Review by Hibiya

Reviewed: 03/24/04

Uh Oh. They ruined it even without Raiden!

I would like to start by saying, I am a Metal Gear veteran. This game may be good to people who are new to the series, but for veterans like me, it's mediocre at best. Thanks to the several thousand complaints from the previous game, Raiden does not appear in this game to ruin it. Yippee. Some problems were removed but more were added. Read on. I also don't think Silicon Knights can do quite as good of a job as Hideo Kojima's small, selective, and efficient team.

Presentation 7/10

They really had me going for metal gear solid 2. When I bought the game, I did not expect to have a girly character with the same voice actor who played Johnny Quest from the TV show ''The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest''. Wow. Because of that, I lowered my expectations for Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes. I thought of every possible way they could ruin this game, (like a secret appearance from Raiden. Ack.) but I did not expect them to ruin it with poor voice acting. I thought that and the graphics would be two things they would get right.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Story 8/10

Story is plagued by bad voice acting and funny looking animations. Some lines were changed and for the worse. Besides that, the story is great. It's very well thought out and basically no holes in the story. Some newer elements didn't tie into the older story, but that's alright. Also, there are two endings and unlockables. The game will take around 16 hours to beat on your first try if you want to get everything.

Graphics 7/10

Beautifully rendered textures, some animations needed work, especially some walking and some of the gestures snake makes in the briefing. Also, does not run at a constant frame rate. It will run at 60 fps and then dip down to as low as 20 fps in a mere second. Sometimes the erratic and inconstant frame rate makes the camera seem jerky, especially outside while it's snowing. Why didn't they update the codec. Also, this game has a limited color palette meaning it's not as colorful as other Gamecube games. The slow-mo's and 360 spins are annoying and did not contribute to the story or gameplay one bit. Sometimes you can see the stitches where a new locker or other things were added onto the wall. Very unpolished and not Hideo Kojima like at all If they would have corrected these minor problems, I would have given them a 9 for graphics.

Sound 4/10

The Good...

Spectacular work from David Hayter and the Colonel. Whatever original music that was kept was good. Better voice acting for the genome soldiers. Dolby Digital surround sound sounds great. Some sounds are louder and more realistic. Gray Fox and most of Fox Hound doesn't sound that bad. Meryl's voice acting is mediocre.

The Bad...

New music tracks that make the game seem less depressing then it should be. After all, this is about stopping terrorists from launching a nuclear missile. Some sounds (especially some of the guns) sounds tacky and unrealistic. Not all sounds are in Dolby Digital.

The Worse...

Naomi, Mei Ling, and Nastasha have lost their foreign accents. There's slight to long pauses between words and phrases. Naomi in particular sounds dull. This part made me want to cry. It made my stomach turn upside down. It ruined a perfectly good game. Unbelievable.

Gameplay 5/10

Good controls (except for the start + A for codec.), good handling (except for erratic drops in frame rate that could have been avoided by capping the frame rate), Good story (Except for bits and pieces they changed ex: ''infiltration Mission'' is now ''Sneaking Mission'' - ''Very frank for a trained killer'' is now ''you... you're frank'' ack. New guns. Dog Tags added. More hiding places and smarter enemies. The rooms are smaller then in Metal Gear Solid 2, but the Artificial Intelligence is the same as in Metal Gear Solid 2. This makes it harder to escape from enemies and unbalanced. The Ability to shoot in first person makes fighting normal enemies better, but it ruins some of the boss battles. Example: For some bosses, you had to maneuver around objects in the room and quickly draw your gun and shoot. Now you can simply sit back and shoot in first person mode. Fun? Not really. They added group and simple grouping of weapons and items.

Also, some movies (like in metal gear solid 2) needed to be shaved. Revolver Ocelot did not need to spin his revolver for three minutes straight. And that's not the only scene that goes on for too long. Practically every scene does.

Lasting Appeal 2/10

I wouldn't play it again unless I was paid to. *Pulls out her Metal Gear Solid* - *Pops it in PSX* I'm satisfied with the older one. They also removed the VR missions which added replayability as well as training before the real thing. They could have also done something with the Game Boy Advanced. Also, they could have added a multiplayer. Co-op mode, or new missions. Extreme mode is beyond extreme. It's impossible to collect all the dog tags in extreme mode. It's almost impossible to just beat extreme mode.

Overall (Not an average) 6/10

Final Comments

If you game this a 10, then Metal Gear Solid disserves a 14. I know I'm being hard on this game, but I think I should be. The game on psx was revolutionary. Nothing Revolutionary here. Just an overrated game.

Definitely rent this game first. Some have liked it, but others hated it and I am against buying games that one thinks is bad. It only encourages the game maker to make more games like it. The ones who have hated it have been squelched by the Nintendo fanboys. Go ahead and rate my review as ''unhelpful'', it disserves it ;). Any reviewer that doesn't like the game seems to be given that ''unhelpful'' ranking, helpful or not.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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