Review by jekirby

Reviewed: 02/11/04

Finally a good RPG!

Introduction: Final Fantasy comes to the Gamecube. Through this guide I will show my point of view on this Fantastic game.

Gameplay: 9/10
Final Fantasy brings a whole new element to gameplay, being able to change your inventory and hotkeys, switch between menus, and use items without halting the rest of your caravan/party. One player may have a map of the enemies, another of treasure, and one of the paths that you can walk, while you are using the new potato that you found. One problem with gameplay is the map on your GBA should have a circle symbolizing if you are in the Maisama or not. And as for the monsters, there are many ways to attack, magic, or defend. In multiplayer you can have four people attacking one enemy in different ways, one person focus attacking, one using magic (offensive or supportive), one using normal attacks, and the last defending.

Story: 9/10
The story in an RPG should be strong. This is different, the family you have comes back to you in a letter every year, you aren't restricted to a certain path (storywise-you can venture off a little, levelwise-although you can't go into the maiasma). Some events happen at random, while you know some will always happen. You can go back and redo levels as you please, and while you won't get the rewards each time, you can every two years.

Graphics: 10/10
Seamless. Everything. If you are gonna bug me til you get your one imperfection, here it is - withe the Clavats in some clips the puch in front of them goes into their leg, literally.

Sound: 7/10
I like the sound in this game, but I do admit, the music can become repeditive. Not much else to say here...

Replay: 8/10
You can always enjoy this game, since each time can be an improvement, and when you play with more players you can apreciate replaying more, since you have to split artifacts and may not get the one you want most.

Rent or Buy? Buy
Well, you just gotta buy it, play with your friends. If you rent (renting RPG's can be bad, if you cant beat it in X days), you might not be able to experiance all the different tribes. And if one of your best buds buys this (or you and your friends have GBA's and like RPGs), you should also.

Overall: 9/10
Final Fantasy is a great game, and because it's an RPG, which I am assuming are more difficult to create, and much funner to play, I had to boost it, not to mention the return of a game to its home company, and since this game was much anticipated and lived upto its hype, where most games don't. If you get this you're in for a tasty treat!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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