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    FAQ/Walkthrough by x MJ x

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      **** ***    **** ***   ****      ****      **** **** ****    ***
                                                                                 Walkthrough by MJ
    T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
    - - - - -   - -   - - - - - - - -
    Walkthrough :
           - The Worst Place on Earth
           - Descending
           - Slumber of the Dead
           - Abbott Prison Blues
           - No More Prisons
           - I Can Sleep When I'm Dead
           - Everything Beautiful is Gone
           - Darkest Night, Eternal Blight
           - Oblivion Regained
           - You've Mistaken Me for Someone Else
           - Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner
           - A Lonely Place to Die
           - Dancing at the Dawn of the Apocalypse
           - Surfacing
           - An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind
           - Who Wants to Deny Forever?
           - Death Be Not Proud
           - Single Bullet Theory
           - And a Child Shall Lead Them
           - Last Breath Before Dying
           - Waiting to Die (Prelude Level)
    Endings :
           - Good
           - Bad
           - Neutral
    W A L K T H R O U G H
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Spoiler free. Contains no cutscene info in the walkthrough.
          This walkthrough leans toward the good ending. Look at the
          Endings section to see how to get the others.
    : The Worst Place on Earth :
    After the opening cutscene head to the cell door on the right for a 
    other cutscene. A cell door will fall down behind you so head over and 
    grab the Shiv from the inmates back. Now the other cell door will open 
    up so head inside the CO's station. Behind the door you can flick on the 
    light for a better viewing inside. Head over to the desk in the back to 
    grab the Death House map. Open up the locker to obtain 2 flashlight 
    batteries. Turn on the security monitors to observe whats happening 
    inside the prison. Afterwards activate the red switch to open the door 
    at the flashing red lights. Head right to see a inmate running inside but 
    to no avail he shortly after dies. Then head to the opposite door cell to 
    find another CO being killed cutscene. Head inside the lighted 
    CO station to listen in on the other CO's being wasted. Afterwards 
    grab the flashlight batteries next to the little potted plant and the 
    Urgent Note on the desk. View the security monitors to view some 
    other areas then hit the red switch to open up the cell door. Before 
    heading in to the Control Station go to the Showers straight ahead and to 
    the left to grab 2 Xombium bottles on the bench. These will heal you 
    up if you get hurt. When you head out the phone on the desk will ring; 
    pick it up and a lady will tell you to get the hell out of there. Like we 
    needed her to tell us that! Anyways head over to Administration office up 
    ahead and to the right. Inside you can find a Xombium bottle on the desk
    and some flashlight batteries. In the back theres a bench with some
    revolver ammo so go get that for later use. When your all done here head
    back and go inside the Control Station. Open the left door and head to the
    Stairs. Another cutscene of a dead CO here along with a Slayer enemy.
    A couple of Shiv slashes and the Slayer will be down. After head to the
    door on the right and a CO will come out. Now you can have him killed
    to grab his pistol or keep him alive and he will aid you. The choice is up
    to you! Head inside the bathroom and grab the Xombium bottle on the sink.
    Head to the Break Room and grab the Flashlight on the table and the batteries
    in the locker. To turn off the flashlight go to the inventory and press X to
    turn off so you won't waste battery. Now head downstairs to level B and grab
    the ammo on the CO's desk. Head in and you will fight some Slayers. After
    there dead go inside the CO's desk and grab the bottle on the filing
    cabinet and the desk. Go inside the Infirmary and grab the bottles on the
    walls. Also the flashlight on the desk and some ammo next to the filing
    cabinet. Head out and go inside the electric chair room and pick up the
    pistol left behind from your friend unless you killed him already. Head out
    and destroy the debris on the right that is blocking the door with your Shiv.
    Pick up the phone then head over to the soda machine by the light. Hold X and
    drag it over to open the door. Head in and the next door on the right you can
    find the room that activates the electric chair. Lower the lever to see a
    execution. Theres some Xombiums around here too. Leave and go to the next
    opened area. You'll see a little monster running pass you but don't about
    that. Inside this room head straight to the other door across the room.
    It appears locked but a Slayer will break the door down. Use your Revolver
    on him and head inside. Look for ammo in the locker and some batteries on the
    desk and Xombium on the filing cabinet. Grab the Carnate Map on the main desk
    and view the monitors if you want. Press the red button next to the desk to
    activate the door. You notice that the other door closes when you press the
    button. To get pass this press the button again to open the first door and
    head inside the room to drag the statue between the first door. Some Slayers
    will attack you so be ready for them. Now head back and press the red button
    again. Now you can drag the statue over and get to the next area.
    The first door on the right contains another archive piece The Death House
    along with some ammo on the desk on the right wall. Pressing the yellow
    button will gas the inmate in the chamber. Listen to him then leave the room
    and head straight to the other door on the right. That monster will run away
    once again but some Slayers will be there awaiting you. After wasting them
    head right to the Gas room on the right and you can see the inmate being gassed
    if you didn't do it already. A Slayer will be on the other side of the glass
    so wait for him to jump through. Quickly kill it and go inside the broken
    glass or else the leaking gas will cause you damage. Grab the ammo on the
    floor next to the dead CO and head out. Kill the Slayer, head down the
    stairs, and exit at the blue door on the right.
    Head in and press the lever on the wall to lighten the room up. Grab all
    the ammo on the ground and the batteries on the shelves. Go to the next
    area and you'll see that monster once again. When you enter the room a 
    cutscene will begin. Afterwards you will fight some Slayers. Basically
    the point is to show you your monster form. Press triangle to transform
    then the door will open up. Before leaving grab the Xombium on the shelf
    by the red generator. Grab the Flares and the Sub Basement map and head
    in to the waters. Grab the ammo on the upper left corner and proceed in.
    To stop the steam turn the wheel on the right to turn them off. Grab the
    ammo on the floor and continue. Three slayers will be in the next area
    along with items in the shelves so grab them. Another slayer will sneak
    behind you. Grab the flares at the end of the room on the left where the
    lockers are. Climb up the locker with R2 to get to the door on top. Some
    ammo at the broken locker before entering for a short cutscene. You will
    fight your first Marksmen. Watch out for the rifles on it's head it will
    shoot bullets at you so avoid them. A couple of revolver shots and it will
    be down. Afterwards grab the Flashbang grenades on the shelves and some
    ammo by the dead CO. Head left to fight 2 more slayers. Press the lever
    then move on. You'll fight another Marksman in the next room. Head right
    and the 3 lockers have some items for you. If your low on ammo or health
    then attack the wood boards on the 3 round doors for some items inside.
    Now shoot the canisters next to the door to make a opening. Careful not
    to stand to close. Inside another flashback will take place. Theres a
    shelf on the right with items. Open the red door for some more items and
    head left. Drag the box to open the red door and prepare to fight quite a
    few Slayers and a Marksmen. Stand behind that box you dragged and wait for
    the slayers to come in; making it much easier to kill them. Inside some
    doors here you can find items so look inside. Then head over to the target
    practice picture and to the left is a shelf with items and some grenades by
    the red door. Head back and go inside the room with the wheel. Turn it to
    uncover a area inside the cell. Inside theres some items and a Official
    Document. Head right and go up the stairs to get a Tommy Gun! Go right
    and below the stairs is plenty of items to grab. Go back and go up the
    ladder to exit.
    Slumber of the Dead
    --------- ---------
    Head right and enter the Door to find the North Yard map. Observe the
    security monitor then leave. Head to the exit door to hear someone on the
    other side. The door will open and the inmate will tell you about the
    experiments that they conduct to the prisoners. Then follow him to the
    other side of the glass where the dead inmate is in the chair. Theres a
    Xombium on the sink to. Follow the prisoner and you'll have some Slayers
    and a Marksmen to deal with. Head to the opening on the fence and fight
    another slayer here. Now 2 more Marksmen here, use the Tommygun on them
    for quicker killing. Now grab the dead CO's Revolver to have dual
    Revolvers! Proceed in to fight some more Slayers. Follow your friend up
    the ladder to the East Cellblock.
    Abbott Prison Blues
    Destroy the stuff with your Shiv no need to waste ammo and push the block
    over to get over. Push it enough so your friend can get through to. The
    door on the left is a bathroom with a Xombium on the sink. Go to the other
    room to find the Eastcell block North map on the filing cabinet. Check the
    lockers and tables for stuff and open the door to head to the Control
    Station. View the monitors then press the red button and open the other door.
    Proceed in and the 2nd and 3rd cell has a Xombium for you. Head downstairs
    and examine the blood on the floor. After the short cutscene you will face
    a couple of Mainliners. When you kill them don't step on the acid blood
    or you'll lose some damage. Afterwards head to the door behind the stairs
    and raise the Lower Gallery lever and press the red button to. Grab the
    items in the locker and head out. Head to the door you opened and go to the
    Showers for some more items in the lockers. Now head to the other way to have
    another flashback. Soon after you'll face the four Slayers. Head out and head
    upwards to Electrical (on map). Open the locker for stuff and head downstairs.
    A slayer will be here too. Open the door for another flashback. Then grab the
    items and leave. Head straight and a other Slayer will attack you. To stop
    the electric current shoot the electric box next to it on the wall. Head in
    and open the door to the right. Outside here you'll be facing some Mainliners
    and Slayers. Afterwards head over to the other inmates on the other side of the
    fence for some conversation. You have to kill these guys or else they will kill
    your friend so cap them and grab there weapons on the floor. Head to the weight
    benches for some ammo and Xombium then open the gate on the left. Some
    Mainliners and Slayers here. Grab the ammo from the dead CO between the
    sticks. Inside the little outpost on the left is some items too. Go right
    and a Mainliner will be there. Head straight and by the trees theres more
    stuff for you to get. Open the gate and grab the Xombium by the dead
    CO. Some more enemies will appear; take care of them and open the door.
    Open the door on the left and grab the stuff if you need to, a Mainliner
    will surprise you here. You do not need to enter the showers pass the flames,
    its only many Mainliners in there and nothing more. Head back outside and go
    back to the little outpost. Theres a movable box beside it drag it over to the
    outpost and jump up. Grab the Tommygun by the dead CO. Head inside the tower
    for some Tommygun ammo and the East cellblock south map. Head over to the other
    door down the stairs by the tower. Get the Flamethrower Instructions by the dead
    CO and enter the Library. Head to the back of the library and head right.
    Some Mainliners will be here as well. Head over to the office (on map) to
    stock up on items then open the other door. Some slayers will be here then go
    downstairs. Some items on the shelf here to. Head to the Infirmary and fight
    some more Mainliners here. grab the Xombiums on the wall and check the desk out
    for some more stuff. Open the Operation room (on map) and fight more Mainliners
    here. Grab the Xombium here and open the W.C. door (on map). Couple more
    Mainliners here along with a Xombium. The phone will now ring so go pick it up.
    Afterwards go open the door that leads to V Block.
    Inside you see some guys hanging upside in the other room. Head over and you
    see the main CO guy wielding a machine gun. After the cutscene head over to
    him and start blasting away at him. After a couple of hits he will leave the
    room and join the gunfight. Take care of him then the officers. You can also
    use the machine to take care of the officers. Also lots of Slayers will
    come out so use the machine gun on them as well. Grab the items in the office
    and press the red button. If you need some flares then head upstairs to the
    little room. Now head over to the Loading Dock. You have to open the doors
    from the Control Station. To get there jump up the boxes by the big door
    and open the door. Head straight to the bathroom for another flashback then
    fight the Slayers and Mainliners. In the bathroom stalls theres some Revolver
    ammo. Now go to the Control Station room. In the lockers theres the Recreation
    Yards map. If you still have your friend with you can now free him by
    pressing the red button. I hope he keeps his promise about sending help for
    Head to the door to the Recreation Yards.
    No More Prisons
    Head into the tower for some Tommygun ammo then head downstairs. Head down for
    another cutscene then grab the revolvers from the dead inmates. Grab the Xombiums
    behind the car in flames and head in to Rec Area A. The guys on the towers will
    help you kill the Slayers and Marksmen. Grab the Xombium on the table if you need
    them and head left. A lot more Slayers and Marksmen here to. Careful the Marksmen
    can shoot through the fences. Afterwards go left pass the flames to stock up on
    ammo. On the upper right there some Xombiums by the weight benches if you need
    them. Open the fence door on the right by the revolver ammo on the table and head
    in. Some Slayers will be here afterwards head into West Cellblock.
    I Can Sleep When I'm Dead
    Go inside the CO's station and grab the West Cellblock map on the table and
    revolver in the locker. Head in to S Block then go straight ahead to the CO's
    station and grab the batteries and shotgun shells. Press the red button and go
    inside. Head to Officer Station and kill the Slayers on the way. Grab the items
    if necessary then press the red button to free the inmates for a good rating.
    Now head to Visitation and fight the Mainliners here. In the bathroom theres a
    Xombium in a stall. Head inside Visitation for another flashback sequence. Grab
    the phone and talk to your dead wife. After the conversation you'll be greeted by
    some Slayers. Head inside the Break Room and grab the Xombiums on the table and the
    ammo on the table in the left corner. Enter the Sprinkler Access door and destroy
    the blockade with your Shiv. Inside you'll find the Shotgun and a few items. Turn
    the wheel to turn on the sprinklers. This will distinguish 1 on the flames. To
    distinguish the other you have to block the drain the in middle of the room. You
    need to drag 2 soda dispensers onto the drain vent. If done correctly the water
    will now touch the other flame. Fight the Mainliners and Slayer then head inside
    the CO station. Grab the Tommygun and Shotgun ammos on the desks and the Xombium
    in the locker then press the red button. Destroy the barricade and head inside R
    Block. Fight some Slayers here and a new enemy called the Nooseman. They just hand
    down from the ceiling and attack you. Head to the Officers Station behind the
    stairs and press both red buttons. Grab the shotgun in the locker to. You see that
    cell that is on fire? Jump over the bunk bed to find a Shotgun, Xombiums, and a Gas
    Can for the Flamethrower! Grab some additional items up the stairs in a cell and the
    broken part of the wall. Jump down and head towards the Laundry room. Some Slayers
    will be here too. Look inside the fence part here for some items you might need.
    Proceed into Laundry room and kill some more Mainliners. Look inside the lockers
    and fence area for even more stuff.
    Press the lever to open the gate. Kill a couple of Slayers, Mainliners, and a
    Nooseman here. Look inside the fence area for items. Go up the stairs to the
    station and answer the phone. Check the lockers and head back downstairs. Head
    inside the other door and a Nooseman will be waiting for you. Jump down the hole
    and go over to the batteries on the walls pass the hall. Lower the lever to open
    the door, a few Slayers will come at you. Grab some shotgun shells at the end of
    the pipes and head down. Kill the Mainliner and head inside the hole. Kill some
    Slayers and Mainliners here. Grab the Tommygun ammo by the Mainliners then jump
    up the rock and the other rock. Grab some more Tommygun ammo on the right then
    proceed left. Jump the rocks to get on top. Theres some batteries on the last
    cell along with a Xombium. kill the Nooseman around here then go up the stairs.
    Couple more Xombiums on the cell far left. Head to the cell on the far right for
    another flashback, also a Xombium in there. Jump up the bunk bed to reach the high
    level. Grab the Scrawled Note on the ground by the dead inmates and read it. Then
    exit level.
    : Everything Beautiful is Gone :
    Head in and grab the Shotgun and Xombium from the dead CO. Jump down between the
    broken grating and proceed inside the tower for some Flashbangs. The poison will
    cause damage so quickly run in and grab. Grab the Revolver from the CO and climb
    up the ladder next to the tower. Take the Xombiums and jump over to the other
    building. Head right for a quick cutscene of a CO. Take the Flashlight batteries
    on the ground and grab the Tommygun ammo on the right side of the fence where you
    jumped down then enter the door. Enter the door on the left for a Shotgun and some
    Flashbangs. Head down the stairs and talk to the CO behind the stairs. After the
    talk grab the Xombiums if necessary then follow the CO. Now Slayers will spawn out
    here until you get the CO to the other side. To get him over go over to the search
    lights and turn them on then rotate them over to the direction of the walkway.
    This will burn the Slayers up and kill them. The CO should run over. Now drag the
    box down into the hole next to the ladder to destroy the canisters down there.
    This will make an opening to the baseball field. You can also turn on the search
    light to kill some Slayers down below. Climb down for another flashback followed
    by some Slayers and some Marksmen. Theres some Xombiums inside the batters cage.
    After you kill all the enemies the CO will run over. Get some Xombiums by the score
    board on the field and head in to the radio room. Grab some shotgun ammo on the left
    desk and a shotgun in the locker. Listen in then after grab the Urgent Note and the
    Quarry map along with some batteries and Xombiums. If you need more Xombiums check
    the back of the truck and the back of the radio room outside. Then climb up the
    ladder inside radio room and jump over to the other building. Go right and jump
    down. If you need some shotgun ammo run straight to the dead CO ahead. Next to
    the door is some Tommygun ammo and a Xombium. Now head inside the door.
    Darkest Night, Eternal Blight
    Turn on your Flashlight and head in to fight some Slayers and Mainliners. Enter
    the CO station for a shotgun and some Flashbangs in the locker. If you need some
    Xombiums head inside the fence area and grab them. Now jump up the CO station and
    grab the Tommygun and Revolver ammo and jump over to the walkway on the right.
    Get the Shotgun shells on the left up the stairs and head right to enter the door
    to the Cementery. Grab the stuff in the locker and shelf then jump down. Grab the
    Revolver ammo next to the dead CO and head left. Look for a cross tombstone to find
    the Prison Cemetery archive page. Head inside the Cementery for another flashback.
    Proceed to the left to find some TNT sticks and Flares on the ground. Then head right
    to fight some CO's followed by Slayers. Then head over to the table with the lamp for
    some useful items. Continue down the right trail to fight some Marksmen. Look around
    the leafs here to find some items. When you see the big structure head left to find
    some Tommygun ammo and Revolver ammo. Then head right down the path to find some more
    TNT sticks next to the shovel. Enter the little house for some items then go down the
    stairs. Fight some Mainliners and a Slayer down here. Grab the items behind the ladder
    area and by the dead CO. Climb up the other ladder and enter the Quarry to unlock
    another archive. Grab the flares and proceed in. Fight 2 Slayers here and grab the
    batteries on top of that little generator and the TNT on the other side on the table.
    Travel along for some more TNT on the table and a other flashback. You will see a CO
    here who will be killed by a new enemy. When you see the ground moving towards you
    get out of the way. He will show itself eventually then blast him away. You've
    killed your first Burrower. Grab the ammo by the dead CO and the TNT on the table
    and travel along in. Grab some more stuff by the dead CO and jump up to reach the
    stairs. Before entering the flames area jump on the left side of the stairs for
    some more items. For even more items go behind the lights by the stairs and jump
    over the rock. It's filled with all kinds of items. Then enter to exit.
    Oblivion Regained
    Travel in and fight some Slayers and Burrowers along the path. Before entering the
    tunnel look for some items behind the box straight ahead. Enter the tunnel and
    get the Xombium by the walkie talkie. Kill the Mainliners in the other room then
    destroy the boxes to get to the detonator on the right. Detonate it and a rock
    will crash down so you can jump up. Grab the flares and jump up on the right.
    Grab the TNT's and Flashbangs and proceed left. Climb down the ladder and jump
    over to get some more items then climb back up. Head over and grab the Flares
    behind the crates if you need them. Get the Flashlight on the floor and go in
    to fight some Slayers and Marksmen. Grab the stuff on the table and fight some
    more in the next room. Attack the wood boards and head outside to fight some
    Burrowers. Head up to find some TNT and items by the dead CO. Travel under the
    bridge to find some TNT's and Flares behind the box. Open the fence door and get
    the TNT and Batteries behind the door. Head up the stairs and grab more items on
    the ground. Head over to the CO's and activate the rock mover and move it to the
    right to knock over another rock to trap the Slayers in the ground. Head down and
    grab all the items down there. If you need more ammo head to the ladder and enter
    the small house. Need Shotgun ammo or more TNT then jump up the rocks on the
    right and climb up to find them. Now jump over the rock that you dropped down and
    climb up. Jump over the little rock to find some Revolver ammo there. Jump up
    next to the dead inmate to find Xombiums and a Tommygun. Before entering the
    tunnel look behind the boxes for Shotgun and Tommygun ammo down below. Grab the
    TNT's and throw one into the tunnel to clear the path. On the other side of the
    tunnel another flashback will occur. Shortly after some Burrowers and Marksman
    will appear. Go up and left to the house to stock up. Go right and kill some
    more Burrowers.
    Help the trapped inmate by activating the rock mover and lowering it to him.
    Now guide the rock all the way to the left so you can jump on it and get over.
    A cutscene will take place afterwards head over to the boxes for some ammo next
    to the big machine. Head down to the water part and grab the Xombiums and Batteries.
    Throw a TNT by the water tank to distinguish the flames and enter the tunnel.
    You've Mistaken Me for Someone Else
    Next to the truck on the left theres some items on a table. Go right and enter
    the hole in the fence next to the trees. On the left theres a dead CO with
    some items. Head up and climb the rocks and jump down. Head straight to the
    gazebo for another flashback and some items inside. Head left from the gazebo pass
    the light to find a big looking house, some Burrowers will show up along the way.
    Go all the way left to find the Asylum map on the ground by the carcass. Walk up
    the steps to enter the house and go right for some items then head left. Go
    straight to find some more items by the carcass. Go to the other side to fight
    some Slayers and Burrowers. Look around the benches for items, also by the big
    gate in the back. Drag the cage by the light post and destroy the boxes to open
    the door.
    Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner
    Go in for a cutscene shortly followed by some Slayers. You should now have the
    Asylum archive page. Shoot the projector on top of the shelf thing and open the
    door that it was pointing to. Go upstairs and open the door on the right. You
    can Flashlight Batteries and Flares on the counter. Head down the hall and go
    to the end of the hall to the bathroom, you can find some Xombiums and a Revolver.
    Inside the room with the guy on the couch, you can find more items laying around
    here. This guy can sure talk a lot can he? Open the door next to him and head down.
    After the cutscene head upstairs and open the all doors on the right side. You can
    find shotgun ammo in one of them. Don't kill the severed CO unless you want to.
    Before heading downstairs go inside the hole in the elevator to find some TNT's.
    Head downstairs to the other opened door and head all the way left. Open the door
    on the left to find a creature like you transformed into and press the yellow
    button over by the machine. Open the right door for some Xombiums on the table.
    The other door on the left has a Xombium to. Open the last door for another
    flashback. Destroy the projector and the phone will ring that is by the desk
    by the door. Head to the Theater (on map) for another cutscene followed by
    some Slayers. Get on the stage where some Noosemen will show up then shoot the
    rope on the left side of the stage to open the door the projector is pointing to.
    Open the door and get some items on the shelves. Use your Shiv to break the boards
    on the door then open. Now head back to the room where the monster was at and jump
    down the hole. Explore the area for another Dr. Killjoy cutscene followed by some
    Mainliners. Afterwards grab the Fire Axe by the cage box and drag the box to
    block one of the projectors. Destroy the other projector on the far right of the
    room on top of some wood structures. Open the door and head left. Grab the items
    around the dirt piles and head over to the water with the switch. Grab the Xombiums
    on the left and cut the wood board up to open the door. Head back upstairs at the
    Foyer (on map) and find a cage box in one of the asylum rooms. Drag it over to
    reach the Attic Hatch (on map). Look up for a open hatch and jump up.
    Head straight ahead to find some generator type thing. Go around and turn the
    wheel to deactivate the electric current. Head back to the other room for
    another cutscene followed by some Slayers and Mainliners. Head inside where
    the caged projector is and drag it till the light isn't beaming. Grab the Xombiums
    on the upper right corner and destroy the other projector on the left which is
    beaming down at the Foyer room. Head back to Foyer and open the door to
    Operations Theater. Head in for a cutscene then head over inside the lab. Don't
    bother shooting the Slayers because Dr. Killjoy will revive them. Therefore shoot
    all the projectors in the room to defeat him. To get the one in the cage shoot the
    rope on the wall to destroy it. To destroy the other one above look for a fuse box
    down below it and shoot it. Afterwards the Dr. Killjoy archive page will be unlocked.
    When the machine crashes down hit the yellow button and stand in the purple beam to
    use your rebirth power. Hit the monster with R1 then jump out the window.
    A Lonely Place to Die
    Grab the Xombiums and Batteries from the dead CO on the wall and go up the stairs
    to find Tommygun ammo along the wall near the big tree. Head to the Asylum entrance
    and find Revolver ammo on the right and walk all the way left to find additional
    items by the headless CO. Proceed forward pass the statue and at the right corner
    of the area you can find some Xombiums and Tommygun ammo. Don't enter the gate yet
    head over to the tall bushes and follow the kid inside to find a gazebo. Grab the
    items and head back. You'll kill some Burrowers along the way out. Head inside the
    gates to grab a Urgent Note on the ground. Read it then proceed in. Look out for
    some rats (I think there rats?) that will run your way. They will explode on contact
    and cause some damage. Explore around the camp fires on the left to find some TNT
    sticks. Also look for a boarded off area which contains a house in the back. Axe the
    boards, get the stuff and head out and cross the bridge. Get the Revolver ammo on
    the bridge and go kill some Slayers and Marksmen up ahead. Some Slayers might revive
    if you don't shoot thier head off. Kill them and run up to kill the Marksmen. Go
    right where the Marksmen was to find a destroyed house. Go inside to unlock the
    Burned Down House archive. Look around the house for items and the well on the side.
    Grab the Gas Can on top of the fireplace. To get it climb up by the fireplace, then
    jump over to the boards to get some more items on top. You should now have another
    flashback followed by some Slayers and Burrowers. The Slayers will revive more then
    once if you don't shoot them in the head. Before heading back to the main path look
    for a cave up ahead to the right from the ruined house. Two Burrowers will be lurking
    in front of the cave entrance. In the right cave entrance you will find some items
    including the Bike Pump for your Flamethrower! Quickly grab it and the other stuff
    and jump up because there will be gas leaking out, courtesy of Hermes. Watch out for
    the Mainliners and Nooseman in the left cave entrance.
    Afterwards head back and continue down the path to find fight some more Slayers.
    Climb up the rocks and grab the Molotov Cocktails and the SketchBook page on the right
    along with the items on the ground. Travel down to find some Slayers. The Sketchbook
    page says to aim at there head to prevent reviving. Continue along and find a Marksmen
    by the broken bridge. Head that direction to find some items behind the truck. Look
    around the trees here to find some Shotgun ammo. Jump down by the waterfall and find
    some Xombiums by the dead CO. Some more Marksmen will show up then head over to the
    cave at the end. Inside look for some Shotgun shells and Molotovs around the ground
    by the entrance then proceed in. Look for a Xombium by the dead carcass just before
    leaving the cave. Outside you'll see your dead family again followed by some Slayers,
    Burrowers, and a Marksmen. Before heading to the water check the right area for some
    Shotgun ammo and some other ammo by the tree log by the sign. Kill some more Burrowers
    around here to. Theres nothing else to do here so head back to that truck. Theres a
    jack on the truck so press X to jack the car to its highest. Then push it from the
    back to run it down to the water. Now you can use it to jump up to the next area.
    Climb up to get the Xombiums and proceed in.
    Dancing at the Dawn of the Apocalypse
    Walk along till you see on the right a generator type thing. Grab the goods then move. 
    Head down the path to find a surviving inmate along with some Slayers. Go talk to
    him and you'll find out that's Clem, the guy who keeps track of the monsters in the
    archives. Grab the items inside where Clem is then follow him. After the cutscene
    you will fight these new enemies called Festers. Normal guns don't hurt them so use
    Molotov's or Axe to kill them. Two Molotov's will kill them. Watch out for the rats
    they shoot out to they cause some nice damage. Grab the Molotov's on the broken pier
    if you need them. Continue following Clem, look for items along the beach then some
    more Festers along with Burrowers will show up. When you get to his raft some more
    Festers and Burrowers will appear. Grab some items behind the rock at the far end
    of this part pass the waterfall. After the conversation go inside the ship wreck in
    the previous area, you'll see Festers coming out. If not then use a TNT to open the
    cage door. Kill the Festers then walk up the boards. Another archive page Slave
    Shipwreck will be unlocked. Another flashback will take place. Head inside the room
    there and you see that weird looking water over there? That's where the Festers are
    spawning from. Throw a TNT stick to knock down the kegs then toss another one to flame
    the water. This will stop the Festers from coming out. Now Clem can cross the sea.
    Climb up to the top of the ship and grab the items around the sides. Head towards the
    water sewers. Grab Clem's map at the entrance along with some other items then enter.
    After the cutscene avoid those rats that will come out of the valve. Head in and
    another valve with rats will come out. Aren't they annoying? Head left then right.
    Climb up the ladder and head right. A Fester will be here so have your Molotov's
    ready. Grab the stuff on the left and the Flares in the locker. Destroy the wood
    boards on the right wall to find some TNT. Head upstairs to the Supply Room. Two
    Festers will be down the hallway. Go back downstairs and get some more Molotov's.
    Inside the Supply Room you'll find some Mainliners and a Burrower. Grab the ammo
    on the desk and get the stuff on the shelves in the corners. Go to the next area
    and find some Xombiums behind the door. Kill some more Mainliners in the Munitions
    Room and get the Xombium and Flashlight Batteries on the desk by the door. Grab more
    Xombiums by the cell doors and head over to the 3 wheels on the wall on the left
    side of the room. Keep turning the wheels until you can get over to the other side.
    Grab the stuff on the shelf then go under the stairs and cut the boards up to find
    some more stuff. A Nooseman will be around here too. Head upstairs, get the stuff
    on shelves and lockers then enter the Medical Lab. Don't kill the caged Slayers.
    Grab the Xombiums in the right corner on the sink and lower the lever to open the
    door. Go right for another flashback followed by some Slayers and Festers. Head in
    and now your back at the Death House Basement. Head back to the beginning of this
    area (where you fought the first Marksmen, remember?) and the dead dude will open
    the door for you, to the right of the dead CO. Go in and head right to enter the
    blue door at the end.
         An Eye for an Eye
     Makes the Whole World Blind
    Head in and go underneath the stairs and to the left you can find items along with
    the Death House Basement map. Go over to the Witness Area room for a quick cutscene.
    After the cutscene you have to jump over the waves of electricity that is coming
    from Horace. Destroy the fuse boxes around the room to stop the electricity. Watch
    out for the cables hanging loose or you'll get zapped. After you destroyed them all
    hit the switch on the generator to stop it for good. The Horace page will now be
    unlocked. Grab the Xombiums in the Witness Area if you haven't already and leave.
    Head to the other Witness Area to hear a eerie voice. Head up to B-Level, grab the
    Xombiums on the right before heading up and answer the phone. Up the stairs a 
    Slayer will pop out, shoot him in the head or it will revive. Along with some
    Noosemans and a Mainliner on the stairs. Head in and go back to the beginning of
    the game where you came out of the cell. Follow the red lights then head back to
    your cell and pick up Killjoy's Diagnosis. A Slayer and a Fester will appear from
    the wall on the left. Waste them then go inside. Open the door to kill some more
    Slayers. Head in to the bathroom and open the stall door for another flashback.
    Head downstairs towards the flames and exit on the right.
    Who Wants to Deny Forever?
    Head right and grab the Xombiums on the ground then enter the fence. Grab some
    more stuff here then go kill some Festers. Grab the Xombium by the broken door
    and a Shotgun at the far right of the door. Grab more stuff by the flamed Fester
    too. Head inside the tower and talk to the CO's and some more items on the table.
    Grab another Xombium on the side of the tower then proceed towards the right at
    the hole on the wall. Grab the Tommygun ammo right before entering in to kill some
    more Festers. Head across, kill some more Burrowers and a Marksmen then enter the
    Radio Room again. You can find Xombiums on the truck and the back of the Radio Room
    outside. Inside you'll grab the Urgent Tickertape. Listen in then grab the Xombiums
    and head back outside. A Fester will open the fence door by the truck. Kill it then
    head inside to face some Slayers, Festers, and some Marksmen. Use the machine gun
    turret to save ammo. Grab the items on the table and head to the hole on the wall.
    Grab the Xombiums and enter door.
    Death Be Not Proud
    Head inside and go right to fight some Slayers and Marksmen. Find some Batteries by
    the trash dumps by the buses. Grab the stuff on the truck and proceed to the other
    area with more Marksmens. Find more items by the trash can next to the red door.
    Go around the corner by the red door for a Flashlight and some other things. To
    open the big door destroy the wedge that is on the bus tire. More Slayers will
    appear to, blast there head off so they won't revive. Jump on the front of the
    bus and head in. Proceed down the path for a short cutscene. Head forward till you
    see a flamed section. Grab some Molotov's on the right around the flames and by the
    barrel on the left. Two Burrowers will appear then head back. Some Marksmen will be
    behind the trees. You see the sewer lid on the ground? Head left to walk downward
    into the tunnel. Now you have to jump over to get to the other tunnel. Reach the
    end and climb up. Before heading up go right to find some more items including
    the Bike Pump. Jump over on top of the car to reach it. Head back and climb up to
    fight some Marksmen. Get items in the house and head down the path to kill some
    Slayers. When you reach the blocked tunnel to the lighthouse head right pass the
    sign and go into the trees to fight some Burrowers. Go in and The Bluff archive
    page will be unlocked. Use the machine gun turret to all the Marksmen that will
    show up from the ground. From the firing squad poles head inside the middle of the
    trees to find a shack. You can open it by breaking the door down. Jump up on top
    and climb up the rock. Walk in to unlock the Crashed Plane archive. Head over by
    the plane to have another flashback followed by some Marksmen. Grab the Gas Can
    by the plane and the Flares to have some Flamethrower ammo. Head back to the firing
    squad poles and head to the left corner (facing the poles) to find the tunnel. Watch
    out for the TNTs when your about to enter.
    Single Bullet Theory
    Head straight forward to find some items near the dead carcass. Go into the cave
    on the right for another flashback and grab the items underneath the red structure.
    Head back and go to the left side at the beginning on this area to get closer to
    the Lighthouse. Kill 2 Festers on the way then head in to the other cave where a
    Nooseman will show up. Head in and grab the Shrapnel Grenades on the ground. Go back
    to the previous area and climb up the rock on the left, watch out for the Nooseman.
    Jump over to enter the next cave. Head right and kill some Slayers and a Fester, grab
    the items on the right and go left. Jump on top of the rock to reach the upper part.
    Head in and grab the World War II Fort archive and the Diary Entry near the right bed
    by the locker by the shelves. Grab the items around the shelves and enter the door.
    Look for the door that is behind some boxes. Destroy them and enter the room and look
    for items all over the room, also a other flashback. Pick up the red phone as well.
    Head out and go downstairs pass the fence. Grab the items underneath the stairs then
    toss a Shrapnel Grenade or TNT by the green boxes. This will make lots of Marksmen and
    Mainliners pop out. Quickly get on the machine gun turret and mow them down. Head into
    the hole and help the guy out. To help him toss a grenade at the rocks near the TNT's
    on the ground. Go inside to find some Flares and a Xombium near the entrance on the
    left. Follow the inmate, watch out for a Nooseman around here. When your killing the
    Burrowers and Marksmen look for items left underneath where you came in. Kill the
    Nooseman that might grab the inmate and continue up the ladder. After the cutscene
    quickly run to the valves in each corner of the room and turn them off. Now you have
    to close or block the vents on the floor. Some you shoot a rope. One you block it with
    a crate. The other you shoot the boxes behind it to close. Careful of the guys gas he
    can shoot at you. Now you have to trap him into the furnace. When he appears on the
    vent next to the furnace use the wheel and turn it upwards to push steam at him. Once
    he's inside quickly close the door to defeat him. The Hermes page is now unlocked.
    The door will now be opened, go inside and grab the Xombiums on the shelves. Climb up
    the ladder.
    And a Child Shall Lead Them
    The Lighthouse page will be unlocked. Enter the door on the left hand side and
    stock up on items and ammo, look at the shelf and desk beside the door. Head outside
    to see the 3 little girls. Now they will be engulf with flames and attack you. Stay a
    good distance away and shoot them. When there dead shoot them until they disappear
    or else they will revive again. The Inferna page will be unlocked. Listen to the
    CO and then follow him to the other side. Listen to him again and you will find out
    that he is Consuela's husband Ernesto. Keep listening and then follow him to get the
    generator back on. Kill the Infernas in the cementery and the Old Cementery page will
    be unlocked. Follow Ernesto and kill a Burrower and some more Infernas. Kill the
    Slayers and shoot there head off to prevent reviving. Open the door and grab the
    Xombiums in the locker. Climb the ladder and grab the stuff on the left and open the
    door. Point the search light on the hole that the Slayers came out of to prevent any
    more coming out. Climb back down and answer the phone. Head towards the right side of
    the fence to fight some Infernas. Jump on the back of the truck to get some items.
    Grab more stuff on the barrel next to the lever and lower the lever to get the
    lighthouse generator up and running. Follow Ernesto to unlock the Witch Burning Site
    archive and waste the Infernas. After the quick conversation follow him and waste a
    Burrower on the way. Enter the cave to help 3 inmates out, head left to find them.
    Kill the Infernas and the Fester that are here. Get the items in the back of this
    area then enter the next cave by the entrance. Head in and kill a Slayer then climb
    up the rocks for 2 more Slayers. Get the stuff on the ground and jump down to get
    back outside. Follow Ernesto back to the lighthouse. Climb up the ladder and go up
    the spiral stairs to reach it. Shoot the blades off the gears then turn the wheel
    to turn it on. Open the door and climb up to see the light. Climb back down to
    listen to the radio and you'll get the Urgent Tickertape. Head back outside and
    follow Ernesto. Horace will open the gates for you.
    Last Breath Before Dying
    Follow Ernesto and kill the 2 Infernas up ahead. Keep running and you'll fight some
    Slayers, Marksmen and Burrowers. Shoot the Slayers head here. Look for items on the
    ground around here. Proceed into the fences for some more Infernas. It seems that your
    trapped. Look for a table to stand on by the entrance here and jump up and grab the
    items here. Toss a TNT or a Shrapnel Grenade by the pipes to release water. Now drag
    the box over the grating on the ground to make the water enter the main area to
    distinguish the flames. Grab the stuff around the machine before leaving. Kill the
    Mainliners and follow Ernesto. Grab the items by the truck and the truck will explode
    and Infernas will pop out of it. Follow Ernesto up the hill and grab the items.
    Go back down and look over the gap for a cutscene. Get out of the way when the bus
    comes by, closing the gap. Head up the hill to jump on the bus. Kill the Marksmens
    and Burrower and grab the items. Some Slayers and Festers will appear up ahead.
    Follow Ernesto and The Town page will be unlocked. Look for Tommygun ammo on the
    left on the ground. Now some more Infernas will appear. Now your on your own because
    of the flames. Head up to the D.O.C Decks, look for a Molotov by the tree on the right.
    Head inside where the bus is for a cutscene. Enter the house for some Xombiums and a
    Shotgun, answer the phone to. Now enter inside where the kid ran in. The Docks archive
    page will be unlocked. Go into the docks for another cutscene. Now you have to fight
    one of those beast that you transform into! I would use your explosives on him like
    TNT, Molotov's, or Shrapnel's. Just run away and toss them at the beast and he'll be
    dead, kill the Mainliners and a other cutscene will take place. Now you have to fight
    a clone of yourself! He will be accompanied by some Slayers. Also you can't use any
    explosives or weapons on him or you will receive damage. To defeat it transform
    into monster form and kill him. Afterwards open the door where the turret is. A
    cutscene should take place. If not then walk over to the fence area. Now you
    will have to face that huge beast! To damage him head inside the little fence area
    across from the turret to lower the energy beacon downward. Charge up and toss the
    beams at him. Avoid his attacks by hiding behind the crates. Keep attacking him
    and he's done for. The monsters archive page will be unlocked and Torque's Family
    page. Depending on your rating that is.
    Congrats you beaten the game! Watch the ending cutscenes and save. Now a prelude
    level will be unlocked. Start a new game to play it. Your ending depends on how
    you interacted with other people in the game. Head over to Endings section for
    more details.
    Prelude Level :
    : Waiting to Die :
    After the cutscene wait for the crow flying around to land next to the inmates
    talking. Walk over and stand next to it to hear the director of the game talk
    about the prelude level. You'll now be wearing a cool cowboy hat for the time
    being. Listen in on the other inmates then they will start attacking you.
    Eventually you'll tranform into monster form. Take them all out and you'll
    see your dead family along with the end boss monster. The first level will
    now begin.
    E N D I N G S
    - - - - - - -
    SPOILERS. Ending descriptions ahead...
    Good Ending
    How to get it:  Help the people you meet and help them in their task like escaping or
                    getting somewhere. Example: the Inmates, Clem, Ernesto, CO's. Don't kill
                    anyone either except enemies, CO's that shoot at you, and the Inmates that
                    shoot at you. Don't kill the caged enemies in 'Surfacing'. I remember I got
                    a bad rating for shooting them. Shoot the half severed CO flopping on the
                    floor in the Asylum room. Also don't gas the guy in the gas chamber or the
                    electric chair near the beginning of the game, I think you get a bad rating.
                    In 'And a Child Shall Lead Them' help the 3 Inmates in the cave for a good
                    rating point. 
    Ending:         You get a flashback of your family getting killed and the killers tell
                    you that someone wanted only your family dead and not you. Then the boat
                    arrives and picks you up. The guy tells you that you'll be getting a
                    retrial. A picture of your family appears with a message.
    Unlockable:     Torque's Family Archive
    Bad Ending
    How to get it:  Basically kill everyone. Do the complete opposite of the good ending.
    Ending:         It shows Torque killing his wife and kids. Torque kills the boat driver then
                    runs away as a monster into the island.
    Unlockable:     Monster Archive
    How to get it:  Either ignore people, let them die in combat, or do a little of both
                    killing and saving people.
    Ending:         Torque accidentally killed his wife, and his son killed his little brother
                    and himself. Then when the rescue boat picks him up, he knocks out the
                    driver and drives off.
    Unlockable:     Torque Archive
    Copyright 2004 MJ (goforbrokehub@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
    drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions.
    You may post it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me
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