc) they get the job done and do it damn well. I also note the use of Karma physics in Snake's bandanna..(nice touch.) and just how awesome to look at. One of the joys this game has added is what I have come to call the 'guard cam' The best way to describe it is to give an example of how it was used. 3 guards were coming after me in the helipad area and I hid in the back of the truck. My radar screen turned into a camera and showed the guards surrounding the truck looking for me. My eyes lit up. The camera also shows when guards see something suspicious, such as wet footprints in a place they shouldn't be, a gun barrel sticking out from behind some boxes (your last moment!!!) and so on. FISSION not MAILED.

Sound: 10/10
This is one of the many high points in this game. The sound effects. The quality of the sound effects is brilliant. From the 'splish splash' sound of Snake running through a puddle to the closing of a locker door (having stuffed some unlucky chap inside who made the mistake of investigating the knocking sound he heard from around a corner)
The sound is dead on accurate and perfectly replicates what each would sound like.

Music: 10/10
The groovy tunes of the original game have returned, touched up and sounding better than ever. I have always liked the music in Metal Gear games and this time is no exception. At some parts in this game, the music helps to add to the tension of a given situation which really enriches the experience and scores major points with me. I can't say this many other ways: the music in Twin Snakes/Metal Gear Solid is phenomenal.

Voice Acting 8/10
Good voice acting is so hard to come by nowadays but Metal Gear Solid does not have any trouble with awesome VAs... mostly. All the voices I remember (and a couple new ones) are back and are done well. For the most part. no over/under acting, just dead on.

Gameplay: 10/10
You want awesome, flawless, over the top, godly, incredible gameplay? Then you want this game. Metal Gear Solid's gameplay at that time was enough, but now they've gone and added all the little extras that made people stick to Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty. To even BEGIN to get into how awesome the gameplay is is a chore but that's what I gotta do. Picture yourself entering a warehouse/docking area. You climb out of the water and head for the freight elevator across the floor. You notice a few guards patrolling the area. One is coming towards you, so you duck behind a box. You think you are safe, but the guard notices your wet footprints! He slowly follows them towards your hiding spot but you manage to get him in a chokehold and break his neck before he notices you. Now you have a problem. What happens when the other guard notices his body? He would radio for help. But you can simply pick up the body and move it somewhere out of the way. You're hefting him towards a dark corner when suddenly you hear a splashing sound. You just stepped in a large puddle on the floor, and unfortunately for you, you weren't the only one who heard it. The other guard cautiously approaches your position as you dump the body and hide behind the box again. Bad news for you as he follows your wet footprints back to the box and opens fire on you. (watch out for puddles.) I could expand on the gameplay quite a bit more but I should leave the discovery to you.

Misc Factors:
Addiction factor: 4/5
Its Metal Gear so of course its addicting. However, Twin Snakes really grabs hold of you if you get a couple hours into it. The game is like a good book, read a few chapters and you'll hit the back cover before you can bring yourself to put it down.

Fun Factor: 5/5
Again, its Metal Gear. As long as I have followed the series I can't think of any ONE game that hasn't been incredibly fun to play. Just the sheer joy of sneaking up behind a poor guard and snapping his neck like a twig makes me happy. The challenge of the game combined with multiple approaches to just about every situation in the game adds to how fun this game is to play.

Buy this game?
You would be a fool not to buy this game, even if you aren't a follower of the Metal Gear series. On its own this is a definite must have.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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