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"It's got it all and more."

Well, I got this game for $35 from some kid at my school, and didn't expect much.

5 hours later I was blown away. This game has it all.

First of all, it's pretty open-ended. You create a character from one of four races and choose their gender, then one of four looks for your gender, THEN choose what your family trade is. Pretty good for a GC/PS2/XBOX era game. Then, you embark on a journey to gather precious Myrrh water to re-energize your town's crystal. After all, that crystal's gotta shine to attract tourism right? Oh, and the world's covered in a poisonous miasma that kills all it touches and the only protection is the crystal. So, as far as storyline goes it's pretty solid! You occasionally run into other caravans on their journeys: the dutiful Alfitaria caravan, the carefree Leuda caravan, and more. Along this journey is Mog, your trusty moogle friend who does his part by carrying the crystal chalice that holds the myrrh water while you hack,slash, blast, and plow your way through hordes of monsters. This is actually pretty useful, as while you chase enemies your chalice follows you and protects you from the miasma.

I'm not one for graphics. I personally think that even a legendary game like FF7 would be just as good in 8-bit. But for those who really care, the game is aesthetically pleasing. People argue that the enemies look exactly the same as the ones from FF9. And they're right - they do. But who really cares? Those were the latest versions of those monsters because in later FFs they were kicked out and replaced with different ones. So why not use those versions?

The sounds go right with the game. The slashing of your sword, the crackling of a blizzard spell, it all goes together. Granted there are no voice actings for any characters, but let's face it: that's why it's open ended. Recall the Hero from Dragon Quest 8: he had no voice, because he was supposed to represent YOU.

Multiplayer is fun. I mean FUN. The pause menus are gone so you don't end up with some jerk pausing every time something happens. Sure it requires a GBA SP for its backlight, but it's been years - everyone basically has one. You and three friends can basically time your spells, develop strategies, etc. Despite the GC's lack of online play (which is overrated in my opinion) this game sure does shine with multiplayer.

The controls flow with the game, you just use L and R to select what you want your A ability to be. That's about it - no complicated parts here.

As for replay, there is A LOT. Play it on single player once and then play through once again for each race. You find yourself in practically 4 different games. And when you're playing multiplayer with others on different races, you end up finding the exact same enjoyment.

As for music, it's done by Nobuo Uematsu. That's all you need to know.

Overall, an 8/10. Sure it's a great game but with some people lacking friends and thus no multiplayer. And, to be honest sidequests are hidden pretty well. But, this game's still entertaining me years after it's release.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/04/07

Game Release: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (US, 02/09/04)

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