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"How Can This Game Get Less Than a Ten?"

I know a lot of Final Fantasy players hate this game because...well it isn't like past Final Fantasy games. For me that is a good thing. I have never been a big fan of turnbased games. I am not saying those games were bad because they are not. I just like real-time fighting better. This Final Fantasy also has multiplayer. Hurray! Now how can it get any better?!

Ouch. For a Final Fantasy game this is a bad score. I love the stories in past games, but this is a little ridiculous. The story has a good concept. It just wasn't made into something great like it could have. Each town in the world has a crystal that protects it from this substance called Miasma. So every year when the crystal's energy is almost depleted a caravan of travelers goes to get some ''stuff''(sorry, I forget what it is called) so that the crystal can protect them for another year. It sounds like it could be good, but it just wasn't up to Final Fantasy standards.

Surprised? I hope not. This game is stunning. On the Gamecube this game looks much better than the PS2 games do. The animations look much better. All of the characters look way better. The environments don't look that much better, mainly because of the problems with pixelation. The framerate is steady. It never really drops, even in the heat of battle with four players casting spells while fighting five enemies. The thing that gets this category a ten is definitely the effects. They are breathtaking. They all look just as good or better than the ones in the PS2 games.

This sound is just as good as the graphics. I love all of the music. It sounds a lot like the stuff you would hear in The Legend of Zelda and Dark Cloud. That is a good thing because I think the music in those games are great. There are no voice actors which is very unusual for a Final Fantasy game. Those games are usually very cinematic and story-driven. This game isn't like those I guess. Despite that, the audio quality is very good.

This game plays nothing like past Final Fantasy games. It is like playing a completely different game with Final Fantasy monsters. I really don't mind. This game a lot like Zelda in the sense that there is no level up system, but it is still an RPG. And the combat is real-time. The gameplay consists of mainly dungeon crawling. There are also other things, but you will find yourself mainly killin' baddies. Those other things are for example customizing your moogle and multiplayer. And speaking of multiplayer, this is hands-down, the best multiplayer experience on the gamecube. But you have to have a gameboy advance/SP to play multiplayer. See this game is great. Try it and you will be hooked.

I really have no complaints here other than a confusing menu interface. You have to get used to it, but once you do, everything is fine. The controls are very easy. You can definitely just pick up and play this game. A is attack/charge attack. B is the action button. X gives orders to your moogle. Y will bring up your menu. Start is pause. You move with the d-pad/control stick and the triggers cycle through attacks/magic.

This is one of my favorite RPGs that I have played in a while. Even though the game doesn't live up to Final Fantasy standards with an amazing story it more than makes up for that with amazing presentation, addictive gameplay, and a very simple control scheme. Now if you don't have any friends to play with the game would get 8/10. But if you do, let the good times roll.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/04

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