General FAQs

FAQ/Move List 09/17/04 striker64 0.3.4 449K
FAQ/Move List 07/08/04 ShinChuck 0.7.0 159K

Character FAQs

Brock Lesnar 09/19/03 TheEternalVenomX 7K
Chris Jericho 09/10/03 DARK ANDY 0.5 9K
Goldberg 09/17/03 TheEternalVenomX 7K
Hulk Hogan 10/06/03 bywrestler 1.0 8K
John Cena 10/27/03 MyNewHome 7K
Kane 09/16/03 TheEternalVenomX 7K
Kurt Angle 09/24/03 CI254 8K
Rey Mysterio 09/18/03 CI254 8K
Rob Van Dam 09/24/03 polankerboy 7K
Scott Steiner 10/26/03 MyNewHome 7K
Shawn Michaels 11/08/03 Perfect Hitman 1.0 12K
Steve Austin 06/09/04 polankerboy 7K
The Hurricane 09/18/03 CI254 8K
The Rock 09/14/03 IntnstyAngle 7K
The Undertaker 09/28/03 Thegame1988 7K
Triple H 09/14/03 IntnstyAngle 6K

In-Depth FAQs

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