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"An almost-legendary game"

Story: 7/10
The story is mostly about three different sides, the regular humans who want to destroy all mutants, the Brotherhood of Mutants, whose only goal is to exterminate every last human, and you, the X-men who wish to create peace between mutants and humans. So, you're basically the neutral in this war, and you end up fighting people from both of the other sides, the Brotherhood typically giving the harder enemies.

You get to choose what levels you want to do, but it doesn't affect the storyline at all. You simply do the other level later. It would've been a cool feature if you choose some missions and reject others, giving the game more replayability. One cool part is you can talk to certain other people to get a flashback level. These don't affect the story at all, but they have their own story in themselves. All in all, the story isn't anything special.

Graphics: 5/10
The characters are what I call comic book style. They're just 2-D sprites in a 3-D game, but they look sort of 3-D. They also have a thick, black line around them. Sometimes I have trouble discerning friend from foe. This won't affect you a whole lot, as there is no way to injure your allies besides throwing an explosive barrel at them, but it's still annoying. The scenery isn't exactly the best eye candy around either, so this department gets a pretty low score.

Sound: 7/10
The music left me indifferent. It's not ear-splittingly horrible, but it's not something I'd listen to again and again either. The sound effects are pretty good, but there isn't a lot of variety when smashing different things. Demolishing a computer has the same sound as blowing up a snow-mobile. At least it's a pretty good smashing sound. The voice-acting is pretty good, but especially among the female characters, it's hard to tell who's saying what. They could've added more phrases for the X-men to say as well, because they'll shout the exact same thing every time they're about to die. This is a minor gripe at best, though.

Gameplay: 8/10
Pretty much a beat-em-up style of controls, there are some combos you can pull off, but you can get away with button mashing the whole game if you wanted to. The mutant powers you use, however, add a new feel to it. Each character can use their special powers to attack enemies, or perhaps solve a puzzle to advance. Each mutant available in single-player mode comes equipped with three regular powers and one “Super power” that does tons of damage to everyone on-screen. The disadvantage to using the super power is that the number of times you can use it is severely limited, so you might screw yourself over if you need to use it, but you already did.

When you beat an enemy, you get some experience. When you get enough, you level up, and you get to choose a stat to upgrade. This makes sure that you get more powerful throughout the game, and if you're having trouble with a particular part, you can keep fighting enemies until you're powerful enough to get through.

Multiplayer: 9/10
In X-men Legends you can have up to four people playing in the story mode campaign. Any leftover spots will be taken over by the computer. It makes the game a whole lot easier if you have a couple skilled friends helping you throughout the game. The game's just flat-out more fun with friends, although it's sometimes hard to tell where everyone is. Don't bother with multiplayer besides the main game. It can take forever to beat each other, and no matter what level you've attained in single player, this mode keeps everyone at a lousy level 20. It keeps the match even, but they should at least have given the option to use a higher level

Overall: 7/10, or 8/10 with friends
Despite a few glaring flaws, X-men Legends is a good game to pick up. This is a steal at a mere 20$ new, especially if you have friends to play it with.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/10/06

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