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"The Stuff Legends Are Made Of"

X-Men Legends was a game released on multiple systems a few years ago. However, since the Gamecube was my system of choice, it was this version I picked up in April '05. I've only played three X-Men games before and this was easily the best of the lot.

Story - 10/10
A girl named Allison Crestmere is targeted by the evil mutant group named the Brotherhood. Two mutants named Mystique and the Blob have appeared at a mutant protest also targeted at Allison, who furiously claims she's not a mutant. During the fiasco, Allison gets upset and her powers surface which causes lava to explode everywhere.

Fortunately, before any danger comes to her, Wolverine and Cyclops save her from the Brotherhood and take her back to Xavier's mansion. The X-Men then decide to take her in and discover why the Brotherhood tried kidnapping her.

As the storyline progresses, this simple element escalates into saving the world from Magneto and preventing he and an insane Army general from bringing the world into a war that will kill millions.

I rather enjoyed the story for the game. Nothing if not obvious effort. I found myself rather in to it if I do say so myself.

Graphics - 10/10
The graphics are great. Cyclop's beams look very well, objects are destroyed if damaged as they should be, and the fighting animations are excellent.

Characters - 10/10
As your team levels up, you gain points for attributes and powers. These points can be distributed as you wish to make that strength stronger.

Each X-Men has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Colossus, for example, is obviously easily the strong character but isn't fast on his feet. I enjoy how all the characters are basically the same exact character with different skins. Every mutant has different strengths and powes relating to their mutation. There are situations where one or more characters will be more preferable to use than others. For instance, using a psychic mutant against a Sentinel might not be a great idea.

I loved how you needed certain characters to do certain things, such as welding or flying.

Replayability - 10/10
While I've heard XL 2 had more of this, I found X-Men Legends to have good amount of replayability myself. While there's not really anything new with missions themselves if you replay, the fun is redoing your team. Mix up your teammates each time you play. Although, I do admit that given all the times I played Legends, I did tend to keep two certain characters no matter what in my team (Cyclops and Colossus).

Overall Opinion
X-Men Legends was a very fun game. In fact, behind Freedom Fighters, this is my favorite game I have for my Gamecube. If you can find it, I would definitely suggest trying the game out.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/22/07, Updated 06/22/07

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