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"Wonder the best game in World is all about!!!"

Ever wonder the best game what is it I have played it since I got it yesterday n I have finished today in 10 hours or so.

It’s a really short game to say as but it has its fare share of problems. It’s a really good game it is but because of its problems I will rate the whole game just around 85% compare with MGS2 on PS2 I will give it a 95%.

The 1st big complain is about the graphics. Started off with the games introduction (during the briefing scene) man I would conclude what is this kind of graphics is much worse than MGS2 but the game started out OK once you have played it. Then the problems starts even worse that the CO-Dec(screen) they using are the same as the PS1 version man they should have changed into MGS2 where u could zoom, rotate etc as it says the game incorporate MGS2 game play etc. If u had read about the review yeah there has been some serious problem with the frame rate. I am a huge fan of the metal gear series so I would very much like perfection in this game. The problem in the frame rate (mostly causes the background graphics to be very BLUR yeah that’s much worse than PS1 graphics) it doesn’t occur a lot but as the game runs smoothly if u noticed properly u would see it and I am quite disappointed with this. Even sometimes during the cut scenes it this problem appears there too but not really noticeable as there are only 2 or less that that have problem as all runs smoothly.

In my opinion the graphics is not exactly on PAR with MGS2 (for the PS2) instead its much worse compare with MGS2. Let’s not talk about the frame rate problem but the character modeling on cut scenes doesn’t have a high polygon count compare with the MGS2. When the character is view up close it’s perfectly fine but when its quite a distance away u could see that the character looks blocky (this doesn’t affect the game that much either because most of the cut scenes view snake pretty up close to the camera most of the time). The you could also see the environment (doors, walls etc) doesn’t have so much detailed (quite blocky and rough edges) put into it as compare with MGS2 it looks better with sharper colour and better edges.

But though they seem to put quite a amount of detail for the character development as u could notice straight away that snake looks younger there + with his face covered up some oil (black painting) like an army going to a battle in the jungle. You could also see Meryl dropping a drop of sweat from her head, and all the “enemy or snake” injuries (covered with blood and bruises). Further more when u shot n destroy the camera u could see smoke comes right out of the camera it self.

There are some noticeable slowdown at times especially during the first part of the game when u have been founded out by the guards and you need to run (as not a big problem because the guards is having the same problem) but all I noticed is just there which has the problem the rest went out just fine.

Another problem is with its control men I almost used 2 hours just to get use to the controller its fine with the control just need to get used to. A complain is the Z button(the same as R1 in PS2) the button is so hard sometimes u don’t even know if you are pressing it or not.

This game is almost identical to the PS1 version maybe almost 80% of the game is the same since I just played the PS1 version 2 years ago (with Wilson) I remembered it quite well apart from added cut scenes, quite good graphics and incorporate MGS2 game play nothing else is worth a look at.

The good part about this game is that it has some serious nice songs being put in the game where it fits perfectly into every single atmosphere in the game. That’s very good as u will really enjoy every part as a movie like and won’t feel bored of it.

The cut scenes are somewhat a bit extreme as if though you are seeing the matrix. This is a true human character not “neo” he can’t possible see the bullets and dodge it but he is somewhat a little bit too lucky every time he will jump with STYLE (mostly all accompanied with summersaults) n successfully dodge the bullets. 1 word its so COOL its much better than the Matrix. The fighting scenes are very cool too.

I played this game in normal mode. Man in the 1st part of the game where u need to sneak your way through to the lift I get caught by the guards more than 6 times n continued 6 times also all because maybe I am bad at this game or I haven’t get used to the controlled yet. But this game is seriously hard as the stages is much larger compare with MGS2 and the guards could see u from high above and every time you make a noise by stepping on the steel ground the guards from below will come up above and find you. The guards seems to have a sight which is much more than its stated in the radar(which seems real as the soldiers are all clone of big boss so they should be smarter in some ways) which I play in MGS2 normal mode it doesn’t occur that much. There is also some part where the whole stretch has a steel ground (where u could not sneak directly for a hold up) n I don’t see this in MGS2. But the bosses are really easy (apart from psycho mantis where I used a built in cheat to defeat him again) the rest of the boss I don’t even need a continue or if good enough not even a ration all thanks to head shot where it could damage the boss almost ¼ of their life.

For conclusion it’s still a very good game if you could see away from its weakness the best part of the whole game is the last part (fighting with metal gear) where it’s the most changes done to the game compare with the original PS1 version which boost me up to give a higher rating for this game. Man how could this game be much worse than MGS2 in terms of graphics since Game Cube have a higher processing power compare with PS2. If u know Konami well u know that this company likes to use the full processing power to create a game. It’s either Hideo Kojima screwed up Silicon Knights telling them this is the 1st game so it could not be better(as good) as MGS2 and the game is not 100% made by him “OR” Silicon Knight is a bad company in making others game n in terms of making graphics since they don’t produce a lot of game n their well acclaimed title Eternal Darkness doesn’t have a very good graphics either. I am a big fan of Konami so I would judge as so. So maybe Silicon Knights should stop taking others game n do a remake anymore because they aren’t very good at it. Yeah since my dream game is over now can pack up the consoles n start to think about studies as its going to be real near to my exams!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/02/04

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