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Additional ArtJason Anderson
Additional ArtChris Holden
Additional ArtDan Valey
Additional DesignDavid Osborne
Additional ProgrammingGraeme Anderson
Additional ProgrammingShane Hilton
Art LeadMichael Hines
Art Lead/ProducerJeff Litchford
Audio DirectorMichael Smith
Audio EngineerEric Harms
Audio EngineerChris Sakanai
Casting and Director for NarratorLani Minella
Character AnimatorJohn Berhns
Character AnimatorJonathan Chao
Character AnimatorKeith Ho
Character AnimatorSuzann Labrecque
Character LeadMichael Boyle
Character Texture Lead/Studio Art DirectorKirt Lemons
Character TexturesBen Fator
Character TexturesLawrence Johnston
Character TexturesRay Lederer
CinematicsChad Gleason
CinematicsWeili Huang
Co-Lead designerDaniel Russett
Concept ArtAdam Adamowicz
Concept ArtChris Handloser
Concept ArtDouglas Shuler
Concept ArtJim Stigall
DesignerHal Hanlin
DesignerChris Holtorf
DesignerJason Huck
DesignerBill Mrochek
Environment LeadMichael Bacon
Environments & ObjectsMike Anaya
Environments & ObjectsGabe Espino
Environments & ObjectsLayne Gifford
Environments & ObjectsMichael Hines
Environments & ObjectsDave Manuel
Environments & ObjectsElvis Perry
Goblin VoiceMike Geiger
Goblin VoiceEric Harms
Goblin VoiceChris Holtorf
Goblin VoiceLawrence Johnston
Goblin VoiceDave Manuel
Goblin VoiceDan Russett
Goblin VoiceMichael Smith
Goblin VoiceChis Zipoli
Lead DesignerRon Millar
Lead Programmer/CTOKen Klopp
Music Score/Sound DesignChad Mossholder
Music Score/Sound DesignSteve Pabst
NarratorKai Vilmhelmsen
Original ConceptKen Klopp
Original ConceptPaul Meegan
ProducerChris Millar
ProgrammerCurtis Coalson
ProgrammerChris Coster
ProgrammerJeff Cotton
ProgrammerCraig Ewert
ProgrammerBranimir Karadzic
ProgrammerMike Mayers
Senior Concept ArtistMichael Geiger
Technical ArtGeorgw deChiara
Technical ArtJames Gu
Technical ArtJohn Loehlrein
Technical DirectorPaul Forest
WriterChris Zirpoli


Data and credits for this game contributed by discoinferno84, akeboshi, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, bcks, and oliist.

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