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    Secret Chip Locations and Times by HAL486

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/20/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                 | Nintendo GameCube                                 |
                 | Metal Arms Glitch in the System                   |
                 | Secret Chip Locations and Times on Easy           |
                 | Author Sparhawk486 & LastManStanding levels 1-26  |
                 | Version 1.0                                       |
                 | Started December 12, 2003                         |
                 | Released December 20, 2003                        |
                 | E-mail Sparhawk486@hotmail.com                    |
                 | Copyright 2003 Sparhawk486                        |
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                        working with Gamefaqs.com post my FAQ.
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    | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System - Multiplayer level unlock chip requirements|
    Big E's House: 0
    Mil Factory: 0
    Tanks A Lot: 0
    Last Minute Effort: 0
    Mac Attack: 0
    Old Droid Canyon: 4
    The Trenches: 8 : 4 more
    Matt's Big Gun Fun: 15 : 7 more
    Morbot Land: 25 : 10 more
    The Reactor Factor: 40 : 15 more
    DMA Death Sphere: 60 : 20 more
    Ruins: 85 : 25 more
    The Coliseum: 110 : 25 more
    Corrosive City: 138 : 28 more
    | Metal Arms: Glitch in the System | Chip Locations and Times |
    Note:  The Speed chip times increase the higher the difficulty.
    So if on easy the time is 10:22 the normal time would be something like 10:52.
    | Level 1 | Hero Training
    #1:  When you blow up the rocks to free trapped workers, go in and you will see
    the chip on the left side.
    #2:  Before you go down the zip cord you need to run down the sloop, jump the
    ravine, fight off the Mils, and clime the slope to the far right.
    No Speed Chip
    | Level 2 | Do Ore Die
    #1:  This chip is in the vents.  If you enter the vents from the vent over the
    computer equip then you need to take a left, skip the first right, take the
    second right, and take the third right.
    #2:  When you use the arcade turn your robot to the left and you should see a
    red switch.  Use the robot to open the door.  Now when you get to this area
    with Glitch you will find the chip in the area you unlocked earlier.
    #3:  If you find the prison cell that you can access through the vents then all
    you need to do is shoot the manhole cover in that cell and drop down.  If you
    wait till later (after you deactivate the prison forcefields) then you should
    test the manhole covers in each cell (two covers are removable), or look for
    the cell that has a vent and shoot the manhole in that cell.
    #4:  Speed Chip 9:55
    | Level 3 | Seal The Mines
    #1:  To your right there is a huge glowing rock just when you start the level,
    blow it up with the grenade and the chip will pop out.
    #2:  When in the loader (the hovercraft with the pincer) keep going left and it
    (and a rivet gun) will be in a crate besides the wall.  If you are still having
    problems then you should go around shooting each of the glowing rocks to help
    get light to see the crate that the chip is in.
    #3:  The chip is at the very bottom (next to the lava) of the reactor room
    where you set the Det-Packs.  Get the chip first as the level ends when you
    place all three Det-Packs.
    #4: Speed Chip 10:22
    | Level 4 | Clean Up
    #1:  The chip is on top of the second metal dome (on the right at the start of
    the first area). Use the nearest jump booster to get there.
    #2:  In the second area if you use the jump pad in the shadows near the lava
    pool then all you need to do is turn to the right a little and jump and you
    should enter a small alcove with the chip in it.
    #3:  At the end of the second area is a garage.  If you look at the center
    fixture on the ceiling you should see the chip then all you need to do is jump
    to it (You can get on top of the yellow tip of the lifter.)
    #4:  At the end of the last area, use loader to move a rock besides the lava
    cracks.  Be careful, you can accidentally push the rock in enough that you
    can't pick it up with the loader.
    #5:  Speed Chip 14:08
    | Level 5 | Wasteland Thunder
    #1:  Speed Chip 4:01
    | Level 6 | They Live
    #1:  Go past the bridge and down killing all the enemies (note all the
    zombiebots need to be killed twice). Before you take the turn to the left
    (there is a scope under the bridge to the left) look to the right and you
    should see the chip.
    #2:  After you cross the big blue pond, follow the shore to the right and you
    should find the chip and scatter blaster ammo.
    #3:  Keep going in the direction you were going to find #2 and you should find
    a place with zombiebots hanging in cages (if you free the zombiebots they will
    join you).  You should see a chip under the low catwalk.
    #4:  When you reach the area with a big bridge go down and cross the bridge. 
    Then take an immediate right turn and look back across the river.  You should
    see the chip is on the other side and that you need to use the remains of a
    beam to reach it.
    #5:  Speed Chip 23:46
    | Level 7 | Wasteland Journey
    #1:  When you find the barter droids (you will find them after you drain the
    water from the lake) face away from them and it should be behind the pipes on
    the left.
    #2:  The chip is under one of the lower bridges floating on a crate. Get out of
    the barter droids cave and make a left and you should see it.
    #3:  After crossing the bridge that faces the last door you should follow the
    shore on the right side and the chip will be on a floating crate.
    #4:  Speed Chip 8:51
    | Level 8 | Mozer, Shmozer
    #1:  Speed Chip 3:03
    | Level 9 | The Zombiebot King
    #1:  There are various holes (4 I believe) that are bared off in the arena. 
    You need to get the boss to hit them with his mace to open them and then just
    collect the chip.
    #2:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 10 | Into The Trenches
    #1:  At the beginning jump from rock to rock (be sure you don't fall) and you
    should find the chip on the 3rd rock
    #2:  As you ride the first elevator, down jump and get out of the elevator and
    into its shaft.  At the bottom ring of the shaft you should find the chip.
    #3:  After you exit the first Mil cave you will come out and see a tower nearby
    to the right.  Leave the entrance and go around behind it.  Keep climbing the
    mountain and you will find it.
    #4:  In the second mil cave make sure that the mil scout triggers the alarm (or
    you can do it yourself.)  This will open one of the rooms along the passage and
    you will find the chip in there.
    #5:  In the last area (looks like a missile facility) you need to blow up the
    fuel tanks (they are a little like water towers) and you should see the chip
    inside the wreckage of the one on the left if you are looking from the roof of
    #6:  Speed Chip 20:09
    | Level 11 | Infiltrate The Compound
    #1:  The chip is in the area when you blow the four generators. Get on any of
    the sniper balconies on the top and go to the left till you come to a balcony
    that over looks a fenced in area with a big tank.  The chip is on top of the
    #2:  At the very end when you come to the tank garage/pit you should find the
    chip on top of the tank in the middle.
    #3:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 12 | Destroy Comms Array
    #1:  You will find the barter droids behind the big tank in the first area.  In
    the third slot where they sell health items you should also find a chip for 50
    #2:  In the back of the second area go behind the rocks in the left corner.
    #3:  In the back of the second area go behind the rocks in the right corner.
    #4:  Speed Chip 6:31
    | Level 13 | Hold Your Ground
    #1:  Speed Chip 6:31 (can be one of the hardest to get as there is little room
    for error)
    | Level 14 | What Research?
    #1:  In the repair area on the right of the level start use the switch to
    elevate a broken RAT and underneath it you will find the chip.
    #2:  In the repair area on the left of the level start use the switch to lower
    a broken RAT and it will be in the turret seat.
    #3:  Where you find a RAT that has a working turret you will also find a chip
    in the far left corner of the room.
    #4:  On top of one of the lamps in the starting area. You can jump from the
    RAT, to container, and onto the lamp.
    #5:  Right before you enter the elevator that the titan comes from you need to
    turn around and look at the upper container on the right as you are looking
    down the hall.
    #6:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 15 | The Search For Krunk
    #1:  When you come to an area where you can turn to the left or go straight,
    you should also see the three grates (you can shoot them out) on the floor that
    lead to the chip.  If you go forward a wall panel on the right will lower to
    reveal a turret so be careful.
    #2:  After you use the mil bot to open the door to the laser/reactor room and
    you get to the upper hallway you should see more vents on the floor.  The chip
    is under these as well.  Be careful, as there is also another wall panel in
    front that moves to reveal two more turrets.
    #3:  Not far away from the #2 chip you should see a vent that you can enter. 
    The chip is farther down in the vent.
    #4:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 16 | F&!?ing Krunked
    #1:  Speed Chip 3:15
    | Level 17 | You Know The Drill
    #1:  In the drill area (the area that has the big hole in the middle), use
    loader to move the crates that lays flat, the chip is under one of them.
    #2:  Same area, jump on the giant screw (or maybe it is a drill tip) and onto
    the catwalk above.
    #3:  When you get the area that has a large series of catwalks and is filled
    with titans (not the drill area) you should be able to find a stack of pipes
    laying on their side.  The chip is in the top one in the middle.
    #4:  Second time you encounter the barter droid it is inside the crate on the
    #5:  After you activate the drill you can walk up it and jump to the higher
    catwalks. The chip is in a case that is open and sitting up.
    #6:  Before you use the elevator on the catwalk to ride down you should drop to
    the outer rim on the right (this is if you are facing the work area that the
    elevator lowers to) and search for the chip.
    #7:  Speed Chip 24:35
    | Level 18 | Wasteland Chase
    #1:  In the very last area when you get off the RAT, do not kill the robot yet,
    get the chip first between 1st and 2nd building (if you kill the robot before
    you get the chip you can still get it sometimes if you are close enough to it).
    No Speed Chip
    | Level 19 | Morbot City
    #1:  When you go down the stairs it is behind the glowing blue pipe stuff
    #2:  After you travel through the second tunnel keep going straight even after
    the road starts turning to the right and you should find the chip in the corner
    behind the building
    #3:  Same area after you come out of the dip in the road you should follow the
    wall on the left to behind the building and you will find two light bulbs in
    alcoves.  The one closest to you should have a chip behind it.
    #4:  Speed Chip 19:47
    | Level 20 | I, Predator
    #1:  At the beginning of the level (do not ride the elevator up) take the first
    turn to the right and go up the ramp, the chip will be above the fountain.
    #2:  Before you go down the ramp to the arcade control you should above it and
    to the right and you will see the chip in a large alcove.
    #3:  Speed Chip 8:31
    | Level 21 | The Reactor Core
    #1:  In the area with the first jump pad you should find a chip inside the wall
    dent on the left
    #2:  In the area with the first jump pad you should find a chip inside the wall
    dent on the right
    #3:  When the spiders are chasing you and there is a large gap with a platform
    in the middle jump onto the platform, turn around, and look below to see the
    ledge that the chip sits on
    #4:  When you remove the plug underneath the waterfall you should be able to
    find it by looking at the exit to the room and turning to the left.
    #3:  Speed Chip 22:50
    | Level 22 | Fire It Up
    #1:  Speed Chip ?:??
    | Level 23 | The Hand Is Mightier
    #1:  From the start of the level keep heading straight until you come to water
    and a large pipe.  Jump over the pipe and head up the ramp.  At the end you
    should see the chip behind a grate, all you need to do is hit the grate with
    about three core charges (slingshot woks best for this just aim with your comm
    antenna) and the grate will be removed.
    #2:  Near the start you see a cat walk over the bottom of the big ramp.  Get on
    the wall that the catwalk connects to and you should find it near the catwalk
    on your left side.
    #3:  In the undercover area you should see a garbage can to the far left of the
    entrance.  The chip is behind the garbage can.
    #4:  In the undercover area there is a no droid zone with two Mil Titans
    guarding it.  The one on the left has the chip.  The easiest way to get it is
    to get as close as you can with out setting them off then use one or two EMP
    grenades to deactivate the titans and destroy the carrier well its down. Be
    sure you have all the other chips because you will need to exit the level quick
    after you get this chip
    #5:  Speed Chip 19:56
    | Level 24 | Find the Spy Factory
    #1:  In the same area, go back and you will see two glass catwalks very high,
    destroy the first one from the bottom and a chip will fall out
    #2:  Pass the first catwalk and walk little further down, keep left. You will
    see a fence get over it and in that area there will be a chip
    #3:  After you find the tank and go through the blasted gate you should come to
    an area where there is a ramp going up and an alley to the right.  The chip is
    down the alley in an open crate on the left.
    #4:  Speed Chip 18:52
    | Level 25 | Unhandled Exception
    #1:  After you get your torso picked up you should find an open crate in the
    lower right of the leg drop off area.  The chip is in the open crate.
    #2:  Speed Chip ?:??
    | Level 26 | Access The Ruins
    #1:  At the start before you jump the ramp with the RAT you should walk to the
    end of the ramp and look to the left.
    #2:  In the second area there is a sewer cover in the center of the road that
    can be blown off.  Go In the tube and follow it to reach the chip
    #3:  From the entrance to the second area go into the fenced area on the left
    and in the far-left corner behind a tower is a single barrel.  The chip is in
    the barrel.
    #4:  After you blow the second barricade you should park the RAT next to the
    left wall near the exit passage and use it to jump onto the wall.  Walk on the
    wall and you should see the chip and a weapons cache on the left side if you
    are facing the exit passage.
    #5:  Speed Chip 10:04
    | Level 27 | Seen Better Days
    #1:  In the first area as you come to the ramp down you should see some ruble
    to the right that you can jump on to go up a ramp and enter a building.  The
    chip is up the ramp and to the left
    #2:  After the #1 you will go through a tunnel and come to a place where two
    mils and a zombiebot are fighting.  From the exit of the tunnel you should see
    a junk pile against a wall in front of you, the entrance to the alcove with the
    chip is just to the right of that junk pile.
    #3:  In the last area of the map there is a back alley that if you go to the
    left you will come to a ramp with a turret at the top.  If you go to the right
    instead you will find the chip in a short cave.
    #4:  Near the exit to the level you should see a fallen beam (looks like a
    bridge and you should be able to see it if you use the scope as you enter the
    area) near the wall at the end on the area.  Go up the beam/bridge and you will
    find the chip in the upper floor of some ruins.
    #5:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 28 | The Snipers Lair
    #1:  Follow the wall on the right at the start of the level and you should be
    able to enter a small room with a chip in it.
    #2:  As you go along you should find an area with a titan guarding a ruined
    building.  The chip is on the second floor of the building that he is guarding.
    #3:  You will come to a place where two zombiebots bust a wall down and rush at
    you.  The chip is in an alcove on the second floor of the building that they
    come from.
    #4:  If you stay on the ground and go through the building the #3 chip is you
    should see this chip below the ledge where you get agent goff's third piece.
    #5:  Speed Chip 25:26
    | Level 29 | Secret Rendezvous
    #1:  From the start of the level take a left and go straight until you reach a
    conveyor belt.  Get on the conveyor belt and go down the tunnel to reach the
    #2:  In the starting area near the door that leads to the laser grunt spawn
    machine.  If you climb the frame around the door to that room you should see
    the chip to the right and up high
    #3:  It is behind some computer equipment inside the room where the laser
    grunts spawn.
    #4:  In the second area that has a holo head you need to set the alarm off by
    entering the guard shack that has a red light and mil bot switch in it.  This
    should open a gate and release a large amount of grunt bots.  After finishing
    them off you will find the barter droids on the other end of the passage that
    was opened.  In the slot that they sell health items in there is also a chip
    for 50 washers.
    #5:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 30 | Bright Lights, Mil City
    #1:  When you come to the first crossroads on the map you should go down the
    ramp to the left.  The chip is in the guard post to the left at the bottom of
    the ramp
    #2:  About midway through the level you should find a tunnel with an open truck
    in it.  Before you enter the tunnel check the area to its right and you will
    find the chip near an open crate.
    #3:  Near the end of the level you will see a shielded titan guarding a
    laser-fenced area with the chip behind the fence.  If you go back the way you
    came you should see an alley to your left.  Go down the alley and you will find
    the back entrance to the fenced area.
    #4: Speed Chip 21:45
    | Level 31 | Get To The Tower
    #1:  This one is in an open crate inside the garage (you will need to control
    one of the flying mils to open the garage form the inside) with the tank in it.
    #2:  In an open crate inside a fenced area near the statue
    #3:  It is in the metal globe (you will have to go around it to find an opening
    to get in) that is in the statues hand.
    #4:  There is a small alcove that you should see if you look at the statue from
    the catwalk that gives you access to the ripcord going to the barter droids.
    #5:  Speed Chip 9:27
    | Level 32 | Unwelcome Home
    #1:  This one is right behind you when you start the level.
    #2:  In the second area it is in one of the bridge/catwalks that go over the
    #3:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 33 | 15 Minutes
    #1:  There are two floating lights (you will need to look up) near the edge of
    the arena.  If you shoot them down one has the chip.
    #2:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 34 | Round Two
    #1:  Blow up one of the floating lights near the edge of the arena.
    #2:  You will see it in the cage with the zombiebots as you enter the arena.
    #3:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 35 | Last Bot Standing
    #1:  Blow up one of the floating lights near the edge of the arena.
    #2:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 36 | Fall To Pieces
    #1:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 37 | Race The Rocket
    #1:  As soon as you get off the RAT you should see a fenced in area to the
    right.  There is only one entrance to the area and you have to fight 2 grunts
    to get the chip (go as fast as you can because the time is tight on this one).
    #2:  This chip is near #2.  As you continue on you should see this chip between
    the remains of a fuel tank (or maybe it's a generator).
    No Speed Chip
    | Level 38 | One Small Step
    #1:  At the start of the level you need to climb the fin of the rocket ship to
    get on the top rear engine.  To the left is a ledge that you can get.  Once on
    the ledge go to the left and jump over the tracks for the large magnet.  You
    will see the chip to your left.
    #2:  Underneath the ship you start on is a deep trench.  The chip is in the
    alcove on the right at the end of the trench.
    #3:  This one is under the elevator (near where you start) that goes to the
    ledge with a titan on it.
    #4:  After the second ship lands the door near the collection of small boxes
    will unlock.  The chip is in that room.
    #5:  Just before the end of the level you will find it near the rocket
    transport.  You may have to shoot the light boxes near it to find the chip
    #6:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 39 | Fully Operational
    #1:  After the hallway at the start of the level you should come to an area
    with two sides of workrooms and a big drop in between (for people who have
    played "Time Splitters 2" to it should remind you a little of the Chasm level).
     Once you get to the other side of rooms you will find a door that leads to the
    rest of the level.  The chip is to the right of that door, behind a partial
    wall that you can walk behind.
    #2:  When you reach a room that has robot respawn chambers you will find a chip
    near one of the walls behind a pipe.
    #3:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Level 40 | Bring it Down
    #1:  Speed Chip 17:00
    | Level 41 | General Corrosive
    #1:  Speed Chip 15:33
    | Level 42 | Final Battle
    #1:  This chip is on top of a box near the crashed rocket
    #2:  This one is on top of the rocket pod you arrive on.  You need to use the
    sheet metal (if the metal gets blown away you can still use the beams) to get
    to it.
    #3:  This chip is along the wall behind some wreckage.
    #4:  If you look up along the walls you should see one area that has two big
    cannons on it.  The chip is on the tip of one of the cannons (you will have to
    use two double jumps to get up there).
    #5:  Speed Chip ??:??
    | Weapons |
                   | Primary Weapons |
           These are weapons that you use on your
            right arm and what you will be using
            the most to blow the mils back to the
                       recycle bin.
    | Mining Laser |
    Level 1: The weakest gun in the game, but you get infinite ammo so you can't
    complain too much.
    Level 2: Now you get two barrels, more damage, and you can charge it up by not
    pushing the trigger all the way down.
    Level 3: Like lvl 2 but more damage and it is red.
    | Ripper |
    Level 1: An ok gun that is mainly used to cut red wires and mangle bots.  It
    does little damage but can render a bot useless in no time flat.
    Level 2: Now you can cut steel cords and it does a little more damage.
    Level 3: This is the perfect gun to use to render a bot useless but leave him
    with most of his health.  If you don't like the fact that the titan is shooting
    you with his miniguns then just shot one into each arm and they will become
    useless.  Think he would look better without legs then use this to quickly take
    them out.  Can be a very fun weapon to use in multiplayer matches where someone
    is using a titan.
    | Spew |
    Level 1: The machinegun of the game, this version is more like an uzi with 60
    rounds and inaccurate aim.
    Level 2: Like lvl 2 but more damage, 70 rounds, and more accurate.
    Level 3: Now this is a good gun.  Not only does it look good but it also does
    more damage, carries 100 rounds, and is even more accurate.
    | Rivet Gun |
    Level 1: Think of this as a sniper rifle that can't kill in one shot and you
    have a good idea as to what the lvl 1 Rivet Gun is.  In single player it takes
    four or more shots to take out a grunt with this.
    Level 2: Ok now it starts to be a more useful gun because not only is it more
    powerful now but it also detonates with a small blast radius a few seconds
    after it hits.
    Level 3: Like lvl 2 but deals more damage.  Now the grunts only take 2-3 shots
    to kill and it is great for disabling the giant flyer bot's arms.
    Rocket Launcher
    Level 1: Carrying three rounds per clip this is your basic rocket launcher. 
    This gun requires both hands so you can't use the scope with this version.
    Level 2: Now you get four rounds per clip, improved damage, and you only need
    one hand to use it so you can use the scope with it.
    Level 3: Even though it still only has four shots per clip you will never want
    to use the old version again.  A few seconds after you fire the rocket it will
    split into four different rockets that attempt to converge on the target.  The
    damage is much improved with this version, but the reload time can be a real
    pain in a gunfight that lasts too long.
    | Scatter Blaster |
    Level 1: This is my favorite gun, but at lvl 1 it is only an ok gun.  Think of
    a single barrel shotgun with 8 rounds per clip
    Level 2:  Now it starts to be a force to be reckoned with.  You get two barrels
    and 12 rounds, which gives you 6 shots total.
    Level 3:  This is the best close to mid range weapon in the game in my humble
    opinion.  It now carries 16 rounds and is fully automatic gun.  Great for
    taking out those small flyer bots.
    | Slingshot |
    Level 1: A wonderful and often under used weapon, the slingshot can launch all
    the secondary weapons (except cleaners and your hand) over long ranges with
    good accuracy.  The secret to aiming the slingshot is once you have put the
    grenade in place you can use your comms antenna as a sight to aim with.
    | Control Tether |
    Level 1:  If the enemy has a data port then you can use this to plug in to
    their back and take control.  This is a very fun weapon to use.
    Level 2:  This is like lvl 1 but gives the robot an armor upgrade so that it
    can take more punishment.
    Level 3:  Works the same as lvl 1&2 but gives the robot an even bigger armor
    upgrade.  Other then that I didn't notice any difference between the different
    | Toaster |
    Level 1: this weapon's effects look nice and can be very useful.  If you hit
    with this the target will keep burning for a while even if you leave them alone
    and it is a good way to deal with large groups in close quarters. It is the
    only way to kill scavengers (the small spiders in morbot land)other than using
    a magma bomb.  The only way to get this in multiplayer (that I know of at
    least) mode is to make a custom game mode.  Sadly this weapon never gets
                   | Secondary Weapons |
               These are weapons or items that
                 you use with your left hand
    | Coring Charge |
    These are your basic hand grenades.  They have a good blast radius, are good
    for taking down titans, large groups of grunts, and robot respawn facilities. 
    It is a yellow colored cylinder and has a red glow.  You can carry ten at a
    | Cleaner |
    These are hand grenades that you target enemies (up to three) with and let the
    homing missiles it launches do the rest.  Great for crippling large targets
    quickly and good for several small targets.  It has a weird shape and a blue
    glow.  You can carry two at a time.
    | Magma Bomb |
    This is basically a moltov cocktail.  Throw this on an enemy and watch as it is
    quickly burned to a crisp.  It can also be used to help stop enemies from
    following you down a small passage.  It looks like a large red pill.  You can
    carry three at a time
    | EMP Grenade |
    This grenade deactivates any robot in its blast radius leaving it vulnerable to
    attack.  They are best used to deactivate a target so you can destroy it, or to
    allow you to get behind them to use your control tether.  They look like a
    funky cylinder with a blue dot in the center.  You can carry three at a time.
    | Recruiter Grenade |
    These grenades allow you to change an enemy so that he will fight with you. 
    These are great for dealing with large groups of enemies.  They look like a
    pyramid with protrusions from the ends.  You can carry two at a time
    | Scope |
    This is exactly what it sounds like.  There are two lvls, the first has 1X and
    4X and the second level has an 8X as well.  It can be used with the Spew,
    Rocket launcher lvl 2&3, Rivet gun, and Ripper.
    | Copyrights |
    Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    (c) 2003 Sierra Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.  Sierra, The Sierra
    logo and Metal Arms are trademarks of registered trademarks of Sierra
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    and the Vivendi Universal Games Logo are trademarks of Vivendi Universal Games,
    Inc.  Developed by Swingin' Ape Studios.
    (c) 2003 Sparhawk486
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
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    another FAQ and I will probably say its fine just give me some credit.) Use of
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    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    | E-mail Guidelines |
    If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...
    - Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the
    - Do NOT ask me how to get through a level (post you problem on the
    Gamefaqs.com forum for help) as I will NOT answer.
    - Make sure it has something to do with finding secret chips in Metal Arms
    Glitch in the System.  I don't want spam, chain letters, offers for friendship,
    etc.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you want, though.
    - Make sure you have "Metal Arms" in the subject of your e-mail.
    - Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand
    your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...
    | Credits |
    Thanks to LastManStanding for helping me find the chips on levels 1-25.  He did
    an amazing job, and without him this FAQ would have been released at least a
    week later.
    Gamefaqs.com for maintaining a great gaming site and good forums.
    Vivendi Universal games, Seirra Entertainment, and most of all Swingin' Ape
    Studios for making such a great game.
    | Version History |
    Ver 0.9: first release that contains all but two hidden chips and times for
    some of speed chips.  The grammar and organization ia a little rough but this
    is the first version.
    Ver 1.0: All the hidden chips have been found and I have added a weapons
    section.  Made a few minor changes here and there but nothing major.  Still
    need to get the speed chip times, add my second section, correct minor
    mistakes, and clean up the grammar a little.
    | Final Words |
    Krunk "Head 'em off at the pass!?  Who the h@#l says that!?  He some sort of
    f&#%ing cowboy!?"
    Krunk "I will personally weld your exhaust pipe to your ball bearings!"
    Krunk "I escaped, dumb @ss!"
    Krunk "It's too high. My head fell off.  Its always something with you f&#%ing
    Colonel Alloy "Great job kid.  I'd kiss you but I don't swing that way."

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