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Let's fight and talk.05/05/05bluberry
A well-done remake of the PlayStation classic.04/08/04El Greco
A Must-Play Remake for Anyone Who Enjoyed the Original, Or Just Someone Looking For a Stealth Shooter on GameCube.10/19/06AegisKnight2000
Broken and Rebuilt09/09/04asherdeus
Not quite as good as the original12/07/04bbears
PlayStation Classic Half-Heartedly Remade by Silicon Knights05/25/04Bill Rizer
Excellent game, but not enough updates were made to this remake11/09/07BoyLover X
It's still got it03/21/04ChrisR07
Did it translate well?05/19/04darthfrott
I nice looking PORT. Great for newcomers, but a letdown for veterans.03/18/04deftoned
Did you ever know that you're my hero?04/13/04discoinferno84
Protip - When making a remake, try NOT to make things worse02/02/15Donald Love 87
Same old game with mediocre graphics, even by today's standards.01/10/05Dr. Deezee
A tale of pretty graphics and a promise unfulfilled. (sob)04/29/04emister
New Player, New Metal, New Gear03/18/04EpinionsJunkie
Far from the best, and certainly not deserving of a second look.10/01/04kristina kim
Snake gets a face lift, but little has changed..03/25/04LegendaryFrog
Metal Gear Solid storms onto the Gamecube!03/18/04mahovlich
Metal Gear and SOLID!04/17/04NeoRanger
Perfect Version This Is Not03/16/04NeoTS
Not enough game to it.04/08/04Nickoten
A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!09/26/04poopman 602
Wonder the best game in World is all about!!!04/02/04Psyduck123
A classic story, beautifully retold.03/27/14Ryan Harrison
The Twin Snakes, man I like the way that rolls of your tonge07/15/04Smoochie
Die Hard Fans Need Not Fear Where Metal Gear Treads02/06/06Spudwiser
Second Best Game Ever... Right After MGS2: Substance03/16/04THAguyINgta3
Snake is back and cooler than ever04/22/04The Review Dude
So Solid.04/13/05Unleashed Vortex
In the words of Julias Caesar, “Et tu, MGS?”04/10/04Vashu The Stampedo
One of the greatest games I've played.12/14/05zombiesmusher01
"This is Snake. Kept you waiting, huh?"05/08/08_Shuyin_

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Review TitlePostedAuthorRating
We're gonna launch that nuke and ride it all the way into history03/14/04Argyle
The best gets better.03/10/04birch2001
Wow...just wow.03/10/04bradonius
My, Snakes "Solidness", just keeps growing...03/11/04CAHowell
Not quite Gear, but still a great game...06/11/08churchfan93
Metal Gear Shines With its Original Owner01/26/09DandyQuackShot
The ultimate remake of the ultimate game03/11/04DarkSoldierX99
Great for anyone who never played MGS, good for those who did03/10/04DarkVengeance
A classic game remade...Excellent!03/10/04Dauragon C Mikado88
The Best MGS Game Yet03/12/04Dkg
As much as a nostalgic lover I am, this game is pretty good.04/18/08goryman
Don't expect anything new at all, veteran MGS gamer, and let the game choke you!03/11/04HybridSnake
Twin Snakes is a great remake of the 1986 classic03/10/04JediWookiee1257
Anyone even mildly interested in action games should own this.03/11/04Krakenfang
Same Gear, Less Solid03/12/04LiquidSnake555
Hey you! *ALARM*03/10/04LobsterCactus
Two Snakes Are Better Then One11/05/07Luketheman5
A Great Remake of a Classic03/11/04MajorLocke
After 6 years, Metal Gear Solid is still the game to beat03/13/04MetalGearREXLiquid
Classic Metal, New Gear03/11/04mjfru201
A Perfect 10...Altered03/11/04Serrin
"I remember. That punch!"03/11/04silent hillian
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is an impressive remake of the 1998 PlayStation version03/09/04Snake11759
Metal Gear Solid or Sons of Liberty? It's the best of both worlds.03/11/04Vedder is Better
Great game, but it doesnt live up to the original03/12/04Wasabi X
Almost unrecognizable.03/11/04Yeuh Fei Long

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