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    Rogue FAQ by kreider204

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    X-Men Legends (Xbox) -- In-depth character guide for Rogue
    V1.0 (complete, pending minor corrections)
    by S.E.Kreider ("kreider204") -- xbox1kreider204(at)spamex(dot)com
    Copyright 2005
    I started reading X-Men Classic when I was about 13 (1984-ish), right around
    the time when Rogue joined the team.  She was instantly my favorite X-Man.
    Not only because I was a teenaged boy and she was super hot, but also because
    she was a brooding loner with a dark past -- gotta love the bad girls,
    don't ya?  She's also my favorite character to play in X-Men: Legends, but she
    can be a bit tricky to master.  She's mainly a melee-oriented "brawler" or
    "tank" type of character, but with some non-melee powers thrown in -- an
    unusual combination.  Since no one else has yet written a character guide for
    her, I thought I'd give it a go -- I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it helps
    you enjoy playing with Rogue.  I mean, playing _AS_ Rogue.  Whatever.
    From the game: "Rogue is from a small town along the banks of the Mississippi
    Rivers in the Deep South, as her thick accent will attest to.  It was a good
    and peaceful life, but that was all to vanish when her mutant powers became
    active and she nearly killed a boy after kissing him.  Confused and
    frightened, Rogue ran away from home and was befriended by Mystique, who
    brought her to the Brotherhood of Mutants.  There she met Magneto and the two
    fell in love.  But eventually Rogue realized that the Brotherhood’s message of
    hatred and violence was wrong, and she joined the X-Men.  She still harbors
    great resentment towards Mystique for lying to her, but she also holds a
    special fondness towards Magneto.  But her current love, Gambit, is more than
    enough to keep her mind off her Brotherhood memories.”  Let me expand on this.
    First, note that the game, and my descriptions below, are based on the comics
    version of Rogue, not the movie version, which has her younger, and makes her
    a Wolverine sidekick.  Nope.  Let's stick to the facts . . . 
    Rogue's mutant power is the ability to absorb the personality, thoughts,
    memories, talents, skills, and even mutant abilities of whomever she touches.
    Unfortunately, she cannot turn this power off: since puberty (when mutant
    powers typically manifest), she has been unable to touch another person
    without "absorbing" them.  In the comics, the person she touched usually fell
    unconscious for the duration of the absorption: once the person regained
    consciousness, Rogue's absorption of them faded.  (That may be different in the
    newer comics, I don't know; but more importantly, in the game, it's very
    different, as the person does not lose consicousness, but is merely stunned
    for a moment.)  Furthermore, the longer she touches the person, the longer she
    absorbs them; if she touches them for too long, she can even absorb them
    permanently, leaving them in a coma or with amnesia.  The first boy she kissed
    ("Cody," I think his name was) has been in a coma ever since (again, this may
    have changed since I stopped reading comics many years ago), and Rogue still
    has some of his thoughts rattling around inside her head, though she has
    learned to bury them.
    You may also have noticed that Rogue has a few other powers -- namely, super
    strength, invulerability, and flight.  Way back when (I think she was in the
    Brotherhood of Mutants at the time), she permanently absorbed the personalilty
    and powers of Ms. Marvel (aka Carol Danvers).  So that's where those come from.
    With all those different personalities roaming around in Rogue's head, you
    might suspect that she has some psychological problems, and you'd be right.
    She's had to struggle against losing herself among multiple personalities.
    But she's feeling much better now.  :-)  As a useful side-effect, Rogue has
    some added resistance to telepathic scans and attacks (in the comics, I mean,
    not in the game, unfortunately) -- the multiple brainwave patterns are hard to
    lock onto.  
    A bit of trivia: Rogue's real name was unknown for a very long time, but it
    seems to be "Marie" or "Marianne," though I'm not sure if this was ever really
    Another bit of trivia: Apparently, Colossus is immune to Rogue's absorption
    ability.  I didn't know that, except I cam across it in the trivia game.  Neat.
    I'm not sure if that includes his regular human form, or just his steel form.
    Either way, does that mean they could have sex?  Isn't she still a virgin?
    Come on, you were wondering too, admit it.
    Lastly, and on a related topic: Rogue has terrible taste in men.  Gambit?
    Yuck.  Magneto?!?!  Weird.  I really think the girl could do better than that.
    What's wrong with a nice boy like Havok?  Heck, even Nightcrawler would be a
    step up.  Anyway . . .
    Let's get clear on the controls -- it'll make explaining some things easier.
    I'm writing this for the Xbox -- if you're playing on another system, you'll
    have to transpose for yourself.
    A = quick attack
    B = heavy attack / attack enemy on ground
    X = grab / grapple
    Y = jump (double-tap for flight or other special movement)
    black = use health pack
    white = use energy pack
    right trigger = tap for target lock; hold for powers menu
    left trigger = call allies / allies attack targeted enemy
    left thumbstick = move character
    right thumbstick = move camera
    right thumbstick button = map
    D-pad = select character
    Select = options menu
    Back = character menu
    Rogue is a melee character first and foremost, so learn those attacks!!!
    A: quick attack
    B: heavy attack
    A, A, A: triple hit (can easily be tacked on to end of other combos)
    B, B: knock-back
    A, A, B: pop-up
    A, A, B, B, B: pop-up, jump, slam-down
    A, B, A: trip
    B, A, B, B: stun
    A, B, B, B
    A, B, B, A
    B, A (great for following up with an additional A, A, A)
    Y, A or B: jump attack (B adds some length to the jump)
    X, X or A: pick up and throw object / enemy / ally
               (Rogue can use this to do a "Fastball Special" with Wolverine)
               (throw enemies towards allies for a "Batter Up" combo)
               (throw enemies into objects or other enemies for extra damage)
               (aim the throw with the left thumbstick)
    "Mutant powered smash punch."  That about says it all.  This is for dealing
    heavy damage, and is especially good as a finishing move.  Be sure to plug
    lots of points into this one.  To use this power, pull the right trigger and
    press the A button.
    a) Southern Strike:
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      1          0           10        15-18 damage;  40 knockback
    2      3          1           15        25-31 damage; 120 knockback
    3      5          1           20        50-63 damage; 190 knockback
    4      7          1           25       80-100 damage; 245 knockback
    5      9          1           30      100-125 damage; 305 knockback
    b) Southern Smash:
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      15         2           40      160-165 damage; 305 knockback
    2      17         1           45      175-215 damage; 370 knockback
    3      19         1           50      200-250 damage; 430 knockback
    4      21         1           55      250-310 damage; 500 knockback
    5      23         1           60      300-375 damage; 555 knockback
    c) Southern Legend:
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      30         2           70      450-550 damage; 620 knockback
    "Stun attack that steals powers from victim.  If no victim nearby, Rogue will
    taunt."  Ability Drain "steals basic attack power"; Ability Sap and Consume
    Ability "steals heavy attack power."  To use this power, pull the right
    trigger and press the B button.  To see if you've stolen an attack power, pull
    the right trigger -- if you have stolen an attack power, the Ability Drain
    icon should be flashing.  To use the stolen attack power, pull the right
    trigger and press the B button. 
    a) Ability Drain:
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1       5         2           25          4-5 damage (lvl 1); 10 sec. stun 
    2       7         1           30         9-11 damage (lvl 2); 15 sec. stun
    3       9         1           35        15-18 damage (lvl 3); 17 sec. stun
    4      11         1           40        25-31 damage (lvl 4); 19 sec. stun
    5      13         1           45        50-63 damage (lvl 5); 21 sec. stun
    b) Ability Sap:
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      20         2           55       80-100 damage (lvl 5); 21 sec. stun
    2      22         1           60      100-125 damage (lvl 6); 21 sec. stun
    3      24         1           65      125-150 damage (lvl 7); 21 sec. stun
    4      26         1           70      150-165 damage (lvl 8); 21 sec. stun
    5      28         1           75      175-215 damage (lvl 9); 21 sec. stun
    c) Consume Ability:
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      30         2           85      200-250 damage (lvl 10); 45 sec. stun
    "Boosts defenses and resistances."  'Nuff said.  To use this power, pull the
    right trigger and press the X button.
    a) Bullet Proof
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1       5         2           60       -5 damage & -30% pain for 15 seconds 
    2       7         1           70      -10 damage & -60% pain for 16 seconds
    3       9         1           80      -13 damage & -60% pain for 17 seconds
    b) Iron Maiden
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      23         2           100     -10 damage & -5 beam damage
                                          -60% pain & -100% knockback
                                              (for 20 seconds)
    2      25         1           110     -13 damage & -8 beam damage
                                          -60% pain & -100% knockback
                                              (for 22 seconds)
    3      27         1           120     -16 damage & -10 beam damage
                                          -60% pain & -100% knockback
                                              (for 24 seconds)
    c) Invulnerability
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      23         2           140     -16 damage & -10 beam damage
                                          -60% pain & -100% knockback
                                          10% deflect damage
                                              (for 28 seconds)
    2      25         1           150     -16 damage & -10 beam damage
                                          -60% pain & -100% knockback
                                          25% deflect damage
                                              (for 32 seconds)
    3      27         1           160     -16 damage & -10 beam damage
                                          -60% pain & -100% knockback
                                          40% deflect damage
                                              (for 36 seconds)
    "Saps energy from all enemies, stuns them, and prevents them from using their
    powers for a time."  This is Rogue's Xtreme power.  To use this power, pull
    the right trigger and press the Y button.
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      15         2           n/a     See above.
    "Increases maximum health."
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      10         1           n/a     Raises health 10% 
    2      12         1           n/a     Raises health 15% 
    3      14         1           n/a     Raises health 20% 
    "Increases maximum energy."
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      10         1           n/a     Raises energy 10% 
    2      12         1           n/a     Raises energy 15% 
    3      14         1           n/a     Raises energy 20% 
    7) FLIGHT
    "Allows flying and improves mastery over it."
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      1          1           40/sec  Flight 
    2      1          1           20/sec  Flight
    3      1          1           30/sec  Flight; pick up characters
    4      1          1           10/sec  Flight; pick up characters    
    5      1          1            5/sec  Flight; pick up characters
    "Improves strike and reflets damage from punches and kicks."
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      1          1           n/a      +2 Strike, reflect   4-5 punch/kick dmg.
    2      1          1           n/a      +4 Strike, reflect  9-11 punch/kick dmg.
    3      1          1           n/a      +6 Strike, reflect 15-18 punch/kick dmg.
    4      1          1           n/a      +8 Strike, reflect 25-31 punch/kick dmg.
    5      1          1           n/a     +10 Strike, reflect 50-63 punch/kick dmg.
    "Increases change of criticals for melee attacks."
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1       1         1           n/a      +2% chance 
    2       7         1           n/a      +4% chance 
    3      12         1           n/a      +6% chance 
    4      17         1           n/a      +8% chance    
    5      22         1           n/a     +10% chance
    10) MIGHT
    "Increase lifting strength, damage of melee attacks, and damage level of melee
    Level  Available  Point Cost  Energy  Effect
    -----  ---------  ----------  ------  ------
    1      1          0           n/a      +5% dmg., +3 destr., lift heavy objects 
    2      1          1           n/a     +10% dmg., +6 destr., lift massive objs.
    3      1          1           n/a     +15% dmg., +8 destr., lift gigantic objs. 
    For more advice on leveling Rogue's powers, see the "Suggested Build" section
    Each character has four stats:
    1) Strike: This stat adds to a character's attack rating.  As a melee
    character, Rogue will need a high Strike stat -- bump it up.
    2) Agility: This stat adds to a character's defense rating.  Rogue's not going
    to need much Agility.  Instead, she's going to have a high health score and an
    invulnerability power.  In other words, she won't have to dodge attacks;
    she'll be able to take a lickin' and keep on tickin' (keep your minds out of
    the gutter, please . . . ).
    3) Body: This stat adds to a character's health score.  Rogue is going to be
    in the thick of things, so she's going to need a high Body stat -- bump it up.
    4) Focus: This stat adds to a character's energy reserve.  Rogue is going to
    be a melee character primarily, but she will need some energy for her
    absorption and invulnerability powers, so you'll want to throw a few stat
    points into her Focus every once in a while.
    For more advice on leveling Rogue's stats, see the "Suggested Build" section
    Character building is a matter of preference, but here are some suggestions:
    As far as stats go, start by putting all your points into Strike and Body,
    keeping them equal to each other until they are both at level 12.  From there
    on out, continue putting your points into Strike and Body at a 2 to 1 ratio,
    respectively.  Every once in a while (maybe 1 point out of every 7-ish), throw
    a point into Focus.  Ignore Agility.
    As far as powers go, you'll automatically start with level 1 Southern Strike.
    Put one of your very first points into flight, so that Rogue can reach hidden
    goodies (like stat point bonuses!).  I don't recommend putting more than 1
    point into Flight -- you'll likely have other flying characters in your party
    Max out Rogue's Might score ASAP -- it's just not Rogue if she can't lift up
    massive objects!  After that, raise Southern Strike up to at least level 5 --
    you'll need that to take out some of the tougher enemies.  Next, think about
    getting at least the first level of both Ability Drain and Bullet Proof, so
    that Rogue will have at least minimal access to those two powers.
    From there on out, it's really just personal preference.  Focus mostly on the
    main powers (Southern Strike, Ability Drain, and Bullet Proof -- and their
    respective upgrades), putting more or less into each as you like.  Then throw
    the odd point into various other things: I especially like Toughness (good for
    extra Health) and Grappling (raises your Strike stat).
    And of course, once you hit level 15, be sure to grab your Xtreme power.
    There's quite a bit of good equipment for Rogue -- the worst thing is deciding
    what to use when you can only equip three items at once.  Just remember, you
    don't have to use the same three items all game long -- feel free to mix it
    up.  Here are my top suggestions:
    For the bottom item slot (the "Armor" slot), go with Nanofiber armor.  That'll
    help in most cases.  On certain levels, against certain enemies, you might
    find other items more useful (for example, a psionic deflector might be better
    on the Astral Plane) -- just use your judgment.
    For the middle item slot (the "Belt" slot), the Strike Enhancer is great.
    That's the only one I ever use.  A good second choice is the Body enhancer.
    For the top slot (the "Backpack" slot), a Muscle Accelerator is a great
    choice.  Rogue's melee attacks can be a little slow compared to other
    characters, and this item will help compensate for that.  Later on (after you
    complete Rogue's Danger Room Challenge disk, and you reach level 20), Rogue's
    Gauntlet's of Wrath will be your prefered item.  In special situations, you
    will want to switch items (for example, the Hammer of Nimrod is great against
    Sentinels) -- just use your judgment.
    I generally find that a good party needs only one melee character, and Rogue
    should be it.  However, it can be good fun to include Wolverine in your party,
    since Rogue can pick him up and throw him at enemies, a la the "Fastball
    Special."  This isn't a necessary tactic, but it does look cool.
    In addition to this, you need to consider whether or not the particular
    mission you are on requires a certain kind of character -- for example, some
    missions need a character who can make bridges (e.g., Magma, Jean Grey,
    Iceman), some missions need a character who can weld things (e.g., Cyclops or
    Storm), etc.  There are also some missions which require a character who can
    fly.  Of course, Rogue can do this, but if you haven't leveled up her Flight
    ability enough so that she can carry other characters, and you think you're
    going to need that sort of thing, make sure you have someone else who can fly
    well enough.
    Past these considerations, I find it's good to have a character along who
    can stun multiple opponents.  Jean Grey's Psychic Shout or Jubilee's Photo
    Flash are good for this.  Then while the stunned enemies are reeling, Rogue
    can move in and smack the heck outta them.  :-)
    On a similar note, Iceman's freeze ray (or whatever the heck it's called) is
    great for slowing down or freeing individual enemies, even powerful ones who
    might not be stunned easily.  This also allows Rogue to move in and finish
    them off easily.
    You're also obviously going to need a character (or two) with good ranged
    attacks, since that's not exactly Rogue's strong suit.
    Given all this, here are some good combinations:
    Rogue, Iceman, Storm, Jean Grey
    Rogue, Iceman, Storm, Jubilee
    Rogue, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine
    Rogue, Magma, Emma Frost, Psylocke
    Of course, you should experiment and find combinations that suit you best.
    1) Choose your party members wisely (see above).  Take advantage of their
    stunning powers to move in and wipe up baddies before they recover.
    2) Learn your combos (see above).  Rogue is a melee character, so you have to
    learn to melee effectively if you want to use her to her full potential.  Be
    especially sure to use stunning, tripping, and knockback moves.
    3) Don't forget that grapple and throw button (X)!  Throw enemies into each
    other to keep them from attacking as much.
    4) Throw Wolvie ("Fastball Special")!!!
    5) Use Rogue's Might to pick up and throw large objects (trucks, explosive
    crates, etc.) at enemies.
    6) Try to identify the strongest enemy and use your ability drain to stun them
    and steal their attack powers.
    7) Don't forget to activate Rogue's invulnerability ("Bullet Proof," etc.)
    before major battles.
    8) Don't use Flight too much during battles -- it drains too much energy, and
    you should save your Energy for your other more combat-effective powers.
    Rogue's Danger Room challenge disk can be found in the Morlock Tunnels, 22nd
    Street Steamworks.  It's hard to find: in the room where you'll face off
    against Marrow, go over to the left side of the room and use a flying
    character to fly to a ledge containing the disk.  Defeating the challenge will
    unlock a Rogue-specific item: Gauntlets of Wrath.  Only Rogue can use them,
    but she has to be at least level 20.  They go in the top of the three item
    slots in the character items screen (the "backpack" slot), and they confer the
    following benefits: +20% damage to Rogue's power attacks, +20% Rogue stun
    duration, +5 Body.  Sweet.
    Rogue's comic book can be found in the subbasment of Xavier Mansion after the
    first stop at Muir Island.  Finding it raises Rogue's Strike and Body
    attribute stats by 2 points each. 

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