"Square + Next Gen Nintendo = BAAAAAD"

The first day that FFCC was out, I was at Target to get my copy. I had heard so much hype about this game, and I was ready to play it. Now I know why IGN gave it a 7.6…

Story 3/10
Stories are usually one of the most important elements of a game of the RPG genre. This game has literally no story, and is not story based! When you start the game, you hear a few sentences, and you’re off to the next level. It’s really that horrible. The world has been engulfed in Miasma, but no one knows why, cause they don’t even say! (I’m serious) It tries to be something it isn’t, (an RPG) and ends up being a hack-and-slash game. But instead of taking the best of both worlds, hack and slash AND RPG, it just takes a horrible chunk from RPG, and the mind numbing part from hack and slash.

Graphics/Visuals 10/10
This is where the game really shines. Look at how the water shimmers in the sunlight, it’s really great! The game is not choppy at all, and even the characters look great! The moogles look really authentic with their fuzzy-ness, (is that a word?) and wings.

Game-play 8/10
This is the meat and potatoes of the game, and it’s pretty good. Before you come and burn down my house, let me tell you why I didn’t give it a 10! All there is to moving on the world map is pressing a button. That is really disappointing, and all it does is support the fact that this game is aimed at a younger audience. Now my favorite part of the game is fusing spells. There are the lower level spells like fire, blizzard, thunder, and cure, but the twist is that you can fuse them together! EX. Fire + Fire = Fira. You can also fuse spells that aren’t the same type. EX. Clear + Blizzard = Holy

During the dungeons if you’re playing single player, a moogle will carry the “Crystal Chalice” around for you, which makes an air bubble that protects you from the Miasma. Good theory right? Yes, but the moogle is often slower than you. You’ll be running along, and bam! Face to face with the Miasma, which causes you to lose life. Nice try Square.

Controls 6/10
The controls are fine; given you have enough time to adjust to them. The reason I don’t like the controls, is the GBA connectability thing!! I think all you should need to play multiplayer is 2 Gamecube controllers. Oh Square, why hast thou failed us?

Soundtrack/Audio 7/10
It’s not catchy, but it’s not horrible either. Except that one lady singing at the beginning of the game! She’s worse than the nun with the eye patch! There are some songs that are really great, (Like Veo Lu Sluice, my favorite level,) but other than that, they are just mediocre.

Play Time/Replayability 2/10
This game has absolutely no side quests, no secrets to unlock, no new weapons, and no new tribes. The play time is about 15 hours, unless you are rushed, in which you can complete the game in 5-10. The only good thing about replaying is the multiplayer, but very few people are willing to dish out 110 dollars to play it with friends. I still think they should’ve made it so you could use GC controllers for multiplayer.

Final Score (Not an Average) 7.4/10
All Square had in mind was money when they made this game. And all Nintendo had in mind was money when they said “Make it GBA connectable!” In perspective this sounds like a good idea, but it failed. This game is mediocre when it comes to sound, controls, and replayability, and it shouldn’t even be considered an RPG. The only way you can survive while playing this game is to think, “It’s not a Final Fantasy game!” But it sure didn’t meet my expectations.

Final Notes
This game is pretty good, but not good enough for the expectations of all Final Fantasy fans. Rent or Buy? Well, it depends. If you have 2 or more GBA’s, and are a fan of hack and slash games, this is a definite buy. But for everyone else, rent to see if you like it. I sure hope Nintendo goes bankrupt and Square sticks to making games for Sony, since every Final Fantasy game on the Playstation and PS2 are great.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/14/04

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