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"Metal Gear Solid: James Bond meets The Matrix"

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (MGS: TTS) is a remake of the Playstation Metal Gear. To be honest, MGS: TTS is the first game in the Metal Gear series that I have ever played. Although I didn't know any of the characters to begin with, I quickly learned all of their names and their place in the story. MGS: TTS is a good game to play if you have never played any of the other games in the series.
TTS is a story of its own, so you won't have to worry about reading up on previous Metal Gears to understand it. If you don't like to play games without first knowing a little background story, TTS has a brief synopsis of the other Metal Gear games.

Gameplay 10/10
Ahh... gameplay. Perhaps the most important feature in a game. Most games don't survive without at least decent gameplay. To me, gameplay is all about how fun it is to play the game, and TTS is definitely fun. Sneaking around corners, hiding behind crates, slipping past security; all of this has been done before, but MGS: TTS makes it even better. Waiting behind a crate may sound boring, yes, but when you are in a room filled with gun-wielding guards that won't hesitate to call for backup, that may convince you differently.
TTS has very smooth, comfortable, and tight controls that add to the value of fun that it has to offer. You won't struggle to get your character to perform a single action; instead, there is rarely a time when you get frustrated. The controls in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes are very simple. I think that this is to be expected, nonetheless.
There are several different difficulty levels to choose from: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme. I suggest starting a game off on Very Easy, even if you have played the Playstation version. Think of it as a warm-up. Also, I have noticed that the difficulty levels change fairly drastically (in terms of how tough it is) between levels. The difficulty levels are a great idea if you want to get the hang of this game or if you want to master it.

Story 10/10
For some, the story is very important. For others, it couldn't make a difference. I, for one, expect a good plot to fully enjoy a game. MGS: TTS delivers a great story full of plot twists and surprises. Basically, Solid Snake is sent to investigate a nuclear disposal site. I know what you are thinking: ''Is that it!?'' but believe me, the story gets much better from there. Little things in the story prove to make the cutscenes a very interesting feat. I can tell that lots of time was spent tweaking this story to near perfection. I won't spoil anything here, but saddle up, because TTS offers one good story.
After you get passed certain parts in the game (stumbling upon characters paths, defeating bosses, etc.) long cutscenes will commence. Lots of the cutscenes involve talking, which can do one of two things to you: a)bore you because you don't care about the story or b) excite you because crucial points have been filled in the story line. Try to make the story enjoyable for yourself; it will make life a little bit better.
Not all of the cutscenes are talking, however. Many of them include great fight scenes using Matrix-esque style moves that can make you think that you are watching a movie. Others can bring tears into your eyes. But that's as far as we'll go into the story review.

Graphics and Sound 9/10
MGS: TTS has very beautiful backgrounds, solid environments, and plump characters. There aren't too many bright or enlightening colors or features in TTS, but what did you expect? Some lines (such as the ones outlining doors and the bodies of characters) are a bit scratchy, which can give off a sandpaper-ish texture to things.
When a cutscene pursues, it truly shows what this game looks like graphic-wise. From crimson blood to fiery explosions, you begin to see where I get the tagline for this review. At some point during TTS, you may forget you are playing a game. The graphics and the story line for TTS really compliment each other well to hand to you a great experience.

To most gamers, sound doesn't really make much of a difference in their experience and enjoyment of a game. I feel, however, that music and sound can leave a lasting mark on you forever. There really isn't much music going on while you are playing TTS, which could've resulted in a bad thing if there was. At some parts in the game, concentration is key, something that music could ruin for you. I wouldn't have minded a little music during the cutscenes, though.
The voice acting for this game is superb. The voices are loud, crisp, and clear. They fit their own character well, which helps develop the great cast of characters even more. Do you see where I am getting with how well-developed this game is? The voices are distinct from each other, letting you know who is talking without even looking at the screen.

Playtime/Replayability 9/10
My first time through MGS: TTS it took me approximately twenty hours, despite the fact that it is two disks. For most people, I have found, it usually takes no more than twenty. Now that may not seem like a lot, and it really isn't, but the time is spent in The Twin Snakes' replayability. There are several side quests that encourage going through the game many times over, which aren't very rewarding in the end. If you can complete the side quests, you walk away with the bragging rights.
By completing the game on Very Easy, you still have four other levels of difficulty that you can spend time on. The difficulty levels prove for great replayability. In the end, you will get far more than twenty hours out of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.
Unfortunately, TTS lacks multiplayer to waste away the time when you aren't going for numbers, or if you have a friend over. A MGS free-for-all would be great, but the game is really meant for only one player.

Final Recommendation
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is overall a very enjoyable experience that will leave you astounded during the credits. Each and every element compliments one-another to create a concoction of a game that should not be missed out on. The gameplay is tight, intuitive, fun. The story and graphics go along with each other very well to create a cinematic tale in your very own home. The great challenges The Twin Snakes offers has you going at it time and time again to make sure you have gotten everything there is to find.
I highly recommend that you go out and get TTS now. It is a masterpiece of a video game that has quickly jumped on my favorites list. I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/21/04

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