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    Boss FAQ by Auron255

    Version: Final | Updated: 05/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Copyright 2004
    Boss FAQ Written by Auron255
    Square Enix is the proprietary owner of this game, and Nintendo is the 
    associated co-publisher and financer. Please see Disclaimer for details.
    Do you have questions or concerns? Please contact me at amacom@rogers.com.
    Table of Contents (Use Ctrl+F to find what you are looking for)
    1) River Belle Path: Giant Crab
    2) Goblin Wall: Goblin King
    3) Mushroom Forest: Malboro
    4) Mine of Cathuriges: Orc King
    5) Tida: Armstrong
    6) Moschet Manor: Gigas Lord
    7) Veo Lu Sluice: Golem
    8) Daemon's Court: Lizardman King
    9) Selepation Cave: Cave Worm
    10) Mt. Kilanda: Iron Giant
    11) Conall Curach: Zombie Dragon
    12) Rabena Te Ra: Lich
    13) Lynari Desert: Antlion
    14) Mount Vellenge:
    	-Meteor Parasite
    I am in no way, affiliated with Square Enix, and I do not take credit for 
    making this game. Any and all comments regarding the game should be forwarded 
    to Square Enix or Nintendo. I hope this FAQ will help you defeat some of the 
    more difficult bosses of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.
    Version 1.0 - FINAL
    This is a one time only FAQ, there will be no updates. This is my advice on how
    to defeat the bosses of FF:CC, and if you come up with better techniques, feel 
    free to email them to me, or post them on the message boards. I usually would 
    do updates, but I have about 3 other FAQs on the go, so if there ever will be 
    updates, they won't happen for a long time.Please, enjoy.
    River Belle Pass: Giant Crab
    The main thing to keep in mind is to always keep moving. Never stop running 
    unless you need to stop and cast a spell. The crabs main attack is to send 
    "slow" bubbles at you, which, when in contact, will cast slow on you. Always 
    run circles around him to dodge the bubbles. Make sure you're never too close,
    unless going in for an attack. In order to attack make sure the crab is not 
    powering up to cast thunder on you, and then move in, and strike the boss a 
    few times. If you like taking the magic approach, when he stops moving, get 
    in close and cast holy on him. Holy is probably your best bet and doing decent 
    damage with magic. Occasionally, mu's will appear, and try to damage you. 
    Dispatch of them easily with a few physical attacks and focus on the boss. 
    Always remember to keep moving, watch out for his bubbles, and make sure 
    you keep an eye out on the ground for the magic casting circle, and avoid 
    it. After he takes damage, his claws will be destroyed, essentially leaving 
    his melee attacks useless. Just watch out and run out of his shadow when he 
    starts jumping around, and stay out of his blast radius. This boss will fall 
    fairly easily.
    NOTE: On cycle three, he will cast Thundaga, which has a larger blast radius 
    than thunder. So dodge carefully.
    Goblin Wall: Goblin King
    Again, Holy is your best bet at defeating this boss. This boss is very easy, 
    but I'll give you the run down. You'll need to defeat some goblin minions 
    before obtaining two keys to open the gate to reach the Goblin king. His only 
    attacks are magic attacks, and they are easily dodged. Once the king starts 
    casting a spell on you, run directly at him, and cast holy, OR use physical 
    attacks, depending on which race you are using. When he takes enough damage 
    he'll teleport to a different area of the room, and start casting spells from 
    there, and his range of casting is obnoxiously long. Again, run up to him and 
    attack. Eventually, more goblin archers will come out and try to distract you, 
    but they are easily dispatched. When you see a green cloud forming at your toes
    that means you should run to the complete opposite side of the room and dodge 
    his poison attack. It not only poisons you, but does a fair amount of damage 
    as well. Like I said, this boss is easy, so long as you're always waiting for 
    him to start casting a spell, run up to him, and slash away, rinse and repeat.
    Mushroom Forest: Malboro
    This boss can be difficult, if you dont take the right approach. First off, 
    destroy the plant monsters surrounding him, as they will become a constant 
    annoyance later on. The battle should start off with the Malboro doing an 
    "inhale" attack, where he sucks everything up to him with his mouth. 
    You shouldn't run away, instead, use this time to run up and get a few spells 
    and attacks in. If you have fira, use it, and if not, use Holy or physical 
    attacks. He will do no damage so long as he is inhaling. The main attack he 
    uses, is when he sticks his tentacles into the ground, and senda them up at 
    you on the other side. This is a good time to run around and getting a 
    cure spell off if you need it. When he winds up as if to throw his head 
    backward, run to the other side of the arena, as he is about to unleash 
    his Bad Breath attack, which is truly devastating. Occasionally, he will cast 
    slow and slowga, but you will see the casting area before hand, so you should 
    have ample time to move out of the way. Fire is definitely the weapon of 
    choice since it is his weakenss, but don't forget Clavats and Lilties are 
    better off using physical attacks early on. The annoying plants you 
    destroyed in the beginning will sometimes respawn, but they are easily 
    dispatched again. 
    NOTE: On the second and third cycle, he will cast Blizzaga, so watch out!
    Mine of Cathruiges: Orc King
    Quite possibly one of the most annoying bosses up until this point, but 
    definately not the hardest. When the battle starts off, take out the lesser 
    orcs that will constantly chase you. Next up, keep a medium distance from the 
    boss. If you go to far, he will charge at you, and if you get to close he'll 
    use a devastating spin attack, that will stun you momentarily. You probably 
    won't be able to get in close enough for very long to do some serious physical 
    damage, so this battle inevitably comes down a magic cast-a-thon. The Orc King 
    will constantly cast fire spells so long as you aren't too close. Dodge the 
    casting circle, and cast a fast spell of your own. Its best to use a low 
    level spell like Holy, which does decent damage, but doesn't take too long 
    to cast like fira or blizzara. Keep dodgin his magic and casting your own, 
    while dispatching any respawned lesser orcs. After a while, he may chase 
    you down and try using a downward smash attack, but as long as you're 
    constantly running, you should never get hit. When he starts going back 
    to casting magic, repeat the same strategy. When his life widdles down 
    to about 1/3 or 1/4, run up and start hitting him with your strongest 
    attacks, because he will start charging up his Kamikaze attack which will 
    pretty much kill you if it connects with you. If you're Clavat or Liltie, 
    use strings of physical hits, where as the Yukes and Selkies should 
    focus mainly on constantly casting spells to kill him. Kill him before 
    he self destructs and you should be home free.
    Tida: Armstrong
    The tactics are fairly straight forward in this battle, but getting in enough 
    time to attack is a different story. First off, never stray too far from 
    Armstrong, as his cannonball attack is rather annoying, not to mention it 
    will have inflicting status effects in later cycles. Never stay close longer 
    than you need to, since his spinning fist attack will knock you back, 
    stunning you for a few seconds. Also, if see his body start to "squish", 
    move away, since he is using is Toxic Cloud attack, which will slow and 
    later poison you. When Armstrong is chasing you, run a little bit ahead and 
    charge up a fira spell. By the time he gets within range, the spell will 
    be ready, so let him have it. Now keep running and avoid his cannonball 
    if he fires it, and never stay near him for too long. Keep finding room 
    to charge up a fira spell, and and keep chopping away at his health. Even 
    though this tactic will take longer, its the safest way to take him down, 
    especially in the later cycles when he is much stronger and faster. 
    He will eventually fall.
    NOTE: In cycle 3, his Cannon attack will cause Curse...avoid this attack 
    at all costs.
    Moschet Manor: Gigas Lord
    This fight gets pretty annoying, thanks to the Lamia that constantly cures the 
    Gigas. First things first: destroy the Lamia. Its not so much that the Lamia 
    cures the Gigas, but if the Lamia is around, the Gigas can cure himself. Lure 
    the Lamia to the other side of the cloister, and let her start casting stop 
    and slow spells. Dodge out of the casting area and move in for some quick hits.
    You'll need to attack fast, and probably take a few hits while you're in there.
    If you take too long to kill her, the Gigas will cure her as well. Do NOT let 
    this happen. If she winds up for a physical hit, move to the side to avoid it 
    and keep slashing. She doesn't take long to kill, but is annoying difficult to 
    do, especially with that ogre Gigas walking around, trying to take a swipe at 
    your health. Once the Lamia (Maggie) is out of the way, focus on big ugly. He 
    will constantly follow you, so you'll need to act fast. Run up to him, and wait 
    for him to take a swipe. Move backwards, then to his side and deliver a few 
    critical hits. You can use magic if you want, but physical hits are faster. He 
    will occasionally do a slam attack which has a devastating blast radius, 
    which will stun your character. When he leaps, move back, since the resulting 
    shockwave will hurt. Always stay close, but not too close. By that I mean, 
    stay close, but run backward, THEN to the side to avoid his attacks, while at 
    the same time, delivering a few hits of your own. Lamia is annoyingly 
    difficult, and the Gigas is annoyingly hard to beat, since his defense is so 
    high, and he uses his physical attacks so frequently. The thing to remember 
    is to always destroy the Lamia before you do ANYTHING.
    Veo Lu Sluice: Golem
    The best way to tackle this boss is to exploit your mog. Get him to drop the 
    chalice, and fly free. This bosses initial attacks are easy to dodge, so as 
    long as you stay inside the bubble, you're fine. His first attack is his rocket 
    fist. He will straighten out his arms, and launch his fists at you. If you 
    have no where to go, stand directly inbetween his fists, and both will miss you 
    on either side. His second attack is his eye lasers, which make a criss cross 
    pattern on the ground, but propagate in a straight line. So what do you do? 
    The boss will eventually get closer and closer to you. When you see him prepare 
    an attack, move to the side, since his attacks are purely linear, and get 
    ready for some tricky magic casting. Hopefully, your mog will say "Hang in 
    there, Kupo!". When this happens, start casting a Blizzara spell, and hopefully,
    the mog will cast a Blizzard spell at the same time, and you can unleash 
    Blizzaga on him. It should take anywhere up to 1/10 of his health away.  Keep 
    avoiding his attacks and keep trying to combine Blizzaga spells. This is 
    the best way, since if you get too close to him, he will swing at you, taking 
    away a whole heart. 
    Once half of his health is gone, its time to pick up the chalice. He will start 
    casting a ring of fire, which he announces by emitting a glowing circle on the 
    ground. Move outside the circle and run behind him. He is slow, so it will take 
    a second for him to turn around. Once he is finished casting his ring of fire, 
    move in for some quick strikes from your weapon OR cast another magic spell...
    Blizzaga if you want to take the time to do it. Other than that, this boss 
    is finished. Keep dodging his normal attacks, and watch out for his ring of 
    fire, and you're home free. 
    NOTE: During cycle three, he transforms into a "cyclone" of rubble, which you 
    will need to avoid by running, which means picking up the chalice and moving 
    to a different location to make your stand and combine Blizzaga spells. 
    Also, paint your moogle blue to increase the chance of him casting Blizzard.
    Daemon's Court: Lizardman King
    This boss is a bit of a pain in the ass as well. Again, you'll need to destroy 
    the coeurls and lesser lizards before you start focusing on him, but that only 
    requires a few good magic spells and physical attacks. Once the lesser enemies 
    are disposed of, you can focus on the Lizardman. This has possibly one of the 
    easiest strategies of any boss, if you know how to attack properly. His attacks
    are strong, which is why he is a pain in the ass, and they are unpredictable 
    as well. His two regular attacks are his spear and his crossbow. If you see him
    straighten out his arm, run to his other side and get in a few physical hits, 
    or use a couple holy spells. At the sime time, you'll be dodging his 
    devastating shock arrows, which will stun you if they hit you. Also, if he 
    brings his arm back as if to take a cheap shot, dodge a few steps to the side, 
    since he will try to attack you with his spear. Again, step to the side, and 
    deal a little more damage. Try not to stay too close for too long, as he will 
    employ a spinning melee attack which will knock you back and stun you. When 
    you've lured the Lizardman to the side of the dueling arena, you'll see a red 
    switch on the floor. Step on it, and buzz-saws will come out of the ground, 
    attacking anything in it's path, even the Lizardman King.Even though they don't
    do much damage, it helps considering your physical hits and magic attacks will 
    not be that effective against him, since he has very high defense.
    NOTE: During cycles two and three, he will throw in a fire spell which is a 
    little more damaging than fire, but not as bad as fira. Just avoid it at all 
    costs, since it will set you on fire. 
    Selepation Cave: Cave Worm
    The cave worm is easy, but only if you know the signs of it's attack. First off 
    this battle is probably best left to melee attacks, since charging magic leaves 
    you vulnerable in this fight. Run up to the boss, and start attacking. The sign 
    that he is about to attack, is his mouth. It will open up, but only slowly at 
    first, This is your chance to get out of the way. His attacks are linear, so 
    stepping to the side is your best bet. His first attack is a gust of sand which
    he shoots from his mouth. The attack will push you back, but its not that 
    strong. His second main attack is his lasers. Again, watch for his mouth to 
    open, and dodge to the side. The lazers inflicta heavy damage and slow on the 
    character. Move to either side, and make your attack.  Take the time to back 
    away every now and then to cast a cure spell if need be. Once his health is 
    about half gone, he'll throw in a sumo tackle attack into the mix. When the 
    worm jumps up a bit, run backward to escape the resulting blast of his ground 
    smash attack. Time it so that once he lands, you'll already be within range to 
    use a focus attack, and then continue to use your regular string of attacks. 
    Keep dodging his gust sand and his laser, as well, always back away when he 
    jumps to do his ground smash attack. Like I said, easy as pie.
    Mt Kilanda: Iron Giant
    Again, another easy boss. He uses various sword swings to take you out. The 
    best strategy is to wait until he breaks his sword. Once this happens, run up 
    to him and start wailing on him. He will retaliate, but not without giving a 
    warning. He will raise his hands in the air. This is your cue to get the heck 
    out of the way, since the smashing shockwave that results has a very large 
    radius. Once he does that, move in for some more physical attacks. Again, magic
    isn't as effective as physical attakcs in this fight. If he uses his regular 
    fist attacks, don't worry, they are weak. If you take enough weak hits while 
    trying to pick away at his health, back up to cast a cure spell, and then 
    resume fighting. He will eventually pick up another sword, and start throwing 
    in a lunging sword slash. This is easily avoided by keeping your distance 
    until his sword breaks again. Repeat the same steps as before, as his attacks 
    never change. One thing to notice is the small pot hole in the sides of the 
    crater. Lure the Iron Giant directly in front of one, and toss one of the local
    urns inside of it. It will send out a jet of steam, severely damaging the boss.
    Repeat this with all the urns in the crater, and this boss will go down in 
    no time. Not a hard boss fight, just a little longer than others. 
    NOTE: During the second and thrid cycles, he will use a strong "Demi" spell, 
    that isn't very strong, but has a humongous blast range. He only performs 
    this when he is without his sword, so be careful. Its easy to dodge, but 
    makes striking opportunities harder to find.
    Conall Curach: Zombie Dragon
    You're only given a small platform to make your attack from, and the only way 
    to damage the boss is to use Holy spells. SO! Take out the Stone Sahagins 
    first, since they will be more of an annoyance, than do any significant damage.
    The Dragon Zombies two main attacks are linear attacks, but are very damaging. 
    The first is his gust breath. He will keel backward before unleashting this 
    attack, so watch for the sign. When this happens, run to either side of him and
    cast holy. Since the Dragon is undead, he is invsible and immune to almost all 
    attacks...so casting Holy will make him visible, and vulnerable. Now, I would 
    usually suggest a fire based offense for undead monsters, BUT, Holy has the 
    same effect on the Dragon as poison does on your character. So keep casting 
    holy as much as you can. You will also want to watch out for his eye beams. 
    There isn't much of a warning for these, and they will petrify your character, 
    so watch your back, and always be running back and forth across the platform, 
    unless you're stopping to cast holy. You may also want to use Gravity to take 
    away a small portion of his health, but it only works once, so make it count. 
    His final, most devastating attack, is his Poison Breath. He will start 
    breathing a green cloud at one side of the platform, and move across to the 
    other. At this point, you should run to the other side of the platform. Make 
    sure you are in the furthest corner on the platform, since being anywhere else, 
    means being struck and poisoned by the gas. Its a hard attack to dodge, so if 
    you don't want to waste any time, run into the cloud and immediately cast clear 
    and cure when you get out on the other side. Aside from these attacks, the 
    Dragon Zombie has no other attacks to speak of. Occasionally, the Sahagins will 
    return, but by now, you should have no problem taking them out. Watch for the 
    Dragon Zombie to turn invisible again, as the effect of Holy is not indefinite. 
    Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy....the best and fastest way to defeat this menace.
    Rabena Te Ra: Lich
    This boss is notoriously difficult. There is no way around it. When the battle 
    starts, keep moving, since he will constantly cast his Meteor spell. After a 
    few meteor spells, he will start to cast his Shadow Flare attack. It takes a 
    long time for Lich to charge it up, so move to the other side of the room when 
    you see dark sphere being formed around you. When he starts casting his shadow 
    flare, you should be moving out of the way and charging up a spell. Not at 
    Lich, but at his two orb switches on either side of the room. Any magic will 
    do, so make it fast. Once one is out, use the same tactic to take out the 
    other one. Once both switches have been attacked by magic, wait for the shadow 
    flare to form, and then move in close to Lich to cast Holy. He will be 
    invisible like the Dragon Zombie, so use Holy to make him visible. Once you've 
    hit him once, try to get in as many physical hits as possible, before he starts 
    casting his thunder spell. Move back and keep avoiding his meteor spells 
    until he charges up another shadow flare. Move in again, and cast Holy, then 
    attack with your weapon. Back up, and repeat the process. Lich never throws 
    in any suprise attacks, so as long as you take out his switches, Lich should 
    be taken care of in no time. If you want, equip a Badge of the Thunderbolt 
    to nullify his thunder attack, leaving you a lot more time to attack him, 
    therefore taking him down quickly.
    Lynari Desert: Antlion
    The antlion's main attacks are breath based. The key here is to keep running 
    in circles around the boss. When he stops to take a bite with his mandibles or 
    to charge up a breath attack, run past his frontside, to his side, and start 
    using physical attacks or ice based spells, whichever is your strongest. If 
    you can, get to his backside, since he takes a very long time to turn around, 
    it will give you enough time work with your mog and create a Blizzaga spell 
    if you think you can cast it. If not, keep running in circles and using the 
    same tactic. His attacks will never connect so long as your constantly running 
    around him. Once he is severely weakened, you will notice that he will speed 
    up a bit and start shooting a huge beam from it's mouth, causing heavy damage. 
    The key to dodging this is the same as his other attacks, the only problem, 
    when he speeds up like this, you won't get as many physical hits or casted 
    spells in, since his attacks are much faster. Remember, RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN 
    RUN RUN....don't stop unless he stops. If he moves, you move. Remember this, 
    and the antlion will never get a single shot off.
    Mount Vellenge: Meteor Parasite, Raem and Memiora (FINALLY, the last boss)
    NOTE: Always have a Phoenix Down in your inventory to take on this boss. He 
    attacks often, and his strikes are deadly. Be ready for anything...
    Form 1:
    Focus on taking out the tentacles to the sides, whose weaknesses are displayed 
    by their respective colours. Red for fire, and blue for blizzard. Make sure 
    these are gone before attacking the main body. Once they are the dead, move 
    into the centre to take on the parasite. A plant like body will emerge and 
    take a quick swipe at you, Dodge backwards abnd then move in for a few quick 
    strikes. You may want to use some fira magic if you're not comfortable 
    using physical attacks against fast moving enemies. In any case, the parasite 
    will move back inside it's shell, and the tentacles at the side will 
    respawn. Use the same tactic to destroy them, and then wait for the parasite 
    to reveal itself and strike at you. Dodge, and move in for the kill. Once 
    he has sustained enough damage, he will change forms.
    Form 2: 
    The only difference in his different forms are the addition of new attacks. 
    One of his new attacks is a pink explosion that causes 2 hearts of damage. 
    When you see a pink circle, move out of the way. He will also fire a laser 
    from inside his shell, and the only way to dodge it, is to move to the far 
    back of the battlefield, or move right up close to him. You'll need to keep 
    taking out the tentacles as they reappear, and avoid his fast swipe attack, 
    and you'll get very few chances to attack. The time you attack is the same 
    as before, only this time you'll need to worry about his new attacks, once 
    you've made your "attack and retreat" when he emerges. Once he has 
    sustained enough damage, he transforms again...
    Form 3: 
    The final form is possibly the hardest. He will have all the attacks hes 
    had up until this point, only this time, he has his super special move, which
    can pretty much kill you if it connects. Dodge the pink explosions, destroy 
    the tentacles when you can, and avoid his laser attack. When the boss 
    starts powering up glowing blue orbs, run to the far side up into the furthest
    corner to hide from his attack. Once again, look for that window of 
    opprotunity when the parasite emerges, and takes that quick swipe at you. 
    Cast as many spells as you can and then get out of there, and move to the 
    sides to avoid any ensuing counterattacks he will employ. Your chances of 
    hitting this boss are decreased even more in this form, but if you keep at 
    it, you will kill him. Just don't get too greedy with your attacks and take 
    your time. Depending on how careful you are, you may not need to use those 
    phoenix downs in your inventory.
    FINAL BOSS: Raem
    Raem is considerably easier than the Meteor Parasite, but takes just as long 
    to defeat. First off, you'll notice two black minions chasing after you. 
    DO NOT TAKE BOTH OF THEM OUT! Take the large Red minion, and allow the other 
    little blue one to follow you. If you destroy both, they will respawn 
    immediately. Once the red one is destroyed, cast slow on the smaller blue 
    one, and get ready to launch a full fledged assault on Raem. The blue minion 
    will constantly follow you and try to use it's swift tail to attack you, so 
    try and run everytime it gets close to you.
    As for Raem's attacks, they are deadly but easily avoided. The first is his 
    ranged lasers. They will explode about a second after they are shot, so as  
    soon as he starts firing them, move to the other side of the dueling area, 
    and run in for ONE quick physical attack combo. His next attack is his Wing 
    Swoop attack. He raises his arms back, and swings them down in front of 
    him....but not directly in front of him. When he raises his arms in the air, 
    BE QUICK, and run directly in front of him, taking ONE more quick physical 
    attack combo, all the while, running from the minion if need be. His most 
    common attack his is bubble attack, which is similar to the bubbles of the 
    Giant Crab in River Belle Pass. Wait for them to converge on you, then run 
    forward to avoid being hit. Employ these same tactics, and Raem will fall, 
    eventually. Just remember that you should do only one combo when you get 
    your chance to attack, since his attacks are swift and constant. Always 
    have phoenix downs equipped and a cure spell on hand, just in case you 
    mess up severely. 
    On to his final form...
    Memiroa: Raems Incarnation
    This battle is fairly straight forward, but again, a little challenging. The 
    giant beast will constantly fire a large beam torward you. Keep dodgin out of 
    the way of his energy attacks, and watch for magic spheres, with a character 
    and their name inside to appear. When you get a chance, cast cure on the sphere
    to release it, and drop to the grounfd, Pick it up, and equip it. It will be 
    labeled "???", but don't worry, its only one of three things. A high level 
    spell like Blizzaga, Firaga, or Thundaga, or a level 3 cure spell, Curaga OR 
    its a special spell designed to make you invincible for a period of time. 
    Once you have the ??? magicite ready to be cast, run up the boss and cast the 
    spell. If its a high level spell like Blizzaga and Thundaga, the casting 
    circle will appear in front of you causing serious damage. If its a cure spell,
    the casting circle will appear on you, so move the casting slightly back to 
    avoid curing the boss, and let it go. The third and most useful spell is the 
    invicible spell. Once it's cast, a sheild will form around you, making you 
    invulnerable to all attacks. When this is cast, run up to the boss and attack 
    his bottom half with physical attacks, and keep doing this as long as the 
    spell remains active. When it wears out, go back and cast cure on another 
    orb, and collect the dropped ??? magicite. Eventually, the boss will lower 
    it's top half to the ground, and this is your chance to run up and attack 
    it's core with physical or magic attacks, depending on whether or not you 
    have invincible cast on your character. This fight doesn't take long, so 
    long as you utilize the ??? magicite orbs, and take advantage of your period 
    of invulnerability.
    THE END! 
    Congratulations on completing the game!
    Hopefully this FAQ has helped you in some way. feel free to contast me if 
    you have any questions or concerns at amacom@rogers.com!

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