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    Boss FAQ by Gospel 87

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 01/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ZMMMMMMMWX                               8MM                             
     MMM      MMM                                                              
    iM8        BMi                                                             
     MMM             MMMMMMMMM,   MM.MMMMMMM   aMM   rMMMMMMMMM                
      MMMMMMMMM     MMM     rMM   MMM    .MMW   MM  iMM      MMM               
           WW0MMM  :MM       ;MM  MM      ZMM   MM  MMr                        
               ,MM  MM       ;MM  MM      MMM   MM  MMr                        
    MMa         MM :MM       2MM  MM      MMM   MM  MMa                        
     MMMa,:::.MMM0  MMMi   .MMM   MM      MMM  .MM   MMa    :MMM               
      @MMMMMMMM8     0MMMMMMMW    MM.     MMM  aMM    WMMMMMMM2                
     MMM        MMM                                                            
     MMa        aMM                                                            
     MMS        SMM                                                            
     MM          MM     MMMMMM,    MM MMMM  .MMMMMMB       MMMMMS     ,MMMMMMi 
     MMa :::::: aMM  MM7      MMM  MM     MMM       MM@ MM:      MM2 MM        
     MMS        SMM  MM            MM     MMZ       MM8 MM                  rMM
     MMS        SMM  ZMM     ZMMX  MM      MM      0MM  MMM     MMMi MM      MM
    |-------------------------Sonic Heroes (Boss Faqs)---------------------|
    |-By Gospel87 (Tragic Marionette) Send mailto: sion_sanzo@hotmail.com--|
    This FAQ should generally be quite spoiler free, except perhaps, for name of
    the bosses and their general descriptions. If you do not like even the 
    tiniest of spoilers, then you have been warned, and I suggest against going in
    Table of Contents
    2)The adventure starts!
    3)Boss FAQ for: Team Sonic
     a.- Egg Hawk
     b.- Team Rose
     c.- 12 rounds of Robot Carnival
     d.- Egg Albatross
     e.- Team Dark
     f.- 13 rounds of robot storm
     g.- Final Battle - Egg Emperor
    3)Boss FAQ for: Team Rose
     a.- Egg Hawk
     b.- Team Sonic
     c.- 12 rounds of Robot Carnival
     d.- Egg Albatross
     e.- Team Chaotix
     f.- 13 rounds robot storm
     g.- Final Battle - Egg Emperor
    4)Version update
    5)Closing copyrights
    6)Credits and thanks
    Spiffy! Sonic Heroes bring to you old school sonic fun in awesome 3D 
    environments. Although it lacks the exploration factor, it boasts high speed
    gameplay and intense action, bringing you an extremely fast paced and exciting
    3D action platformer. 
    So anyways this game comes with some kickass bosses with
    powerful themes blasting away in the background. (With Team dark's theme as 
    my favourite.) Like the old Sonic games, they come after every 2 stages. =)
    Which is the focus of this FAQ, to bring to you some tips and
    guides to defeat those cool but sometimes pesky bosses.
    The adventure starts!
    Well, not yet. Not until you get the basics right first!
    That means the various attacks the teams can execute. 
    Team Sonic
    Sonic - Homing attack (Useful for repeated attacks on moving enemies)
          - Tornedo Spin. (Useful for toppling turtle enemies and disrupting
                           flight formations)
    Tails - Thunder shoot (Obviously for aerial enemies, also for stunning
                           certain enemies)
    Knuckles - Pure power =) (Very obviously he would be your main attacker)
                             (Not much on moves here, just jump attacks and 
                              ground attacks)
    Team Rose
    Amy - (Rather similiar to Sonic, except she uses another type of spinning 
    Cream -Not much to say, the flying one. (See Tails)
    Big - Ugh, he is slow but powerful, but his last twirling attack is pretty
          much useless. I hate him as a melee attacker. Don't use him to run,
          it's hard to dodge attacks with him. Use him only against tough
    |===============================BOSS FAQS===================================|
    A) Egg Hawk (SeaSide Hill)(Ocean Palace)
    All first bosses start easy, and this is no exception. =) At the beginning 
    of the level, dash towards the egg Hawk and collect rings and just wait till 
    it stops at open ground and commences rotary attacks. That's when you change
    to Knuckles and spam the Square button right next to it until it blows up.
    Destroy it at the first stop and don't let it take off again. Also, you can 
    ignore Tail's comment about letting it attack the engines, it's pretty 
    pointless anyways. Go for a quick victory.
    B)Team Rose (Grand Metropolis)(Power plant)
    Okay, no specific strategies here. But when they start going off into fly
    formation you can use Sonic's tornado spin and disrupt em. You can continue
    to do this or change to Knuckles to attack them. Should be an easy fight.
    No hassle =) You should easily be able to finish the fight in less than 20
    secs if you keep using Sonic's tornado spin.
    C) Robot Carnival (Casino Park)(Bingo Highway)
    After going through what I consider to be the most annoying stages in the 
    whole game, you still hafta go through a pretty long boss fight. D'oh
    Anyways, this boss fight consists of 12 waves of enemies.
    1st Wave- Airbots - Easy, use Sonic to bounce on em or Tail's thundershoot.
    2nd Wave- Same as above. Boring.
    3rd Wave- This time they added some groundbots. Easily destroyed with Knucks.
              (If some bots are too high you can use the springs at the bottom)
    4th Wave- Easily destroyed air formation. Tails can handle this with ease.
    5th Wave- 4 airbots. You can choose to bounce on em or thundershoot. 
              Recommend thundershoot.
    6th Wave- Use Tails first to detroy the air units before switching to Knucks
              to detroy shielded robots with ease.
    7th Wave- Same as (1)
    8th Wave- Same with easily destroyed air units, but they are grapplers, so be
              fast and don't let em get you.
    9th Wave- Turtle Bots ( I suggest using Team Blast here)
    10th Wave- Another useless air wave.
    11th Wave- The turtles pose a threat here so flip and break em before using
               Knucks to destroy the shield carriers. Homing won't work here,
               so use Thundershoot.
    12th Wave- Last one. ALways the easiest. Should have Team Blast by now. So
               Blast em. If you don't, just jump up the spring with tails and 
               grab the one at the top.
    D)Egg Albatross (Rail Canyon)(Bullet Station)
    At the beginning of the battle, dash up to the Albatross and ignore the 3 
    robots there. Haste is important cus going further into the stage will
    complicate matters with its confusing structure. Just target one wing, 
    preferably the left, and destroy the cannons on it by using Homing attack.
    I prefer Homing attack cus you don't need to constantly chase it, for you 
    wiill always be locked on. Anyways, I suggested left wing cus there are speed
    boosters that will improve your jump. After destroying the cannons you should
    see that the wing itself has a life bar. Continue homing on it until the wing
    is brought down.
    After a brief cutscene, you start with the Albatross in front of you again.
    Now just dash up as sonic and keep on Homing on the fan and repeatedly bounce
    on it. This way you won't lose your target or have the need to keep chasing it
    After the fan is down, you are at the last and easiest part. There are many
    cockpits now, and using Homing attack, just keeoon bouncing until you reach
    the one at the front, which is Eggman's. Now destroy it to defeat this 
    annoying boss.
    E)Team Dark. (Frog Forest)(Lost Jungle)
    Well, again, like the last team battle there is no specific strategy. They
    start with flying formation, which means you can easily disrupt them with
    Sonic's tornado speed. Anyways, you can keep spamming the Tornado Spin in
    the middle of the platform until you win. This will bring you an easy victory
    in less than 20 secs, but it's not very reliable and sure to work everytime.
    In the case it doesn't, you can still use Knuckles to thrash around and hit
    em. If you don't kill em quick enough, they will use Chaos Control on you.
    However, if you stay close to the box pillars it will make it more difficult
    for them to hit you even if you are not moving. 
    Tip: Also..if any of your teammates are blown off, leaving only one left, you
    can use Team Blast attack, which will actually bring whoever's down back to
    life again (Cool, huh?) Anyways, don't misuse the team Blast, or pray for a
    quick victory with Sonics' Tornado Spin and you should be doing just fine.
    F)Robot Storm (Hang Castle)(Mystic Mansion)
    Ugh. Another one of those long annoying enemy waves. Anyways, there are 13
    waves this time, and the bots are much tougher. So get ready for a tough
    Wave1- Air bots. Once again, use Sonic Bounce or Tail's thundershoot. Sonic
           seems to have this strange tendency to jump right off to his death 
           in this battle, so bounce around slowly and with caution.
    Wave2- Useless ground bots. Knux your way through em.
    Wave3- Because of their close formation, it is possible to destroy them in
           one single hit if you stand on the box using knuckles and throwing
           either Sonic or Tails at them.
    Wave4- Turtle flipping time, NO tips, just be quick. No need to waste team
           blast here.
    Wave5- Ground bots, some have gunfire capability, so to avoid their firing
           range, just stand on top of the box with Knuckles and keep attacking
           from above.
    Wave6- Bunch of Magicians. Don't know what they can do cus they die real quick
           Just kill em before they can even do any damage.
    Wave7- Quite a intidimating wave. Destroy the gunners first, and thrash 
           around wildly with Knuckles.
    Wave8 - A Big Hammer bot and some shield robots. Just stay close to the
           Hammer bot so you won't get hit by it's spinning attack and spam 
           the Square button without pressing directional buttons to punch 
           through them quickly.
    Wave9- 3 Big Hammer bots. Not as intidimating as one would think. They are   
           all unarmored. Stay real close to their bodies to avoid being hit by
           their hammers and destroy them quickly.
    Wave10- Scary air formation. Quickly use Tails to fly above their gun fire
            and use Thundershoot to bring them down before you get hurt.
    Wave11- Annoying trains. Too lazy to get rid of them. Time to use Team Blast.
    Wave12- Eggman is running outta bots. Just some lame red bots you can punch
            through easily. Careful of those that can fire guns though.
    Wave13- Extremely annoying wave. You should be kinda close to a team Blast
            though. Quickly target the Big Hammer bot and punch away. This is
            the last battle, so use Team Blast as soon as you get it.
    After 13 waves the ordeal is finally over and you have defeated this annoying
    stage. Woooooo.....!! Now on to the last one...!!!
    G) Egg EMPEROR! (Egg Fleet)(Final Fotress)
    "I will show you what real evil is!" 
    Here Eggman pulls his ultimate weapon, the Egg Emperor, a gigantic bigass
    golden armored Knight!
    Get ready for the last battle, and don't pull any punches!
    This fight should be pretty easy if you are using Team Sonic, because all 
    3 members are quick enough to dodge Eggman's attacks. At the beginning of
    the battle, just charge up at the Egg Emperor and start collecting rings.
    It should start throwing saber slashes at you, but these are mostly
    very predictable, and easy to dodge with Team Sonic. You do not want to fall
    behind too much, cus if you do Eggman will use a charge attack at you, which
    is not only annoying, but unavoidable. Another advice is also not to get too
    close either. If you do, whenever you make a big jump to another platform
    you might come into contact with the Egg Emperor's body, resulting in you 
    being hit and losing your rings, and also having your jump disrupted, meaning
    you will fall into the pit below and die. A wise method would be to keep a
    moderate distance and let Eggman jump first before you jump ahead.
    The level ups are pretty easy to get. Instead of using the speed boosts,
    let Tails fly through the hoops and get the level up.
    The Knuckles level boost is gotten by also ignoring the 2 speed boosts,
    but punching the target in between to launch yourself up at the bonus.
    When Eggman lands onto a wide field, this is your chance to commence your own
    attacks. Tails will mention something about the shield guarding Eggman's
    core. The only way to break the defense is to use Tail's thundershoot to 
    actually stun that shield part. Otherwise you can wait for it to leave its
    core open when Eggman does certain attacks, but that will take forever.
    When the core is left open quickly switch to Knuckles and start punching at 
    the core. I think there is the possiblity of being able to attack by 
    using another Thundershoot. This, however, is not always the case, which 
    leads me to the conclusion that Tail's level upgrades has something to do with
    Sonic's upgrade can be gotten easily by using Tornado spin on a pole at the
    endof the open field platform.
    Due to the atrocious number of enemies and missiles heading for you it would
    be wise to use any Team Blast whenever possible. This will not only get rid
    of the pesky enemies but also damage the core, making your way to victory 
    even faster.
    With that said, the most important tip here is to avoid being hit at all.
    Due to the frequency of Eggman's attacks and the missile launchers, it is 
    gooddamn annoying when you find that you have no chance of recovery when you 
    get hit onto the floor. Everytime you get up you would be surrounded by a 
    new wave of attacks. Being able to dodge attacks is very important here.
    Be patient, get the upgrades as much as possible, avoid as many attacks as
    you can and make use of every Team Blast, and this giant titan should go
    down quick.
    And there you have it. The bosses of Team Sonic covered! You have finally
    beaten the moronic eggman once more. On to the next Team!
    A)Egg Hawk (SeaSide Hill)(Ocean Palace)
    All first bosses start easy, and this is no exception. =) At the beggining 
    of the level, dash towards the egg Hawk and collect rings and just wait till 
    it stops at open ground and commences rotary attacks. That's when you change
    to Bigs and spam the Square button right next to it and SMAAAAAAAAAAAASH!
    Destroy it at the first stop and don't let it take off again. Also, you can
    ignore Cream's comment about letting it attack the engines, it's pretty 
    pointless anyways. Go for a quick victory.
    B)Pfff. Team Sonic. One easy battle. Just use Amy's whirlwind attack at the 
    beginning of the battle to knock Sonic off when he dashes for you. Then go get
    the upgrades inside the boxes and start spamming whirlwind attacks when the
    team is near the edges and knock em off. Sometimes Sonic might go too fast
    and throw himself off, and you get a fast lucky win. Easy battle. =)
    C)Robot Carnival- Refer to Team Sonic guide for this. It should generally
                      be the same, and any adjustments made will just be in 
                      your favor. 
    D)Albatross- Once again, refer to Sonic guide for this. Though I find this
                 battle a bit tougher for Team Rose. Maybe it's just me, because
                 I hate using Amy for this >_<
    E)Team Chaotix- This victory is more of a fluke than anything. Use cream 
    at the beginning of the battle, and they will change to Espio formation.
    When Espio attacks he should hit Bigs, and sometimes spin himself off the
    platform, allowing you a quick victory. Although, you have to be reminded
    this isn't very reliable. When they go off into flying formation you can also
    use Bigs'jump attack to hit them. The most effective method is to just use 
    Amy's whirlwind attack to knock em off the edges.
    F)Robot Storm- Refer to Sonic guide for this. Any adjustments made should be
                   in your favor, though it should be the same. Generally.
    G)G) Egg EMPEROR! (Egg Fleet)(Final Fotress)
    "I will show you what real evil is!" 
    Here Eggman pulls his ultimate weapon, the Egg Emperor, a gigantic bigass
    golden armored Knight!
    Get ready for the last battle, and don't pull any punches!
    If you have read or defeated the Emperor for Team Sonic, then you should know
    how this battle works.
    The upgrades for Amy can be gotten through using her whirlwind attack on the
    pole after the wide opening.
    The upgrades for Cream can be gotten through using her to go through the 
    booster hoop.
    The upgrades for Big can be gotten through punching the swinging thingy and
    boosting yourself up.
    The general tatics remain the same: Avoiding attacks that the Egg Emperor
    dishes out, and keep following him until you get to the open platform where
    you knock his shield open with Cream's thundershock and start attacking his
    I *think* there are less enemies around the Egg Emperor now (Team Rose has the
    Easiest Mode). However, i found this battle tougher than Team Sonic's.
    This is because of how painfully slow Big is. Don't ever use him other than 
    attacking, because you will be hit by most of the attacks the Egg Emperor
    uses if you are too close to him. Switch to him only when you are attacking,
    or you will find yourself on the floor trying to recover most of the time.
    Even when attacking, he is painfully slow, and if Cream's thundershot can 
    damage him, use it. Other than that, the general tatics remain the same, read 
    Sonic's FAQ if you have trouble destroying him. But if you have already 
    completed Sonic's story, this should be easy for you. 
    After beating the Eggman once more, you have completed Amy's side of the story
    ! Now enjoy the ending FMV, take a break and get ready for the next team!
    4.)	Version update
    Version 0.5- January 03 2004- Posted up partially completed FAQ. Completed
    basic strategies for Bosses in Team Sonic and Team Rose
    5.)	Closing/Copyrights
    I hope this FAQ was useful for people who have trouble beating the sh*t out of
    some annoying bosses. I would like to apologise for any lame mistakes I have
    made. (You have to understand it's pretty hard to remember details of the 
    game, considering my PS2 is downstairs, and my comp is upstairs) Anyways,
    I would appreciate if anyone would bother to correct me or post any useful
    information. I promise to give credit to anyone who does so.
    Now this FAQ is made specifically for www.gamefaqs.com- if you want to 
    display this FAQ on any other site ( Can't see why though XD) please 
    email me at sion_sanzo@hotmail.com
    6.)Credits and thanks
    First of I want to say I fully appreciate the voice talents, artists, 
    programmers and everyone else who made put this wonderful game together.
    -Thanks to the folks at Gamefaqs putting up FAQ up =)

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