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"Square has graced us with one of the best RPGs of all time!"

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals

I loved the game ever since the very moment I picked it up. I played it at my friends house when he rented it, at first only single player until we realized that it was multiplayer. The mere concept of a multiplayer Final Fantasy game blew our minds. We played it for about four hours got to year four or so and the next day, I ran out and bought it. We played the game all night and beat it after a night of fun. To this day we still play the game every once and a while and have beaten it countless times

Game play 10/10
The game play is just amazing. That's all there is too it. Collecting artefacts, crafting new weapons, fighting the unique bosses and enemies. I usually don't really like RPGs where your character doesn't level but in this game I really didn't mind it. Collecting the artefacts and searching for the materials needed to craft better weapons and armour was enough as far as stat boosts go. Actually if your characters levelled up that probably would've ruined the game as far as developing your character goes. You also get sixteen different character classes from four different races to choose from. My favourite are the Clavats but the other classes are equally as awesome and will make you want to try them all out. As far as game play goes this game is enough to catch anyone's interest and keep anyone old or young entertained for countless hours. Not to mention the multiplayer mode is awesome and adds a social aspect to the game.

Graphics 10/10
Pure Beauty. Everything from character animations to the backgrounds are an abundance of colour and detail that will blow your mind. Square never fails to impress. As you play through the many levels you will notice how well animated everything and just the sheer wonder of it all. The graphics were the thing that amazed me the most when I first started playing the game. If you've played the game you'll know what I mean and if you haven't you need to, if only to see the amazing visual marvel of the game.

Music 9/10
Some of the music does get tiresome after a while but for the most part is amazing. The job of the music in a game is to set the mood right? Well the music does exactly that in this game. It heightens the intensity in the already strenuous boss battles and adds to the majesty of the whole game. Other than some of the music getting annoying after countless hours of playing the game it has no flaws.

Plot 8/10
Personally I was never really able to get very into the plot, the main plot at least. The main plot was pretty simple. You're travelling to different areas of the world in your caravan collecting drops to protect your home town and family from the evil miasma. The side plots however are pretty interesting. If it wasn't for the random events and subplots in the game the story of the game would be utterly pointless. So overall main plot was pretty lame but the subplots are pretty awesome.

Replay 9/10
The game is so much fun, why wouldn't you play it over and over with a bunch of friends? Although during the game you go back to the same places over and over again. Keeping that in mind the game is still worth playing over and over again.

Personally I think this game would deserve about a seven or maybe even a six if it wasn't for it's multiplayer feature, but with the multiplayer option this game is definitely deserving of a big ten out of ten. I also just absolutely love how your menu, mini-map and all other options and functions are in your gameboy when you play multiplayer. That idea was so cool, even though it is a lot more inconvenient than using regular game cube controllers. I actually prefer the idea of using the gameboys though, it's really original and so awesome. Also the fact that it's an offline multiplayer game makes it all the cooler. I actually get to spend time with my friends in the flesh instead of playing with people I don't even know online. Too many games are only online multiplayer nowadays so having an offline four player RPG is amazing. The only other game like that I know of is Phantasy Star Online, which can also be played split screen offline.

As far as I know this game only has one sequel titled Ring of Fates for the Nintendo DS but this game definitely needs a sequel on the game cube with the multiplayer option on gameboys. I highly doubt that will ever happen but one can dream can't he.

To sum it all up, buy the game. It's definitely worth the money. Even if you have to pay a hundred bucks it's definitely worth every penny. It'll provide you with hours of fun and tons of laughs with your good buddies

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/25/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (US, 02/09/04)

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