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    Replay Items Guide by silktail

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SPOILER ALERT: Mostly game-play spoilers. However some things
    mentioned, may indeed spoil parts of the plot...BE WARNED!
    M   M EEEE DDD   AA  L       OO  FFFF   H  H  OO  N   N  OO  RRR
    MM MM E    D  D A  A L      O  O F      H  H O  O NN  N O  O R  R
    M M M EEE  D  D AAAA L      O  O FFF    HHHH O  O N N N O  O RRR
    M   M E    D  D A  A L      O  O F      H  H O  O N  NN O  O R R
    M   M EEEE DDD  A  A LLLL    OO  F      H  H  OO  N   N  OO  R  R
    RRR  I  SSS I N   N  GGG     SSS U  U N   N   |``|``|
    R  R I S    I NN  N G       S    U  U NN  N    \_|_/
    RRR  I  SS  I N N N G GGG    SS  U  U N N N   ,_! !_,
    R R  I    S I N  NN G  G       S U  U N  NN   |_(@)_|
    R  R I SSS  I N   N  GGG    SSS   UU  N   N   ` !_! `
    R E P L A Y  I T E M S  G U I D E
    -------- Version 1.0 ----------
    ----- Made by Jamie Caie. -----
    "Silktail" on GameFAQs' Boards.
    This is a Guide for the "Replay Items" in this game. What they are and what
    they can do for you.
    First their locations are given, with a brief idea of their usage. Followed
    by a more indepth look, for each mission.
    Also provided, information on useful weapons and some of the Bonus Options.
    -<Latest Changes>-
    > 27/Aug/2004 = Version 1.0
    Read through the whole guide, double checking and rewording stuff.
    Given the Guide a version number and submitted it to GameFAQs.
    . -<Guide's Title>-
    . -<Abstract>-
    . -<Contents>-
    . -<Introduction>-
    . -<Replay Items and their Locations>-
    . -<Replay Item details for each Mission>-
    . -<Weapons of Choice>-
    . -<Bonus Options>-
    . -<Skeleton Key Table>-
    . -<Disclaimers/Copyrights/Contact/etc>-
    . -<Contributors/Credits/Thanks>-
    . -<Guide's History>-
    . -<The End>-
    Hello, I'm Jamie Caie and this is my guide about the Hidden Items that you
    can find in "Medal of Honor Rising Sun".
    Note though, that I have the GameCube version. So there might be some
    differences if you have the PS2, or XBox version. But I doubt they changed
    the much, beyond the lack of Film Canisters in the GC version.
    Replay Items come in two types:
    - Hidden Items. Found hidden somewhere, during one of the missions.
    - Skeleton Keys. Collected by doing very well in a mission.
    All of them can be used, by pressing the ACTION button at a place where they
    are needed.
    Although finding, or using these Items, isn't very important for completing
    missions. They can however assist you, or add extra replay value to the game.
    What is in this guide:-
    First is a list of the Replay Items, with a short description of what they
    do and where you can obtain them.
    Then I have a more thorough section for each mission. Explaining what each
    Reply Item can do for you, as well notes for collecting the Skeleton Keys.
    Next a section about the weapons I myself find useful, mainly for when I'm
    trying to collect a Skeleton Key.
    Then I've put down what some of the Bonus Options do, the ones that Replay
    Items will help you to Unlock.
    Bonus Options = Cheat Codes. They didn't look much like a code and this name
    gave more of an impression, of where you would find/active them.
    Plus I made a short table, showing again what is needed to win the Skeleton
    Keys and all. Just in case people wanted to print out that info.
    -<Replay Items and their Locations>-
    Here are the rough uses, of the various Replay Items and more importantly
    their locations.
    Once found, Replay Items can be used over and over again. Both on previous
    missions as well as future ones.
    > Machete:-
    This is used to cut down certain Bushes and pieces of Netting.
    Usually this gives access to new areas or paths, with pickups within them. 
    Some of those paths can be used to travel an alternate route, through a
    part of the mission.  
    Location: Pistol Pete Showdown.  
    After you find the Lost Allied Patrol (and rescue them,) go right around to
    the other side, of the Hut behind them. There is a small ditch here, letting
    you Crawl underneath the Hut and down there, you will find the Machete.  
    > Lotus Flower:-
    Used to gain enlightenment, which apparently seems like Entrenching Tool.
    Location: In Search of Yamashita's Gold.
    Get to the Temple and go through it until you get to the first set of Doors,
    that you have to Open. Behind this door is a room with a Buddha in the centre
    (as well as soldiers, crates and all) and in the hand of the Buddha is the
    Lotus Flower. Walk up close to pick it up. 
    (A Corridor off this room, leads to a Save Point. If you're still not sure
    which room this is.)  
    Note: Yes this is a Replay Item. Collect it once and you will always carry one
    around with you.
    > Entrenching Tool:-
    Looks like a spade and is mostly used for digging up Mounds of Earth. Also can
    be used to pry open loose Air Vents and Lockers.  
    Doing any of these, unlocks a Cheat Code, which give you a Bonus Option. (See
    the Option Screen from the Main Menu, to setup a Bonus.)  
    Location: In Search of Yamashita's Gold.
    First make sure you obtained the Lotus Flower. (See above entry.) After the
    first gun explodes, you'll make your way to the prison area, to rescue the
    pilot. Search around for the Save Point, it's in a room with another Buddha.
    In front of the Buddha is a Pedestal, use the Lotus Flower to place it there.
    The Pedestal will sink and a Tomb Door to the right opens up. The room behind
    it has the Entrenching Tool. 
    > Skeleton Keys:-
    These can unlock certain Chests, or a Door. Giving you a Skin for the
    Multi-player mode. (A Skin is what a player or bot will look like.)
    Each Key only works on the mission, which you had gained it on. 
    Location: Almost every Mission, on the Mission Ratings screen.
    Meet the mission's criteria, for Bonus Objectives, Hits Taken and Accuracy,
    to receive a Medal and the mission's Skeleton Key. 
    (I muse why they are called "Skeleton Keys", since they only ever open one
    lock. Maybe it's a pun, to do with needing a "Skeleton" for your "Skin"!)
    -<Replay Item details for each Mission>-
    Where every item can be used on each mission and what you should receive
    from doing such. (You'll have to decide whether it's worth it, or not.)
    Some of the mentioned pickups, are dropped by the soldiers that are also
    mentioned. Others might be in breakable Crates instead.
    Also listed are the requirements for the Skeleton Key (and Medal). Plus a
    few of my notes and/or tips for meeting those requirements.
    (I've assumed that you can work out what you need do for the Bonus Objectives,
    just from the names of them.)
    1. Day of Infamy.
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    If you follow the officer who tells you to so: You'll go out the Men's Room,
    across a corridor and into the Barbershop. The Chest is right next to the
    room's exit. Open for the Skin of the Naval Officer, Zwick.
    > Machete Use:-
    After the Barbershop is the Post Office. Behind the desk and the casualty, a
    piece of Netting blocks your way, to getting behind the shelving.
    Cut it down and you will find... an empty area?
    Well you will if you have the GameCube Version at least. PS2 & XBox players
    will find one of those Film Canisters instead, or so I hear.
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    Out the Post Office, Up some stairs, stop following the Officer (who goes
    off jumping and crawling!) and instead go left down some stairs.
    Or if you hadn't followed the Officer at all: Instead of going into the
    Barbershop, go left into the next corridor.
    Either way you'll be in a corridor, with a sailor who looks nervous and/or
    collapses to the floor, from being sprayed.
    Next to this Sailor, is an Air-Vent which can be pried open. Inside is the
    'Unlimited Ammo' Bonus Option.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Assist Engineer.
    - Save Crewman.
    Medal = American Defense Service.
    2. Pearl Harbor.
    No Replay Item usage, not even a key.
    > Unlocking the Medal:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Shoot 20 Planes Down.
    - Shoot 75 Planes Down?
    Medal = Navy Distinguished Service.
    I have not managed as of yet, to complete the second Bonus Objective. But I
    hear this is correct.
    3. Fall of the Philippines.
    > Machete Use:-
    Left of the end of the Bridge, (where you met your Brother,) there is some
    Netting blocking a gap in the fence, preventing you from going down to the
    river bank.
    Down there you'll find 2 Soldiers, a Field Surgeon Pack and 5 Grenades.
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    When you get to the Baseball Stadium, go to the North  Corner (by the Sewer
    Exit). There you find a Mound of Earth, which you can dig up to find the
    'Silver Bullet' Bonus Option.
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    Later on you enter a Building and need to go up to the roof, in order to
    "Protect Gunny & Donny" (as a Mission Objective).
    In the room of the middle floor, there is a Chest for you it open.
    You get the Skin for Gunny, Also known as Lawton.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Found Commander Shima's Photograph.
    - Found Golden Buddha.
    Hits Taken. 0 to 99?
    Accuracy. 100% to 75%
    Medal = Philippine Defense.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    For Hits Taken, 100 is a definite fail(/Silver) while 97 is a pass(/Gold).
    That is as close as I have been able to test, so guessed that 99 would be
    alright. (Judging by the criteria for the other missions.)
    Expect to take a few of hits on the last bit, in the Truck. Make use of
    Grenades on the Tank (In its path, by the barrels, in path, by barrels, etc).
    Also you could shoot barrels by the Sand-banks, if you want to kill the
    soldiers, but at the cost of your Accuracy though.
    4. Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal.
    > Machete Use:-
    To the left of that first Truck that you find, is a Bush that you can cut down
    with your Machete.
    (It's the truck which your friend decides to stay and guard.)
    Behind is a grove with a T-11 LMG & 200 bullets, T-11 LMG Ammo = 150 bullets
    and a Field Surgeon Pack.
    (Note: You can't carry that much ammo, only 30 loaded and 260 surplus.)
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    When you reach the Outpost, go straight across to the Native Path. (Instead
    of towards the buildings.) At the end of that path you will find a building
    without walls.
    Under this house, (to your right when you enter the area,) is some small
    Mounds of Earth blocking  a tunnel. Dig this up for the 'Bullet Shield'
    Bonus Option. Plus a shortcut (that tunnel), which sneaks up on 2 soldiers.
    > Machete Use:-
    Hard to describe, but I'll try.
    If you had gone left at the Outpost to the buildings, you would find another
    Native Path that turns into a T-junction. (Left goes to a Save Point Cave,
    Right to a Trunk.) Nearby is a Lamp, atop a Crate and Japanese Food-Barrel,
    next to this is another Bush, for you to cut down. In the clearing behind
    is 5 Grenades, and 2 lots of T-11 Ammo = 150 bullets each.
    (Note: As above, you can't carry all 300 bullets at once.)
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    Nearing the end of the mission, there is a Building you have to go through.
    On the Bottom Floor, (before going upstairs,) in a back room, is the Chest you
    are looking for. Inside is the Skin for the Guad Native called Tarver.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Intelligence Documents Collected (5 of 5).
    - Generator Destroyed.
    Hits Taken. 0 to 49.
    Accuracy. 100% to 75%
    Medal = Guadalcanal Patch.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    Remember to leave the Boat when offered, otherwise you miss the first
    Intelligence Document that's needed for the Bonus Objective.
    The Guad Native on this mission will open a new path, if you manage to save
    him. This avoids the area of Fox-hole Soldiers, so is advised for keeping
    your 'Hits Taken' good. (You CAN'T use your Machete, to open it yourself!)
    At the end, you need to use a Gun Emplacement. I suggest you stop using it
    straight away, so you and Gunny can get rid of the soldiers who get close.
    With these gone, you should take fewer hits during the rest of that battle.
    5. Pistol Pete Showdown.
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    After you find (& rescue?) the Lost Allied Patrol. Look inside that big hut
    that is behind them. Inside is a Chest that you can open, for the Skin of
    Lt. Harrison.
    > Machete Use:-
    On the next bit, Trees are falling all around you. After the last tree falls,
    go past its left side, into the corner and there is a Bush you can cut down.
    The Path has on it M1 Garland Ammo = 40 bullets, a Field Surgeon Pack and
    5 Grenades. Plus more bushes to cut down, a Checkpoint and ultimately, is a
    shortcut up the hill to the Howitzer Emplacement. (I.e. Less soldiers.)
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    Just after the river with the Gun Emplacements either side, (Harrison tells
    you to use one of those,)  is a hard to spot path to a Save Point Area.
    That is behind that last rock on the right, as you walk up the normal path.
    In this Save Point Area is a Mound of Earth, dig it up for the 'Men with Hats'
    Bonus Option.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2.
    - Storm Pack Howitzer Emplacement.
    - Harrison Saved.
    Hits Taken. 0 to 49.
    Accuracy. 100% to 75%
    Medal = American Campaign.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    In the first section there is a log, which bridges a gap over a path. You can
    find it behind some rocks. Going over this log, lets you sneak up behind a
    soldier who's on an otherwise annoying Gun Emplacement.
    The 2nd and 3rd Save Points are easily over looked, with everything going on.
    So make sure you know where they are, before attempting the Medal & Key.
    6. Singapore Sling.
    > Machete Use:-
    After walking from the piers on to the dock, to the left you'll see a Truck
    on its own. Go around this and in the corner you should see, a sort of
    Machine or Generator, under some Netting.
    Remove the Netting and the rest of the whole Dock seems to explode (due to
    some barrels?) Thus "stealthily" taking out any remaining Soldiers.
    (Note: It may not say that you use the Machete. But if you don't have it, you
    can't remove the Netting.)
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    After passing the first Save Point, travel down the streets to the next
    crossroads you come to, go left and to the  end of that street. In that
    Dead-end is a doorway to your left, leading to stairs going up.
    The Air-Vent there, (at the foot of those stairs,) can be pried open for the
    'Achilles Head' Bonus Option.
    Note: Going up those stairs and over a bridge. Will lead you to the Warehouse
    holding the first POW, who needs rescuing. (For a Bonus Objective.)
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    Right at the very end of the mission, you go down a corridor of shut doors.
    Of the two doorways which are instead open, the right goes to the room leading
    to the balcony (and thus the Mission's end).
    The left into a room with a Chest, which you can open with your Skeleton Key.
    Doing so, gets you the Skin for Col. Kandler.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2.
    - POW Rescued (3 of 3).
    - Additional Evidence Found (3 of 3).
    Hits Taken. 0 to 49.
    Accuracy. 100% to 75%
    Medal = Marine Corps Expeditionary.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    If you plan to fire that machine gun, (given to you near the end,) you might
    want to build up your accuracy during the earlier bits of the mission.
    (I.e. Kill lots with the pistols, to cancel out the machine gun's effect.)
    Don't forget that first POW while you're roaming the streets. See
    "Entrenching Tool Use" for the location, if you still can't find him.
    7. In Search of Yamashita's Gold.
    > Machete Use:-
    Leave the starting area and follow that thin Jungle Trail round a U-turn.
    You will get to some broken pillars on the ground, with soldiers using them
    for cover.
    Behind you, in the corner of the U-turn, is a big bush which has a smaller
    bush behind it (go anti-clockwise behind it).
    The smaller bush can be cut down for a hidden path with 3 soldiers, a
    Springfield '03 Box = 25 bullets, a Medicinal Canteen, 2 lots of Model 12
    Trench gun Shot Shells = 8 bullets each, 5 Grenades and Sten MkII Ammo
     = 160 bullets. Remember to break those crates!
    (Note: "Trench gun" is another name for a "Shotgun".)
    The path can be used to sneak up on the formerly mentioned soldiers, but
    that isn't very useful, since they probably would spot you before then.
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    Round behind the back of the crashed Flying Tiger, is an area with a Mound of
    Earth. Dig it up for the 'Invisible Soldiers' Bonus Option.
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    In the Prison area. Between the room where they hold/held the Pilot and the
    Save Point Buddha-room, there is a Tomb Door which can be opened with the
    Skeleton Key.
    Inside the room you will find a Shirt, which has the Skin for the Flying Tiger
    Pilot, Raj. As well as crates that hold a Shotgun box = 50 bullets, 2 lots
    of 5 grenades, a M9A1 Bazooka Box = 5 missiles, 2 lots of Sten MkII Ammo =
    160 bullets each and a Medical Kit.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Destroy Japanese Radio Equipment.
    - Destroy Officer's Sake Supply (5 of 5).
    Hits Taken. 0 to 49.
    Accuracy. 100% to 85%
    Medal = Asiatic Pacific Campaign.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    After the first Save Point, there is a bit with a lot of Gun Emplacements. All
    I can suggest, is to try Sniper most of the soldiers and be ready to back off
    towards the save point, if they all spot you.
    Make sure you know where all the Sake barrels are in the temple. (for the
    Bonus Objective.) Some are even in rooms that you don't need to visit,
    including one such room behind a closed door!
    8. A Bridge on the River Kwai.
    > Machete Use:-
    From where you start the mission, behind you is a Bush that you can cut down
    for an alternate starting route. (Leads to a Vine, which can swing you over
    the river and then through a cave.)
    Along it there are a total of 9 Soldiers, 2 of which are in Fox-Holes,
    another is in a tree, but is easy to see & shoot. Also there are 5 Medicinal
    Canteens, 2 Medical Kits, 3 lots of Springfield '03 Rounds = 15 bullets each,
    a Doughnut, a T-11 LMG & 150 bullets and T-11 LMG Magazine = 30 bullets.
    (Some of those, might be in a crate.) Plus I hear PS2 & XBox versions have a
    Film Canister somewhere along there.
    But that's not all, this route will eventually end up at a good Sniper Point,
    from which you can take out the next four soldiers with ease.
    In comparison the normal route has: 8 Soldiers, of which 2 are in Fox-Holes
    that are placed in tricky spots, 2 sniper you from under the bridge and 2
    are up near that Sniper Point and obviously also sniper you! (Note: 1, of the
    latter 2, is that soldier in the tree. Except now he is fairly hidden.)
    Plus it has 3 Medicinal Canteens and a Springfield Round = 15 bullets.
    (However those 'next four soldiers', will probably see you.)
    (Note:- There are two other places to pick up a T-11 LMG, before the first
    Save Point. So that isn't an issue.)
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    After the Save Point Cave, the Chindits split up. Go with the group who go
    left and you come to an area with huts. The smaller Hut on the ledge, has a
    chest inside it. Open that chest for the Skin of the Chindit, Loeffler.
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    If you defeat enough soldiers at the blockade, a Gate should open to the
    right. This leads to an area with Huts and a Mound of Earth in the centre.
    If you dig this up, you receive the 'Perfectionist Mode' Bonus Option.
    > Machete Use:-
    Get to the Elephant that you need to ride, go round to its other side to find
    a Bush to cut down. The grove behind it has a Medical Kit, T-11 LMG Ammo =
    150 bullets, a Springfield '03 Stripper Clips = 5 bullets and 5 Grenades.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Eliminate 10 Enemies at Blockade.
    - Disable Barge dock.
    Hits Taken. 0 to 89.
    Accuracy. 100% to 85%
    Medal = Bronze Star.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    Personally I suggest that if you can, take the Machete route when going
    for the Skeleton Key and Medal. It seems easier to me!
    When riding the Elephant, watch out for the soldiers in the trees. If there
    is "nothing" to shoot, you should be shooting the treetops. Just in case!
    9. Supercarrier Sabotage.
    > Entrenching Tool Use:-
    Just before the classroom with the Forth Vent, (the Third Vent was found in
    the Mess Hall,) is a door into a classroom which has Lockers on the back wall.
    One of the Locker Doors is a different colour and can be pried open to give
    you the 'Immortality' Bonus Option.
    > Machete Use:-
    In the Second Hanger. Opposite to the Control Room, is a low section of
    plane parts covered by Netting. Cut off the Netting and you can crawl behind
    the parts to find Sten MkII Ammo = 160 bullets, 2 Field Surgeon Packs and a
    T-99 LMG Box = 150 bullets.
    > Skeleton Key Use:-
    Just before the 3rd and final Save Point, is a Strategy Room with the 2nd set
    of Imperial Orders. Also in this room, hidden in a corner, is a Chest which
    you can open to get the Skin for Commander Shima, who's also known as Shogan.
    > Unlocking Medal and Skeleton Key:-
    Bonus Objectives Completed. 2:
    - Send False Radio Transmission.
    - Imperial Orders Found (3 of 3).
    Hits Taken. 0 to 149.
    Accuracy. 100% to 50%
    Medal = Silver Star.
    > Notes/Tips:-
    You can get a T-99 LMG in one of the optional rooms, but you will also get
    one later on from Bromley anyway. So personally I feel that room isn't worth
    doing, when going for the Key & Medal. (Since it can be tricky.)
    Might just be the GameCube version. But when I enter the Gold room, I don't
    "find the gold" (as an Objective), until I walk to the middle of it.
    This means I can take out 3 of the Gas-Masked Soldiers, leaving me less
    problems for when I do manage to "find that gold"!
    -<Weapons of Choice>-
    A little bit about weapons. Put vaguely in an order of preference, for which
    to use when obtain those Skeleton Keys.
    (But of course, that all depends on what weapons the mission has.)
    > Shotgun.
    Likely to hit at range and likely to kill close up! It also has a fairly fast
    Rate of Fire and can even hit multiply targets with a single shot.
    The only disadvantage I can think up, is that if your target is at far range
    it won't take much damage. Thus using up more shots to kill.
    So I recommend that if your target much smaller than the aiming circle, that
    you swap to the Springfield '03. (Depending upon the amounts of ammo.)
    > Springfield '03.
    It has a Scope allowing you to Zoom in and hit targets who are far away.
    However it has a slow Rate of Fire, so may be less useful under enemy fire, or
    even worse when attacked at close range. Moving targets may also be tricky.
    When the enemy does get close, it may be an idea to swap to another weapon. Or
    even resort to running in for a Melee attack.
    > Welrod.
    One shot kill, if you hit the head or body. May take two if shot in a limb.
    It's accurate and fairly good at long ranges. But the slow reloading makes it
    less useful close up, especially if you don't have cover to hide behind.
    > M1 Semi-Automatic Rifle.
    Accurate and a fairly fast rate of fire. But you can't reload mid clip, which
    can cause problems in a fire fight.
    > Grenades.
    Hit or miss, they don't count towards your accuracy.
    So if you know what you're doing, they are very useful. But mostly you will
    waste a few, before you make a perfect throw!
    They can be thrown behind the enemy's cover, or even bounced off walls (so
    around corners). A direct hit will cause it to explode on impact, but note
    that it can bounce off Weapons or helmets.
    Sometimes a soldier will run over to kick away a dropped grenade, watch out
    they don't kick it towards you. Otherwise this can also position them for an
    easy shot, if you're quick enough.
    Note: Remember to hold down the button, to throw the grenade a long way and
    to just tap the button for a short distance.
    > Melee Attacks.
    A very close range attack. But when you start getting that close, the enemy
    might stop shooting to try the same thing anyway. It's a one hit kill on
    them though.
    They don't do anything towards accuracy, so are also useful for destroying
    Crates and other things needed for the Objectives.
    Mainly you will it in combat, when a soldier runs up fairly close and you are
    using a weapon that is slow shooting, or in need of reloading.
    Note for GameCube: The button is in a really awkward place. I personally
    swapped it with the "Next weapon" button. (I found it more useful, being able
    to Move about while Melee Attacking, than while I changed weapons.)
    > Bazooka.
    Just like grenades, it doesn't count towards accuracy. Otherwise treat it just
    like a grenade you can send to far ranges and that explodes on impact.
    > Pistol.
    Only really worth using up close. It's got a good rate of fire, but losses
    accuracy over distance. (Swap to it when soldiers get too close for rifles?)
    > Gun Emplacements.
    Some times good, but often bad. Normally walking up to one and/or using it,
    will generate new soldiers for you to fight. But since the gun emplacements
    don't affect accuracy, that effect can only worsen your Hits Taken.
    I suppose if you can stop using it straight away and use normal weapons, in
    order to improve your accuracy though.
    Just be wary of them, if there aren't any obvious targets suggested.
    > Machine Guns. (Sub- or Light.)
    Bad Accuracy even when up close and barely does much damage per shot. But you
    can try tapping the button, for single shots (it seems to improve accuracy).
    Avoid using whenever possible, otherwise get up close and make them dance a
    shot at a time! (I.e. So they keep reacting instead of fighting back.)
    Probably better though, to just run up close and use Melee attacks!
    -<Bonus Options>-
    Otherwise known as Cheat Codes.
    Since you can get a few of these via Replay Items, I've listed what those
    cheats will do when activated. So you know what you have unlocked.
    Remember that the Option Screen, (from the Main Menu,) is where you go to
    set these Bonuses.
    > Unlimited Ammo:-
    Shooting doesn't use up Ammo. (Thus no need to reload clips either.)
    > Silver Bullet:-
    Other people are defeated with a single hit. (Including allies who can die.)
    > Bullet Shield:-
    Surrounds you with an invisible sphere, which blocks shots from outside. But
    not the attacks made within it. (I.e. You can shoot anyone and they can't
    hit you. Not unless you get too close to them.)
    > Men with Hats:-
    Instead of their normal head gear, people are wearing random items.
    > Achilles Head:-
    Only damage done to a person's Head, will hurt that person.
    (This will also help any allies who can be killed. But not yourself.)
    Note that Explosives and melee attacks, do damage a person's head.
    > Invisible Soldiers:-
    Everyone is invisible. But you can still see their Weapons and Hats.
    Although remember that some people don't have one, or both of these things!
    > Perfectionist Mode:-
    You can be killed with a single hit.
    > Immortality:-
    You won't lose any health, no matter what hits are taken.
    -<Skeleton Key Table>-
    Just a quick section so it is easier to see, what you'll need to obtain the
    Skeleton Keys. (And/or Medals.)
    The rest of the guide is easier to remember, while it might be a good idea
    to have this information printed out.
    (I.e. Select this table and print it out. Or if you don't know about that:
    Copy and Paste it to a new document, to print that out.)
    | Name ......... Bonus Objectives |Hits Taken|  Accuracy   |
    | Day of Infamy ............... 2 |Not needed| Not needed  |
    | Pearl Harbor ...for the medal 2 |Not needed| Not needed -+-> No Key here.
    | Fall of the Philippines ..... 2 | 0 to  99 | 100% to 75% |
    | Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal  2 | 0 to  49 | 100% to 75% |
    | Pistol Pete Showdown ........ 2 | 0 to  49 | 100% to 75% |
    | Singapore Sling ............. 2 | 0 to  49 | 100% to 75% |
    | In Search of Yamashita's Gold 2 | 0 to  49 | 100% to 85% |
    | A Bridge on the River Kwai .. 2 | 0 to  89 | 100% to 85% |
    | Supercarrier Sabotage ....... 2 | 0 to 149 | 100% to 50% |
    Note that the original information, may have more details and help for 
    obtaining these things.
    No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by
    any means, electrical or mechanical, except for personal and private use.
    Unless written permission has been given in advance by its original author.
    Then use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Any information quoted, should give the original author full credit and
    must not be altered in any way.
    This guide is not intended to be used in any profitable means and should
    not be done so, without permission.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    All unofficial names given to things, may be used in other guides, but
    should be treated as trademarks of Electronic Arts or other respective
    trademark holder.
    If you find this guide, or any part of this guide at any location not
    listed below, then you should contact the author, Jamie A. Caie immediately
    at "Hendecable@yahoo.co.uk" with the details.
    This Guide, may only be hosted at the following website:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    Before contacting me be aware that I rarely check my e-mails, so I
    might take a lot of time getting back to people.
    (There's no guaranties, whether I will reply at all.)
    Also do not try and contact me asking me for game play help, or about
    any information relating to other parts of the game.
    I won't respond in any helpful manner. (Whether or not I meant to!)
    A better idea would be to post a message on the GameFAQs Message Boards,
    if help is required.
    If instead you want to contact me about mistakes, missed items or other
    things which are covered in this guide, then that is fine however.
    E-mail your message to this address "Hendecable@yahoo.co.uk"
    Do remember to write a suitable subject heading like: "MoH RS New Replay Item
    found" or "Mistake in Medal of Honor Rising Sun, Replay Items Guide." or I
    might mistake the e-mail for junk mail.
    Your message itself, should be clear and give precise directions to the
    problem and/or solutions if necessary.
    I'd like to thank the following people, without them this guide might not
    be as complete as it is today!
    I would like to thank Electronic Arts, for bringing us this game in the
    first place.
    "Mister FANTASTIC" for their FAQ/Walkthrough, which helped me in various ways
    when I was first starting. (Especially those maps, Guadalcanal was very
    confusing beforehand!)
    And there is probably some other people, that I can't remember at the moment.
    I thank you all.
    -<Guide's History>-
    Changes made and parts added to this guide, from the start to the present.
    > 31/Jul/2004
    Finished enough Data collection, to write most of this guide.
    > 4/Aug/2004
    Started writing the 'Hidden Item details for each Mission' section.
    > 5/Aug/2004
    Finished preliminary version of the 'Hidden Item details for each Mission'
    section. Started 'Guide's History' section.
    > 6/Aug/2004
    Wrote the 'Hidden Items and Locations' section.
    > 7/Aug/2004
    'Weapons of Choice' and 'Bonus Options' sections written.
    > 8/Aug/2004
    Lots of minor sections done: 'Guide's Title', 'Abstract', 'Contents',
    'Introduction', 'Disclaimers/Copyrights/Contact/etc',
    'Contributors/Credits/Thanks', 'Guide's History' and 'The End'.
    > 10/Aug/2004
    Small changes, or additions to 'Hidden Items details for each Mission'
    > 11/Aug/2004
    Some proof reading and corrections.
    > 18/Aug/2004
    Instead of "Hidden Item and Skeleton Keys", I've changed things to being
    "Replay Items". (It sounded nicer to say.)
    All references to the "Tank Cog Wheel" are removed. It may have been like
    a Hidden Item, but it definitely isn't a Replay Item.
    Plus a few other unrelated corrections and notes.
    > 22/Aug/2004
    I thought it might be useful, to have the 'Skeleton Key Table' section that I
    just added. Plus more minor corrections.
    > 25/Aug/2004
    Compiled all the sections into (this) one file. Ran a Spell-Check upon it.
    > 27/Aug/2004 = Version 1.0
    Read through the whole guide, double checking and rewording stuff.
    Given the Guide a version number and submitted it to GameFAQs.
    -<The End>-
    Thank you for reading this guide, I hope that you have found it helpful.
    If you think you've found anything that I've missed, or gotten wrong. First
    double check it and then please let me know the full details.
    ______Jamie Caie.
          |`\ `"-._|

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