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Although being quite a FINAL FANTASY fanatic I must say, I wasn't really expecting to play this game. However fate has a way of making brothers buy games.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has astounding scenery which will simply make your eyes sparkle. The factors that you are able to choose your own race, looks, name as well as being able to control many aspects of the beginning of your character is just marvelous. Single player gameplay is very fun and can just make time speed up, whether it's doing the side quests, going through the story, or if it's just collecting the many artifacts you don't have yet, this game will make hours pass.

Now the concept of the moogle may be very well off and great, but the fact that the moogle is not there at all in multi-player is simply annoying. The fact is that carrying a little miasma case is just so irritating because your speed cannot even come close to that of a moogle. Therefore playing 2-player multi is quite useless in my point of view since it's just like making the other player a moogle except with a few more features. Therefore if you are playing multi, please try 3 or 4 players. Another fact that has annoyed me is the way Nintendo has been able to monopolize your use of money for the GCN. Firstly the fact that you must have a GBA/GBSP as well as a GBA/GBSP  GCN converter really eats up money. Now I shall cut the chit chat and bring you the main point which is the actual review of the game.

The graphics of this game simply astound me. The scenery is just beautiful, the water gives that all sense of realism. Characters are quite childish, however this in my point of view has never been a turn off since they look quite cool anyways. Bosses and enemies are quite imaginative and there are still some original Final Fantasy Classics such as Ochu.

SOUND [7.5/10]
I must say the sound at first is quite interesting and nice. However just like Skies of Arcadia, repetition of the sounds is just so annoying. It's not like FFX and FFVIII or previous Final Fantasies where you are able to enjoy most sounds to the very end even more so during leveling up for hours on end.

How shall I say this … hmm … Well firstly when playing Multi-player keep it at 3+ players or else it will really annoy you. This game is made to be played with 4 players. It's astounding what you can do with 4 players and I'm sure it's more enjoyable with your friends … Especially against Malboro … “Oh, oh, hit that green thing”, “What green thing?”, “Oh dear I just died.” “Oh you mean Malboro!” Well just be sure not to play 2 player multi, it's so useless.

REPLAY [8/10]
This game on average will take around 20 or so hours to beat. However there are many things to keep you busy such as artifact searches and just keep making your village happier as well as item searching. Many people have been able to go more than 100 hours on this and I'm still playing myself so I will give it an 8 due to the fact that replay of this game will have it's downside after a while.

GRAPHICS [9/10] – Mainly due to the scenery and background
SOUND [7.5/10] – Very annoying BGM's after a numerous amount of repetitions
GAMEPLAY [8/10] - Great multi-player
REPLAY [8/10] – Very fun, however there are limited things to do
OVERALL [8.125/10] – However much I like this game I cannot give this game a higher score due to the fact that it just doesn't deserve any higher in my opinion.

Planning to play multi? This game is for you. If you need a time user then this game is for you. However if playing alone is what you wish to do, then this game will only go downhill from there. Single Player has a lot of limits. I hope this review has been helpful. Arigatou-gozaimasu!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/03/04

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