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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADavis

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem FAQ
    For the Nintendo Gamecube
    Version 1.2 (Last Updated 7/1/02)
    Written by Alex Davis (chiefwahoo3003@yahoo.com)
    This file is Copyright (c)2002 Alex Davis. All rights reserved.
    "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
    Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream to dream before
    But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token..."
    --Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven, 1845
    Table of Contents
    (To easily find sections, press CTRL + F and type in the number)
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    4. Overview
    5. Storyline
    6. Characters
    7. Controls
    8. Playing the Game
       8.1. Exploration
       8.2. Tome of Eternal Darkness
            8.2.1. Inventory
            8.2.2. Map
            8.2.3. Magick
            8.2.4. Journal/Autopsy
            8.2.5. Options
       8.3. Combat
       8.4. Weapons
            8.4.1. Character Weapons
            8.4.2. Weapon Descriptions
       8.5. Enemies
       8.6. Sanity
       8.7. Magick
            8.7.1. Circles of Power
            8.7.2. Runes
            8.7.3. Codices
            8.7.4. Spell Scrolls
            8.7.5. Spells*
            8.7.6. Spell Strategies*
    9. Walkthrough*
       9.0. Introduction
            9.0.1. Prelude - A Death in the Family
            9.0.2. Chatper 1, Act 1 - The Chosen One
       9.1. Chattur'gha (Red) Path*
            9.1.1. Chapter 1, Act 2*
            9.1.2. Chapter 2*
            9.1.3. Chapter 3*
            9.1.4. Chapter 4*
            9.1.5. Chapter 5*
            9.1.6. Chapter 6*
            9.1.7. Chapter 7*
            9.1.8. Chapter 8*
            9.1.9. Chapter 9*
            9.1.10. Chapter 10*
            9.1.11. Chapter 11*
            9.1.12. Chapter 12*
            9.1.13. Chapter 13*
       9.2. Ulyaoth (Blue) Path*
            9.2.1. Chapter 1, Act 2
            9.2.2. Chapter 2
          Act 1 - The Binding of the Corpse God
          Act 2 - Chaos Entombed
          Act 3 - Death of a Dancing Girl
          Act 4 - The Absent Horror
            9.2.3. Chapter 3*
          Act 1 - Suspicions of Conspiracy*
          Act 2 - Conspiracy Revealed*
            9.2.4. Chapter 4*
          Act 1 - The Gift of Forever*
          Act 2 - The Shadow of Corruption*
          Act 3 - The Preparations Begin*
            9.2.5. Chapter 5*
          Act 1 - The Lurking Horror*
          Act 2 - Insanity Prevails*
            9.2.6. Chapter 6*
          Act 1 - Corrosion of the Dead God*
          Act 2 - A Journey into Darkness*
          Act 3 - In the Hands of Kali*
          Act 4 - Daughter of Light*
            9.2.7. Chapter 7*
          Act 1 - The Black Guardian*
          Act 2 - Heresy!*
          Act 3 - A murder*
          Act 4 - Light within the Darkness*
          Act 5 - Conversation in the Bell Tower*
          Act 6 - Suspicions Confirmed*
          Act 7 - Heresy Revealed*
          Act 8 - The Black Guardian's Lair*
            9.2.8. Chapter 8*
          Act 1 - Flesh for the Pillar*
          Act 2 - The Forbidden City*
          Act 3 - Guardian of the Temple*
          Act 4 - A Monument for All Time*
            9.2.9. Chapter 9*
          Act 1 - Binding the Black Guardian*
            9.2.10. Chapter 10*
            9.2.11. Chapter 11*
            9.2.12. Chapter 12*
            9.2.13. Chapter 13*
       9.3. Xel'lotath (Green) Path*
            9.3.1. Chapter 1, Act 2*
            9.3.2. Chapter 2*
            9.3.3. Chapter 3*
            9.3.4. Chapter 4*
            9.3.5. Chapter 5*
            9.3.6. Chapter 6*
            9.3.7. Chapter 7*
            9.3.8. Chapter 8*
            9.3.9. Chapter 9*
            9.3.10. Chapter 10*
            9.3.11. Chapter 11*
            9.3.12. Chapter 12*
            9.3.13. Chapter 13*
    10. Secrets and Tips
    11. Credits
    12. Copyright Notice
    13. Contact Information
    * Indicates item coming soon...
    1. What's New?
    Version 1.2 (7/1/02):
    Added questions to FAQ, walkthrough through chapter three and spells up to 
    number eight. Other minor additions.
    Version 1.1 (7/1/02):
    Walkthrough up to chapter three. Rearranged walkthrough some, added two sites.
    Version 1.0 (6/26/02):
    The first version of the FAQ.
    2. Introduction
    A game originally slated for Nintendo 64 almost four years ago, Eternal 
    Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is now on the Nintendo Gamecube.
    Feel free to submit a better, original introduction than mine to 
    3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q: What exactly is Eternal Darkness?
    A: Eternal Darkness is a psychological thriller from Silicon Knights. It 
    combines elements of adventure, action and RPG along with sanity effects to 
    create a game and story that interwine very well.
    Q: Why is Eternal Darkness rated M?
    A: According to the ESRB (http://www.esrb.org), Eternal Darkness is rated M 
    for violence, blood and gore. There is also an element of terror in the game.
    Q: Where can I get Eternal Darkness?
    A: Eternal Darkness should be available anywhere that video games are sold. 
    However, some stores geared towards younger children such as Toys 'R Us may 
    not carry Eternal Darkness.
    Q: How can I navigate this FAQ easily?
    A: If you want to find a section quickly, look up the number in the Table of 
    Contents and search (CTRL + F) for the number. For lower extension number such 
    as 7. or 9.2., try searching for the section title.
    Q: How many blocks does Eternal Darkness take?
    A: A game save file takes 1 file and 15 blocks and gives you six save slots. 
    Options take 1 file and 1 block.
    Q: Is Eternal Darkness just like Resident Evil?
    A: No.
    Q: Does it matter artifact should I choose at the end of chapter one?
    A: Yes, as each artifact affects the enemies you encounter and the Runes you 
    Q: This can't be happening...
    A: One of Eternal Darkness' unique features is the sanity meter. As the meter 
    depletes, strange things will happen. If the screen flashes white and your 
    character says "This can't be happening...", then you have just experienced an 
    insanity effect.
    If you have a question that is not covered in this FAQ, just email me at 
    4. Overview
    Masterfully weaving a wealth of technical and artistic innovations, Eternal 
    Darkness: Sanity's Requiem single-handedly launches a new genre of video 
    games: the psychological thriller.
    Twelve different characters from throughout history wage a lonely battle 
    against the forces of darkness. The titanic struggle rages in a dazzling array 
    of exotic environments around the world.
    The secrets of magick described in the Tome of Eternal Darkness are vital for 
    oppugning the forces of evil. Players can cast 120 different spells, endowing 
    weapons with special powers, erecting barriers against unearthly beasts, even 
    creating sentient avatars. Spells may be combined for maximum force.
    Legions of infernal enemies beset the lone heroes and heroines of Eternal 
    Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Keep a wary eye on your Sanity Meter - if you 
    don't destroy enemies quickly, you risk losing your mind. The descent into 
    insanity begins slowly, with mild memory relapses and fleeting delusions, then 
    plunges with horrific speed into manic hallucinations and death.
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem has a devious system for dismembering 
    enemies with clinical efficiency. Players can methodically attack an enemy's 
    body parts, including the head, arms and torso. Strike boldly - you may not 
    get another chance.
    Courtesy of eternaldarkness.com.
    5. Storyline
    Long before humanity graced the Universe with its puerile ideas, the Earth 
    belonged to another species. An ancient species bound by neither physics nor 
    nature; purpose nor ethic. Through the passage of time, the relentless advance 
    of ice and continental plate and other less fathomable reasons, these 
    "Ancients" were driven into the recesses of our world. There they lie 
    imprisoned until such time as the conditions are right for their return.
    "Oh oblivious, naive Humanity... How ignorant we really are - safe only in our 
    blind "superior" view of the world. We are merely caretakers, for when the 
    Ancients return we shall be swept aside like driftwood on the tide of 
    Hungry for dominance, radical organizations seek to restore the Ancients to 
    their former station. For eons they have schemed and plotted in the darkness, 
    attempting to bring these unholy entities into our world through arcane 
    magicks - blood rituals, worship and sacrifice.
    Of these sects, little is known; those who learn their secrets tend to perish 
    swiftly at their hands. Their scheming works to bring the return of the 
    Ancients, and the extinction of humanity, ever closer.
    Yet not all hope is lost. The fate of Humanity depends upon the actions of a 
    chosen few. They are average people, unprepared for heroic deeds, but the 
    responsibility is theirs, nevertheless. Even as their lives are torn apart by 
    unseen evils, they must show courage not only in the face of the enemy, but 
    also their own fears. These poor souls will teeter on the brink of insanity, 
    tortured by the horrors of the Ancients.
    A secret war is being waged on the periphery of Humanity's perceptions - a war 
    wreathed in shadows and deception. Now, the centuries-long game of the 
    Ancients is reaching its final stages.
    The Darkness comes...
    Courtesy of eternaldarkness.com.
    6. Characters
    Alexandra Roivas
    A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    Weapons - Shotgun, Gladius
    Pious Augustus
    26 B.C. - Persia
    Weapon - Gladius
    A.D. 1150 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
    Weapons - Short Sword, Blowgun
    Weapon - Scramasax, Two-Edged Sword
    A.D. 565 - Persia
    Weapons - Tulwar, Double Tulwars, Ram Dao Blade
    Dr. Maximillian Roivas
    A.D. 1760 - Rhode Island, USA
    Weapons - Flintlock Pistol, Double Flintlock Pistols, Sabre
    Dr. Edwin Lindsey
    A.D. 1983 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
    Weapons - Kukiri
    Paul Luther
    A.D. 1485 - Amiens, France
    Weapons - Crossbow, Mace
    Roberto Bianchi
    A.D. 1460 - The Middle East
    Weapons - Saif, Crossbow
    Rest of characters will be listed soon...
    7. Controls
    Start - Open/Close the menu screens (pauses game)
    Control Stick - Move character, Control direction of attack when locked onto 
    an enemy
    Control Pad (D-Pad) - Quick Spells #2-#5, Zoom in on item in inventory
    C-Stick - Rotate item in inventory
    A Button - Attack, Select
    B Button - Context sensitive (icon will appear on screen whenever you can 
    perform an action), Go back in menus
    X Button - Sneak
    Y Button - Quick Spell #1
    Z Button - Hold to reload projectile weapons
    L Button - Run
    R Button - Hold to lock onto an enemy, Release slightly and click the button 
    again to lock onto the next closest enemy
    8. Playing the Game
    This section contains information on all aspects of the game including combat, 
    sanity and magick.
    8.1. Exploration
    Exploring is a vital part of Eternal Darkness. Many items you find hold 
    significant information, while others merely show the amount of work that was 
    put into this game.
    To move around, simply use the control stick. An image of the B-button along 
    with an action (such as examine, detail, pick up, etc.) in the upper-right 
    hand corner when your character is near certain items. Simply press the B-
    button to perform that action.
    8.2. Tome of Eternal Darkness
    The Tome of Eternal Darkness is accessed by pressing Start during gameplay.
    8.2.1. Inventory
    The inventory menu allows you to see what items you are currently carrying. 
    There are four functions that you may use in the inventory menu:
    Use: Select Use to use items in conjunction with your surroundings. Some items 
    may need to be used on objects that do not provide an action function.
    Equip: Select Equip to arm your character with the selected weapon.
    Check: Select Check to examine an item and read a description. Use the Control 
    Stick to rotate the item and the C-Stick to zoom in and out.
    Mix: Select Mix to combine two objects, such as putting ammo into a gun.
    8.2.2. Map
    The map allows you to closely examine a blueprint of the areas that you have 
    explored. The controls for the map are:
    X Button - View next lower level (if applicable)
    Y Button - View next higher level (if applicable)
    Z Button - Center map on characters current possition
    A Button - Center map in window
    Control Stick - Move map quickly
    Control Pad (D-Pad) - Move map slowly
    C-Stick - Zoom in and out
    8.2.3. Magick
    The Magick screen is only available after finding the Tome of Eternal Darkness 
    in each characters level.
    The first screen displays which Circles of Power, Alignments and Runes have 
    been collected throughout the game. The other available functions include:
    Spell List - Lists all Spell Scrolls that have been found and allows you to:
     Cast - Use spell (must select item afterwards, if applicable)
     Assign - Assign spell to one of five quick spell buttons
     Check - Learn about the spell
    New Spell - Create your own spell
    Runes - View all collected runes
    Quick Spell - View and/or use a quick spell
    8.2.4. Journal/Autopsy
    The Journal allows you to view any cinematic sequence that you have already 
    seen in the game.
    The Autopsy notes from Maximillian Roivas can be read here.
    8.2.5. Options
    The Options menu is divided into four menus:
    Controller - View the controller layout and turn rumble feature on or off
    Audio - Select Mono/Stereo/Stereo Surround, Set volume levels
    Display - Adjust brightness, Turn subtitles on or off, Select 16:9 or Standard 
    aspect ratio
    Load/Save - Load game from memory card, Save game to memory card
    *** Note: You cannot save the game if there are any enemies in the room. ***
    8.3. Combat
    There are two basic types of ways to battle the many enemies you will 
    Pressing the A button alone will attack enemies. Melee weapons (such as 
    swords) will attack multiple enemies, but at a lower power. Firearms will 
    damage anything that is in the bullets path.
    You can lock onto an enemy with the R button. Once you are locked on to an 
    enemy, move the control stick to aim your attack. The area on the enemy 
    highlighted in white will be where your attack will land. To target the next 
    closest enemy, simply release the R button slightly and press it again.
    To reload your gun when completely out of ammo, press the B button. To reload 
    your gun at any time, press and hold the Z button. If you move or are attacked 
    while reloading, it will fail.
    8.4. Weapons
    Each weapon has been created with historical accuracy and is wielded by its 
    respective character.
    8.4.1. Character Weapons
    Each character is outfitted with their own historic weaponry.
    Alex Roivas -
    Shotgun, Gladius
    Pious Augustus -
    Ellia -
    Short Sword, Blowgun
    Anthony -
    Scramasax, Two-Edged Sword
    Karim -
    Tulwar, Double Tulwars (Florentine style), Ram Dao Blade
    Dr. Maximillian Roivas -
    Flintlock Pistol, Double Flintlock Pistols, Sabre
    Dr. Edwin Lindsey -
    Paul Luther -
    Crossbow, Mace
    Roberto Bianchi -
    Saif, Crossbow
    8.4.2. Weapon Descriptions
    Shotgun - Used by Alex Roivas.
    Gladius - Used by Pious Augustus and Alex Roivas. Standard issue among Roman 
    centurions and legionaries, this sword has a short, broad, double-edged blade 
    best suited for hacking and chopping at the enemy.
    Short Sword - Used by Ellia. A short sword with a wooden grip - light and 
    Blowgun - Used by Ellia.
    Scramasax - Used by Anthony. This Frank and Saxon weapon relies on a hefty 
    blade to deliver deadly cutting and slashing attacks. It does not have a hand 
    guard, as it was designed for offensive, rather than defensive, fighting.
    Two-Edged Sword - Used by Anthony. A heavy single-handed sword with two 
    cutting edges, it is commonly known as a Bastard Sword, or "Hand and a Half" 
    sword for the length of the hilt, which can fit one hand, with the other for 
    Tulwar - Used by Karim.
    Double Tulwars - Used by Karim.
    Ram Dao Blade - Used by Karim
    Flintlock Pistol - Used by Maximillian Roivas.
    Double Flintlock Pistols - Used by Maximillian Roivas.
    Sabre - Used by Maximillian Roivas.
    Kukiri - Used by Edwin Lindsey.
    Crossbow - Used by Paul Luther and Roberto Bianchi.
    Mace - Used by Paul Luther. This mace features flanges along the head and a 
    spike at the tip designed to focus force and power upon striking.
    Saif - Used by Roberto Bianchi.
    Some descriptions courtesy of Eternal Darkness instruction booklet.
    8.5. Enemies
    In order to stop the Eternal Darkness, you must slay many different enemies.
    Trapper - A small scorpion-like creature that cannot see. Use X to sneak by 
    them or they will explode, sending you to the Trappers World where you can 
    replenish sanity, magick and health or meet more enemies.
    More enemies soon...
    8.6. Sanity
    Your characters sanity is measured by the green Sanity meter that appears on 
    the upper-left corner of the screen. When you encounter an enemy, your 
    character will flash green and the meter will drop. As your sanity drops, 
    strange things will begin to occur. The lower the level of the meter, the 
    stranger the events will be.
    To restore part of your sanity, you can deliver a Finishing Blow to a fallen 
    enemy by pressing the B-button while next to the enemy.
    8.7. Magick
    Magick is measured by the blue Magick meter that appears in the middle of the 
    left side of the screen. In order to use magick, each character must find the 
    Tome of Eternal Darkness. Each spell is composed of four components: a Circle 
    of Power, three Runes, three Codices and a Spell Scroll.
    8.7.1. Circles of Power
    Circles of Power form the foundation upon which magick is built. Each Circle 
    of Power has a certain number of points onto which you can place Runes. The 
    more points in the circle, the greater the power of the spell you are 
    3-Point - Spell is composed of 3 Runes
    5-Point - Spell is composed of 5 Runes
    7-Point - Spell is composed of 7 Runes
    The more points a spell has, the more powerful it is and the longer it takes 
    to cast.
    8.7.2. Runes
    Runes are the building blocks of magick. They describe the effect, target and 
    alignment of each spell.
    Chattur'gha - Red alignment Rune
    Ulyaoth - Blue alignment Rune
    Xel'lotath - Green alignment Rune
    Mantorok - Purple alignment Rune
    Bankorok - Protect
    Tier - Summon
    Narokath - Absorb
    Nethlek - Dispel
    Antorbok - Project
    Magormor - Item
    Redgormor - Area
    Aretak - Creature
    Santak - Self
    Pargon - Power
    8.7.3. Codices
    When you first find a Rune, it is indecipherable. While you can still use that 
    Rune to create a spell, you won't know what effect that Rune will have until 
    you find a Codex to decipher the Rune's effect. Once you've found a Codex, 
    though, that Rune (and its description) is permanently inscribed into your 
    Runes list. Finding a Codex automatically deciphers the meaning of a Rune in 
    your Runes list.
    8.7.4. Spell Scrolls
    Spell Scrolls describe a magickal effect and the names of Runes necessary to 
    create that effect. The Spell Scroll is added immediately to the Spell List in 
    your Tome.
    8.7.5. Spells
    Spell #1 - Enchant Item
    Description - "That which is broken, shall be fixed. That which is dull, will 
    be sharp. Thus is the nature of the Enchant Item magick."
    Requires - Antorbok and Magormor
    Chapter - Anthony (3)
    Spell #2 - Recover
    Description - "This spell enables the transfer of magickal power from the 
    environment to the self. Restoration of the body, spoirit and mind is this 
    spell's purpose."
    Requires - Narokath and Santak
    Chapter - Karim (4)
    Spell #3 - Reveal Invisible
    Description - "With this enchantment the invisible is rendered visible. Use it 
    wisely, for some things are invisible for a reason, and mortalkind not meant 
    to see them."
    Requires - Narokath and Redgormor
    Spell #4 - Damage Field
    Description - "This incantation exerts a force of mystical power within the 
    confines of its runes. Nothing may enter till it is dispelled."
    Requires - Bankorok and Redgormor
    Spell #5 - Dispel Magick
    Description - "For every magick there is a counter. That which is protected, 
    is protected no more. That which is bound, is unbound. Be warned that a more 
    powerful magick than this will endure its ravages."
    Requires - Nethlek and Redgormor
    Spell #6 - Summon Trapper
    Description - "Evoking this magick brings into existence a creature known as 
    the 'Trapper'. Trappers possess the unique ability to transcend space and 
    time, and to relocate objects and creatures to their own plane."
    Requires - Tier and Aretak
    Chapter - Dr. Edwin Lindsey (6)
    Spell #7 - Shield
    Description - "From all manner of magick will you be protected when encased in 
    this geas. The alignments can help but never hinder, for within well-conjured 
    magick comes greater protection."
    Requires - Bankorok and Santak
    Chapter - Paul Luther (7)
    Spell #8 - Summon Zombie
    Description - Coming soon...
    Requires - 5-Point Circle of Power, Tier and Aretak
    8.7.6. Spell Strategies
    Coming soon...
    Submit your spell strategies to chiefwahoo3003@yahoo.com.
    Magick components courtesy of Eternal Darkness instruction booklet.
    9. Walkthrough
    9.0. Introduction by Edward Roivas
    "Flesh. Bone. Bound together with the oddest magickal incantation. This 
    wretched book is where it all began so long ago. Before time, before humanity. 
    I am Doctor Edward Roivas. I am a clinical psychologist. I am also dead. This 
    is not my story, not even the story of the Roivas family. It is the story of 
    humanity. Like it or not, believe it or not as you will. your perceptions will 
    not change reality, but simply color it. Humanity has been on the edge of 
    extinction for two millennia. Ignorant of so much, and dependent on so few. 
    The Guardians grow restless. Their time once again near. Whether by fate or 
    misfortune, my family has crossed their path, and they didn't take kindly to 
    it. Their attention turns to my granddaughter, for she is the last of my line, 
    and the last hope for humanity."
    9.0.1. Prelude - A Death in the Family
    Alex Roivas - A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    You will take control of Alex Roivas is a room filled with zombies. Continue 
    to shoot at the zombies until you run out of ammunition. After a short period 
    of time, Alex will run to the door and hear:
    "May the rats eat your eyes! The Darkness comes."
    A blue spirit of Edward will appear in the room and speak to Alex briefly. A 
    phone begins to ring and the scene switches to Alex sleeping in her bed with 
    the phone ringing. A green alarm clock shows the time (3:33), it will be 
    useful later on. Alex will wake up to the ringing phone and have a 
    conversation with Inspector Legrasse and he tells her that there has been an 
    accident with her grandfather.
    The next scene begins at the Roivas Family Estate in Rhode Island. Alex meets 
    the detective inside the mansion and he goes on to show Alex her grandfather's 
    mutilated body. She identifies the body by the presence of the family ring. 
    Alex is upset at the sight and the detective seems puzzled by the murder. Alex 
    vows to stay in Rhode Island until she finds out what happened.
    Two week later, you take control of Alex on the first floor of the mansion. 
    Examine the clock between the staircases to find the Dresser Key. You will not 
    need this right now.
    Go to the right and through the first door to enter the Roivas family library. 
    Go down and follow the main path until you reach a room containing a fireplace 
    and a softly ticking grandfather clock.
    Remember the time when Alex woke up from her nightmare? Examine the clock and 
    adjust the clock hands by pressing right until the time reads 3:33. When it is 
    properly set, a chime will sound and a secret passage will open on the wal to 
    Alex's left.
    Follow the passage and go through the door. Alex will gasp at having found the 
    secret chamber laden with the many artifacts. Go past the desk and examine the 
    Gladius hanging on the wall. After taking the Gladius, examine and read the 
    book on the desk.
    As Alex begins reading the book, she will be struck with images of various 
    monsters and locations. She will then begin reading again:
    "I had no knowledge of what was to come, nor did I care. How the knowledge 
    changed me, it will also change you. As you read this, you will come to learn 
    fear as I have. You, too, will come to understand or you will perish."
    9.0.2. Chapter 1, Act 1 - The Chosen One
    Pious Augustus - 26 B.C. - Persia
    "To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of our reality, to see 
    those who dwell behind. My life now has purpose, for I have learned the 
    frailty of flesh and bone. I was once a fool..."
    Pious is seen having a conversation with his guards in a foreign language. 
    Their conversation seamlessly passes into English and the guard is 
    congratulating Pious on their victory. When the first guard leaves, the second 
    guard begins discussing the existence of the artifact. Pious says he does not 
    doubt his emperor's beliefs or his orders.
    The second guard then leaves and Pious hears ghostly voices calling his name. 
    Pious follows the voices and discovers an arrangement of five pillars. When he 
    steps inside, yellow energy wraps around the pillars and transports Pious to 
    ancient ruins where you take control.
    Head down the ladder in the center of the room.
    You will emerge in a long, narrow corridor littered with dead bodies. As you 
    walk forward, Pious will notice a small gray block at the end of the corridor. 
    After noticing the block, the zombie behind it will rise up. Behind the second 
    to last set of torches, two more zombies will walk out. Dispose of them and 
    pick up the Red Granite Block and go through the door.
    (Note: If you get injured will fighting, the pause menu will pop up with a 
    brief description of your health meter.)
    As you enter the next room, two zombies will approach you. Take care of them, 
    pick up the Green Granite Block and go through the door at the top.
    (Note: To easily take care of zombies, lop off their heads so they don't know 
    where you are. Then repeatedly press A without targeting to perform a combo 
    attack that will send them to the ground. Finish him.)
    In the next room, a zombie will immediately come from the right side. Three 
    more will approach once you begin to attack the first one. Once the zombies 
    are dead, continue through the room to find the Blue Granite Stone. Past it, 
    there will be another zombie waiting for you. Finish him and continue down the 
    On the next level, continue down the small hallway and defeat the zombie 
    around the left corner. To the left, there will be a grated door. Turn around 
    and go through the open door.
    Go down the small blue hall way and Pious will notice the large colored 
    symbols on the walls. Defeat the four zombies and pick up the Purple Granite 
    Stone. Walk up to each symbol and there will be a small hole beneath. Place 
    the stones under their correct color by pausing and selecting Use for the 
    appropriate color. Once all the stones are in the correct place, the grate 
    will unblock the door.
    Go back into the hallway and go through the door on the other side. When you 
    approach the statue, it will tell you how to target enemies. Knock of (in this 
    order) the head, left arm, right arm and torso and the door will open.
    Pious will emerge in a room and a short scene will focus on the glowing 
    button. Kill the three zombies and approach the button. Press the button and 
    three columns will rise from the ground around a glowing circle. Step into the 
    glowing circle.
    This is the room where you choose the path you will take. Go down the hallway 
    to find three columns, each with a different colored artifact on top of them. 
    To choose an artifcat, examine the column and press A.
    (Continue to 9.1. for Chattur'gha (Red), 9.2. for Ulyaoth (Blue) and 9.3. for 
    Xel'lotath (Green))
    9.1. Chattur'gha (Red) Path
    9.1.1. Chapter 1
    Coming soon...
    9.1.2. Chapter 2
    Coming soon...
    9.1.3. Chapter 3
    Coming soon...
    9.1.4. Chapter 4
    Coming soon...
    9.1.5. Chapter 5
    Coming soon...
    9.1.6. Chapter 6
    Coming soon...
    9.1.7. Chapter 7
    Coming soon...
    9.1.8. Chapter 8
    Coming soon...
    9.1.9. Chapter 9
    Coming soon...
    9.1.10. Chapter 10
    Coming soon...
    9.1.11. Chapter 11
    Coming soon...
    9.1.12. Chapter 12
    Coming soon...
    9.1.13. Chapter 13
    Coming soon...
    9.2. Ulyaoth (Blue) Path
    9.2.1. Chapter 1
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - The Eternal Darkness
    Alex Roivas - A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    When attempting to claim the artifact, a bolt of blue energy will hit Pious as 
    he falls to the ground, with the energy seeping through his eyes. Moments 
    later, Pious will emerge in the form of a skeleton.
    Edward Roivas will continue -
    "Aeons have passed since then, and I have learned much. All at once I 
    understood. The forces of the multiverse all made sense under the transcending 
    power of Ulyaoth. No mountain too high, no city too far."
    An evil voice then taunts -
    "Face me and you shall surely perish."
    Alex will acquire the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Turn around and pick up the 
    Chapter Page on the wall behind the desk. Read it to begin the next chapter.
    9.2.2. Chapter 2
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - The Binding of the Corpse God
    Ellia - A.D. 1150 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
    "I cannot say what was the true beginning, nor am I sure of its end. So, 
    perhaps here is the best place to start: I am reminded of ideas I first 
    encountered in Sir James George Frazer's book 'The Golden Bough: A Study in 
    Magic and Religion.' We are overwhelmed by our very human need to weave a web 
    of meaning where there may be none. Since time immemorial, ancient peoples 
    have dressed up their lack of knowledge as gods and demons. I have discovered 
    that sometimes, the fates of gods and mortals intertwine - and legends are 
    Ellia begins by reading the Tome in a temple. The scene switches to Pious who 
    is angered by Mantorok for withholding the Ancients. Pious casts a spell that 
    strikes Mantorok who then shrinks in size. Ellia is then seen, unamused by the 
    mythical fables she reads, wishing that something of importance could happen 
    to her. The entrance to the temple then closes behind her and you take 
    Directly across from where you start, there will be statue that has a necklace 
    around its neck. Examine it and pick up the Strange Necklace. After taking the 
    necklace one of the paths will become blocked. The necklace can be used ten 
    times to refill a portion of Ellia's health. Go diagonally left from the 
    statue to find the only open path.
    As you enter, there will be a cutscene that shows off the room. There is 
    nothing to do in this room right now. In the next room, Ellia will step onto a 
    panel that sets of a pair of swinging blades. You can attempt to dodge the 
    blades or go back into the previous room to make the blades stop swinging. As 
    you navigate the hallway, stepping on the panels that differ from the majority 
    of the floor will set off various traps including swinging blades, blowdarts 
    and smashing walls.
    When you enter the next room, the door will close behind you and a Chattur'gha 
    zombie will rise up from the ground. An explanation of sanity will then 
    appear. The Chattur'gha zombies attack very quickly and can regrow limbs after 
    a period of time. Try to remove the zombies head then arms. Once you drop the 
    zombie, the first door will open again. You may want to refill some health 
    with the Strange Necklace.
    Stay in the room and pick up the Bronze Necklace on the pedestal. Then examine 
    the candles by the wall. Extinguish all candles but the middle one (notice the 
    picture behind the candles) and two doors will lower a small amount. You will 
    now need to backtrack.
    Carefully go back through the hallway with the traps. When you enter the red-
    lit room again, three of the zombies will rise from the ground (the fourth one 
    does not). Kill them quickly to save your sanity. Once they are dead return to 
    the large room you began in.
    Go to the statue and place the Bronze Necklace around the neck of the statue. 
    The door that closed when you removed the Strange Necklace will now open. Go 
    diagonally right from the statue to go through the newly opened door. You then 
    want to go through the next door to enter another room with candles. Take a 
    left and you will find yourself in another trap-filled hallway.
    Once you reach the end, go into the next room and the door will once again 
    close behind you. A Xel'lotath zombie will rise from the ground. It will take 
    more sanity from you, but is very easy to kill. Taking off its head is enough 
    to bring it to the ground. Once it is dead, the door that closed behind you 
    will open again.
    Go to the candle arrangement on the wall and extinguish all of the candles, 
    the door on the right that was partially lowered will open completely. Go 
    through that door and you will be in a third trapped hallway. Continue 
    carefully to the middle of the hallway where it branches to either side. Take 
    a left and you will find a blowgun on a pedestal.
    When Ellia picks up the blowgun, she will fall through a trap door into a 
    secret passage in the temple. When she stands up, she will see two Ulyaoth 
    zombies. Fire darts at the first one until it begins to make a pulsating 
    sound. Get away from the zombie and it will blow up in a few seconds, sending 
    a ring of energy out from it.
    Once the first one is dead, turn right to see the zombie attacking a man in 
    the corner. Shoot darts at it and it will approach you. Once it explodes, go 
    back to the area where you landed to pick up your broken short sword. Take it 
    to the man in the corner and he will repair it for you.
    You now want to go to the left through another hallway laden with traps. One 
    trap is unavoidable and will set off smashing walls. Run through when they 
    pull back. When you reach the end, go through the door.
    The next room will begin with a cutscene that shows a slot in the middle of 
    the room. Dispose of the two zombies and go through the door to the diagonal 
    right of where you entered.
    The next room is the final (and toughest) trapped hallway. You will come to 
    two traps that are arranged to be impassible without setting them off. The 
    small one on the right sets off two swinging blades that are right behind you. 
    The long one on the left sets of blowdarts that fly from the walls. Go to the 
    left and run through the darts until you reach a gateway.
    Go through the gateway and set off the single swinging blade. Avoid the next 
    few traps and carefully step onto the one in the next gateway. The smashing 
    walls will obstruct the view of the four swinging blades. Time your run 
    through, stopping between blades if necessary. Continue through the rest of 
    the hallway (the trap at the third gateway won't affect you).
    In the next room, you will see a Xel'lotath and Ulyaoth zombie fighting with 
    each other. The Ulyaoth zombie will then empower the other two zombies in the 
    room. If you stay out of their view, they will kill each other and you can 
    finish off the Xel'lotath zombie. Go through the door to the diagonal right of 
    where you entered. Follow the empty hallways until you reach room with 
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - Chaos Entombed
    Ellia - A.D. 1150 - Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia
    Mantorok will eat the two guards and Pious will enter, obviously angry at 
    Mantorok. He will warn Ellia to leave, but a purple energy will infuse her. A 
    ghostly figure appears when Ellia wakes up and gives her one of Mantorok's 
    hearts. The heart enters Ellia and you take control once again.
    Walk towards the statue in front of Mantorok and grab the Metal Staff. You 
    will now need to backtrack once again. Head out the way you came and go 
    through the two empty hallways. Kill the three Ulyaoth zombies and go through 
    the door to the diagonal left.
    In the trapped hallway, there will be zombies, but you can set off traps in 
    order to kill them before they reach you. Carefully continue through, using 
    the Strange Necklace when necessary.
    After leaving the hallway, kill the four Ulyaoth zombies. Then go to center of 
    the room and place the Metal Staff in the slot you saw earlier. This will open 
    the door that is behind Mantorok.
    Go through the door opposite the slot, navigating the hallway as you did the 
    two previous times. In the next room go through the door to the diagnoal right 
    and then through the two empty hallways. You can go behind Mantorok with the 
    path to the right or the left.
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 3 - Death of a Dancing Girl
    Alex Roivas - A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    Enter the newly opened door and approach the statue. When you do, Pious and 
    his guards appear. He demands the essence of Mantorok from Ellia. When she 
    does not give it to him, he infuses her with a blue energy and she falls to 
    the ground, lifeless.
    When you take control of Alex again, the candles to the right of the room will 
    all light up. Leave only the one on the left burning and a hidden panel opens, 
    revealing a message tube. Check the Message Tube and you will find the next 
    Chapter Page.
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 4 - The Absent Horror
    Alex Roivas - A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    The scene then switches to Pious, talking with what appears to be his leader. 
    They discuss the diminishing power of Mantorok and their increasing power over 
    the universe. The leader tells Pious that Charlemagne the Frank is the next 
    obstacle in their way.
    9.2.3. Chapter 3
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - Suspicions of Conspiracy
    Anthony - A.D. 814 - Amiens, France
    "From my research, it is apparent that the endeavors of mankind are mere 
    puppetry at the hands of the Ancients. Whenever a king vows reform, the 
    Ancients move quickly to stifle it. Under the auspices of Emperor Charlemagne 
    the Frank, the new Holy Roman Empire was at the height of its power."
    A man in black gives Anthony a scroll, telling him to deliver it to 
    Charlemagne at once and no one else is to see it. When the man leaves, Anthony 
    secretly opens the scroll and is hit with a blast of magick. Anthony realizes 
    it was intended for Charlemagne and sets off to warn him. You then take 
    control of Anthony in the cathedral.
    Walk between the rows of pews and talk to monks. Some seem subdued and one 
    tells Anthony that the you he needs the Bishop's Key to see Charlemagne in the 
    chamber on the left. At the end of the walkway, there will be a casket, 
    examine it to find a dead monk. A nearby monk will tell Anthony that it is the 
    work of evil and give him a Scramasax to defend himself.
    Head towards the door and turn right to ascend the stairs. When you reach the 
    top of the stairs, Anthony will be transported to the Hall of Eternal 
    Darkness. Along the pathway, there will be statues of characters that have 
    been engulfed by the Eternal Darkness. At the end of the hall, a hand will 
    unravel, allowing Anthony to pick up the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Once a 
    character finds the Tome, they can use magick.
    After picking up the Tome, scenes from previous chapters will briefly flash 
    and Anthony will be at the top of the stairs. Go upstairs and Anthony will 
    feel the effect of the magick from the scroll.
    Go the lone bookcase and pick up the Blue Urn from the shelf. When you 'Use' 
    it your inventory, it will break and you will find the Chattur'gha (Red) 
    alignment Rune. The game will then explain the basics of magick. Head to the 
    other end of the room and pick up the 3-Point Circle of Power from the desk. 
    The game will then explain Circles of Power.
    Behind the desk, there will be three bookcases. On the middle one, Anthony 
    will find a book that is "oddly pristine on the dusty shelf." Move the book 
    and the bookcase on the left will move, revealing a secret passage. Climb down 
    the ladder.
    Head through the door and Anthony will see a zombie with a Rune inside. Two 
    smaller zombies will come from further down the hall. If you knock off their 
    heads, they will still be able to see you. The smaller ones can be eliminated 
    with a quick combo, while the bigger one takes a few more hits. Once the big 
    one is dead, you will receive your first Rune (Antorbok). Then go through the 
    door at the end of the hall.
    In the next room, Anthony will see a monk fending off zombies. The torch will 
    burn a zombie and it will fall down, burning the rug in front of the door 
    down. Once you have control again, dispose of the zombies (these can't see 
    once their heads are gone). Then pick up the torch the monk dropped and talk 
    to him.
    He will tell you that he dropped an Urn when he was confronted by a 'demonic' 
    Bishop. For your safety, he gives you a Two-Edged Sword that is much stronger 
    than the Scramasax.
    Equip the torch and walk around the ground in front of the next door. Pick up 
    two pieces of the broken Green Urn and the game will tell you how to mix 
    items. Then find the third and you will have a complete broken Green Urn. 
    Equip the new sword and head through the door.
    In the next room, a short cutscene will show another zombie with a Rune inside 
    its body. When you head down the first flight of stairs, you will find the 
    first Codex (Magormor). The game will then explain Codices. As you continue 
    down the stairs, the zombie will confront you. It is easier to defeat than the 
    first Rune Zombie. Once it is defeated, you will have the Rune that is 
    translated by the Codex (Magormor). Go through the door.
    As Anthony enters the next room, he will again feel the effects of the magick. 
    An Ulyaoth zombie will be fighting with another zombie. Take off both of their 
    heads as well as the one of the zombie that comes from the right. Pick up the 
    Codex on the pedestal that translates the Chattur'gha alignment Rune. Then 
    pick up the filled Red Urn.
    Next to the urn is a well of putrid water. You will need to return to this 
    later. Equip your torch and set the rug on fire by pressing A. Equip the Two-
    Edged Sword again and head through the door.
    In the L-shaped hallway, a zombie comes from around the corner. Kill it and 
    head through the next door.
    When Anthony enters this room, a monk will be exiting through the door on the 
    opposite side. To the left, there will be a Codex for Rune acquired from the 
    first zombie. On the table lies the Spell Scroll, which completes your first 
    spell, Enchant Item.
    The game will tell you that you discovered and then explain 'Cast', 'Assign' 
    and 'Check' under the Spell List. It will then show how to assign spells to 
    the Quick Spell buttons and what the magick meter is for.
    Use the new spell to fix the two broken urns. On the floor in front of the 
    table is a small panel. If you step on it, the door behind the desk will open 
    until you step off.
    Head back through the door you came in and then the L-shaped hallway. Go to 
    the well of putrid water in the opposite corner and fill the Blue and Green 
    Urns with the water (the Red Urn is already filled). Go back through the door 
    and L-shaped hallway and back to the room with the table.
    Place each of the urns on the panel in the floor. When they are all placed, 
    the door will stay open. Head through the newly opened passage and through 
    another L-shaped hallway. Enchant the Two-Edged Sword and open the door and 
    the end of the hall.
    Once inside, there will be a monk at the other end who wants the Tome of 
    Eternal Darkness. When he approaches, hack away with a quick combo. The 
    Ulyaoth zombie on the left will rise. Quickly chop off its head and continue 
    slashing the monk. It is best to get to the other side of the monk, away from 
    the door. The second Ulyaoth zombie will rise, so chop off its head also. Take 
    out the zombies quickly and then chop off the monk's arms. When he falls, take 
    the Bishop's Key from him.
    Leave this room and Anthony will feel more of the magick's effects. As you go 
    through the hallway, there will be two zombies. Kill them and go through the 
    In the room with the table, there will one zombie on each side of the table. 
    Dispose of them as usual and continue through the door.
    In the first L-shaped hallway, the camera will cut to the view of a Trapper 
    that is crawling towards Anthony. It will explode, sending him to the Trapper 
    Dimension. When you step in the colored circle, in the will transport you to 
    the other portal of that color. Each color allows you to refill either health 
    (red), sanity (green) or magick (blue). The purple portal will allow you to 
    exit the Dimension by stepping on the portal at the top of the stairs. Use 
    whichever portal to fill up your most needed attribute (most likely health or 
    Once you return from the Trapper Dimension, you will be back in the L-shaped 
    hallway. Continue through the door into the room with the putrid water well.
    There will be four Trappers when enter this room. The game tells you they have 
    no eyes, but can sense around them. Hold X to sneak around until you reach the 
    There will be a zombie within in swords length as soon as you enter this room. 
    Two more zombies will amble down the steps. Kill all three zombies and take 
    the stairs to the door at the top. Simply pass through the room with the monk 
    that gave you the Two-Edged Sword.
    Anthony will again feel the effects of the magick upon entering the next room. 
    Walk down the long empty hallway until you reach the ladder. Before you 
    ascend, be sure to enchant your weapon.
    When you reach the room with the bookcases, a large Ulyaoth creature will 
    appear as well as a magickal wall blocking the stairs down. This creature will 
    drain your magick as well as your health. It can be easily defeated by 
    removing one of its arms and giving it a few good blows from an enchanted 
    (Two-Edged Sword). Descend the steps into the room you began in.
    Two small and one large zombie will greet you at the bottom of the stairwell. 
    Kill them and go through the pews to the door on the left. Open the door with 
    the Bishop's Key to enter the Bishop's visiting chamber.
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - Conspiracy Revealed
    Alex Roivas - A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    Once inside, Anthony will see Charlemagne dead on the floor. The magick from 
    the scroll will finally knock him to the ground in death as the 'demonic' 
    Bishop reveals that he is truly an Ulyaoth monster.
    As Alex, exit the secret chamber and go through the library to reach the main 
    hallway. Go up the stairs to the second floor and use the Second Floor Key in 
    the door. It will break, but you can repair it with the Enchant Item spell. 
    When you use it the second time, the door will open. Go forward and follow the 
    hall to the left. Enter the door on the right at the corner. Inside the room, 
    there will be a painting above a desk. Behind the painting is the next 
    9.2.4. Chapter 4
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - The Gift of Forever
    Karim - A.D. 565 - Persia
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - The Shadow of Corruption
    Alex Roivas - A.D. 2000 - Rhode Island, USA
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 3 - The Preparations Begin
    Coming soon...
    9.2.5. Chapter 5
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - The Lurking Horror
    Maximillian Roivas - A.D. 1760 - Rhode Island, USA
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - Insanity Prevails
    Coming soon...
    9.2.6. Chapter 6
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - Corrosion of the Dead God
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - A Journey into Darkness
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 3 - In the Hands of Kali
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 4 - Daughter of Light
    Coming soon...
    9.2.7. Chapter 7
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - The Black Guardian
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - Heresy!
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 3 - A murder
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 4 - Light within the Darkness
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 5 - Conversation in the Bell Tower
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 6 - Suspicions Confirmed
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 7 - Heresy Revealed
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 8 - The Black Guardian's Lair
    Coming soon...
    9.2.8. Chapter 8
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - Flesh for the Pillar
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 2 - The Forbidden City
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 3 - Guardian of the Temple
    Coming soon...
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 4 - Binding the Black Guardian
    Coming soon...
    9.2.9. Chapter 9
    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Act 1 - Binding the Black Guardian
    Coming soon...
    9.2.10. Chapter 10
    Coming soon...
    9.2.11. Chapter 11
    Coming soon...
    9.2.12. Chapter 12
    Coming soon...
    9.2.13. Chapter 13
    Coming soon...
    9.3. Xel'lotath (Green) Path
    9.3.1. Chapter 1
    Coming soon...
    9.3.2. Chapter 2
    Coming soon...
    9.3.3. Chapter 3
    Coming soon...
    9.3.4. Chapter 4
    Coming soon...
    9.3.5. Chapter 5
    Coming soon...
    9.3.6. Chapter 6
    Coming soon...
    9.3.7. Chapter 7
    Coming soon...
    9.3.8. Chapter 8
    Coming soon...
    9.3.9. Chapter 9
    Coming soon...
    9.3.10. Chapter 10
    Coming soon...
    9.3.11. Chapter 11
    Coming soon...
    9.3.12. Chapter 12
    Coming soon...
    9.3.13. Chapter 13
    Coming soon...
    10. Secrets and Tips
    Complete all three paths on same save file for a special ending.
    More coming soon...
    11. Credits
    Nintendo of America (http://www.nintendo.com)
    For publishing this game
    Silicon Knights (http://www.siliconknights.com)
    For developing this game
    Eternal Darkness Website (http://www.eternaldarkness.com)
    For overview and storyline
    Eternal Darkness Instruction Booklet
    For controls and some character information
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    For hosting this FAQ
    12. Copyright Notice
    This file is Copyright (c)2002 Alex Davis. All rights reserved. All 
    information in this FAQ was collected and written by me, unless noted in the 
    credits above. This file may not be posted on any website or reproduced in any 
    manner, except as follows:
    On GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    On CheatCC (http://www.cheatcc.com)
    On A2Z Cheats (http://www.a2zcheats.com)
    13. Contact Information
    If you wish to contribute to this FAQ or find incorrect or incomplete 
    information, please email me at chiefwahoo3003@yahoo.com with subject being 
    something close to "ED FAQ". If I use your information, you will be credited 
    next to the information as well as in the Credits section above. I will not 
    respond to emails that ask questions already covered in the FAQ. Thank you for 
    reading this FAQ.

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