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    GCN to GBA Link-Up FAQ by PopaSmear

    Version: 1 | Updated: 07/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mr. Driller Drill Land to Mr. Driller Ace Link-Up FAQ.
    Version 1
    No Awesome ASCII art here. Sorry.
    1.	Intro
    2.	GBA Shop Menu Explanations
    3.	Parade Menu Explanations
    4.	Outro
    This is my first FAQ, and I'm not really concerned with making it look pretty. Neither of 
    the existing FAQs for these games have this info, so I'm just trying to fill in the gap. I 
    have no real command of the Japanese language, so all of this information comes from 
    trial and error. If you can accurately translate anything, or have any corrections, feel free 
    to e-mail me at MrDriller@killallthewhiteman.com.
    GBA Shop Menu Explanations
    The top option moves your Pacteria Card information over to the GC, for use in the 
    Parade. After transferring the card info over, you will automatically be moved to the 
    Parade Menu
    The second option is some kind of way to move miles from the GBA to the GC. You 
    seem to only get a percentage of the miles you move, and the percent seems to change. I 
    need to look into this a little more, now that I've bought everything out in the GBA, and 
    have no reason not to copy my miles. 
    The third option just leaves the store. This is especially useful if you don't have a GBA.
    Upon choosing either of the top two options, the game will prompt you to set up the 
    GBA. Have Mr. Driller Ace in the GBA, then turn on the power, while holding START 
    and SELECT. Once the game has booted to the GAMEBOY screen, then don't press 
    anything. Connect the GBA to the GC's fourth controller port, and with the GC 
    controller, press A. This will start the connection. Once you've used one of the options, 
    you can leave the GBA on, and choose the other option without any wacky tricks.
    Parade Menu Explanations
    Option one starts the parade. In the parade moving the stick clockwise makes it go faster, 
    counter-clockwise makes it go slower, and pressing A (it seems like you need to hit it in 
    time with the music… I doesn't always work) will make the little blue guys wave, and 
    the pacteria you've added do a little flip.
    Option two explains how the parade works… kinda like that paragraph right above this 
    The last option lets you mess with your pacteria. No matter what you do in here, the 
    pacteria you've added will show up in the parade, and will replace the regular characters 
    on the steps during the fireworks at the end, hopping endlessly like a bunch of goons. It 
    seems that you can use this menu to replace the instruments in the parade music with new 
    instruments, embodied by the various pacteria. The top option seems to choose a random 
    grouping, and if you've already got pacteria selected, will revert it to the original 
    instrument set of all blue guys. The middle option brings up into a menu where you can 
    choose which pacteria goes where by hand. Pacteria seem to be an instrument based on 
    their species, so all the extra colors changes who shows up in the parade, but not how you 
    can use them here. Once you're looking at a section (say, rhythm) you can move to the 
    other types either with the options at the very bottom of the screen, or by hitting the L 
    and R triggers.
    Well, that about covers it. I know I've gotten better than a .08 rate for moving miles over 
    from the GBA, so if anyone knows how or why, I'd love to hear it. 

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