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"Ugh... What a disgrace to Final Fantasy"

I just flat out do not believe it. Square has had its problems in the past, but nothing even remotely like this. Geez... I just cannot believe it. Maybe it is just my way of gameplay. Maybe... Onto some history.

Final Fantasy started out on the NES in the 1990s or so. What game was their first? Final Fantasy. Squaresoft, as it was then, realized the hit they had made. Therefore, they made Final Fantasy II. And so on and so forth. My details are rather sketchy up until Final Fantasy VII. With the release of the PlayStation, Squaresoft had to make some games. Final Fantasy VII was the second or third to be on the PlayStation. This game was their peak of the 2000s, and the PlayStation, too. That game is still a major hit today, and even has some sequels. I hope there's a DS remake. *ahem* Later, a lesser, but still awesome, hit was released - Final Fantasy VIII. Pretty good, too. Later, the final Final Fantasy for the PlayStation was released - Final Fantasy IX. This is personally one of my favorites, being two players. Later, Squaresoft became Square Enix. The PlayStation 2 was released. This opened up more possibilities. Final Fantasy X, another favorite of mine, was released. Soon after, its sequel, being the first ACTUAL sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 was released. Final Fantasy XI was released later, as was Final Fantasy XII (For a system I don't know (never played it)). And then, not long ago, Final Fantasy XIII was released. That game seems great from what I did at a friends. It was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

There are also some stray-offs from the main series. For example, this game. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It also has a sequel or two on the Nintendo DS. Never have, or will, get to them. Final Fantasy Tactics, another stray-off, was actually great. It was originally released for the PlayStation, and later got a remake (?) and a sequel. I think there was a Final Fantasy Chronicles for the PlayStation. I am not too sure on that.

Squaresoft or Square Enix, depending on which game, has made some remakes of games. Final Fantasy IV was remade for the Game Boy Advance as Final Fantasy IV Advance, just as Final Fantasy V was remade for the Game Boy Advance as Final Fantasy V Advance. Final Fantasy Tactics was also remade for the Game Boy Advance as - guess what - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. There is a Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls that I assume is a remake of the original two games for the NES. Final Fantasy IV was recently remade for the Nintendo DS as Final Fantasy IV - it DID get improvements. There is a Final Fantasy Tactics sequel (or is it a remake?) for the Nintendo DS, too - Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Square also cooperated with Disney on another series - Kingdom Hearts. Back around 2001, the two companies worked together, mixed their specialties - Square with RPGs and Final Fantasy, Disney with some of the characters and environments - and came out with Kingdom Hearts. A game expected to be horrible actually rocked not just my world, but others, too. A sequel, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, came out for the Game Boy Advance. It was later remade for the PlayStation 2 as Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories. That also got a sequel, Kingdom Hearts II. The series had come back to the PlayStation 2! Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days was later released for the Nintendo DS. Recently, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was released for the PSP.

Whoo... anyways, onto the review.

The gameplay of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is the main reason why I dislike it. It is entirely too real-time in battle. The party system allows very little in-game help except with shops. Therefore, that means it can be a one on ten battle with few items and no help at all. Think about it. That possibility (often becoming reality) can make this brutally hard, and I don't mean Mega Man X hard. Those were still fun; this is virtually horrible. By the time you get up to a strong enough point, you are utterly bored with this, and probably will sell it as I did. There is no level up system. I can't really say HOW you level up, it is just plain confusing. It has something to do with items. In a simple word for gameplay: UGH!

However, there is a multiplayer function, but you need some Game Boy Advances and a/some link cables that will connect to the GameCube. I have never tried this option, so I do not know what it is used for.

The story is also another reason why I dislike this game. The world has been swallowed by miasma, which I guess is death or plague or whatever. This miasma has swallowed virtually the whole planet. The few places that have not been touched are those with crystals powered by myrrh. Yearly, a caravan leaves from each place that has such a crystal and heads out to places where myrrh can be found. Then maybe, they return and power the crystal. Now, it has become your turn to just as such. However, you do more than just that. Much more.

The graphics, I like. Everything is three-dimensional, something I like for most games, namely Final Fantasy. The detail is nice. There many cool-looking monsters of varying sizes, sort of giving you a real world perspective, more than Final Fantasies can give, even Final Fantasy X, which came close. The characters have different looks, as do your weapons and environments. Swords can look cool at times, but when magic is necessary, ZAP! The environments have contrasting colors and clarity. The river area, for example, is rather bright, while the final dungeon is rather dark, so dark that it almost makes one shiver. Anyways, it is obvious that I cannot dislike EVERYTHING about this.

The sounds, okay. The theme for everything, battles, field, etc., is rather boring. It almost seems to be the same all of the time no matter what happens. After several days, I would just listen to my radio. So, it is okay, but not entirely recommended to listen to all of the game music, as it does get rather repetitive and boring after a while.

It can take a while to finish. I cannot say for sure, exactly, but it took me almost a month to finish, most of that spent leveling up. It really is tough. Seriously, who makes a game this hard?!? I really do not recommend replaying it, unless you had absolutely no trouble the first time through. If you had trouble, you (or the GameCube) wouldn't make it through a second time. Just leave it on the shelf.

Yes, I am VERY serious. I know what I like, and what I don't. This goes under "don't." This game is just too freaking hard to enjoy. The power up system is confusing. The story is boring. The sounds are boring. The only decent thing about this is the graphics. I am sorry, but just don't even try to buy this. You'll just waste whatever you spent, and then the warranty might expire if you try to act like it's good, which it isn't. Just leave this alone.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/02/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (US, 02/09/04)

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