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"The Twin Snakes, man I like the way that rolls of your tonge"


Ah, Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes, I like how those words roll off the tip of my tongue. Back in the day, I remember, or at least my Dad remembers Metal Gear. It literately rocked the Nation , then with all the others to come, until finally this remade Metal gear Solid... Nothing short of a masterpiece.

Back in 1998 Metal Gear solid, was the first in the series I ever played. I was like in a coma for a week, while I was playing the game! So I went back to the first game Metal Gear, and then I played, and beat all the games in the series, up to this one. The one that has the best story ever!!! A top spy sent in on a one man mission to defeat, a vast army!!! Then it even get's better as Snake is played by Fox-Hound throughout the entire game. This is definitley the best Metal Gear game of all time!!! Now I have to wait for about another year until Metal Gear: Acid comes out on the Sony PSP...

Graphics: (10/10)

The whole main idea of re-doing this game was to have better graphics. They are very well done. You can really almost feel like it's real life when the gruffly shaven hair on Snake's chin are crystal clear. Yeah, it's that good. and when Snake jumps over huge concrete blocks in slow motion, and dodges bullets while jumping off a like 6 story building... you'll be amazed. Oh, and you gotta
love the whole idea of the cut-scene graphics are the same as gameplay graphics.

FMV's: (10/10)

Awesome I love how Hideo has taken a form of the Matrix, and has put it into the game. Look at the FMV closely, Snake fighting the Ninja Cyborg scence rocks!!! The Ninja is like slashing his sword around, and Snake is dodging it. Then when The Ninja slices the ceiling open, and kicks the chunk at Snake... Wow... Snake flips in slow motion, and doges it... Awesome!!!

Camera Angles: (9/10)

This I just recently found out myself. They added new camera angles, there are now four to be exact. Normal View, Corner View, First Person View, and Intrusion View. They are all pretty good, but what this game really need is a Third Person View.

Gameplay: Sneaking (10/10)

Let me tell you the gameplay is awesome. Sneaking around, flipping to the wall next to you to get by a passing guard. It ROCKS!!! Your even in a nice tight jump suit... Sweet. But really most games in this genra were never succeful at really giving you the feel of being a stealth assasin. I mean really, you can't run to fast or guards will hear you, you can't fire a non-silenced weapon or the alarm will go off, and you can't be in an orange box while in the middle of a Nuclear facility. It that real life like!!! You even can grab the guards, and move them to another area so other guards won't see him. But you better watch out, if the guard has a radio on him, he won't be able to answr it, so your going to have some fiesty company...

Gameplay: Fighting (8/10)

Though the Stealth might be good, the fighting really isn't. It's nothing close to any adventure games hack 'n slash. Excpecially when your in hand-to-hand combat. You only have three moves, and the only way to do them all is to hit the action button continuously. Though if you go up behind a guard and grab im by the neck you can snap it!!! Also you can hit-and-run, by nailing the guy with a jab, run away, then do it all over again...

Gameplay: Shooting (10/10)

This really makes up for the hand-to-hand combat. The shooting is good, It's quick, and easy to do. The weapon selection is very advanced, it has items ranging from a 9mm, to a Nikita radio guided missile. Also a new feature in this remade game, is the first person shooter mode. It is a much better way to aim than to just hold in the action button. Also when your fighting (a helicopter), you can lock onto it via the Nikita. And it's actually quite fun!!!

Gameplay: Story (10/10)

The story is phenomenal, and it get's better, and better as you advance through the game. It throws in so many twists and turns you'll be eaten hospital food for a month. Literatly as you go in to help out a (Man), you windup finding out he's someone completley different. So this game definitley has a deep, good, suspensful, story. If you have played the other Metal Gear's you'll definitely want to play this game just so you'll be caught up in the story.

Bosses: (10/10)

To awesome, the boss's are now even tougher, and more relistic. Silicon really took the life-like to a new level. The boss's all are now better looking,(Expecially Sniper Wolf... Growl...), and are much smarter. Plus in battle when fighting the boss's the effects of the battle are more life-like. Like when the Cyborg Ninja chops Revolver Ocelot's hand. Blood actually bursts out. Also a new feature with Psyco Mantis, When he reads your mind, he'll instead of Playstation games, read some Nintendo games off your memory card. Awesome, just Awesome.

Specials: A whole lot more!!!

There are a lot more specials in this version than in the last. Like for instance the Dog Tags. Taken from Metal Gear Solid: 2 Sons of Liberty, the Dog Tags are items that the enemy's will drop if your in first person mode, and aim a gun at ther head. Also the Yoshi Doll, that you can shoot while fighting the Ninja Cyborg, they'll refill your health completley. Your going to have to discover the rest on your own.

Game Length: Ah... Not long.

Even though this is an extrodinary game, that doesn't make up for the length of the game. I beat the game in about two, to three hours!!! The good part about it is though, when you get your rank at the end of the game, if you have gotten all the specials, Dog Tags, etc. and have completed the game in around three hours, you'll be high ranking.

Hitting-On: (10/10)

For those of you who loved the whole fact that Snake hit on Meryl throughout the whole game the first time, are going to love this time around's version. Snake hit's on Maryl like James Bond, and all the women, on all the movies.

Sound: (10/10)

What was that noise? The guards will be saying through out the game, as you knock on walls bend down in lockers, run through water, and fire a gun. Even if you drop a magazine, via the gun, the Guards will notice!!! And if your really a good gamer, try the european Expert mode, if you take one step anywhere close to a guard, you're... Dead!!! This game is utterly high in this section.

Music: (9/10)

Sure it's no Final Fantasy music, but hey It's still really good. Mainly the music is rushing, while in battle. But It also has more relaxing music with the final scene of... Anyway's the music also is very clear, and is easy to listen to.

Character Voices: (10/10)

Dude, David Hayter is like my role model. The voices that were re-done in this new version are above and beyond. The voices all match the characters, like Snake's, it's deep, and dark. And Meryl's is a nice kinda Tom-Girl like. I mean it all fits in. Plus they even added some more text to this version, although they id take out some of the good part's to.

Replayability: (9/10)

Trust me you'll want to play this game over and over again, and over again, as you go back through, getting all the secrets, stealth suit, and infinite ammo abbilities. This is a great game to buy, and play forever, and forever.

Rent it/Buy it/or Just Forget it: Buy it!!!

This game is worth your money. You'll never want to let this game go, and if it breaks, trust me you'll be balling for years. Plus now that It's been out for a while now you'll buy it for thirty dollars, or less!

Summing it up: (10/10)

This game is really a very well made remake of the first classic. It's perfect in almost every way. Just read all the above. Hideo Kojima really went all out on this one!!! Trust me, readers your going to love this game!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/15/04

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