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"Stuff of Legends"

X-Men Legends takes you into the X-Men Universe as a young girl named Magma who sets off her powers unexpectedly. She is attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants who want to use her for their personal gain until the X-Men arrive and bring her to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where she begins her training as an X-Men.

Storyline (8/10): X-Men Legends has an interesting and engaging storyline for both the inexperienced and experienced gamers. Like stated above, you take on the role as Magma, a young student in the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, who is trying to learn how to control her powers. The Brotherhood of Mutants is bend on bringing humanity to it's knees in a world that is currently afraid of mutants. Being the common X-Men who recently joined up, you take Magma through the roles of becoming an X-Men and try and stop the Brotherhood from completing it's grand scheme. Overall, it's an engaging storyline once you play it throughly because it has a few unexpected twists that I won't go into here. I was surprised at how addicting the storyline was even if it was played through the eyes of a character like Magma of all people.

Gameplay: (8/10) Typically, you take control of a party of characters during each mission. Each member has their respectable moves that we all see before in the X-Men series. Characters can also pull off damaging combos with each other during gameplay. An example would be having Iceman blasting a few enemies with his freeze blast and calling Cyclops in to finish them off. If done correctly, Cyclops will blast the enemies from afar with his optic blast after Iceman freezes them. Stat building is introduced that allows you to customize how each X-Men is used. It's your typical RPG type of leveling that allows you to make them stronger. Equipment can be added on to characters that boasts their power or defense which I think is cool. Lastly, other X-Men characters can become unlocked and playable as you advance throughout the storyline. This can be a plus or a minus depending on the issue that some of the characters that are worth playing don't become active until the storyline is pretty much over.

Graphics (8/10): X-Men characters look like their respectable comic book counterparts and have 3D detail that is aspiring to look at. Enemies look somewhat generic in some situations though most of them are also detailed as well.

Sound (7/10): Characters are voiced nicely for each X-Men and are a warm welcome to hear when your watching them speak in cut scenes or during battle. Though some of them can sound just plain repetitive after awhile.

Replay Value (9/10): There is a Danger Room challenge/Skirmish mode that is unlocked after you complete the game. It allows you to battle all sorts of enemies for a set amount of time with or without a second player in terms of multi player mode. New costumes are also unlocked for each X-Men and can be worn at any time. Overall, X-Men Legends will be the special gem in your collection to have. My only regret is that it's incredibly short to complete in terms of missions.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/03/07

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