Review by zombiesmusher01

Reviewed: 12/14/05

One of the greatest games I've played.

Graphics: There are many pros and cons in this section. Environments are nicely detailed, but don't range much in difference. Some areas are snowy, and full of buildings and crates, others don't have snow, and some are open fields with forests. That’s about all the types through the game. They all look great, but not the best I've seen. Textures are bland, weather effects are average and interaction with everything is at very low levels. The pros are excellent, fluid animations, almost perfect cut scenes in every way, high levels of quality in characters, and good water effects. All the flaws could've been fixed with today’s means, but this game is old. Don't forget that. For then it was easily one of the best looking games. Now, its just above average. But this is one of those games that the visuals really don't matter. But there are little details I liked in this game. When you're looking in first person view in the rain, droplets of water will cloud your vision, snow flakes will land on your eyes and melt, and actually bird poop sometimes lands in your vision field. Which is very hilarious. 7/10

Sound: Gunfire, explosions, and basic sound effects like that are average. But if you're skilled you'll only hear gunfire, and explosions very little. Voice actors however are a different story. 70% if the game is talking, cut scenes, and transmissions, which is a very good thing. The actors put all their abilities into the characters with emotion, anger, and all the feelings in the right times. Conversations are long, brilliant and emotional. And throughout it all voice actors don't stutter, loose key or act cheesy. Though basic effects may be poor, you'll be sucked into the conversations and cut scenes you'll forget that they're poorly made. There are good weather sounds though. Wind howls, ground rumbles when tanks roll, and very heavy explosions will shake the ground if you have sub-woofer, or surround sound speakers. Its not bad, but the quality of the sound could've been better. 6/10

Story: Simply put it, its an A grade playable movie. Its epic, brilliant, highly emotional, and a work of art. Shadow Moses Island is taken over by Next-generation special forces, and units of FOXHOUND. A team of highly trained soldiers, to put it lightly. Your objective is to save the DARPA chief, and President of Arms-tech Kenneth baker. That’s the very simply outline of the plot you learn in the beginning. This game has very memorable twists and turns, and one of the greatest collections of characters in gaming history. Like I mentioned, most of the game is made up of conversations over a radio, and cut scenes. Sounds lame huh? You're very mistaken. At the end I wished there were more cut scenes and conversations. All of them are amazing, long realistic conversations. And no, they aren't one liners punch lines and poorly made writing. You're probably wondering, and trying to imagine a game having A grade writing. Well, it was hard for me too. Some are above average, or good at the least. This game has brilliant writing, and a wonderful script. You won't believe it until you see it. Anyway, on to the cut scenes. Most of the time they're serious, and epic. But when this game falls into the realm of stupid, it hits the bottom harder then a sledge hammer. Like messages to you, not Snake, like "Don't you love Zelda!?" And, "I'll make your controller move with my mind!" though incredibly lame, and stupid those parts /will/ be forgotten once you finish the game. There’s only two or three cheesy parts anyway, its not that serious. Moving on, when there’s fighting in the cut scenes its almost over the top. Games like Devil may cry 3 for instance did it for kicks, and laughs while you point at the screen enjoying it all. This game does it with a large quantity of brilliant, resonating epic moments. Snake is easily the most awesome character in gaming history, and his overwhelming about of attitude and coolness is very clearly shown off in these said fights. But in my opinion, he wasn't the one who the spotlight was on. This game features the coolest, most awesome bad guys of all time. I won't say his name, because it spoils a major plot twist but at first they call him "Ninja". He fights with a samurai sword, and uses amazing acrobatic and samurai fighting abilities. That’s cool enough for me, but the script for this man and the emotion put it from the actor makes him all the more better. And he's just the tip of the iceberg for this game. Easily one of the best stories ever told is in this game, and the coolest collections of characters. This is my new favorite game, and I can't get over how awesome "Ninja" is. There are multiple sub plots running as well as the main storyline too. Many mysteries, and confusing things all revealed at perfect times in the game. And though you may not think so, this game is a sequel of an two NES games. You don't need to play them though. When you beat the game you can read both of their plots, and twists so you don't have to go out and buy an old NES. 10/10

Game play: Wow, I haven't even gotten to here yet. This game is all stealth, so there’s no run and gun while screaming one-liners. You use everything in your power to be stealthy, and pick off enemies un-noticed. Your arsenal includes silenced pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns and more. But remember, this isn't an action shooter. Its stealth so if you live by the gun, you die by it. You have to hide behind crates, crawl in the shadows and hang from ledges to avoid enemies and get your chance at killing them. Be it shooting them in the back of the head with a silenced pistol, throwing them off a ledge, snapping their necks, or throwing them onto the ground then shooting them. But you have to do it quick, or other enemies will take notice, call for reinforcements, and hand your butt to you on a gold platter unless you run like all heck to get away and hide. Its very fun, but simple. There are also boss fights in the game. Ranging from hand to hand, shoot outs, and stuff like that. They're all very similar, but very fun. There aren't many though, and most are easy, but still fun. Sadly, there is a fair about of back tracking, mostly in the last parts of the game. If you're don't know what back tracking is, I'll explain it to you. That means going back to find, or change an item, kill someone, and more at the beginning, or near beginning area of the game. Its annoying, but you get over it. Also, another bummer is in the cut scenes there’s awesome fighting and Matrix-like shooting, but in the game you can't even jump. Your hand to hand includes rapidly tapping B button to punch, punch then kick. Yeah, that’s all your moves. But in cut scenes your jumping off walls avoiding bullets in slow motion, or fighting enemies with swords while flipping around and fighting with awesome moves. If you want a change from first person shooters, one liners and blowing everything in your path this is a very wise choice. Let me tell you, do not play this game on easy mode. For your own sake. It ruins the fear of being caught, and the mood of the game when enemies are sneaking up on your position, and you have to try and hide. Play it on normal at least, but I recommend hard mode. Well, anyway. Again one of the easiest decisions in a score. Easily a 10/10

Replay: Short but very sweet sums up this section really. There is a Boss survival mode, which puts you up against all the bosses to see how many you can kill before you die. There’s a cut scene viewer, which is my favorite of un-lockable. A dog tag viewer, which is where you view the tags you stole from people, and some more stuff. There’s no reason to beat this game more then three or so times, but if you really like it then there’s no arguing. But after you're finished, there’s not much you can do besides replay it, view and watch stuff. 7/10

Final: Buy it. There’s no exception honestly. If you rent it you'll just buy it later on. If you want one of the best games made, buy it. If you're not sure about the series, and hate stealth but want to see what all the talk is about, give it a rent. Well, I hope you enjoyed my review. Good night everyone, check out for more of my reviews.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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