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Reviewed: 02/14/04

First FF On a Major Nintendo Console in a Long Time!

Do you like Sword of Mana? Do you like Final Fantasy? Well, if you like both, chances are you will like this game. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is the first Final Fantasy on a major Nintendo Console since 1994 *I believe it was 1994, I may be off by a year or two...*. This game is not a main game in the series (a game having a numeral after the words Final Fantasy in the title).
Unlike the side stories that Final Fantasy is used to (ala Mystic Quest) this game just does not suck!

Graphics are very nice, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 9. The water in the game is VERY nice, possibly the best I have ever seen. Everything is designed really well. It is old-school Final Fantasy in the new age.

Typical Final Fantasy, very good. This is not something you would buy a surround sound system for, however. At least there is not voice acting (except for a little bit of narration). The voice acting that IS there is not good at all, very monotonous.

The concept for the game is very good, but the game lacks a depth-filled story. If the concept was used for a main Final Fantasy game, it would be great, and I would love to play it. Alas, Crystal Chronicles was blessed with a great story that can't be told. The game seems to be happy-go-lucky, and that is fine. Things get more serious as you go through the game, but the care free attitude stays put. It is very pleasing, not having to think about the world ending or anything, ala most other Final Fantasy Games.

This is an action RPG. It is quite fun. Unfortunately every boss is basically the same. Just wait until it attacks, then attack. Repeat fifty times and the boss is dead (well, maybe 25-30 times). Sometimes it gets so repetitious that you quit the strategy above and just all-out attack. Why not, when a phoenix down will auto-revive you and a Cure spell will bring you to full life? The heart of the game is not in the boss battles....

The game is very linear. Sure, you can do what you want when you want to do it, but you must still progress in a certain path to get the game to move forward. You just pick when you do such things. If someone wanted to spend a long time on this game they could.... but why?

You can get up to three people to play with you. Very interesting, but I am a single-player RPG kind of guy, so I am not thrilled with this aspect of the game. You can hook up four Game Boy Advances to the system (with 10 dollar link cables). You can go through the game menus and use the Game Boy Advance as a radar screen. You can use the radar screen in single player mode as well, if you so choose. In multiplayer you can actually use the Game Boy Advance as the controller. Spiffy!

Unless you want this for your collection or you like multiplayer a lot, just rent the game. It is short (most people will find it to be under 20 hours), and if you play through it fast it will take under 12. Why waste 50 dollars on 12 hours? Don't, unless you have a collection or love multiplayer!
If you have a GameCube and a PlayStation 2, get this instead of Final Fantasy X-2. The games are about the same in length, but this one is much more fun and interesting. Final Fantasy X-2 is nice and all, but this one is just better.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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