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    Final Boss FAQ by Tei Sama

    Version: ker-FINAL! | Updated: 12/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Tei Sama
    Version ker-FINAL
    Version Updates:
    12/16/2004 - Updated Contact Info and performed a couple nip-and-tuck edits.
    	     This baby's finished.
    06/02/2004 - Added a new site to the list of sites allowed to post this FAQ.
    01/23/2004 - Updated [5.2] Team Chaotix. Did a little nipping and tucking.
    01/18/2004 - Updated [5.1] Team Rose and [5.2] Team Chaotix. Added a new 
    	     strategy to [5.3] Team Dark.
    [1.0] Introduction
    [2.0] Cinema 1: "It Was..."
    [3.0] Cinema 2: "Metal Transforms"
    [4.0] Cinema 3: "The Power of Teamwork"
    [5.0] Fight: Metal Madness
      [5.1] Team Rose
      [5.2] Team Chaotix
      [5.3] Team Dark
    [6.0] Cinema 4: "Super Sonic"
    [7.0] Fight: Metal Overlord
      [7.1] Team Super Sonic
    [8.0] Cinema 5: "We're Sonic Heroes"
    [9.0] Legal St00f
    [10.0] Contact In-for-may-shun
    [1.0] Introduction
    I hate writing Intros, so here's the short version: This FAQ is to help those
    having difficulty beating the final FINAL boss of Sonic Heroes. Warning, it 
    does contain story spoilers (as this is rather in-depth). Have at it!
    The sections are ordered chronologically. Those dealing with Cinemas will be in
    script format, with important actions placed within astericks, *like so*. The
    action-based sections will be more practical for their intended usage and shall
    be pretty self-explanitory.
    [2.0] Cinema 1: "It Was..."
    Vector: Then who was it? Who locked you up here for trying to conquer the 
    Eggman: *holds up a hand, then frowns* It was...
    [3.0] Cinema 2: "Metal Transforms"
    *Teams Sonic, Rose and Dark run up to the bridge of the Final Fortress*
    Metal Sonic: Hmmhmmhmmhmm...All living things kneel before your master! 
    *Metal holds his hand into the air as lightening strikes. Team Chaotix join the
    other three Teams as Metal Sonic destroys the bridge of Final Fortress and uses
    its remains to transform into Metal Madness. Metal Sonic melts away and forms 
    Metal Madness' head. Two eyes split the liquid-like blue, one on top of the 
    other. Metal Madness roars.*
    [4.0] Cinema 3: "The Power of Teamwork"
    Eggman: Metal Sonic has finally transformed!
    *Eggman's robots run away from Metal, past Eggman and Teams Sonic, Rose and 
    Sonic: So that's Metal Sonic?
    *Team Dark moves towards the other three Teams and Eggman*
    Eggman: It's useless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of 
    Chaos and is super strong! We can't defeat it! *grabs head in frustration* 
    Aagh...if only we had the seven Chaos Emeralds!
    *Cream blinks and pulls the orange Emerald from behind her. The camera pans
    across all four teams--Big has the purple Emerald, Rouge has the silver one,
    Omega has the green one, Espio has the red one and Charmy has the light blue 
    Eggman: What's this?! But how? *Slams fist into hand* Even with the Emerald's 
    power, our chances for victory are slim...it would take a miracle!
    Sonic: Just leave that to me, Doc! *Tosses up blue Emerald*
    Amy: Sonic, no!
    Tails: I'm going with you too!
    Sonic: Tails...
    Knuckles: You can count me in, too.
    Sonic: Knuckles...
    Shadow: Okay guys, we'll buy you some time. That way you can use your super
    *Rouge nods and Omega clenches his fist. Sonic turns to Team Rose: Amy gives 
    a thumbs-up and Big gives a determined, serious nod. Sonic then turns to the
    Chaotix and points at them: Vector gives a thumbs-up, Charmy flips over 
    backwards, and Espio gives a small nod. Tails and Knuckles run up beside 
    Sonic: Okay then, let's get ready to do this. We'll show that creep the real
    super power of team work!
    *The Camera pans back to show Team Sonic framed by the other three Teams, all
    [5.0] Metal Madness
      [5.1] Team Rose
      STRATEGY: You start on a platform on Metal's left side. A glowing blue circle
      sits on Metal's hip, like a giant bullseye. The color indicates which attack 
      formation will not affect Metal; Blue means Speed formation won't work, Red
      means Power formation won't work, and Orange means Flight formation won't
      work. As far as I know, the color never changes when you play as Team Rose,
      meaning don't even consider using Amy for this. That leaves you with a choice
      of Big or Cream.
      Throughout the battle with Teams Rose and Chaotix, Flight formation is in-
      effective--the Thunder Kick will either not lock onto the targets and home,
      or will hit the targets but not actually inflict any damage. Whenever it 
      does, the damage inflicted is minimal at best, so Cream is also not 
      recommended for this battle. That leaves you with Big--who can inflict 
      maximum damage and avoid Metal's attacks easily enough.
      Metal has three attacks: he'll sweep the platform with his tail, strafe the
      platform with the flamethrower in his left arm, and launch spines from his
      back, which implant themselves in the ground and form giant icicles. The 
      first two can be avoided by jumping and using Big's parasol--the last one
      just requires you to be fast on your feet. Attack whenever Metal Sonic isn't
      doing anything.
      Start the battle by switching immediately to Big and grabbing up a lot of 
      rings. There are sixteen on the platform. There are two tactics you
      can use: you can go to the back of the platform and bust open one of the
      wooden crates for a Team Blast powerup. Use the Team Blast right away to do
      do heavy damage to Metal, then run over to the other corner and break open 
      the second wood crate. Grab the remaining Team Blast powerup. While the Team
      Blast meter reloads, attack Metal using Big's fireball attacks, and unleash
      the second Team Blast. This is the first and super-easiest of the tactics, 
      guaranteed to get you past the first part no problem.
      The second tactic involves you ignoring the crates and power-ups altogether
      and simply attacking with Big whilst avoiding Metal's attacks. This takes 
      longer, but is much more fun and challenging. Be careful while attacking 
      with Big; hit the attack button too fast and he'll start doing his "TOYYY!"
      attack after you hit Amy and Cream. To escape this, either jump or switch out
      and back into Power formation. The attack doesn't reach Metal's weakpoint and
      leaves Big open for attack.
      [5.2] Team Chaotix
      STRATEGY: The Chaotix' platform is set up similarly to Team Rose's, only 
      instead of two wooden crates in the back corners, there's a single cannon.
      Going in as Espio will launch you up to one balloon situated above the 
      platform, which contains a Speed powerup; going in as Charmy launches you
      to another balloon, which contains a flight powerup. Going in as Vector will,
      as you've learned by this point in the game, give you free reign over a 
      certain area to shoot wherever you want--there are two more balloons behind 
      the platform, with one more Speed and Flight powerup in each. You don't need
      these to complete the fight.
      Now situated to the right of Metal Madness, he has three attacks to unleash
      on you, one of which is new: along with the same tail-sweep and back-spine
      icicle attacks, he can now shoot the claws on his right had at you. They
      have limited homing abilities and form giant crystals on the
      platform, which can capture and contain any members of your team, including
      your current leader. You must free your teammates from the capsules 
      immediately, because if all three of you get captured, the game is over. 
      (Charmy has a weak stinging attack that can be utilized should Vector and 
      Espio get caught.) The tail can be jumped over and the back-spines are easy
      to avoid, but the safest way to avoid the crystal claws is enter Power
      formation and wait the attack out inside the cannon. Metal will usually 
      punctuate the back spine attack with the crystal claws, so be careful if you 
      decide to stay on the platform and avoid the claws on foot. The icicles will 
      shatter after Metal has fired off two or three claws.
      To make things a tiny bit tougher for you, Metal's weak spot (another light 
      on his side) starts out yellow and will change to red after two hits. You 
      want to start as Vector as he can inflict the most damage--get your two hits 
      in fast before switching to Espio. Use his homing attack repeatedly until 
      Metal starts to make a move so you can properly avoid it. The homing attack
      (for Team Chaotix and Team Dark) will bounce you back to the middle of the
      platform despite the distance to Metal's weak spots. Eventually, the weak 
      spot may change back to yellow (switch back to Vector for this). If you get
      a Team Blast, use it when Metal's weak spot is red--the Team Blast won't 
      inflict any damage, but it will cause the weak spot to change colors, leaving
      you open to attack with Vector once more. Otherwise, continue to attack with
      Espio's homing attack.
      Another means of using the Cannon comes from Nightshade the Hedgehog - you 
      can use the cannon when in Power Formation to attack Metal's weak spot, but 
      only when the weak spot is yellow.
      CREDIT TO: Nightshade the Hedgehog, for telling me about the cannon.
      [5.3] Team Dark
      STRATEGY: Now you're positioned in front of Metal Madness, and his tail swipe
      has been replaced with the flame-thrower claw from the battle with Team Rose.
      The back-spines and crystal claws are back again. Metal's weak spot, which is
      positioned dead-center in front of you, starts out blue and switches to 
      yellow, then red, with only a handful of attacks. This is better than the 
      Chaotix, because you can attack with Rouge four times and Omega twice in a
      constant, steady cycle. Also worth noting: there are six crates and three 
      balloons on or above this platform. The crates on the left contain Power 
      powerups, the crates on the right provide Speed powerups, and the balloons
      hold Flight powerups. I recommend getting these soully for the sake of adding
      to your Team Blast meter.
      Start the battle by switching instantly to Rouge, and grab the Flight 
      powerups. Get up as high as you can and start Thunder Kicking Metal Madness;
      eventually the weak spot will change Yellow, in which you change to Omega and
      hit him until his weak spot changes again. Rouge, when fully powered up, 
      causes Omega and Shadow to get stuck under Metal's chest, making them do 
      incredibly high amounts of damage in a short period of time. This new 
      strategy puts my old one to shame, and when in tandem with Team Dark's Team
      Blast, it can be very lethal.
      Team Dark's Team Blast operates different from the others' as Shadow uses
      the Chaos Control to freeze time temporarily--you can use this to do heavy 
      damage to Metal without taking damage yourself.
      And a quick note: if Shadow and Omega get trapped by the crystals, Rouge has
      a solitary attack--she'll throw three rings (not from the ones you've 
      collected) right at her feet, which act as a weak Thunder Kick and is 
      incredibly hard to use properly. Just keep trying until you get Shadow or
      Omega out of the crystals.
      SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jimmy Liztie, for pointing out the new Rouge-oriented 
      strategy, which totally owned my Omega-oriented one.
    [6.0] Cinema 4: "Super Sonic"
    *Metal Madness roars up at the sky and thrashes violently. He sprouts wings,
    seperates from the Final Fortress, and flies off. Sonic glances at Tails and
    Knuckles, the latter two nodding; Sonic holds out his hand, which Tails and
    Knuckles touch. The seven Emeralds circle overhead, then begin orbitting the
    trio; Sonic crosses his arms over his chest and closes his eyes, erupting in
    a golden fire into Super Sonic. He floats up into the air and Tails shields
    his eyes. A golden aura bubble forms around him, and he grins--Knuckles, too,
    has been surrounded by a bubble. Team Super Sonic zoom off towards the camera.*
    [7.0] Metal Overlord
      [7.1] Team Super Sonic
      STRATEGY: Okay. Like Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 (and most Sonic games prior),
      you start the level with fifty rings, which act like a count-down meter. When
      you run out of rings, Super Sonic transforms back into regular Sonic, and he,
      Tails and Knuckles plummet to their doom. Along the way there will be some
      balloons, all of which contain ten rings--pick them up whenever you can to 
      keep your rings fresh.
      Metal now has five attacks in his arsenal; the back-spines and the crystal 
      claws return, which you must counter with Tails' Thunder Kick. Tails isn't
      useless in this battle, like Cream and Charmy were in the Metal 
      Madness fight; countering the claws and spikes builds a hefty amount onto 
      your Team Blast meter. Metal's most common attack comes in the form of ice 
      blasts from his chest, which you need to counter with Super Sonic's homing 
      attack. He'll rarely use his other two attacks--he'll dive beneath the clouds
      and bring up a ship from the Egg Fleet, which you need to counter with 
      Knuckles' Fire Spike, or he'll unleash the Chaos Control; this freezes you
      until the counter on the screen runs down to zero. There's twenty seconds,
      but this time can be sped up by tapping buttons and wiggling the joystick, 
      you'll be helpless and your rings will continue to count down during this 
      Things work partially for and against you in this battle--to start, all three
      members of the team start out at Level 3+, making their attacks incredibly
      strong and not in need of a powerup. However, Metal's three weak spots on
      his chest and hips have gone blank--you can't attack them, or Metal at all,
      using conventional means. Anticipate Metal Overlord's attacks and counter 
      with the appropriate characters--these add incredibly to your Team Blast 
      meter, which Eggman will explain as being your only hope to defeat him. Once
      you can pull off a Team Blast, do it IMMEDIATELY; this will have Super Sonic,
      Tails and Knuckles do repeated homing attacks on Metal. The key is to do this
      five times without running out of rings, which shouldn't be too hard if you
      keep an eye on your ring meter and the balloons in the distance.
      Once again, the crystal claws can trap you, this time right in midair. If 
      this happens, Metal will stop moving forward; he'll continue to attack you,
      but you'll still have the chance to free your teammates. And again, should
      Super Sonic and Knuckles get taken, Tails has a ring-toss attack that can 
      free them.
    [8.0] Cinema 5: "We're Sonic Heroes"
    *Metal Sonic is on his hands and knees on the deck of Final Fortress. Team 
    Sonic run up to him.*
    Metal Sonic: It's no use...but why can't I defeat you? *Transforms back into
    his original Sonic CD form*
    Sonic: Huh! Because...we're Sonic Heroes. *Waves a finger*
    Amy: Sonic!!
    *Teams Rose, Dark and Chaotix run towards Team Sonic*
    Sonic: Anytime you want a rematch, just let me know. I'll be waiting. *runs 
    past Metal Sonic*
    Tails: Hey Sonic, wait up! *runs past Metal Sonic as the he passes out*
    Amy: *Chasing Sonic and Tails* Sorry to leave like this, but I can't let my
    Sonic get away!
    Cream: Good luck Amy!
    Big: Bye-bye!
    Cheese and Chocola: Chao Chao!
    *Big and Cream wave goodbye*
    Knuckles: Heh...Sonic sure has his hands full. 
    Rouge: *walking past Knuckles* I guess I'm out of here too. I think I'll go 
    hunt for someone else's treasure.
    Knuckles: *shrugs* Heh, she never gives up, does she? Oh no you don't! WAIT!
    *chases after Rouge*
    Vector: Well, I guess that's it for this case.
    Espio: Guess so.
    Charmy: But what about our money?
    Vector: *slaps his snout* Oh, man! I almost forgot!
    *Eggman tiptoes away in the distance*
    *Eggman glances over his shoulder and runs, the Chaotix chasing after him*
    *Omega picks up the unconscious Metal Sonic. He and Shadow glance at each 
    other, then look out to the horizon*
    *Sonic runs along Seaside Hill. Tails and Knuckles join him during his 
    Sonic: Alright! Our next adventure awaits us, so there's no time to waste! 
    Yeah! We're SONIC HEROES! *Team Sonic jumps at the screen and poses*
    [9.0] Legal St00f
    Sonic Heroes (c) Sonic Team. Do not steal it from them or they will excecute
    you with their nifty Samba de Explosives. (Har! I clever!)
    This FAQ is (C) Anthony Summo (that's me!) 2004. Don't redistribute. 
    GAMEFAQS and NEOSEEKER have permission to use this.
    If you want to post it elsewhere, email me with permission, and a link to 
    the site in question so I can check it out.
    This FAQ must be posted in its entirety, or not at all.
    [10.0] Contact In-for-may-shun
    My email address (written in the nifty Sluggy Freelance SPAMbot blocker code!)
    is tei(dot)sama(at)gmail(dot)com. If you have questions, comments, flames,
    et cetera, give me a hollar. 

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