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"Can anyone say Final Fantasy? I can."

Easily one of the best Final Fantasy games yet, Final Fantasy has made the jump back to the Nintendo Next-Generation gaming console. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles has an interesting mix of gameplay and and fun, which combines with an awesome storyline and great music to make the best game available on the gaming market today.

Your town needs you. You and your friends must set off on an adventure to save your town from the miasma, a deadly gas, by collecting Mirura Water, which powers the crystal that protects your town. You don't do this once, but you go though it but do it over again for half a decade with varying degrees of difficulty. Sqare-Enix really hit the mark on this one.

Okay, there are two modes in this game: Single player and Multiplayer. Square-Enix has given you the great choice of playing by yourself or with a group of some of your great friends. This game gives you choices of your race, as well as profession, which attributes to your character's stats. The real time battle system is borrowed from another great Square title, Kingdom Hearts, which totally rocks. The only downfall is that you have to carry around a bowl that collects the Mirura Water everywhere. The thing is, this thing also limits where you can go. You have to stay in this radius or you will lose life. Not a bad concept, but this can get in the way sometimes.

Sound and Music:
Wow. This music is very true to the Final Fantasy series. It is not too fast and has a great tempo. The sound effects are also well done. Look like they really took their time on it, which is great.

The graphics are nice and smooth at all points in the game, something Square-Enix strives for, and attains in every game they make. There are no choppy parts and you're not stuck with blocky characters and poorly textured environments like in various other RPGs. Very well done.

The bottom line is that you absolutely have to get this game. Even if you have to sell many other games, you need to get this. It is a great play and doesn't get old no matter how many times you play it. If you don't purchase this game, you're going to miss the beginning of Square-Enix's best Final Fantasy series yet. I urge you, please, for your own gaming health, to purchase this game. I promise you, it will be your best investment.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/04

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