Review by DivineRose

Reviewed: 09/26/04

Finally, a decent X-Men Game...

So you wanna' get a decent X-Men game without scouring e-bay for a $1000 X-Men 6-Player Arcade Machine that was made in 1992? (That game was so awesome. Dazzler needs to be in more games..) Well X-Men Legends finally gives us fans the X-Men Game worth playing, and then some. (Psst...sorry the Gameplay section is so much longer than the rest. That's where the game really shines, though...)

Graphics -- 9/10
The game uses cell-shading, which I think looks awesome and gives it a real comic book feel while you are using your powers to blast away the Brotherhood.
Sometimes the characters look a little...well weird up close -- but thats only during the non - CG cutscenes. Otherwise, characters look real crisp when exploring the Mansion or running through battles, not to mention the tons of cool mutant power animations which give Legends a high mark in the graphics department.

Sound -- 6/10
The voices here were pretty hit and miss. Some characters like Wolverine and Iceman were pretty good. Rogue's Southern Accent falters at times and sounds British while Storm's at times sounds, well -- rather masculine. Certainly no Halle Berry. Cyclops sounds like a giddy kid while Nightcrawler sounds much more authentic. The music in levels is decent, but this is one of the few areas where I feel Legends falls.

Gameplay -- 9 / 10
The system of playing is a beat-em-up / RPG kinda' combo. Each character has 4 'Active' Powers which you use by holding the 'R-Button and another corresponding button, such as L+A for Storm's Chain Lightning Attack, or R+B for her Whirlwind Attack.

As you gain experience by completing mission tasks and defeating enemies with your 4-Mutant Team, you gain points to strengthen not only your Active Powers but your Passive Powers, like strengthening Wolverine's Gradual Healing powers or increasing Iceman's Melee by giving lacing it with Icey Power. Also, when you level you get points to increase your mutant's stats such as Strike (Attack Power), Agility (Defense), Focus (Energy, which you need for Active Mutant Power Attacks and Energy Regeneration Rate) and then Body (HP). This lets you customize your mutants how you want them, theoretically letting you make Jean Grey an all out offensive Psychic-Striker or instead, like most, piling up on Focus Stats to let her use tons of Telekinesis to throw her enemies around and confuse them.

It's mostly fight the groups of baddies (usually never ~LOADS~ of them at once like beat em up's though), with a few puzzles thrown in which consist of using Jean to move an item or Magma to weld something -- nothing that really requires much thought, assuming you are over the age of thirteen. On the way you get techbits to buy items, many with nifty out-of-game references like 'Shadowcat's Touch' which will increase your strength against Robots; also you find little potion-medicine can hold a certain limit of these depending on how far you are in the game; they heal your mutant's health points or give you a nice chunk of your mutant's energy.

Real damage dealing comes in with the mutant combos, where mutants combine their powers to de extra damage, like when Jean Grey holds a mutant in the air with telekinesis and Cyclops shoots him down with an Optic Blast or if Storm kicks a baddie right into Wolverine's Slash Attack. The combinations are endless, so it seems..

You can also team up with your friends Co-Operatively to play through Story mode or pick any hero or bad guy you want in the Versus Modes and duke it out.

Also, one added note - there are tons of save points, called X-Traction points through the game where you can buy healing items, armor, Save, or warp to the Danger Room if you need some more training. Not once through the game did I think "Oh darn, where is a dumb X-Traction Point", all of which are marked by blue dots on your map.
Story -- 6 / 10
Pretty cliche, Magneto is angry at the world, yadda yadda yadda. There are a few minor twists but nothing shocking -- don't wanna spoil anything for you though. Basically, the story is just the reason for you to go from fighting Morlocks in the Sewers to fighting Soldiers on the streets. Still fun none-the-less, especially some of the 'Flashback' fights where you relive Classic X-Men Moments and even don their original costumes like that Green and Yellow Marvel Girl costume, or Beast without fur!

Re-Play Value -- 10/10
In Re-Play you can do so much. With 15 mutants at your arsenal, the team combinations are endless. Chances are if you beat the game, you only maxed about 2/3 of each of the mutants out, so there is a chance to go back and try different abilities that you picked others over. Also, in Re-Playing you get to use the costumes you earned throughout your first play through, such as the Classical Costumes spoken about before in the Story Section.

OVERALL - 9/10
Overall, the story is a bit old and the characters are pretty disproportionate up close but this game truly is finally the GOOD X-Men game we've been looking for. With a fun gameplay that keeps you at it and a good array of characters who are highly customizable at your disposable, X-Men Legends not only is a great X-Men Game, but ranks up there as a great game period, that even those who don't know much about X-Men can get into and enjoy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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