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Despite glaring flaws, the fun factor is still present in this GameCube comeback08/09/05Aegis Shield
Crystal Clear Chronicling of Crap09/20/03Ashley Winchester
Nintendo's FINAL Fantasy...Final Fantasy IX: The Remake02/11/04Auron255
A review that tells it like it is. CC is a touch of brilliance with a few minute errors.02/11/04bAc0Nb0Y
You mean I have to visit my friends... in person?02/20/04bearsman6
A fantasy game like no other! Embark on a breathtaking quest!08/23/05Blaze437
Bring a friend11/07/04clarkisdark
If you think you have problems with air pollution...02/26/04ConfusedGuy
A fun, unique game, but nothing really mind blowing03/05/04Cow Killer
Different taste than the usual FF games, but is it a good tase or bad?11/28/05DeckardCain
Rings of Change12/23/09EJRICH
Go Crystal Crazy.06/05/04JD Fedule
The best multiplayer game on Gamecube since Melee06/06/05Jondy
Ugh... What a disgrace to Final Fantasy04/02/10KeyBlade999
A successful return to the fantasy, in Final Fantasy02/22/04Linkmaster12
Changes the genre RPG forever05/19/04Lunar Light
One of the best multiplayer games ever.09/20/04MalachiX
Far and Away, the Worst Final Fantasy Ever.05/09/04Moon 2
FF + Gauntlet + GC = FF:CC09/24/04NF_Kodiak
Not since Mystic Quest has a Final Fantasy game so thoroughly failed to impress02/19/04Sean Minler
Not the warm return we were hoping for...but still a great game!02/23/04ShadowFox50
Different, but still fun02/29/04terrisus
SquareEnix's return to Nintendo comes with success.02/11/04thadarkman78
At least you can play a living suit of armor-feathery-wingy thing.10/03/03ThePatrick
The proof graphics don't make a game09/27/04WishingTikal
Never judge a book by its cover!02/16/04Xrider
Immersive and Enjoyable, but not perfect02/21/04yuzuki
The best part of a Final Fantasy was never its gameplay, and that's where most people go wrong with this game04/22/05ZaleIsBackAgain
One of the best multiplayer games ever, and a decent single player experience.07/18/07zoradude

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