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"A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!"

When I first heard about Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes it sounded really cool, a stealth game that also had lots of weapons and action. I had previously played Splinter Cell which bored me. During the missions you would slowly move around going from checkpoint to checkpoint with only 2 weapons and aiming your gun at guards heads but somehow missing when you shot bullets. You would also beat every mission with a trial and error method, figuring out how every guard moved and then taking them out. Even though Splinter Cell had been such a disappointment I was still ready to try the stealth genre of gameplay one more time. So I tried Metal Gear Solid and instantly it became one of my favorite games ever, some of the great things about it were: no matter how much experience you had you could still fail, and the trial and error method didn't work as a method of beating the game like it did in Splinter Cell. The original MGS invented the stealth genre and this remake proves that the MGS series still rules the stealth genre.

A brilliant game by producer Hideo Kojima, it's unique fun gameplay is the reason for its popularity. The first thing I'll review are the controls. While these controls are somewhat awkward they work. One thing that people complained about was the Start+A button combination for you to open you Codec which is your radio to talk to your spy “intelligence”. But you get used to using Start+A and the other buttons. One good choice was using the A button as the weapons button as opposed to the R button. Overall this is a good control scheme. Onto the important part, the gameplay. This game is truly unique, it's a game where you have to infiltrate a place to do certain things (more on that when I get to the story) but instead of running in and killing a million people by yourself you have to avoid the guards. This game is more realistic than other games and more fun. You get a pretty big arsenal of weapons for a stealth game (a handgun, a tranquilizer gun, two missile launchers, four different types of grenades, a machine gun, and probably some other weapons I forgot about). In this remake they added First Person Shooting Mode which while some people complain ruins the boss battles, only ruins them if you choose to use it. Onto more details, in this game you'll sneak around approaching each situation differently. If you get seen by the guards you'll have an alert sounded on you, different amounts of guards will then come after you depending on the difficulty level you set your game to and they'll chase and probably kill you unless you find somewhere to hide. Places you can hide can be, in a box, in a locker, or in a small space where you think the guards might not check. If there are a lot of guards in an area you have some different choices… 1. Run in shooting tons of bullets from your machine gun and risk getting an alert called on you. 2. Snipe out all the guards one by one. 3. Avoid the guards completely. You can take these approaches and many others to any situation. One thing that's very helpful is that in the top right hand corner of the screen there is a small radar that shows enemies and their lines of sights, you might think this makes the game easy but instead it makes it possible to beat, if there was no radar any beginner would get massacred. If you feel brave enough you can turn off the radar in the harder difficulties. This gameplay is exciting cool and comes close to what it would be like to infiltrate a real terrorist base, two thumbs up Hideo Kojima!

Graphics: 10/10
These graphics are just great, they're crisp, clean and you've just gotta love them. In my opinion they're better than those of MGS:SoL, I think they're more detailed and are overall better. In my opinion these graphics are the best on Gamecube, personally I think they're better than the graphics of Metriod Prime and a lot of other games with that level of great graphics. The snow is realistic and all of the character models are very detailed. Graphics are just one of the many reasons that this is a great game.

Though this is not a commonly seen category in reviews I put it in mostly to say how great this games cutscenes are. Most of the cutscenes either have lots of action or are more calm to help move the story along. The cutscenes range from very funny, the one where Psycho Mantis “reads your mind”, to very violent and bloody (I won't spoil anything by going into details). While you might complain about a few things (when Snake flips 5 feet into the air to dodge a bullet) if you can get over those problems you'll love these cutscenes. Another good thing is that you can skip the cutscenes so during your 3rd of 4th play through you can choose not to watch them if you don't want to.

Sound: 9/10
The different music in this game is great and every score fits every situation. Some of the best parts of the game are when the guards see you so you hide in the locker and when the guards come near you, you hear your guard sensor beating faster and faster. I liked the sound effects, but they could have been better, the sound effect when you break someone's neck is sort of weird and creepy and the gunshot sounds aren't that good. Some of the voice actors are good but some of them aren't so good. Snake's voice is gruff and fits him perfectly but some voices aren't quite as good. Mei Ling has no accent which doesn't really fit her, and Naomi has a dull lifeless voice. Otacon has a wimpy voice that fits him very well and Gray Fox's voice is acted perfectly. Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis' voices are both very good.The rest of the voices are pretty good but not great.

Story: 10/10
Everything people say is true. This story is very detailed and very interesting. As you might have heard the story starts by you having to infiltrate a nuclear weapon disposal facility that was taken over by the terrorist group Foxhound. Your two objectives are to; 1. Save the DARPA chief Donald Anderson and 2. Stop the terrorists from launching a nuclear strike if they can. But of course it gets much more detailed and the story starts involving Metal Gear, a walking machine capable of launching a nuclear strike. This great story is told through over three hours of cutscenes.

This is the 2nd most important category after gameplay. Thankfully this great game gives you plenty of replay though some people might say it lacks in the length category. The length of this game is pretty short, the first time you beat it you'll have clocked about 10 hours, then you'll play it again and clock 8 hours, then you'll play it again and clock 6 hours, then you'll play it again and clock 4 hours, then you'll play it again and clock 3 hours and by then you'll be an expert of this game. This game gives you replay by giving you 5 difficulty levels of difficulties that are really different in the amount of challenge they give you.
The difficulties levels are:
Very Easy: You'll trample your enemies and the bosses will be massacred
Easy: The enemies will be a small challenge and so will the bosses but this difficulty is still easy to laugh at.
Normal: The enemies will have decent sight and hearing and will be somewhat hard to kill, alerts might mean trouble for you. Bosses are kind of hard but still beatable.
Hard: Wait for your 2nd time through the game to try this difficulty, the guards have great sight and hearing and alerts mean big trouble. Bosses are pretty hard.
Extreme: Only available after beating the game once. If the guards see you you're probably dead unless you get away very quickly. The bosses are incredibly hard to beat.
So even though this game lacks in length all of the different difficulty levels make up for it. Another thing the game has is the option to collect all of the soldiers dog tags, there are dog tags on all difficulty levels.

Final Recommendation
This is a great game and for only $40 buying this game is not something you'll regret. You'll want this game on your shelf because of the awesome story, the cutscenes, the great gameplay, and any other reason that I mentioned in this review. So go out and buy this game now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/26/04

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