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"Hang in there, Kupo"

The Final Fantasy Series finally reaches the game cube. Amazingly it seems to of gotten worst as the series continues. Graphics and Story are what people seem to fight over and it seems to have most of that. Game play is also something people fight over, and amazingly it has seemed to of lost all of its respect as a Final Fantasy game. This review is not bashing the game at all. It is just pointing out the points I have noticed in the game that I have not liked or have liked about it. If you think you disagree with what I have put in this review you can either complain all you want about it, or you can just act like you never read this and go along in life thinking its just a review which expresses ones opinion on a thing, which in this case is a game.

Game Play - 3/10

There is not much of a game play in FFCA. It is good in a few places but it really is bad in others. The dungeons are fairly small and follow the same pattern every single time. The weapons and items are mostly following the same pattern for every kind of clan. The magic is annoying after you get use to it. Running in and fighting is boring since on most guys if you start one of the combos they are too weak to fight back due to the knock back effect that happens to some guys.

Multi player - 2/10

Multi player is possibly the funniest part of the game. Think about one player mixed in with two people having the same experiences. Twice as fun, Twice as frustrating, Twice as annoying, Twice as funny, and as always Twice the coolness. Think about with four people playing it. Well if you managed four people to play it then your pretty rich considering the game cost around 50ish each link cost 10ish and each game boy sp cost around 80ish. If you can afford that why are you playing the game when you can just tell your maid to play it for you! The game is expensive if you get right down to it. For that reason, most people seem to steer clear of it and draws people away from the game.

Story - 7/10

I found the story to be quite funny. Ever wonder what it would be like to walk around holding a jug of water over your head so you wouldn't be hurt by fog? Me neither but some how they managed to turn that into a good story. Some parts of the story is sad, some happy, some funny, and some just plain out pointless. Mostly the story of walking around with that jug or myrrh over your head is just funny. There are side stories that make the story make more sense, and some make it make less sense. Overall the story somehow always brings a smile to friends’ faces while we play. The story of course doesn't live up to the true potential of an RPG.

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics are just amazingly realistic. I felt like I was there one day while sitting there. Its 3-D and the details are so lifelike. The water just stands out so much compared to all other games I have ever seen of. Considering that fact that I like the graphics as one of the most important factors in getting a game this was definitely a huge reason. The graphics around that first drop of myrrh is definitely something all games should shoot for.

Sound - 2/10

The sound just was a little to annoying after hearing it so long. People can only take so much of a caravan walking or the sounds that you make when walking or killing a guy. The only really good sound I hear in the game was when you collect that first drop of myrrh. The sounds all around that place is a beautiful sound indeed.

Play Time - 5/10

It is a fairly long game. If you want the full potential of the game it takes too long, and if you just take the short route it's too short. Long games tend to repeat themselves which it proves to do. Short games tend to make the game less interesting in replay.

Replay ability - 2/10

Why would you want to replay it? If you beat it the first time you experienced everything that you want to. If you feel you did not experience it all just keep playing that first one till you have. No point in just restarting, *mainly that song takes so long in the start each time too*

Final Recommendation - It is worth getting, if you really want games with graphics and multi player ability. I recommend buying it instead of renting due to the fact you probably will not be able to beat it during a renting time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/16/04

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