Review by Gameboyadvanced

Reviewed: 08/15/04

Halo in 3rd person and with funny robots!

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics in Metal Arms are not wowing like FFX was when it came out,But it still damn good looking.They put lots of small detail in to everything.If you look at someone you can see there eyes move about,You shoot someone in there arm it just kinda hangs there.Good stuff.

Music and Sound: 9/10
Ok this game has a killer soundtrack to it,Its full of music that will get you pumped up for battle,the sounds in the game are also really good.
To say the least you will hear lots of explosions in this game and they echo around you.The bad guys in this game like to talk(not as much as manhunt).
When say you shoot a robot in his ball-barrings he screams in pain and runs away crying like a baby.So the sound is better then a lot of games.

Story 5/10
The story in Metal Arms is simple,Your a robot who was found by another robot,They fix you up then you start fighting even more %^&%ing robots!
Think red faction with damn dirty bots!

Gameplay: 10/10
Now this is where the game shines,So much it shines you'll want to rip out your %^#$ing eyes with a rusty spoon!
Its that good!
The gameplay is amazing! Metal Arms is a third-person shooter(you know what that is right?) It focuses on you running around doing objectives,And blowing things up.The weapons are your run of the mill stuff like shotguns,rocket launchers and other goodies. One unique weapon is the control tether, a weapon you get that allows you to Take over enemies.All you have to do is sneak up on a badguy without being seen,aim the tether at his back and wait for a lock-on.Once you have it fire away.Then when you have done that run around as the badguy blowing up your buddys(take that bryan)You can also occasionally log into a console and take control of an enemy that way. You can also find a Recruiter grenade that you throw at the badguys,Then they fight for you,Simple.Now enough with the guns.The badguys in this game are funny as hell,Say you shoot a badguy in his arm and it falls off,He runs away and hides from you,After an hour of looking for him you hear someone fart and see a green cloud just ahead,You just found the bastard.Fighting in this game is much like halo,Lots of things to shoot and some heavy firefights.
Metal arms even has vehicles for you to drive,You get a tank,and dunebuggy with a gun on top and odd mining thing that has a gun and a big %^$%ing claw you can use to pick up robots and throw them,or you can pick them up with the claw and shoot them with your gun.NOW THATS FUN!
If you don't like to blow %$#$ up like most normal people you can always go sneak about plucking off badguys one by one,limb from limb.
So the gameplay gets a 10/10

Multiplayer: 6/10
Metal Arms has some multiplayer for those of you who have buddys to play with,Its had tag,your standard deathmatch,And one where you try to hijack a bot to kill you buddys.The multiplayer is somewhat lacking but screw it,I don't play it anyways.

Controls: 10/10
Smooth controls. Analog moves Glitch, C-Stick turns and looks, R fires right hand, L fires left,so on so forth,They are much like halos but seem to be better to me.

With good gameplay,good weapons,good sounds,and it being funny as hell.....I say go buy it,If your lucky you can find it for 20 bucks now.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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