Where can I find the holy element and progress?

  1. i have completed all stages. i am in the first year where the river drys up. like year 4 or 5? i am at lueda and have completed the desert and all other stages. how do i get across the miasma where rebana ta ra is located? how do i get the holy elememt. please help i have been stuck here for weeks. i want to continue. Thanks

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  1. SunshineCow is correct. However, you must do these events in order otherwise nothing will happen.

    Also, the Leuda Desert is a seperate level. To get to the Leuda Desert, you need the Jogan River to flow again. The Leuda desert is on an island in the ocean, and just like getting to the volcano, you have to take the ship from the Jogan River to get there. (Although, maybe you can get there from the port on the Tipa Pinensula, I didn't check. If not, then you'll need to fix the river.) To fix the river, go to Fu Yu Sluice and complete the level, casting life on the pump flowers there. (The pump flowers look like massive thick stems that are in the dry bowls that had water the first time you went there.) If completing the level doesn't fix the river, you may need to wait a couple of years until the river flows again.

    Once the river starts flowing, talk to the ferry captain. Eventually, a new option should be available to go to Leuda for 300 gold/head. If this option is not available yet, then it may mean you need to explore more levels or something. For me, the option appeared right after the river started flowing again. I did complete the volcano level before I was able to go to Leuda, so that may be something to consider.

    Once in the desert, you'll need the spell holy and the spell gravity. To get the spell gravity, put any two different (blizzard/thunder/fire) magicite in command slots next to each other and the two commands will automatically fuse to make gravity. Note that these magicite cannot be the same, otherwise you get a different spell (for instance, 2 blizzards next to each other gives you blizzara instead of gravity.)

    To get the spell Holy, you need to fuse a (blizzard/thunder/fire) with a life magicite. Unlike the gravity spell, here the order you place the magicite in is important. The (blizzard/thunder/fire) magicite MUST be in a command slot above your life magicite to get holy. If you get the order switched (life above blizzard for instance), you'll get the slow spell instead.

    Once you get all those things, then go to the Leuda Desert and follow SunCow's instructions. Then you can get the elemental pole (or whatever that thing is) to change your crystal's element to the unknown 5th element. Once you change your crystal's element to unknown, you can pass though any miasma stream without changing your crystal's element again.

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  1. You get the holy element in the desert. Gurdy's poems give you clues about how to find it. At this point you probably have only 2-3 poems, but you don't actually have to learn any of them to solve the puzzle.

    1. Cast Thunder on the large cactus in the north part of the desert (a very brief scene should occur, if not then try a different cactus)
    2. In the eastern part of the desert there is a tent. Cast Gravity on it.
    3. In the southeast there is a rock that is shaped like a mushroom... it's kind of hard to recognize, but if you can investigate it with the 'B' button, then it's the right one. It's on the edge of the level. Anyway, cast Fire on it.
    4. A little southwest from the large cactus there are 3 rocks (You can investigate any one of them and the camera will zoom out so you can see all three). Cast Blizzard on them starting with the smallest and ending with the largest.
    5. Now, in the southwest of the desert, there is a big, glowing flower. Cast Holy on it to reveal the hot spot for the holy/unknown element.

    After that, you can either wait a few years for the Jegon River to fill up again, or you can go to Veo Lu Sluice and cast Life on all the pump flowers to fix it immediately.

    I hope this helps. If you need more details, you can check me frog's FAQ/Walkthrough.

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