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Reviewed: 02/14/04

Final Fantasy return home to Nintendo

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Review

Final Fantasy is back on the Nintendo, and tons of people are happy. With only tactics on the game boy advance, we never thought this day would come. In their world, the land is cover in a mist called miasma. Deadly to almost all creatures living there. The crystal power,
keep the mist at bay. The problem is, that it not a limitless power. Every year, each village must send out caravans to find myrrh to purify the crystal, and protect their village for another whole year. Only they
find myrrh they place it in the crystal chalice which protect them from the mist and the ability to purify the crystal. You will be able to create one to 8 player, each can be a different class with a different family job.

Story 5/10
I love the idea of the caravans, it a new idea, and looks cool, when caraven event are trigger traveling on the roads. Meeting other people on the same journey adds a little bit of style that makes it fun. I hate how the heroes are picked, and don't join like it other FF games. The story just forces you along with really no side trips any where.

Game play/Fun 9/10
It hard having a limited area to fight in, and also limited ability equipped at one time, but that does not stop the fact the game is not hard to learn easily. As you defeat the different enemies you encounter they will drop item for magic so you be able to cast spell in the area only. The game excels in it multiplayer function. It a lot more fun playing with your friends and having a good time saving the world together. Each game boy screen will display different data, along with your character data that makes teamwork a must.

Music, sounds and voices 7/10
The music is great, even though sometimes it repeats a lot and it gets on your nerves a little. The voice works that was used to explain area you are about to go in, it easy to listen to, and also has humor to make it more enjoyable. With lighting cracks and burning sound makes the
sounds of the game are nice to listen to. Also hearing babbling brooks and strong winds also add to the feel that you are there.

Graphics 7/10
In your home town walk behind the crystal there and you will see your reflection in the crystals, or in the water, it a very nice touch that they do a great job with. The enemies look well design and there attack look great when there missing or hitting you. The scenery is lovely to look at and just walking around is fun to see the land. The only problem I dislike is that the camera won’t rotate for you so your view of the lands is very limited. Also you don't get to travel through the land, you just select where you want to go, and there you are there. So there not to much to explore outside the battle areas and towns.

Overall 7/10
I found this game to be fun to play. You may only play through this game once, since there not really to much you can miss in the game. I say rent if you are only able to play single player, but buy to play with your friends when ever you want, cause nothing more fun then havening good laughs with your buddies. Just remember to play fair and not steal everything and work together. I'm happy to see a Final fantasy rpg back on the Nintendo, and I hope for more to come from Square Enix.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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