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Good movies match a good game.12/14/03A Link to the Future
Live the Movie. Be the Hero.06/10/04AJM Ruler
A fun action game for GameCube04/30/04Alucard517
The third book of a classic trilogy unleashes itself to the Game-Cube.11/23/04bullet sword
"This is our final act to give Frodo time. Time to buy this game."10/17/04Commander James Bond
Billy Boyd: "I think I do have a special gift for gaming... but I just haven't really opened that gift yet."01/07/04ConfusedGuy
Just Preciouuss12/09/03DarkLink89
The best action game of all time!12/18/03DarkLordSauron2000
Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeagle wins!!11/16/03Final Fantasy Mage
The One Ring to Rule them All11/09/03Fusion Dragon
We swears this is the ultimate game, we swears it on the precious11/07/03Hobbit Munchies
Fairly Good Game -- Worth Buying12/23/03I am U
Return of the King, and an arrival of a new one11/07/03Kajex Firedrake
Uruk-Hai, prepare to die!11/23/03MegaDeth4Ever
Great story. Then, it's off to the firey Cracks of Doom01/25/04mrmanme
Gandalf rides to Isengard, NO longer seeking your counsel!01/28/04namod65
The king would not be pleased05/05/06old_schoolgamer
Good, but definitely not for the Casual Gamer12/30/03Qube2
Gimli...don't mess11/29/03Sancro
Bland and Frustrating11/21/06Sentrosi
Get this game, even if you havn't seen the movie01/15/04Shop Head
Prepare yourself for battle!07/23/08smlegolas27
Only the most devout LOTR fans will find this enjoyable01/16/04vwbuggyman
Stab this one...slash that one...ah, forget, get rid of them all.04/29/04wizard1

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