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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Linkmaster12

    Version: 0.26 | Updated: 03/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ____________ ___        ___     ______       ___ __________        _____     __
    \  _ |\ /\ / \ /   /\   \ /     \  _ |  /\   \ / \ /|     | /\    /  \\ \   / /
    | | \|| || | | |  /  \  | |     | | \| /  \  | \ | ||/| |\|/  \  | /\ |\ \ / /
    | |/| | ||  \| | / /\ \ | |     | |/| / /\ \ |  \| |  | | / /\ \ | ||/  \ V /
    |   | | || | | || |__| || |     |   || |__| || | | |  | || |__| | \ \    | |
    | |\| | || |\  ||  __  || |     | |\||  __  || |\  |  | ||  __  |  \ \   | |
    | |   | || | | || |  | || |     | |  | |  | || | | |  | || |  | | /|| |  | |
    | |   | || | | || |  | || |_/|  | |  | |  | || | | |  | || |  | || \/ |  | |
    /_\   /_\/_\ /_\/_\  /_\/____|  /_\  /_\  /_\/_\ /_\  /_\/_\  /_\ \__/   /_\
             ,-' _______ `.
           ,' ,-'     __`. \__   __     __   __/| |\_______/|         __
          / ,'        \ `'\|__`. \ \   / / ,',-.| |,--. .--.|  A      \ |
         / /          | |`'   \ \ \ \ / / //    ' '   | |   ' / \     | |
        ! /           | |      | | \ V /  \\_         | |    //\ \    | |
        | |           | |      | |  | |   _`.`._      | |   //  \ \   | |
        | |           | '.____/ /   | |  /,\ `-.`.    | |  //    \ \  | |   /|
        ! \           |    __.-'    | | ||\/    ||    | | //      \ \ | |   ||
         \ \          | |`._`-.____ | |  \\___,','    | |_||      | |_| |___||
          \ `.        |_\ /|`-.__,' /_\   `----'      '----'      '----------'
           `. `._______,-'/
         ,-' _________ `.
       ,' ,-'_   __  _`. \__                                                  __/|
      / ,'  \ |  \ | \ _\|__`.  ____    __    _  __     ___  __     ____/|  ,',-.|
     / /    | |  | | | |`'  \ \'.--.`.  \ \   \| \ |  ,'.-.\|\ |    \ .--| //    '
    ! /     | |  | | | |     / /    \ \ || \  || | | /,'   \|| |    | |__  \\_
    | |     | '--' | | |    | |      | |||\ \ || | |//      '| |    | .-.|  `.`-.
    | |     | .--. | | '.__.| |      | ||| \ \|| | |||       | |    | |  `/,\ `-.`.
    ! \     | |  | | |    _.-\ \____/ / ||  \ || | |\\      .| |    | |  ||\/    ||
     \ \    | |  | | | |`.`-._`-.__.-'  ||   \ | | | \`.___/|| |__/|| |_/|\\___,','
      \ `.  |_\  |_\ |_/| `-.__,'      /_|    \| |_\  `'----|'-----''----' `----'
       `. `-._______,-'/
         Now then, I suppose I better start this, my first FAQ ever. off with all
    of that legal stuff. So lets see, this FAQ is copywirted to me, linkmaster12
    Josh DeWolfe) the only site at this moment that may use this FAQ is
    www.gamefaqs.com. If you wish to use this FAQ in any way other than personal
    use, kindly ask me first by emailing me at linkmater12@hotmail.com. Well, I
    guess now that, that is out of the way, we can begin!
    (before anything at all I must note that the content of this guide is bade 100%
    on my own experiences in single player mode only. Therefore I will not have any
    strategies or anything at all on multiplayer mode.)
    1. Version History            (VERHI)
    2. Introduction to the game   (INTRO)
    3. The Basics                 (BASIC)
    4. Getting Started            (GETST)
    5. Walkthrough                (WALKT)
     -Tipa                        (TIPA1)
     -River Belle Path            (RBLP1)
     -Tipa                        (TIPA2)
     -Port Tipa                   (PRTP1)
     -Mushroom Forest             (MUFR1)
     -Marr's Pass                 (MARS1)
     -The Mines of Cathuriges     (TMOC1)
     -Tipa Peninsula              (TIPN1)
     -Goblin Wall                 (GBWL1)
     -Iron Mine Downs             (IRNM1)
     -Alfitaria                   (ALFI1)
     -Tida                        (TIDA1)
     -Moshet Manor                (MOSC1)
     -Tipa Peninsula              (TIPN2)
     -Iron Mine Downs             (IRNM2)
     -Vale of Alfitaria           (VALF2)
     -Shella                      (SHEL1)
     -Veo Lu Sluice               (VEOS1)
    6. Diaries                    (DIARY)
    7. Bestiary                   (BESTY)
    8. Items                      (ITEMS)
    9. Artifacts                  (ARTIS)
    10. Helpful Tips              (HELPT)
    11. Closing/Credits           (CLOCR)
    Version History (VERHI)
    Version 0.01
     Friday February 20/04-
                         Just started today, I have a basic walkthrough of the
        entirety of year one. I have bits of information
                                                     everywhere except in the item
    and artifacts sections
                  (expext the information tomorrow) Hopefully I can add Year
                      2 soon.
    Version 0.11
     Saturday February 21/04-
                          I got up today, recorded some information on Year two,
                                                             which will hopefully
    be put here by next saturday. I
         added all my information for artifacts, items, and
                                                        finished the diaries for
    Year 1. Contemplating re-
    organizing the faq, but I will likely wait until I have
                                 more info.
    Version 0.16
     Sunday February 22/04-
                          I finished year two sooner then I thought, so I spent
                                 of today adding year two to the walkthrough. I
    will likely
                                        update the bestiary, diary and artifact
    sections during
                                                                 the week. I may
    add parts to the equipment section to,
                         although I won't have much for anyone but Clavats yet. I
                         finally spell checked it too!
    Version 0.17
     Tuesday Febuary 24/04-
                         Finished updating the little details for year two. Updated
                         the diaries, bestiary, and artifacts up to the end of
                        chapter 2. I'm beginning to realize how much more work I'm
                         going to have to do after I beat the game. In any case, I
                         also added a very marginal amount to the equipment, I
                                                still need to check prices, and
    actually get equipment for
                         a race other than Clavat. Oh well...
    Version 0.23
     Monday March 1/04-
                         I really meant to get to updating year three on the
    weekend, but I                                       decided to play farther
    into the game instead. Now that I see how
                     open-ended the game is,  I realize how much re-orgainzing I'll
                         have to do. For now I am not going into as such detail
    anymore, I                      will put huge amounts in when I get all the
    info though. I also                      added some sections to the equipment,
    although I still need to get                                           some
    ccessories. I really have alot more work ahead of me...  I
    still have to update the diaries for year three to, hopefully that
            will push the FAQ over 100KB:P
    Version 0.26
     Wednesday March 3/04-
                         Added the diaries for year three, and added a tips
    section. I have
                         Almost beaten the game now, but realized that I really do
    have to
                         finish the puzzle in Lynari desert. Mind you, this was
    during year
                         nine when this came to me. So I am set back a little bit,
    but once
                         I finish the game, I will ikely take what I have now and
                         re-organize it in a proper fashion. I also added in a
    bunch of
                         pieces of equipment. I really have to get some more
    Introduction to the Game (INTRO)
         As some, perhaps most of you know, the maker of Square recently joined
    with another company called Enix, creating SquareEnix. Now since this
    assimilation, there have been many changes in what the almighty Square creates.
    First, there was the (in my opinion) absolute worst game ever (Unlimited Saga),
    then there was their first ever direct sequel (Final Fantasy X-2) now they make
    an ever so successful return to the company that started it all, Nintendo.
    (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) Now, on to
    the game itself!
         This game is revolutionary in a way besides a return to Nintendo. It is
    also the first (well... not first...) action Final Fantasy ever. (unless you
    count... Final Fantasy Adventure, which most of you probably have never heard
    of) Some see this as a bad thing, I see it as a super duper amazing thing. See
    this is a careful assimilation of the Mana series (Secret of Mana, Legend of
    Mana, Sword of Mana) the Legend of Zelda ('nuff said) and of course, Final
    Fantasy. Allow me to elaborate. The game is played out on 3 screens. The
    dungeon screen, the town screen, and the world map. In the town screen you walk
    around and can talk to people, allowing you to shop and interact with people,
    just like any other RPG. With me so far? Good. In the World map, you direct
    your caravan around to different areas following specific paths that you can
    take. (I will elaborate a bit later) Now the real beauty is the dungeon screen.
    You run around as your character and when you press the A button you perform an
    action. The action you perform is designated by what the action menu below your
    character's portrait says. You rotate the menu by pressing L or R, and can edit
    the menu's contents on the main menu.
         Well so far it sounds pretty normal. There is more though. See the
    entirety of the dungeon is covered in a mist called miasma. When you step into
    the mist, you lose HP slowly. So how do you proceed at all? Well you have to
    lug around this little thing called the Crystal Chalice. This little thing can
    be carried around by your faithful mog, or you can carry it around yourself. If
    you make mog carry it too long, he will get tired and start to follow you
    slower, meaning combat will be harder, because you will have a restricted are
    of movement, and exploring will be a slower process. So you should carry it
    yourself sometimes too. Also, you can use the chalice to solve some puzzles,
    and you can change it's element which effects a few things, which will be
    mentioned as the come up.
         Well there is a basic overview, now for the REALLY basic basics. As in,
    you know, the controls.
    A-examine/talk(in town)
      action(in dungeon)
      select(in menu)
      (hold)charge attack/magic(dungeon)
    B-pick up/talk/examine/open(dungeon)
    stick-move character(town/dungeon)
          move caravan(world map)
          move cursor(menu)
    R/L-cycle action menu(dungeon)
        cycle menus(menu)
    X-mog pick up/drop chalice
    Y-Access Main Menu(dungeon)
    A+A+A-Combo Attack(dungeon)
         Well that about sums up the basics, if you actually read it all,
    congratulations for your patience, if you didn't, don't worry, I wouldn't have
    Getting Started (GETST)
         Now then, to get started, just pop in your shiny new copy of Final
    Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, turn on the power, if you can, connect your GBA
    (more on that later) turn on the power, and select new game. If you want to use
    this guide, you should probably select single player, as this is the mode the
    guide is entirely based on. Now sit back and watch the opening video and listen
    to the amazing sound quality.
         Once that is done, you will actually have to do something. You must create
    a character. Start by selecting the first empty character space (they won't be
    empty too long) and you will be given a name input screen. (note the special
    characters :P) press R and L to toggle between caps, lower case and symbols.
    Once you have named your character, you have to choose a gender and a race. A
    Little info to help your selection.
     Starting Stats:
             Strength: 6  (3rd)
             Defense: 7  (2nd)
             Magic: 13 (2nd)
     Weapon: Sword
     Defensive equip: Shield
     Description: Ok, the Clavats are my, and probably most's favorite race. They
    are a very balanced group, allowing you to be good at physical attacks and not
    suck at magic. Their charge attack is about medium range and charge time, just
    to add to their balanced nature even more. Not only that, they are the only
    race who can equip the game's best armor!
     Starting Stats:
             Strength: 8 (1st)
             Defense: 8 (1st)
             Magic: 10 (4th)
     Weapon: Spear
     Defensive equip: Gauntlets
     Description: Lilty are the definition of tank. They have the highest strength
    and defense in the game, and their strongest weapon is stronger than the
    "secret" weapon. However the focus on melee combat means they have little to no
    hope of utilizing magic. Their charge attack has the longest range, but charges
    the slowest. I don't like using them as much as Clavats, but would likely be my
    second choice.
     Starting Stats:
             Strength: 5 (4th)
             Defense: 5 (4th)
             Magic: 15 (1st)
     Weapon: Hammer
     Defensive equip: Helm
     Description: These guys (or girls) are deceptive. They look like they would be
    real powerhouses, but they are actually the game's spell casters. This makes
    their close range combat horribly weak though. This is a problem because magic
    takes a while to cast. Regardless, they are good in their own right. Their
    charge attack has a slow activation time, and is very short ranged.
     Starting Stats:
             Strength: 7 (2nd)
             Defense: 6 (3rd)
             Magic: 12 (3rd)
     Weapon: Racket
     Defensive equip: Belt
     Description: The Selkies are similar to the Clavats, and would be tied with
    the Lilty for my second pick. They Are a bit mor physically strong than
    Clavats, aren't as durable or skilled at magic. Probably one of the best
    aspects of the Selkies is their long ranged and quick charging charge attack.
         Now that you can start heading out, I have a few more things I have to
    inform you of. First, is the status effects. While they remain basically the
    same from other final fantasies, there are some new ones, and it is good to
    know them regardless.
     A status effect that has been in nearly every RPG through history. Sometimes
    it is harmless, sometimes it is deadly. In this game it is somewhere in the
    middle. This status effect last only about 30 seconds, but those 30 seconds can
    decide whether you live or die. Basically you will take a ½ heart of damage
    every 5 seconds or so, and therefore will result in a total of 3 hearts damage
    if left un-attended. If you are poisoned your hearts will be a pink/purple
     Burn is an annoying little status that has had different effects throughout
    RPG history. Here, if you are hit with fire of any sort, you will be burned.
    You can tell you have been burned, because your character will be covered in
    flames. This slows you down a bit, and your defense is deceased.
     Freeze has generally always been a lethal status ailment, and here is no
    exception. You can frozen by being hit with an ice attack. While frozen, not
    only can you not move, but enemy attacks also do more damage. You can speed up
    your thawing by moving the control stick back and forth. (BE AWARE THAT YOU CAN
     Paralysis has had varying levels of incapacitation throughout the ages, but
    has always done basically the same thing. Now is no different, you sit there,
    unable to move while you get beat upon by your foe. You can tell you have been
    hit with paralysis, because you will be surrounded by purple sparks. Like
    freeze, moving the control stick speeds up the process, while unlike freeze you
    will not take double damage. Paralysis occurs when you've been hit by lighting.
     This is usually a very bad status to, luckily in this game it doesn't mean
    game over if you get petrified. Basically you turn to stone. However, unlike
    paralysis or freeze, you cannot speed it up with the control stick. The only
    way to make petrify go away, is to wait for it to wear off, or use your trusty
    clear spell.
     Stun is basically a very moderate version of paralysis. Certain attacks will
    stun you for a few seconds. Lucky for you, it's only a few seconds, because it
    happens pretty often. Not to much to worry about here though.
     Slow is usually annoying, but it is super annoying here. You like running
    around? Well with slow you have trouble getting out of a spell ring before the
    spell activates. With slow, it takes forever to charge a focus attack. With
    slow, you may as well not move, because you won't be getting far.
     Curse has always either been a status effect that has no effect at all, or one
    that completely messes you up. In this case, it messes you up bad. Curse halves
    your strength, defense and magic for a while. If you are hit with curse, your
    best bet is to get far, far away from anything resembling an enemy and wait for
    it to wear off. Or you could just cast clear, either one works fine.
     Your dead, duh. The only way to avert this status, is be either, simply not
    dying, or placing a pheonix down on you command list so you will automatically
    be revived.
         Next is the main menu. The main menu is rather lengthy, and can only be
    accessed in a dungeon for some reason. Basically there are just a whole bunch
    of submenus that appear when you press Y. Select one and you will enter it. You
    can switch between menus with R and L, or you can press B to go back to the
    list of submenus. You can also view your stats here. Here are all the submenus
    in detail.
    Command List
     This is where you set what appears on the command menu. You can set items,
    weapons and magicite. The point of equipping a weapon, is you can fuse magicite
    with a weapon, allowing you to release an elemental version of that weapons
    charge attack. You can also fuse magicite together to make more powerful spells
    ranging from simple fusions (fire+fire=Fira) to more difficult ones
    (life+cure+cure=Haste). If you set an item, using that on the action menu
    simply uses up that item.
     This menu allows you to see all your items, as well as use items (if you can
    use that item) like food and water, or you can drop or destroy it. The only
    difference between dropping and destroying something, is that if you drop it,
    it appears on the ground, and if you destroy it, it simply disappears.
     This menu is pretty simple, this is just where you change your equipment.
     Here you can view all the artifacts you have collected throughout your
    journey, as well as see what they do. Remember, you can only get one of each
     Treasures are temporary artifacts you can get in a dungeon. They are the same
    as a normal artifact, except they disappear once you leave the dungeon. There
    are always for per dungeon.
     This is a very pointless menu where you view how much money you have. You can
    also select an amount to drop, although I don't know why you would want to.
     This show your favorite foods in order from top to bottom with favorites on
    the top. Remember that you can make your character like a food more by feeding
    him it.
     A menu where all you do is see how much your family likes you, whether the
    face beside each family member's name is either smiling, frowning, or has a
    straight face.
    Here you can read all the letters you have accumulated up to this point.
    Walkthrough (WALKT)
         OK, I said it at the beginning, and I will say it again now. This is based
    100% on my experience in single player mode. I will also add that I will not
    yet be adding item locations, or specific directions through dungeons. These
    will both come in later versions however. Now to get started on the juice of
    this guide.
    Year one
         The way this game works, is you have to find Myrrh for your towns crystal
    each year to preserve it. The crystal is needed to fend off the Miasma which is
    deadly to people other than moogles or monsters. You get myrrh by collecting 3
    myrrh drops in the Crystal Chalice. You get Myrrh drops from the Myrrh tree (I
    never would have seen the connection) which can only offer drops after 2 years
    have passed since the last collection of drops. Every time you find 3 Myrrh
    drops, you automatically go back to your hometown, and celebrate. After this a
    year has passed game time, and you must set out again to find three more drops.
    Tipa (TIPA1)
         This is your hometown, the place where you name at the beginning of the
    game. You may find yourself coming back here fairly often, if not only because
    you start each year here. This is also where your family stays, and is
    therefore where they offer you their profession. This is a big place, big
    enough for 8 families. You start off with a scene where your family says
    goodbye, wishes you luck, and says how much you will be missed. How nice.
    (Diary entry #1, see "Diary" section)
         Once you start the game, you are automatically sent out of Tipa, you can
    go back in, but don't bother for the moment. Just direct your caravan
    north-west to see a scene. Here a person (seemingly a Lilty in elegant armor)
    greets you. He says his name is Sol Racht, and he is the captain of the caravan
    from Alfitaria, a caravan with a 1000 year old history. He will discuss this
    history another time though. He introduces you to the seasoned adventurer
    moogle named Stilztkin. He says he is on his way somewhere at the moment, but
    has some time to teach you some things if you want.
         If you accept his offer he will take you to a secluded are and give you a
    tutorial of how to fight. If you go up to him and press B to talk, a menu will
    come up on the help topics. You can have him explain the situation with the
    Miasma and Myrrh, get him to explain the way physical attacks work, how magic
    works, and what your faithful friend mog (the puffy thing that carries the
    crystal chalice) can do. When you are done, simply select, "we'll be seeing
    you" from the menu. (Diary entry #2) Now that, that is done, simply head
    north-east to the first dungeon, River Belle Path.
    River Belle Path (RBLP1)
         "They say that wicked creature prowl the road along this beautiful
          river bank, but nobody has ever seen one. I once asked a man why,
         he simply replied, "because anyone who happens upon one is promptly
          eaten!" But it is long since anyone has met such a fate. For now
         adays, people take another route, far away from the spooky road. Only
             we walk the old road now... Travelers in Crystal Caravans."
         This is your first dungeon, and rightfully so. When it prompts you to set
    your command menu, just press A. You won't have anything to edit it with yet
    any way. Now this dungeon is very straight forward, and is almost impossible to
    get lost in. It serves as a good place to introduce the system, but after once
    through it is very short and easy.
     Goblin, Hedgehog Pie, Goblin Chieftain, Mu
     Giant Crab
         The very first enemy you see is likely the most important. It is a simple
    goblin, but it always drops a pheonix down plume. This is important because in
    single player mode, the only savior if you die is a pheonix down. If one is
    equipped on your command list, it will automatically revive you, making it a
    priceless item. I try to always keep at least 5 in my inventory, and 1 on my
    command list.
         Now after that, just follow the path. If you come to a fork, a decision
    isn't that hard. One way is most likely a dead end, resulting in a treasure
    chest, the other the way forward. If you come to a gate, just kill the closest
    monster, and it will likely drop a little stone tablet. Pick this up and carry
    it to a stone pedestal located near the gate. This will open it. If you get a
    cure stone (magicite) equip it on your action menu immediately, because cure is
    free, and unlimited, therefor making it just as, if not more priceless than the
    aforementioned pheonix down.
         To take out goblins easily, just wait for it to take a swipe at you
    (needless to say you should dodge this, it isn't hard) and run around behind
    it, or wait for it to spin it's arm, like it's going to throw something (move
    to the side, they are throwing a rock, and if you don't move it will hit you)
    after that just run around behind them and hit them, a simple combo should
         To kill a hedgehog pie, wait for it to start casting fire (a red ring will
    appear below you) and move out of the way. The casting area will not move, and
    you have simply to run up to it and use a combo. Don't get too close before
    this time, as they are a bit unpredictable.
         To kill a Mu, just run away a bit, charge up your focus attack (yo can
    also substitute in magic), line it up and fire. This should kill it instantly.
    They are almost impossible to kill without taking damage any other way. They
    often drop money, although a low amount, it is still money.
         The goblin chieftain will be your biggest challenge on this level. Follow
    a strategy similar to the goblins, but instead of doing a full combo, retreat
    after the second hit, because the chieftain have a quicker reaction time. They
    are more durable, but often wield a treasure to give you a stat boost until the
    level is done, although it is a small one.
         Your first boss. This thing is a challenge the first time through, but
    even the second fight (if you come back through the dungeon) has difficulty
    being challenging. He has 5 moves throughout the battle, but near the end he
    ditches one in favor of another. First is the most annoying move. The crab
    spits out a little bubble that does no damage, but inflicts you with the very
    annoying status of slow (decrease walking/attacking speed) just run around it
    and you should be fine. The next two attacks he only does if you get in close.
    One is a swipe of his claw, which is damaging, usually doing a full heart of
    damage. The other is he will hit you with the shell on his back. This has a
    wide a range, and although it doesn't do as much damage as the previous attack,
    it stuns you for a short (very short) while. The next is not really an attack,
    but if you apply constant pressure, he will jump away, and if he lands on you,
    you will take damage. Lastly, is his most dangerous attack. You will see some
    purple sparks appear in front of him, at this sign, move out in front of him
    RIGHT AWAY! He will shoot a ray of electricity, which, if I am not mistaken,
    does 2 hearts of damage, and stuns you for a while. Needless to say you want to
    avoid this. Now when he gets low on HP, the shell on his back will explode.
    This means he can't hit you with it, but will instead cast thunder, which will
    do about a hearts damage, and paralysis if you are unlucky. Also during the
    fight Mus will appear, however very infrequently.
         Now I am sure it sounds hard, but it really isn't. My favorite strategy,
    for this and about every other enemy in the game is a simple,
    combo-evade-run-away-heal-combo (from now on the hit-and-run method) strategy.
    Basically you run up to the enemy, combo him, run around him a bit so you are
    not in front of him, and combo again. When you get low on HP, run away, cast
    cure, and get back in the fray. I find it very effective. However it works to,
    to replace combo with magic, and follow the same guideline.
         Once you beat the crab you will get a new diary entry (Diary entry #3) and
    a mail moogle will come up and give you a letter titled "To Our Caravan" from
    someone named Roland. It reads, "How is everything? You may be facing hardships
    that drag your spirits down. But always remember that the caravan gives hope to
    us all. May you return safely (insert character's name)!"You can send a reply
    and some money or an item if you want, I currently don't know if it has any
    effect. Regardless you finish the dungeon, and can pick an artifact to give
    yourself a permanent stat boost.
         Now you are back on the world map. Head back south-west and a scene will
    occur. Sol Racht will ask if you have heard of a man named the black knight. He
    says that the black knight is on a quest to master swordsmanship, and that
    people rarely journey to improve themselves these days. He suggests you should
    master something before your journeys end (*ahem*strength*ahem*) and leaves
    (Diary entry #4)
    Tipa (TIPA2)
         Now before you enter, press B on the world map and go to "set out". Here
    you must create 7 more characters. It doesn't matter too much who they are,
    because you don't need to use them, but it is purely to get their families in
    Tipa. (the caravan is supposed to be the Tipa caravan, and each party member is
    a citizen of Tipa. Therefore their family will be located in Tipa, and will
    offer their family trade to you) If you don't, instead of having helpful people
    in the town, you will have one family, the elders and 7 moogles who say no one
    is home.
         Now enter town, an go around talking to everyone. If you have any doubles
    of equipment designs, sell them at the market, if you have some good designs
    and materials you should visit the blacksmith. If you go to the top left area
    of the town there is a hidden, random item, usually a seed. Now go to the
    middle of town, and walk along the outside of the base the crystal is mounted
    on. Behind the crystal and to the left a bit it will say "examine" and if you
    press A you will see a tiny door. Choose to enter it.
         You will be in your first Moogle's Nest. This is one of 23 houses
    world-wide where moogles live. He can give you a mog stamp, which come in
    groups of 3. If you collect a whole set, go back to one of the mogs who gave
    you that kind of stamp and you will get a surprise. You can also paint and trim
    mog here. If you trim him, he will be able to carry the chalice longer in warm
    places, and if you paint him, an attached GBA will do different functions (no
    color=map, red=monster locations, blue=treasure locations, green=monster
    locations) then that is all you can do, so leave (Diary entry #5) and go back
    to the world map.
    Port Tipa (PRTP1)
         Now go to the first cross-roads again, and another short scene will
    happen. A couple of Selkies will appear, and ask how your journey is going.
    After you "explain" they admit they should get serious too, say good-bye and
    run off again. (Diary entry #6)
         Now you head north-west again, and you will be at another cross-road, head
    south-west to Port Tipa. The Port is empty at the moment, save for a painfully
    obvious moogle's nest, and Stilztkin who will give you the tutorial again at
    your request. Collect the next stamp and leave.
         Now head back to the Belle River Path, and in front of it a scene will
    happen where a bunch of Lilty chase a goblin (Diary entry #7). Go up to the
    River Belle Path and instead of entering it, just change your chalice's element
    to water. Go back to the cross-road that leads to Port Tipa, and head
    north-east instead to the Miasma Steam.
         This place is freaky and cool at the same time. There is no mog here, but
    don't freak out. Just pick up the crystal chalice yourself. You can talk to
    Stilztkin here, who tells you how the miasma freaks out moogles, but it doesn't
    effect him. He also says that the danger of the Miasma must be constantly in
    your mind, but don't worry, just charge forward through the miasma with the
    chalice in your hands. If it is water elemental, you will break through, and
    eventually make it to the other side. (Diary entry #8) You will appear in the
    Iron Mill Downs. Go north-west, and west to the Mushroom Forest to enter your
    second dungeon.
    Mushroom Forest (MUFR1)
         "When I was a child, I once asked my mother, "Where did I come from?"
        she answered, "Why, we all sprouted from the Mushroom Forest, of course!"
       Nightmares soon haunted my sleep, I dreamt I was lost among the toadstools.
     I awoke in tears, but felt the warmth of my mother's embrace. It is something
                         I still remember to this day."
         The Mushroom forest, while a bit more challenging than the River Belle
    Path, is still very linear. All paths basically lead forward. However the
    enemies are significantly harder, and I suggest you try and get a better weapon
    than your base weapon before here. This is a nice place to find some iron
    before you reach the next town.
     Tiny Worm, Hell Plant, Gremlin, Ahriman, hedgehog pie
    Boss: Malboro
         When it seems like you can't go any further, look around for a circular
    redish colored platform level with the ground. If you step on this after a
    second or two it will spring up, bringing you to a higher level. However a bit
    after the first one, there is on along the bottom of the path. Don't go on this
    or, it brings you back to the beginning of the level.
          The Tiny Worms are pretty simple, just run around behind them and combo
    them, and run away and hit them a few more times again. I haven't worked out a
    more definite pattern yet, but you can usually run right up to them and combo
    them before they can hit you.
         Hell Plants are another easy, but annoying enemy. They are stationary,
    they just pivot in place, but their only attack has a long range, and can
    poison you. When I say long, I mean, can hit you before you can see them long.
    You are usually moving around though, so they usually won't hit you until you
    get close. Just zig-zag up to them, combo them, run away, and go back again.
         Gremlins are where things get annoying. They don't attack very often, but
    they are moving almost constantly. This makes it hard to attack them. I suggest
    just running up to them and trying to hit them. If you actually do, consider
    that assault successful. Don't worry too much about just running up to them,
    because they very rarely attack.
         AHRIMEN ARE ANNOYING! They are flying, meaning they float up and down, and
    can only be hit when floating down, and they only take one damage per hit,
    meaning they take 7 hits. They have 3 main attacks. One is a very inaccurate
    laser eye that has nowhere near the range that it looks like it has. However it
    afflicts you with slow if you get hit. It's other attack bad attack is thunder,
    which paralyzes. It also will hit you with it's head. It is hard to not be hit
    by these things, but if you really don't want to get hit, I would go with magic
    instead of the hit-and-run.
         Hedgehog pies are the exact same as on the River Belle Path.
         Malboros have been in final fantasy games since the beginning of time.
    They are usually quite annoying, and they just got worse and worse each game,
    peaking at the super-insane level in Final fantasy VIII. However, since then
    they have been getting easier and easier. This game is no exception. Just
    annihilate the Hell Plants first, and be sure to enter the battle with cure,
    clear and a pheonix down (if you have a third slot) on the action menu.
         Once the Hell Plants have been whacked, run up to it and just pound it.
    Don't even worry, about evading, unless you see a spell ring under you. All the
    Malboro will really do, is send essentially un-dodgeable tentacles at you from
    underground, and cast a spell the inflicts poison. You want to avoid the
    poison, because it is annoying to have to sit back and cure yourself while
    being hit with tentacles. Just run away and heal when you are down to AT THE
    MINIMUM two hearts, and resume the attack. This is really a simple boss, and is
    more in preparation than anything else.
         Congratulations, you have just proven how easy Malboros now are (Diary
    entry #9) and you are rewarded with another letter, pick an artifact, if you
    are lucky you might get an earth Pendant to raise your Health by a Heart! Now
    go North-east to the next town!
    Marr's Pass (MARS1)
         Welcome to the hometown of the once all powerful Lilty! According to the
    stories, they used the once abundant supply of Iron in the nearby Cathuriges
    mine to build many arms and rule the world. However when the mine ran out, they
    fell and the mines was infested by monsters. Now Marr's Pass is a humble
    cross-road town.
         If you head to the left, and down a board walk there is another moogle's
    nest, and a blacksmith that can make good weapons if you have the designs and
    resources. On the right side there is a similar smith, except he deals with
    armor. If you don't have the resources, there is also a conveniently priced
    shop, with just as convenient high prices. Other than that there isn't anything
    to do in this town. You can now head either west to the completely deserted
    Jegan River, or east to the infested Cathuriges mine. What a decision! (Diary
    entry #10)
    The Mines of Cathuriges (TMOC1)
          "When the grandfather, of my grandfather's grandfather, was still a
         child, no one in this land could challenge the might of the Lilties.
         They forged weapons of iron, to bring the world under their dominion,
           but eventually the mine was exhausted, and the Lilties unstoppable
          conquest ground to a halt. The Lilties ambition vanished along with
            the iron. They abandoned the mine, where monsters now thrive."
         This mine shaft is the first dungeon to have a true puzzle, be longer than
    one screen long, and has the hardest monsters yet, by far. If you haven't
    gotten any upgrades for your equipment yet, don't even think about coming here
    yet. You should also think about going into the Mushroom Forest a few more
    times if you haven't gotten another heart yet. However there seem to be less
    monsters per area here.
     Orc, Bomb, Ogre
    Boss: Orc King
         If you don't want to get lost at all, just follow the tracks. If and when
    you get to a block in the path, go back to the cart and hit the back of it
    going forward with an attack, and it will go forward a bit. Keep hitting it
    until it breaks the barrier, and keep hitting into the next room. You will also
    come to a few forks. Explore each path briefly, and you will find one is
    blocked. Press the switch (wooden square) next to the track heading in that
    direction, and push the cart forward. Be aware that in the area with narrow
    platforms, there is a moogle nest hidden. Just make sure to explore the path
    heading up last when you get to a fork so that you don't miss anything.
         Orcs are annoying, but if you have a strength around 30 they will be
    pushovers. All you have to do, is wait for them to swing their axes, and you
    will get an easy combo in. If you have about 30 strength, they should die in a
    single combo. However, note those shields, they aren't just for looks. If you
    attack the shield dead on, your attack will be blocked. This is annoying,
    however it happens very rarely.
         Bombs are very similar to hedgehog pies, except more dangerous. They will
    cast fire faster, attack physically more often, and are less predictable. On
    top of that, they explode when they die, and if you are in the explosion you
    will be afflicted with burn. Just use focus/magic attacks, and attacked hem
    from behind.
         Ogres are easily the hardest enemy yet. They have 38HP, half as much as
    the first boss (bombs have 9) and attack vert quickly. The best plan of attack
    would be to either use magic, or if you must use your weapon, attack once, and
    quickly switch to defense, and once you block the attack, switch back to
    attack, etc. This takes a while, but you shouldn't get hit. These guys almost
    always reward you with a temporary stat boost for killing them.
         This boos is huge, and annoying. He seems to have 3 attacks. First is a
    quick pound of his hammer, which is easy to spot, but can't be dodges unless
    you are already moving. Second is a spinning attack with his hammer, which you
    likely won't see coming, and can't be dodged if you are in close. Last is a
    fire spell, which like all spells can be seen a mile away, and dodged with
    ease. Orcs will also come at you periodically.
         Whatever you do, be absolutely sure to have at least 5 hearts, 30 attack,
    and a cure stone in this fight. You can use magic, but that will take forever
    with his 130 HP. I will go with my hit-and-run method once again. Just pond him
    as long as you can, don't worry too much about evading, unless you can see it
    coming, as his attacks are hard to dodge. Just heal yourself when you get down
    to about 2 hearts. When he gets low on hp he will get surrounded in an orange
    sphere of sorts, this is your chance to kill him. If you leave him too long,
    which is hard to do because, I mean VEEEEEEERY long, he will use sel-destruct,
    killing himself, and doing a couple hearts damage to you. Either way he dies,
    it's up to you how he does it.
         This is your third dungeon (Diary entry #11) and that means you have a
    full Crystal Chalice, and you can go back to Tipa, ending year one (Diary entry
    #12) congratulations!
    Year Two
    Tipa Peninsula (TIPN1)
         With the first year over, and the crystal restored, it's time to head out
    once more to get some more Myrrh water for the crystal. You are automatically
    back in the Tipa Peninsula. You start in Tipa, and while you are here you may
    as well talk to all the families, get some new equipment, etc. If you have some
    money, try and make a weapon with the Warrior's Weapon design. The resulting
    weapon is the strongest weapon at this point, and more importantly, the charge
    attack on it hits twice. Just buy a piece of Iron and apiece of Alloy, if you
    don't already have them, from the merchants in your town, and bring that and
    the warrior weapon design, which you should have, to the blacksmith. (this will
    be from now on called the steel sword)
         In any case, on your way out the elder Roland stops you and talks a bit.
    He says to make sure that you come back to Tipa, even if you can't get Myrrh.
    He tells you of a young man who set out to rid the world of Miasma, and was
    never seen again. Whatever, right? Anyways, just leave. As you get to the first
    crossroads a scene will ensue.
         You come across the caravan from Marr's Pass. Apparently they came across
    the Black knight and wanted to see if he was as strong as the rumors say. They
    say that he had no discipline, he just lunged at them wildly while yelling
    something, (Diary entry #13) a spell maybe? At any rate they suggest you avoid
    him. Now you should go to River Belle Path again. If you don't understand, I
    make a point of going to every dungeon in every year, just to make sure I'm not
    missing any artifacts from there, and just because I like killing stuff.
         The River Belle Path is almost exactly the same, the only difference is
    that the monsters have a bit more HP, and have a bit faster reaction, nothing
    to worry about though. Other than that, it is exactly the same. Once you
    finish, head back south to see another scene.
         Here a Selkie will greet you and ask for some Bannock loaf or a bag of
    flour so he can apply medicine to his hurt Papaupamus' (the thing that draws
    caravans)leg. The scene then switches to you riding away, the Selkie says,
    "that should be enough time for him", and a moogle compliments him on his
    acting. They then run off to the side of the road to rendezvous with, "gramps"
    to see how, "it" went. Th moogle asks gramps if he got any booty, and gramps
    seems confused. Then he remembers he was to grab your loot, and asks how long
    he was asleep. Lucky for you, the sneaky one was also the sleepy one! (Diary
    entry #14)
         Now you should go to Port Tipa, there is absolutely no difference here
    from last chapter, but I like going everywhere anyways, you get more scenes
    that way. To prove my point, on the way back out there is a scene at the
    crossroads you wouldn't have seen if you didn't go to port Tipa. A bunch of
    Clavats come up to you and ask if you are the caravan from Tipa, and comment on
    how nice and sunny the weather is, and wish more if this nice weather upon you.
    Then they realize that crops would not grow without rain, (apparently they are
    farmers) and wish rain upon you as well. Gee... Thanks... (Diary entry #15)
         Now go north-east, and there will be a new crossroads on the path leading
    to the Miasma stream. Good thing to! Because the stream here is now fire, and
    the only elements in River Belle path are wind and water! Anyways this is an
    interesting dungeon called the Goblin wall, guess what, there are fire hotspots
    Goblin Wall (GBWL1)
        "The threat of monsters weighs upon the mind of every traveler. Brave
         Lilties purged the road of danger long ago. But monsters still lurk about,
              biding their time, in the nooks and crannies of the world. Goblin
    Wall is           one such place, as they say, wherever there is light, there
    is shadow. I                                                wonder if we will
    ever be rid of their menace."
         The Goblin wall is an odd little dungeon. It can be as short as River
    Belle Path if you know the way through, or it can as long as Cathuriges mine if
    you don't, or are greedy. Because on the first screen specifically, there are a
    ton of treasure chests behind bone cages. So if you want a tone of mediocre
    items, go crazy. The monsters here are mostly goblins, but most of the non
    goblin monsters are annoying.
     Goblin, Goblin Mage, Goblin Chieftain, Bat, Electric Jellyfish, Flan
    Boss: Goblin King
         To open the skull Cages, all you have to do is go above it and strike the
    skull above the cage. The only skulls you can hit, are the ones with glowing
    eyes, if the eyes aren't glowing, you can't hit it. If you see white bones
    curving, going between 2 cages, they make a sort of tunnel you can walk
    through. On the second level up on the first screen, the far left cage has a
    moogle nest in it. If you don't understand what I mean about the white bone
    tunnels, in the cage with the moogle nest if you keep going back, and turn
    right you will pop out in the cage to the right.
         Well by this point you really should know how to kill goblins. Just wait
    for them to attack, dodge it and combo them from behind or the side. They have
    more hp now, but should go down in 3 hits, or a charge attack if you have a
    steel sword.
         Goblin Mage. Just like a hedgehog pie, just wait for the spell ring to
    appear beneath you, and make easy work of your target. Basically all
    magic-using enemies can be taken out in this way, and this is a perfect example
    of why I DON'T USE MAGIC!
         Goblin chieftain are still very annoying, but you should be used to taking
    them out by now, as with the goblins. They also have more HP, and should take
    just as long as the first time through River Belle Path, to kill them if you
    have a good weapon. If you have the steel sword I would recommend using focus
    attacks instead of combos, and just run away in between attacks.
         Bats are annoying, because like Ahrimen, they are flying, so every hit,
    will not hit, and every successful hit will only do 1 damage. They are
    obviously a nuisance, but they go down pretty easily, and get used to attacking
    a lot to kill a single enemy, you will be doing it more and more.
         Electric Jellyfish are the most annoying enemies EVER! Touch them in any
    way, and you will take damage, and be hit with paralysis. The only way to not
    be paralyzed, is to use magic, or use a focus attack if you are a Selkie,
    because Selkies's focus attacks are long range, and they do not touch the
    jellyfish themselves. What is even worse, is most of these things come with
    other enemies, and will cast fire on you while your trying to take out a goblin
    and two chieftain.
         Flans are easy, and should go down in just two hits. However they are
    unpredictable. They will either headbutt you, or spit acid at you, causing
    slow. Just run past it instead of at it, and hit it from behind/ the side.
    Thank god they aren't as resistant to physical attacks as in other Final
         This fight can be horribly terribly hard, or laughably easy, depending on
    how things go for you. At first you won't be able to reach him, and he won't be
    able to reach you. Just take out the two goblins, and two spear-goblins will
    come at you, (just my name for a goblin with a spear opposed to one with a
    sword) they are slightly harder than normal goblins, because they won't lose
    their balance when you hit them. Just pick up the keys and put them into the
    pedestal to go up the stairs.
         Now this boss will teleport to one of three locations, and generally not
    move, save for teleporting. If he teleports behind his cauldron, just run up to
    him and he will run away. When he is in a corner, you've to him! Just take him
    out like any other magic-caster. Wait for him to start chanting a spell, and
    attack. Use your steel swords charge attack to watch his mere 80HP dwindle like
    no tomorrow. The important thing is to time it so that he starts charging
    before you do, because if you don't, he will hit you with a spell before you
    can get the attack off. This will throw your timing off completely as well, so
    just don't let that happen.
         If you run up close to him, you can do just as much damage to him with a
    combo as you can with a charge attack, but he will swing his staff at you,
    knocking you down. Therefor it is best to charge attack him, and run away
    before he can recover. The good thing is, that if you are out of range of his
    staff, he will always use a spell, as apposed t run up to you to get in range
    of his staff.
         well congratulations on beating this pathetic boss! (Diary entry #16) you
    will get another letter, pick yourself a nice artifact for the road, and
    speaking of the road, change your chalices element to fire when you get to the
    world map. Head up to the Miasma stream, and go right through it. On to the
    Iron Mine Downs! Version 2!
    Iron Mine Downs (IRNM1)
         Yup, you guessed it, go bak through the Mushroom forest, get an artifact,
    go up to Marr's Pass, maybe make use of the blacksmiths, (the merchant is gone)
    go to the Jeagon river, which isn't empty anymore, but has a sailor who's boat
    is to new to sail (?) and go through the Cathuriges Mine again, now it's time
    to head through this Miasma Stream. Go back down to Mushroom Forest first, and
    here you must change the element of your chalice to water. Before you can get
    to the mushroom forest you will bear witness to a scene.
        The Caravan from Marr's pass will enquire to whether you have had any luck
    finding Myrrh, and say that they are heading back with a full chalice (because,
    y'know, they're just so much better than you) and they will give you a weapon
    they found that they don't need. For me it was a Marr Sword, but the Steel
    Sword is just so much better, so you shouldn't need it ever. Maybe you can give
    it to Mog? (Diary entry #17)
         At the same crossroads you will see another scene on your way back north
    to go through the Miasma stream. Here Sol Racht for some reason decides to tell
    you all about Flans, because they are just so powerful. (If you look, the other
    members of the caravan are dancing around a full chalice, why is everyone so
    much faster than you?) He suggests you watch out for flans, and reminds you
    that you are journeying for the sake of your village, not yourself. (Diary
    entry #18)
         Now go to the Miasma Stream and enter it. Here Stilztkin will be pondering
    over an intriguing topic. As he said at the first Miasma, moogles are not
    effected by the miasma, and monsters are obviously not effected by the miasma,
    so does that mean that moogles are monster? Regardless you must leave him to
    ponder away and go through the Miasma Stream. You will come out in the newest
    are, the Vale of Alfitaria.
    Alfitaria (ALFI1)
         Finally you arrive at the giant city of Alfitaria. There are a few things
    here. In front of the well near the entrance, there is a hidden item, to the
    far right and down a staircase there is a Moogle Nest, and among th town there
    are various shops and blacksmiths. Once you are done, simply leave town. (Diary
    entry #19)
         If you do not have the steel sword by this point, you really must get it
    now. In this town you can buy all the necessary materials, including the design
    scroll needed. I can't emphasize how good this sword is at this point in the
         Now you have a few choices as to what dungeon you can go to. I went to
    Tida first though. Regardless of which one you choose, in front of Alfitaria
    you will get a scene. Here Sol Racht will greet you, and inform you that a
    caravan without a Lilty, "walks a perilous path" (even though I have two
    Lilties in my caravan, smart guy) and he will give you round corn, hoping it
    will somehow help you. (Diary entry #20)
    Tida (TIDA1)
         "The sun once smiled on this village more than any other. But one day
         their crystal's blessing faltered. The villagers eagerly awaited their
         caravan's return but for them, the crystal would never shine again.
         It is said that not a single one of them tried to escape. All stood
         fast waiting for the caravan, hoping to the very last. After hearing
             that tale, I felt the weight of my burden like never before."
        As the narrative suggests, Tida is an abandoned town. Here you will fight
    almost entirely new enemies, but they are still pretty easy. The only annoying
    thing, is that the most common enemy will almost take 2 full combos to kill,
    even with the steel sword. No matter though. This dungeon can be just as short
    as River Belle Path if the right path is chose, but longer than any if the
    wrong is chosen.
     Carrion Worm, Gremlin, Skeleton, Skeleton Mage, Bomb
    Boss: Armstrong
         This place has a million and a half different places where you can stray
    from the path, however many of them end in dead ends. Make sure to keep fire on
    your command menu. There are some stone pedestal that are overgrown, and yo
    have to burn the vines off before the key can be placed. Also, on the second
    screen there are many "web gates" of sorts, where there is a weby thing growing
    from a plant to a stone thing. Use fire on that to burn it away, and quickly
    run through because the weby substance will grow back. Make sure mog gets
    through to!
         Carrion worms are significantly bigger than tiny worms, and significantly
    to. They will use thunder most often, which will annoy the heck out of you when
    you are trying burn a web gate. They will also rear up and emit a cloud that
    damages, and I believe poisons, if you get too close. These things may take 5
    or 6 hits to kill, but they are slow enough that you can generally just run up
    to them, draw a spell, and pound them 5 times before they can do something
    about it.
         Gremlins are the same annoying little things as before, except now they
    have more HP, and are purple. I also find that they attack more often. They
    usually com paired with a carrion worm, although not always.
         Skeletons are a mix between orcs and goblins. They follow the same general
    attack system of a goblin (and should be therefor dealt with the same way.) and
    has the shield of the orc. They often can be seen on the ground, and will
    assemble themselves when you get close. They usually go down in 2 or 3 hits, no
         Remember those goblin mages? Do the exact same things here. The only
    difference between these things, and the goblin mages are about 3 HP, and the
    fact that the skeleton mages assemble themselves off the ground like the
    skeletons. Oh, ya these things usually come with carrion worms, meaning you
    will be dodging 2 thunder spell rings. Whoopie...
         There are only 2 or three in the whole level, but one area consists of two
    of these, a skeleton, and a skeleton mage (meaning you are dodging two fires, a
    thunder, and trying to take out a skeleton) and the other come with two carrion
    worms. Dodging three spells isn't my definition of fun.
         This is your most durable, and likely the toughest boss yet. I guess you
    tend to be pretty durable when you're a house... I would come into the fight
    with two fires fused to make Fira on the command menu, and the ever present
    cure spell.
         Armstrong comes with 2 skeleton mages, which you should promptly dispose
    of, you don't wanna be dodging 2 spells and Armstrong's attacks at the same
    time. Armstrong will generally whack you with his arm, stunning you briefly,
    breath poison mist at you, leaving him wide open, shoot needles, also leaving
    him open, use a roundhouse attack, stunning you, and that is it, if I am not
         The reason I suggested having Fira, is so you can burn him. This will
    lower his defense, making him a bit of a faster kill. All you really have to do
    is make sure to be behind or beside him when he is breathing in before his
    poison attack, so you a) won't get with it and b) will have that much longer to
    take advantage of his opening. If he shoots needles at you, just run to the
    side, he will not move, or if you are up close, just run right up to him and it
    will still miss. Other than that, don't worry about dodging attacks at all, his
    other two attacks are near impossible to dodge anyways. If any more skeleton
    mage pop up, take them out immediately.
         Another letter, another artifact, you know the drill by now. As a side
    note, it would be worth your while to come back here a few time and get lots of
    points, you can get good artifacts here. At any rate you have 2 Myrrh drops
    now, (Diary entry # 21) and if you haven't figured it out yet, the next dungeon
    is on the other side of Alfitaria. So just head east all the way to Moschet
    Moschet Manor (MOSC1)
         "Jack Moschet was starving, so he ordered his Tonberry Chefs to make
        dinner right away. But when Maggie awoke from here nap, she was furious
         to find the table bare. "How dare you forget my dinner?" she bellowed
       at her husband. Jack knew the trouble he was in, so he demanded the chefs
            make great haste. But as usual they took their own good time."
         Moschet Manor is a very, very odd dungeon. It is very small, and only has
    very few enemies. There are 9 doors, each with a pad in front of it. This pad
    changes symbols very 10 seconds or so, and when the symbol of your character's
    race comes up, step on the pad. Or you could stand on it until your symbol
    comes up, either one works.
     Coeurl, Gargoyle, Tonberry Chef
    Boss: Gigas Lord, Maggie
         As I said, there are all those doors with the pads. Just go into each
    room, (there are 2 that are sort of hard to find, just go down from the
    courtyard, but not to the world map, there is one door on each side here) and
    search each room thoroughly for enemies. Tonberries tend to hide on you, but
    once you kill them all, Jack the Gigas lord will have a say in the slaughter of
    his personnel.
         There are 2 coeurls in the whole level, but they are annoying. They take a
    lot of hits to go down, and cast magic rather quickly. They mov around a lot,
    and fast, in between casting spells, making them difficult to hit. The problem
    is that the coeurls appear in the same place. You should use the same
    spell-caster strategy, but you just have to react faster.
         Gargoyles are another flying enemy. They are very similar to Ahrimen, but
    they float up high more often, and attack fast. They use quick elemental blasts
    to attack from afar, and dive-bombs you from up close. Luckily they only have 5
    hp, but that still means 5 attacks.
         Tonberrys have always been a slow, daunting enemy. It would come up to you
    slowly, and then jab you for loads of damage with their chef's knife attack
    (which finally makes sense). They still come up slowly, they still jab you with
    their knife, it just doesn't hurt anymore. Just use a charge attack, and it
    should kill them. It is pretty easy to get a charge attack off before they get
    to you.
    BOSS FIGHT: GIGAS LORD (Jack, 120HP), Maggie (50HP)
         Soon after Jack appears, Maggie will come out of her room to join the
    fray. Quickly kill her, she just adds tot he difficulty, and here HP is so
    small she doesn't even have a bar. She may come back after a while, but I am
    not sure. I believe all she does is use magic.
         Jack is a crazy fight, he punches at you with humongous strokes with a
    very wide range. If you are up close using combos, it is difficult to evade. If
    you run away, he will chase you quickly. So the point is to evade damage if
    possible. The problem is that he chases you to quickly to use charge attacks,
    and he attacks too quickly when you are up close. The key is to find a balance.
    Because he follows you so closely, cure when you are at about 2 ½ - 3 hearts,
    you don't want to take any chances.
         Regardless, this is a pretty short fight, because neither Jack nor Maggie
    last an amazing amount of time. The key is to managing yourself, and figuring
    out the right moment to use your cure spell.
         Another letter, another artifact you know that though. (Diary entry#22)
    Well another year, another full chalice. (Diary entry #23) during the next
    year, this is another area you may want to visit for Artifacts, if you are
    willing to face Jack again!
    YEAR Three
         So you have sucessfully finished two years of travel. So far it has been
    pretty structured, and straight forward. However that ends here my friends.
    From now on there is no set path that you must travel. However for now I must
    follow the FAQ structure that I have made for myself. I will from here just
    walk you through the way I did things, and once I have all my info, I will
    re-organize my faq.
         At any rate, you are once again teleported to Tipa to start your adventure
    once more. As before, make use of the facilities that the families here
    provide. Remember about the item in the top left corner by the tree stump. On
    your way out of Tipa the elder Roland will stop you againand tell you that the
    youth he spoke of last year was a scholar searching for an element that had
    power over all others, which would render Miasma streams useless. As some of
    you may be able to tell at this point, he will update you on the scholar from
    now on.
    Tipa Peninsula (TIPN2)
         As you come to the first crossroads, you will see the striped bandits
    again. They will be discussing their next job, and will compliment the boss on
    the plan. As you come up to them, you will be accused of eavesdropping, and
    Gramps will say you are quite stealthy. Then it will switch to the bandits
    saying they don't do dirty jobs, and that they only do it for treasure (usually
    food). This will be a little confusing, but if you read the diary entry it will
    be cleared right up. (Diary entry #24)
         Now you can go to the River Belle path, and collect another drop of Myrrh
    here if you wish. The monsters here are slightly different now, are stronger,
    and there are more of them. This signifies that the River Belle Path is now in
    it's second cycle. This just means the myrrh tree here has regenerated once. It
    also means you can get better artifact now! This may be a good time to go back
    through a few times if you find the level particularly difficult. However the
    Giant Crab has 240 HP now, so don't go back through more than once if your lazy.
         Return to the crossroads infront of Tipa and River Belle Path and another
    scene will start. Here a man named Gurdy will be telling tales to the Marr's
    Pass caravan, and they are fed up with it. When he tells them of a treasure in
    a desert they snap, and start to ride away, leaving him behind. You will be
    prompted to help him, and you should help. Then the Lilties leave, suggesting
    you don't listen to a word he says. He will say a verse (lightning brings the
    cactus pain, now it all begins again). You will meet Gurdy a few more times
    through your travels, and you should be helpful to him, as he will give you
    more versus, which are obviously useful for something. (Diary entry #26)
         At this point I headed up to the Goblin Wall again, just to check it out
    once more, you can't get Murrh again yet. After you finish there, at the
    crossroads on the way out there will be a scene with the Clavats from Fum. They
    will be discussing the, "secrets" to growing crops, (no! You really need *GASP*
    WATER! To grow CROPS! I never would have guessed!) theses Fum people seem quite
    odd... (Diary entry #27)
         Back at the crossroads infront of Port Tipa, the Striped Bandits will make
    another appearance. The moogle will be saying that last night when he looked up
    at the sky, he realized he wanted to be a star (?). The others think he is
    being stupid, and when they see you coming, they get in positions. You would
    think that after how many scenes they would know who you are or something by
    now... Anyways they block your path, and demand you give them your valuables.
    You are given the choice of giving in, or charaging through. I think the choice
    is obvious. You ram into the moogle, who goes flying (and becomes a star!) and
    the you make an easy get-away! (Diary entry #28) Unfortunately, Port Tipa is
    still empty... Now it is time to head through the Miasma Stream again.
    Iron Mine Downs (IRNM2)
         As the River Belle Path, the Mushroom Forest is upgraded, and id now on
    cycle 2. However I must make a note. Near the end of the level there will be an
    Ochu and two Hell plants, oneof them will drop a master's weapon design, for a
    very good weapon. At anyway, go on through, kill Malboro again, (now that you
    have a good charge attack, I would suggest running from side to side of Malboro
    and using the charge attack, and running away again) and pick up your rewards.
    You now have 2 drops of Myrrh! (Diary entry #29)
         Now at Marr's Pass, the merchant is back, and the Jeagon River isn't
    desolate! There is now a sailor there by the name of Tristan. What he will do,
    is take you to the western bank of the Jeagon River for 50 gil. You should do
    this over the River Belle Path and Mushroom Forest, but if you have already
    done them than don't bother. (I was too poor at the time to cross, because I
    was dim enough to blow 5000 on a piece of mythril just to get the master's
    weapon) other than that, just get the right element chalice and go through the
    Miasma stream. You really don't spend to long here, do you.
    Vale of Alfitaria (VALF1)
         Here you can spend some money in Alfitaria, maybe blowing 3 years sallary
    on a chunk of mythril to make a ruin blade like I did. (I make it sound like a
    bad decision, but the Rune Blade has an excellent long-ranged charge attack,
    like the Selkie's charge attack, and it is a strong weapon for the time. Also
    not that you will be in desperate need of power from here on out.) Now would
    also be a good time to re-visit Tida and Moschet Manor to pick up some good
    relics. Whatever you end up doing, you won't really have to much to do here, so
    just continue throuh the Miasma Stream to the next area. After checking what
    element the stream is, and getting back a scene should start.
         You should see the caravan from Shella walk up and greet you. They may ask
    if you have Alloy, it may be something els for you, but they asked me for
    alloy. If you do, trade it graciously for a Chimera's Horn (a much more
    expensive and rare material) and the Yukes will gather around it murmurring
    something about a meteor. Huh? (Diary entry #30) Now you can finally get to
    somewhere new! On to Yukeville!
    Shella (SHEL1)
         You can tell from the entrance that it is a beautiful town, and given the
    Yukes' nature, probably full of professors and magicians. Well let your
    imagination fly, because for the moment you can't get in. You need to get a
    mark of Shella from the Veo Lu Sluice, and show it to the Yuke infront of the
    river. He will make a rainbow bridge across the river, and bang, your in! Well
    then, I guess you should go to Veo Lu Sluice then.
         Now on the way to the Veo Lu Sluice there will be another scene with the
    caravan from Shella, not unlike the one you just saw. Here they should request
    a trade of a gear. for a Zu's Beak. This isn't as obviously a good trade, I
    have only ever found one gear, so you shouldn't be so impulsive to asume it is
    as a good trade here (Diary entry #31). The thing is, in a few years, you will
    realize that you really don't want to figh Zus. Now you can finally ACTUALLY
    enter somewhere new. Lucky you!
    Veo Lu Sluice (VEOS1)
       "Long ago, peace returned to this tumultuous land, and Lilties kept the
         safe. At long last, travellers walked the roads without fear of monsters.
     Yukes constructed a great sluice to channel water down from Lake Shell,
     Jeagon creek into a great river. Over time, the river turned the vast plains
    of Fum
      into farmland, thereby providing food to people the world over. To us, this
                                is more important than anything."
         The sluice is a very large, single screen level. It is actually pretty
    easy to get through, but when you try and find everything on the level, that is
    when it starts yo get very confusing. You actually can't even get all the
    chests here until about year 6 or 7. Also, if you really want to get into
    Shella you can pick a mark of Shella here and leave the dungon, however, like
    most towns there isn't anything breathtaking to see.
     Lizard Man, Lizard Mage, Gigan Toad, Water Flan, Ice Bomb, Griffon
    Boss: Golem
         The only hard part about this level, is there are numerous stone
    pedistals, and th keys are hard to get. What you have to do, is when you see a
    hole in the ground, look for a wood platform nearby. Take the chalice, and
    place it on the platform. Now the key will shoot out of the whole on a jet of
    water. now you have to pick it up, and it will be off the jet. Now since you
    are out of the chalice's range most of the time you do this, run back to the
    chalice and make mog get it. Now yu can get the key and keep going.
         To rid yourself of the Lizard men, treat them the same as goblins. However
    they will not throw stones. Regardless, just run past them to draw an attack,
    and combo him. The difference is, that Lizard Men, as opposed to Goblins, will
    likely not go down in a single attack.
         Lizard Mages are, once again, a silly exaple of the pathetic nature of
    spells. As always, keep your distance, and a spell circle will appear at your
    feet, run up and combo the thing. They will likely go down in 3 hits or less.
    Silly mages, they think they can do stuff.
         Gigan toads are an amalgamation of magic and physical attacks. Deal with
    them as you would a mage, however one combo will most likely not do it. Retreat
    a bit after that, because they will hit you with a tongues attack. However not
    lethal, being hit by a wipy enemy is annoying.
         Water Flans are just as pointless as normal flans. The biggest differance
    is that water Flans will cast Blizzard. Aside from that, dispose of them in the
    same pathetic fashion as a normal Flan. ie, run up and combo it.
         Ice Bombs are simply bomb version 2. They will use ice instead of fire,
    still die in a pathetic amopunt of hits, and the explosion still hurts you. The
    only differance is that the explosion does freeze instead of burn.
         Griffons would have been fought in River Belle path, but since I didn't
    give a strategy there, here is one here. They will fly up and shoot a ball of
    air at you from a distance, which is what you want them to do. When they go up,
    just move to the side and charge up your charge attack. Make sure when they
    land you aren't next to them because they will either hit you with their wing,
    or their tail. One hit matters little, but they have alot of HP, so they add up.
         The Golom, while intimidating is a surprisingly wimpy foe. All you have to
    do, is dispatch of his accomplices, as you should already know to do at this
    point, and then run around the Golom. The Golom will scrunch down and shoot his
    arms forward, do two punches that hit infront, and slightly to each side, do a
    circle attack with his arms, scrunch up and do a fire-laser attack around
    himself, or a simple laser attack forward. This, while a wide range of attacks,
    is fairly harmless.
         When I say run around him, it is because the most common attacks he use
    only hit directly infront of him. So by running in circles around him, you can
    wait for one of these attacks, and do a combo that will result in a
    surprisingly high amount of damage. His attack where he spins in circles with
    his arms is dangerous, because it is all around him, and hits twice.  His round
    laser attack is annoying to, beacuse it is fast, and hard to dodge, and it also
    inflicts burn. Luckily he will rarely hit you, so burn is of little concern.
    Regardless, he is very easy.
         I think by this point you should know that you will get a letter and an
    artifact, as well as a drop of Myrrh (Diary entry #32). This, being the third
    Myrrh drop alsosignifies the end of year three, go you! (Diary entry #33)
    (Year four coming in the future)!
    Diaries (DIARY)
    Diary Page 1
     "The morning of my departure was here at last. I tried to brace myself for the
    journey ahead. There was a field along the main road where I decided to camp
    until sunrise. Tomorrow I set out in search of Myrrh."
    Diary Page 2
     "Not far from the village, someone called to me. The man introduced himself as
    Sol Racht, leader of the caravan from Alfitaria. It seems that news of my
    caravan had already reached them. They showed me such kindness, and a moogle
    named Stilztkin gave me a lesson in combat.?
    Diary Page 3
     "I wound my way through the vivid green hill sand followed the path to reach
    the River Belle. All my tension seemed to flow away with the River Belle's
    serene currents. As I pressed forward I slew many goblins. Who could have know
    that I would fight the giant crab surrounded by such beauty!"
    Diary Page 4
     "I came across the Caravan from Alfitaria today. The town was already abuzz
    with talk of the Black Knight, but Sol had more tales to tell. Sol spoke with
    such enthusiasm that he actually seemed to admire him. It is amazing how
    quickly word of this Black Knight has spread in spite of the way Miasma
    isolates every town."
    Diary Page 5
     "I visited a Moogle Nest for the first time. The Moogle there cheerfully
    welcomed me into his home. When it was time to go, I thought he looked a bit
    sad. I patted the bonbon on his head, and bade him farewell. I wonder if all
    moogles live so comfortably?"
    Diary Page 6
     "I ran across the caravan from Leuda. Those two Selkies are some characters.
    They seem to be enjoying the journey more than observing their duty. It was a
    refreshing outlook, but it worried me. I began to understand how Sol of
    Alfitaria must have felt about me."
    Diary Page 7
     "After eating, I was preparing to set off, when suddenly some Lilties ran by
    in hot pursuit of monsters. They were probably from Marr's Pass. That place has
    long been home to blacksmiths, so they were probably out gathering materials."
    Diary Page 8
     "The Miasma stream. Many caravans have passed through, and now I will follow
    in their tracks. Someday, others will follow me. I feel like I have become a
    small part of history."
    Diary Page 9
     "As I approach the Mushroom Forest, I somehow feel like I'm shrinking. Each
    toadstool I pass seems taller then the last. Now I know I am in the forest. I'm
    walking along a rooftop of mushrooms. Although a Malboro blocked my path, I
    prevailed and collected a drop of Myrrh."
    Diary Page 10
     "Marr's Pass. This land was once the home of the Lilties. With the Iron
    weapons the wrought here, they once ruled the entire world. Now this place is
    but a small town at the crossroads. Time washes away everything, joy, agony.
    Diary Page 11
     "The Mine of Cathuriges is a relic of the age of Litian reign. Orcs rule it
    now. As I ventured deep into the mine, I kept jumping at my own shadow, cast on
    the wall by the flickering lamps overhead. I found the Orc King waiting for me
    in the deepest cavern within. After my victory, I collected a drop of Myrrh."
    Diary Page 12
     "With my first journey behind me, my caravan has finally come home. Before
    setting out, I had heard only stories of the world outside. Once out there, I
    found excitement, surprise, and a bit of hardship. Whenever I close my eyes, I
    vividly remember all my adventures, as I searched for Myrrh. Tonight is the
    festival. It's time to celebrate!
    Diary Page 13
     "I came upon the caravan from Marr's Pass. It was overturned. Few monsters
    prowl the road, and I've rarely seen such things in all my travels. The sight
    was so Biazzare that I merely stared in amazement before it occured to me to
    lend a hand. They said they were attacked by the infamous Black Knight. Why
    would he do such a thing?"
    Diary Page 14
     "I was amazed to meet a traveller who did not belong to any caravan. He was
    stranded since his papaumamus was injured, I lent him some ointment from back
    home. In return he showed me his compact crystal, something I had only heard
    of. Imagine a portable crystal! But carrying something like that around is just
    asking for a visit from a band of... no, could he have been?"
    Diary Page 15
     "Today I decided to take a side road for a change of Pace. To my surprise I
    heard someone call out to my caravan. It was a group of kindly looking Clavats.
    A look at their clothes told me that they probably hailed from the Fields of
    Diary Page 16
     "Goblin wall lies east of Tipa, nestled among the mountains of Kutliema. As
    expected, the place was infested with Goblins. They engage in dark and sinister
    ceremonies, so the people of my village fear them. I planned a darring raid
    into the Goblins' lair to collect the Myrrh there. It worked, the village
    should be safe for now."
    Diary Page 17
    I ran across the caravan from Marr's Pass. They were heading home with their
    chalice full of Myrrh. They were quite generous with weapons they'd found, as
    some were of no use to them. I suppose that great blacksmiths like them prefer
    their own weapons over those wrought by others anyway."
    Diary Page 18
     "Today I learned of Flan. Their gelatanous bodies have no arms or legs. They
    attack by coiling up their body and springing forward in a ferocious headbutt.
    They also spit a sticky, acid substance from their gaping mouths. Though this
    acid lacks the power to melt weapons or armour, it can restrict the victim's
    Diary Page 19
     "My first visit to Alfitaria. Huge buildings, crowded together. Lots of
    strange people hurrying about. To me, they all look the same. They all wear the
    same hunted expression, as though something is chasing them down."
    Diary Page 20
     "Today I saw the caravan from Alfitaria again. My caravan has no Lilties. This
    fact seemed to worry their leader, Sol. They gave me supplies for my journey,
    which I appreciated, but I wish he would get off his high horse."
    Diary Page 21
     "They say that the Myrrh tree sprouted in Tida after the village fell to ruin.
    The tree grew from the hopes of people waiting for the caravan to come home.
    But at the same time, their hopes also gave rise to Armstrong. Now I understand
    why caravans try and aoid this place."
    Diary Page 22
     "Today I paid a visit to Moshet Manor. I felt small in the Mushroom Forest,
    but here I'm like an ant! I met the Gigas Master and his Lamia wife, together
    with their Tonberry Chefs. I almost felt sorry for the chaos I brought into
    their home. Perhaps I should have knocked."
    Diary Page 23
     "So ends the second year of my caravan. Miasama hindered my steps, and
    monsters struck at me from behind. Still, I'll always look back fondly on the
    warm smiles that greeted me in villages I visited, and it was always a joy to
    meet other caravans pn the long, lonely road. I hope I see them again next
    Diary Page 24
     "I spotted the Striped Brigands by the main road. I recently heard they'd
    killed a man, so I asked the truth. They claimed that they never take lives. As
    I talked with them, I realized they are good people at heart. I think I can
    trust them."
    Diary Page 25
     "Today I defeated the Giant Crab at River Belle Path adn quickly collected a
    drop of Myrrh. It was an easy fight, so I spent a peaceful interlude over a
    light meal. I was a little surprised. I never considered myself a fighter."
    Diary Page 26
     "I wonder why anyone would actually want to wander into Miasma. Today I met a
    stranger named Gurdy who was nearly killed by the caravan from Marr's Pass.
    Lightning brings the cactus pain, now it all begins again. I'm not sure what
    the verse means, but I think he recited it to me in thanks."
    Diary Page 27
     "I camped with the caravan from Fum and walked with them for a while this
    morning. Their gentle manor reminds me of my family. When I spoke of my
    parent's profession, they gave me some advice on farming. Perhaps I'll send a
    seed back home."
    Diary Page 28
     "The Striped Brigands appeared and surrounded the caravan. They demanded I
    leave behind all my valuables. Undaunted, I decided to charge through their
    blockade. Sorry I ran you over, little moogle. I had a feeling you'd survive."
    Diary Page 29
     "Today I defeated a Malboro at the Mushroom Forest and quickly collected a
    drop of Myrrh. It was an easy fight, so I spent a peaceful interlude over a
    light meal. I was a little surprised, I never considered myself a fighter."
    Diary Page 30
     "As I road along the stone path, someone called to me. It was the caravan from
    Shella. I drew nearer wondering what they wanted. They wanted to make a trade
    and seemed to know exactly what I carried. Intrigued by their offer, I agreed."
    Diary Page 31
     "Shella, citadel of the Yukes. There is a slight chill in the air, and I find
    it hard to believe that Tipa and Shella are part of the same world. They say
    that Yukes dress in strange ways to maximize their magical abilities. Someone
    once said that they have no bodies, only souls. Yukes are a mysterious people
    *Just realized I was missing a few diaries here*
    (Year 4 diaries coming soon!)
    Bestiary (BESTY)
         This bestiary will undergo a lot of change in the future, as monsters have
    different stats in different areas, and during different years. For now I will
    list the stats of their original areas.
    HP: 6
    fire, Lightning,
     River Belle Path
    Hedgehog Pie
    HP: 6
    Cold, Lightning,
     River Belle Path
    Goblin Chieftain
    HP: 12
     River Belle Path
    HP: 5
    fire, cold, slow
    Giant Crab
    HP: 80
     River Belle Path
    Tiny Worm
    HP: 8
     Mushroom Forest
    Hell Plant
    HP: 8
    slow, paralysis
     Mushroom Forest
    HP: 8
    cold, slow,
    Area: Mushroom Forest
    HP: 7
     Mushroom Forest
     Mushroom Forest
    HP: 12
    slow, paralysis
     Cathuriges Mine
    HP: 9
    cold, lightning
     Cathuriges Mine
    HP: 38
     Cathuriges Mine
    Orc King
    HP: 128
     Cathuriges Mine
    HP: 10
     Goblin Wall
    Goblin Mage
    HP: 12
    fire, lightning,
     Goblin Wall
    HP: 5
     Goblin Wall
    Electic Jellyfish
    HP: 12
    cold, slow
     Goblin Wall
    Goblin King
    HP: 80
     Goblin Wall
    Carrion Worm
    HP: 24
    HP: 15
    fire, slow,
    Skeleton Mage
    HP: 15
    fire, slow,
    HP: 160
    HP: 20
     Moschet Manor
    Tonberry Chef
    HP: 15
     Moshcet Manor
    HP: 5
     Moshet Manor
    Gigas Lord
    HP: 120
     Moschet Manor
    HP: 50
     Moschet Manor
    Lizard Man
    HP: 15
     cold, slow,
     Veo Lu Sluice
    Lizard Mage
    HP: 15
     cold, slow
     Veo Lu Sluice
    Gigan Toad
    HP: 24
     Veo Lu Sluice
    Water Flan
    HP: 14
     Veo Lu SLuice
    Ice Bomb
    HP: 15
     fire, lightning
     Veo Lu Sluice
    (more soon!)
    Items (ITEMS)
    Basic Items:
     These are the basic items that restore health, and can usually be bought at a
    store anywhere. "meat, fish, gourd potato, round corn, striped apple, cherry
    cluster, star carrot and rainbow grapes have varying effects based on your
    characters food preferences)
     Meat is a common enemy drop, and can be bought easily. Besides fish, it is the
    only item that raises strength (my favorite stat) and is much more common than
    fish. This makes meat my favorite item.
     Virtually the same thing as meat, however I find fish to be found far less
    often than meat. Therefore my character doesn't have a taste for meat, making
    it far less useful.
    Gourd Potato:
     Gourd potatoes are one of the most common food in the game. If you were to o
    through any level once, you would likely find at least one of these. They raise
    defense, which is useful if you are taking damage too fast.
    Round Corn:
     Round corn, is once again, generally the same thing as a gourd potato, but I
    find them to be even more common than a gourd potato. I would say choose one or
    the other to use, and sell the one you don't, because you find so many you
    would make a small fortune.
    Striped Apple:
     Striped apples are common in some areas, but in the rest of te world, you will
    not find one. This is just fine with me, because I really don't like magic too
    much. I just sell all but maybe 2, incase I run into an enemy where physical
    attacks just won't work.
    Cherry Cluster:
     Cherry clusters do the same thing as striped apples, but I find them to be
    spread out around the world a little bit more evenly. I always sell all of them
    though because I always have about 2 striped apples. I always have 2 striped
    apples, because I never use them!
    Star Carrot:
     Another defense increasing item, however I find these to be strangely rare.
    There are a few places where you can always get them, but other than that you
    likely won't find one. I always sell them anyways.
    Rainbow Grapes:
     Rainbow grapes are the last magic increasing item, and are probably the most
    common. However I sell them just the same, because as I said, I don't use
    magic, simple as that.
    Spring Water:
     You'll be hard pressed to find spring water anywhere other than every shop in
    the game (just about). I never ever bother with this stuff though, mostly
    because all it does is restore some HP, and to my knowledge it can only ever
    restore 1 heart.
     Milk can be found, bought in some places, and if your family is are ranchers
    (I think) they will send you milk. However milk is just as useless as spring
    water, so I sell it.
     Seeds are generally all the same thing. You send them home to your parents so
    they can do their assigned task better. Or as the game puts it, they like you
    better and will work harder for you.
     Magicite can only be used in dungeons, and when you leave, it disappears.
    Magicite allow you to cast spells by placing it on the command menu, and you
    can fuse them together if they are out bedside each other in the right order.
    Now as you may know by now, I am opposed to magic, so I don't use too much of
    this stuff.
    Fire Stone:
     The fire stone is the only real attack magicite I use. Since there are few
    occasions where I actually use magic, and most enemies aren't resistant to
    fire, this is what I use. Fire can burn enemies, dropping their defense and
    making them easy prey.
    Blizzard Stone:
     I don't know why, but blizzard stones seem to come in clumps (as in if there
    is one, another one is often nearby) and are a bit more common than fire.
    However there seem to be less enemies weak to it, and more resistant to it.
    Blizzard can temporarily freeze an enemy, giving you time to kill other enemies
    if there are multiple attacking you, or making them unable to do anything while
    you pound them.
    Thunder Stone:
     These are probably the rarest of the three attack stones, and the least
    effective find more enemies are resistant to thunder than any other element,
    and I have never found more than one stone in a level (that I can remember).
    Thunder can paralyze an enemy for a short time if you hit them, allowing you to
    take them out.
    Cure Stone:
     Now we're getting somewhere! Cure is very useful, as it is free to cast, and
    you can do it unlimited times. I always have cure on. This is a real lifesaver
    if you don't feel like digging into your food stash, and are common enough for
    you to have one early into a dungeon.
    Clear Stone:
     Clear is almost as useful as cure, just because it takes away statuses, which
    are annoying. Statuses are sorta rare in this game though, as are clear stones,
    but they are useful none the less.
    Life Stone:
     As far as I know, life does not do the same thing as a pheonix down in single
    player mode, making it completely and utterly useless (besides for fusing) and
    I never, ever have it on my command menu because of this.
         Equipment is very valuable in this game. Having decent equipment can more
    than double you strngth and defence, which is a very good thing. I really
    haven't used anything other than a Clavat, so I have mostly stuff on them. The
    rest will come in due time.
    Clavat Weapons
    Weapon                 |stat boost  |scroll              |cost
    Copper Sword           |Strength+15 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Iron Sword             |Strength+20 |Novice's Weapon     |100
    Marr Sword             |Strength+22 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Steel Sword            |Strength+25 |Warrior's Weapon    |300
    Rune Blade             |Strength+30 |Master's Weapon     |???
    Defender               |Strength+31 |Victorious Weapon   |500
    Feather Saber          |Strength+31 |Valiant Weapn       |500
    Bastard Sword          |Strength+31 |Migthy Weapon       |500
    Lilty Weapons
    Weapon                 |stat boost  |scroll              |cost
    Iron Lance             |Strength+15 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Partisan               |Strength+20 |Novice's Weapon     |100
    Marr Spear             |Strength+22 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Yuke Weapons
    Weapon                 |stat boost  |scroll              |cost
    Orc Hammer             |Strength+15 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Wave Hammer            |Strength+20 |Novice's Weapon     |100
    Selkie Weapons
    Weapon                 |stat boost  |scroll              |cost
    Aura Racket            |Strength+15 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Solid Racket           |Strength+20 |Novice's Weapon     |100
    Marr Racket            |Strength+22 |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->->->->->->->
    Dual Shooter           |Strength+25 |Warrior's Weapon    |???
    armor              |stat boost  |scroll           |cost    |Resist
    Travel Clothes     |Defense+10  |->->->->->->->-> |->->->->|none
    Bronze Plate       |Defence+13  |Bronze Armor     |100     |none
    Iron Plate         |Defence+17  |Iron Armor       |200     |none
    Mythril Plate      |Defence+22  |Mythril Armor    |500     |none
    Flame Mail         |Defence+24  |Flame Armor      |500     |Burn
    Defensive Equip*
    equip                  |stat boost  |scroll              |cost    |race
    Makeshift Shield       |Defense+7   |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->|Clavat
    Iron Shield            |Defense+10  |Iron Shield         |150     |Clavat
    Mythril Shield         |Defense+15  |Mythril Shield      |400     |Clavat
    Gauntlets              |Defense+5   |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->|Lilty
    Bronze Gauntlets       |Defence+8   |Bronze Gloves       |80      |Lilty
    Helm                   |Defense+5   |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->|Yuke
    Belt                   |Defense+5   |->->->->->->->->->->|->->->->|Selkie
    Bronze Belt            |Defence+8   |Bronze Belt         |80      |Selkie
    Iron Belt              |Defense+12  |Iron Belt           |150     |Selkie
    *By "Defensive equip" I mean the secondary armour, such as shield, belt etc.
    (more equipment coming soon!)
    Artifacts (ARTIS)
         The artifact system in this game has a lot of randomness in it, and it is
    hard to pinpoint a specific location for a relic. For now I will list the
    relics I have gotten, and where I have seen them. This section will undergoe
    majour updating as I collect more data. A number in brackets signifies a cycle.
     cycle is when the myrrh tree restores itself. So River Belle Path is in cycle
    1 until year 3, when you can get a Myrrh drop from there again. Then in year 5,
    it is in cycle 3. After cycle 3 it just repetas itself.
    Artifact              |Stat Boost    |Area(s)
    Shuriken              |Strength+1    |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest,
    ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->Cathuriges Mine
    Man Eater             |Strength+1    |River Belle Path
    Double Axe            |Strength+1    |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest
    Green Beret           |Strength+1    |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest
    Flame Tongue          |Strength+2    |Mushroom Forest
    Loaded Dice           |Strength+2    |Cathuriges Mine
    Ice Brand             |Strength+2    |Goblin Wall, River Belle Path(2)
    Twist Headband        |Strength+2    |Tida
    Buckler               |Defense+1     |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest
    ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->Cathuriges Mine
    Silver Spectacles     |Defense+1     |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest
    Sparkling Bracer      |Defense+1     |Mushroom Forest, Cathuriges Mine
    Arai Helm             |Defense+2     |Moschet Manor
    Black Hood            |Defense+2     |Mushroom Forest(2)
    Mage Masher           |Magic+1       |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest,
    ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->Cathuriges Mines
    Cat's Bell            |Magic+1       |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest
    Dragon's Whisker      |Magic+1       |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest,
    ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->Cathuriges Mine
    Silver Bracer         |Magic+1       |River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest
    Kris                  |Magic+3       |River Belle Path(2)
    Sage's Staff          |Magic+3       |Mushroom Forest(2)
    Moogle Pocket         |Command Slot+1|River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest,
    Chocobo Pocket        |Command Slot+1|Tida
    ->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->->Cathuriges Mine
    Earth Pendant         |Hearts+1      |Mushroom Forest, Cathuriges Mine
    Ring of Blizzard      |Learn Blizzard|Veo Lu Sluice
    (more coming sometime soon!)
    Helpful Tips (HELPT)
         These are just a few things that I found useful myself, most of them are
    fairly obvious, or become so early on, but some of them you may find ver useful.
    -     No matter how cliche it has beome over the years, save. Save often. You
    never know when you may die by some odd turn of events (namely a group of 40 or
    so enemies). Yes, it is unlikely you will ever die, but it can happen. You
    really don't want to have to redo 3 chapters because you neglected to save. I
    try and save after everydungeon, but I often forget.
    -     Always, always, always keep a pheonix down and/or cure magic on your
    command menu. A pheonix down just helps you prevent the above scenario. So
    instead of dieing, you will get automatically revived. You should also keep a
    bunch of spares handy. Cure is, as I have said amny times throughout the guide,
    is the best, or on of the best, ways to restore helath. It almost always
    completely restores you, and for free. Just be careful if you haven't found a
    cure magicite in the dungeon yet.
    -     If physical attacks are taking too long to dish out some death, then try
    something else. If the enemy is flying, 95% of the time using gravity
    (fire/blizzard/thunder+fire/thunder/blizzard) on them will take themout of the
    picture. They will be grounded, unable to mive, and will no longer take 1
    damage a hit. Similarly, if the enemy is ghostly, or transparent, use Holy
    (fire/thunder/blizzard+Life). This will do huge amounts of damage, as well as
    make them solid, allowing you to do normal damage.
    -     For taking on enemies, you should consider one of a few strategies. The
    simplist is to just run up to the enemy and hack them to death. A better one,
    is run past them to draw an attack and dodge it at the same time, combo attack
    them, run away, and repeat. Or instead you could use a charge attack, run away
    to avoid attacks, wait for the enemy to attack and charge attack again. Magic
    can also be replaced for charge attacks, but that will be adressed in the next
    -     If you plan to use magic, use a Yuke. Any other race should only use
    magic if it is intended to make the enemy more suceptable to physical attacks,
    or to cure. If you plan to use magic to actually do damage, Yukes have a fast
    enough casting speed to actually do that, regardless, I still prefer physical
    attacks. Similarly, if you plan to use charge attacks alot, go for a Selkie,
    they wield a lightning fast charge attack, as well as having long ranged focus
    attacks, mening you don't have to run away after every charge attack. However,
    any race (except Yuke) can do charge attacks well enough for frequent use.
    -     When you get letters, or are propted to make a decision, be nice and
    caring. It may apeal to you to be a jerk, but picking the best option will
    often pay off, if not immediatly, in the long run. Especially letters, try and
    pick an option that will appeal to the person, and pick an item to send
    appropriate to the letter (if they are going to sell the cow because they need
    the money, send either money or meat).
    -     Remember you can only get one of each kind of artifact. So if you have
    gotten 10 artifacts from River Belle Path by the end of year one, you likely
    won't be able to get any more for a while, and will likely be wasting your time
    going back. Contrary to this, it is a good idea to go back to different areas
    frequently to pick up any artifacts you may have missed. I highly suggest going
    to River Belle Pathe and Muchroom Forest until you can't get any more artifacts
    in either in year one. This way you will have decent stats, and your artifact
    choices will be narrowed for the rest of the game.
    Closing/Credits (CLOCR)
         Well now, this is the end of my very first FAQ ever. I know at the moment
    it could be organized better, but that will come in future versions, once I get
    all the information down. For now you can use the wealth of information I have
    posted on Year one of the game, or you can email me (using the address at the
    bottom of the faq) and tell me how screwed up, dysfunctional, and full of holes
    my FAQ is. Thats about it for now!
    CJayC- For making the best game site ever
    SquareEnix- For another great game
    Myself- For buying this awesome game
    osrevad- For the "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles" ASCII art
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