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"It's still got it"

Back in 1987, a little game called Metal Gear was released in the United States. In it, you were supposed to sneak past guards instead of run through with guns blazing, ala Contra. This was revolutionary, and the game received critical acclaim. Then, around 11 years later, the third game in the Metal Gear series was released. It was called Metal Gear Solid. It, like the original, made you focus on stealth more than blasting through stuff, though you COULD do either if you wanted to. Like its predecessor, it was met with critical acclaim and was labeled as the father of all stealth games. So, now a little bit six years later, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, a remake of a perfect game, is released. How does it stack up to the original? Well, lets see shall we.

Story: 10
The story was kept intact, and had little changes to the dialogue, which you probably won’t notice unless you pay extremely close attention. But, for all you who have not played the game, I shall say that the story is wonderful, filled with tense moments, plot twists, betrayals, and cool moments to boot. Basically, it involves the legendary soldier, Solid Snake, infiltrating a secret nuclear weapons storage facility, which was recently taken over by terrorists. Solid Snake’s mission is to rescue two hostages and see if the terrorists actually have the ability to launch a nuke. If they do, he must stop them with whatever means necessary. I loved the story then, and I love the story now. 10 for j00!

Graphics: 10
The graphics can be divided into two categories:
Cinematics- The cinematics are wonderful! They are incredible! They have a few flaws here and there, but they are small enough so it doesn’t damage the score. The game uses the MGS2 graphics engine, and it looks wonderful. I also noticed that the game’s graphics look similar to Eternal Darkness’s graphics...I might be the only one who thinks so...Anyways, in my opinion, they are pretty damn good, and for that, zee 10 it gets.
In Game Graphics- The in game graphics, like the cinematics, look fantastic. Again, flaws here and there, but not enough to take off points. Sure, it’s no Splinter Cell, but its good enough for me. However, the thing which REALLY impressed me was the game’s outdoor areas with the snow. It just looked SO good. That really impressed me. So, j00 get yourself a 10!

Sound: 9
The sound is divided into categories, like the graphics:
Music- The music in the original game was fantastic, so I was a bit worried when I heard that they were redoing the soundtrack. Boy, I was wrong. The music is VERY good, and when the soundtrack comes out I defiantly plan on getting it. I do prefer the songs in the original, but this is still good. Zee magical 10 it gets.
Voices- Like MGS and MGS2, the voice acting is top notch. However, I did notice that a lot of the emotion from their previous performances was missing this time around. Also, some of the accents which some of the characters had (Naomi and Mei Ling come to mind) don’t have them any more, and Naomi REALLY sounds bored this time around...No emotion from her what so ever. So, it receives a 9.
Sound Effects- The sound effects in this game are good, but really have nothing on the sound effects on MGS and MGS2...I really was not fond of the tapping on walls, and several other sounds. They are good, but meh...8 for it.

Gameplay: 9.3
For me, this category can make or break a game, and I divide it into 4 categories.
Camera- I didn’t have ANY problem with the camera. Like MGS and MGS2, it’s PERFECT! 10 for it.
Control- Sadly, the control is not perfect. Its good, but unlike MGS and MGS2 where you can easily master the controls within 30 seconds to a few minutes, its not the same here...I found it took me a bit longer than usual to master them, and I wasn’t too fond of using the joy stick with the PSG1...It was to sensitive, and I found it a bit hard to aim with. Still, once you master the controls, you find it easy to perform the many tasks the game gives you. And it is fun running around Shadow Mosses using MGS2’s abilities. But for its flaws, it gets a 9.
Difficulty/AI- Hmm...Perhaps the reason why I found Normal mode and Hard mode so easy was that I mastered MGS2. But, at least Extreme is giving me a hard time. Seriously though, I wish they made the game harder on some levels, or even included MGS2:S’s European Extreme to add a bit more spice to things. 8 for it.
Fun Factor- Really, this is hands down for me: ITS FUN. I always found the MGS series fun, and unless they beat the game with a bat millions of times, then I probably will find the game very fun. But, you may not find it fun (Depends on if you like stealth or not, and other aspects as well). So, I give it a 10.

Replay: 10
On this aspect, it’s all a matter of opinion. Personally, I enjoy playing the game so much, that I don’t mind playing it multiple times (At the moment, I’m on my 5th run through the game). However, you, the reader, might not enjoy playing the game over and over and over again for no reason. However, I do. So, I give it a 10.

Bonus Features: 10
This subject it seems is very touchy. A lot of people have been complaining that there aren’t VR missions, and there aren’t many new things to do. However, I was very satisfied with this game’s unlockables: 4 demo reels (1 normal Meryl, 1 normal Otacon, 1 Meryl with new costumes, 1 Otacon with new costumes), Stealth, Bandana, Dog Tags, countless Easter eggs, Boss Survival Mode, Tuxedo Snake/Crimson Ninja/Sneaking Suit Meryl...I was pleased. However, you might not be. If you looking for COUNTLESS bonus features and extras, then this game might not be for you. If you just want the game, then it’s probably for you. Since I play the game for the game, I give it a 10.

Overall: 9.7 (Round it to 10)
I overall was very satisfied with this game. You might be, or you might not be. I think MGS fans will love it, though may be disappointed with a few of its features, and I think people new to the series will love this game. I could be wrong, but meh. I loved it, so it gets a 10 in my book. Not as good as the original (Original was perfect), but still incredible.

Worth $40?:
I thought so, however you might not. I got what I paid for, and was happy with it.

Buy or Rent?:
For diehard MGS fans, I’d defiantly say buy. You probably won’t be disappointed unless you want tons of extra features. For people new to the series, I’d say rent it. You might like it, or you might not like it. For people who hated MGS and MGS2, you’ll probably not like this. I did, and I’m glad I bought it when it came out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/21/04

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