Review by Ryu Killer Dragon

Reviewed: 02/11/04

A bizzare idea yes, bad game? No

I have played most of the final fantasies, and many other RPGs. Now square and nintendo say lets make an action/rpg. So they make one using the q-fund (The q-fund is for third party developers to make games that use connectivity). So now we got a cross between Zelda and Final Fantasy which makes one interesting game.

Story n/a
This game really isn't about story. Yet it works out interestingly. You interact with your family and see cut scenes (Yes you have to read text). However the story isn't meaningful and isn't required to keep going.

Graphics 10/10
Beautiful, this game has amazing graphics. They are beautiful and well done. The graphics are crisp and the water effects look real. These graphics are more cartoonish than FFX but they still are amazing.

Game Play 9
Note this is based on my experiences with single only. Now you start the game. Long cut scene, and then the game sets you free. Go here, there or anywhere. Your first few fights you realize that strategy is important. Punch drunk fighting will not get you anywhere. You strike once and dodge. Or you do a rock 'em sock 'em style of fighting which in one player will get you killed in ten seconds flat.
Here is on of the two maverick factors in gameplay. Square realized how bad it could be to keep everyone in the camera view. So they created the miasma. The miasma starts to kill you when you are in it to wrong. But never fear you have the crystal chalice! The chalice creates a barrier that protects you from it. The barrier is limited though so the party (or person) need to stay in it. In single player a moogle carries it for you. In multiplayer you or another player have to carry it. You can drop it and go fight with your friends if you need to though.
Now the weird thing is the GBA requirement for multiplayer. For every person playing a GBA is required for a controller. This removes menus and keeps game play rolling. While you got you menu up your character is a sitting duck so have someone protect you. In single player the GBA helps the player with a map. A GBA IS NOT REQUIRED IN SINGLE PLAYER!!!!!

Sound 9/10
The music is crisp and well sounding. The sounds do not detract from the experience. I really don't have much to say about it though. The bright side it doesn't get too annoying.

Final 9/10
I love this game. I am not a Final Fantasy fanboy. I am just a gamer looking for a good time. I like single player and find it fun. This game rules, period.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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