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"The Crystal Calls"

At first I was skeptical. The GBA/GCN hookup thing and only needing 3 drops of myrhh to complete a ''year'', whatever that meant, looked a bit fishy. Yet when I brought it home and plugged it in, I was blown away. This is the game I'd been waiting for: a great multiplayer RPG with an involving story. This is one of the greatest GameCube games yet... This is the greatness that is Chrystal Chronicles.

Story 10/10: It starts out oh so simple. You're in a caravan sent out to refill your local Crystal to keep away the miasma, a deadly poisonous gas. And most people leave it at that. But as you play, more and more is revealed, and you come to find that you and your friends alone may be the only ones to rid the world of the miasma for good.

Graphics 10/10: Secret of Mana's ''cuteness'' combined with Final Fantasy's attention to detail, and you have some of the greatest graphics to grace your T.V. screen. The framerate slows a bit during later year bossfights (only in multiplayer when all four players and the boss are spell casting), but other than that, the graphics are crisp and colorful, and you never really feel lost, just ''temporarily misplaced''. =)

Sound 10/10: The music never gets annoying really, the sound effects make sense, and some of the monster noises are pretty funny in all honesty. The ''memory'' flashback voiceovers are really well done and enjoyable. The voiceovers alone are worth having your sound up and staying awake. =p

Gameplay 8/10 or 10/10(depending on # of players): This is where FF:CC really shines! While the gameplay suffers alone (hence the 8), with other players, things really heat up! The game is harder on single player, granted, but playing with multiple people is just more fun. While most people think carrying around the chalice is ''gay'', it's not really that bad. You can drop it and fight, so no one player is really left out of the action. You can take turns (my friends and I drew straws, but no one really cared), and during bosses no one is carrying it anyway, everyone is busy busting the hell out of the creature. Multiplayer RPG gaming at its best.

Overall 10/10: FF:CC is one amazing game for the GCN, and should definately be high on your wishlist. I'd recommend buying it ASAP. However, don't overlook two other amazing GCN RPGS: PSO I & II, and the new PSO III.

Rent or Buy: BUY BUY BUY!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/31/04

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