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"Legends are born"

First Impression: My initial experience was a bit awkward at first considering that I got X-Men legends expecting that I'd be able to pop it in and play with friends immediately. However, my friends had to wait to play because when you first play the game you have to go around and get other characters. Once we got another character and started playing we figured out some amazing combos that we pulled off. The graphics looks really cool too because the levels are in 3D while the character models have a cell-shaded look to them. I was also really disappointed at first that there weren't any block functions. 7/10

Story: The story starts off with you playing as Wolverine and you are trying to rescue a new mutant that goes by the name of Alison. You later find out her mutant name. The story then evolves even greater with the X-Men going on missions and further progress in the story with you playing as Alison when they are done with their missions. I haven't completed the game as of this point, but so far the story stays true to the X-Men franchise. 8/10

Graphics: Like I explained in my first impressions, the game's graphics are very unique. A twist on previous X-Men games because it utilizes the stylized art of cell-shading. The powers and skills in the game also turn out really cool. Some of the character costumes look cool, while others look better in previous X-Men incarnations. Camera takes a bit of getting use to because you are looking at the characters from a top perspective. Characters are also hard to follow at times when there is an abundance of characters on screen.pretty new style on the X-Men. 8/10

Gameplay: This is the biggest factor in all games in my opinion. I have been playing multiplayer and yet to play single player, so my judgment is solely based on my multiplayer experience. The strongest turnoff for me was that the difficulty gets pretty annoying when you realize that some of the enemy AI cheats in order to defeat you. What I really liked about the gameplay is the ability to level up and gain new abilities for the characters. You can also pull of different combinations of attacks with different characters. Like Storm can whirlwind an enemy into the air while Cyclops uses his optic blast to strike them in the air. Cool leveling system and great skills to utilize. 9/10

Overall: Again I have not fully completed the game, so I am basically giving my impression of X-Men Legends so far. Some of the flaws in the game are that it gets difficult at times and becomes more of trial and error. Characters are hard to follow since there are a lot of them on screen and some have the same looking costumes. Other than that I think that this game is well-polished. It's a great multiplayer experience that is very similar to the gauntlet series. It's a good game that will definitely set the standard for X-Men games in the future.8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/28/04

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