Review by CoolBeansAvi

Reviewed: 11/03/04

Decent game but needs to be longer

X-Men Legends, by Activision... An RPG-ish beat-em-up kinda deal. The overall story of the X-Men is a bunch of good mutants with special abilities trying to stop a bad mutant from doing stuff such as taking over the world or killing all the regular people. Not really much of a story here, but hey, can't expect much more of a story than that from a game that started as a comic book.

Gameplay- 9/10
Fun game here. Does get a little tedious and repetitive though. It's supposedly an RPG, but to me it seems more like a beat-em-up with a little powering up every now and then. It's pretty easy too. Just run straight through the level, kill everything in your way, press the occasional switch. The boss fights can get a bit tough though, which is good. No one wants a pure easy game ^_~. Simple controls, too; they'll usually pop up on the screen even if you do forget them.

Story- 7/10
The game's story is blah. The overall story is the basic idea of all superhero things: the good guys protect the citizens of the city from the bad guys, plus a little other random thing thrown in there. The other little random thing thrown in this is the discovery of a new mutant, Magma, and how she became an X-Man. Blah blah blah she gets kidnapped in the first level, you go save her, you fight a bunch of people, the end.

Graphics- 6/10
>_< One of this game's weak points. It's kinda cel-shaded-ish, which is fitting for a game based on a comic book, but the camera angle... Oh, the camera angle... It's always an overhead view, only two positions that you can switch between, and whichever one you pick, it'll make your characters look small. Also the game's areas are really repetitive and not creative at all. Almost every level you'll find yourself in a factory/laboratory or in the streets.

Sound- 6/10
I hardly even payed any attention to the music, probably because it was: a) either the same thing over and over again, b) really quiet, c) there was hardly any music playing at all in the game, or d) none of the above. Right now I'm thinking that it was d). There is a little voice acting in this game, and it's not all that great. Maybe 20 minutes worth of voice talent. There's only about 4 crappy lines each character says during the fighting and stuff, and it gets to be a pain in the ear.

Playtime/Replayability- 8/10
I think I spent 25-ish hours with this game the first time through, and most of that time was spent doing the same thing again and again to level up my people. Not the greatest lifespan for an RPG. But I did find myself playing the game again through about one-fourth of it after finishing it the first time. But really, that's pretty much all you're getting out of this. They really needed to make it longer to make up for the other stuff >_<.

Is this game a buy or a rent? If you like X-Men, wait for a price-drop and buy it. If you're just getting into X-Men, I say give it a rent. Overall, it's a fun game, but the technical stuff like the graphics and sound is lacking. Don't go out of your way to find it, but if you do see it and it's at a decent price, I'd say pick it up.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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