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"Sega Killed Sonic"

I was always a big fan of Sonic. I own all his games and some of the Sonic dolls. I remember when he first came out and my dad bought the game. Except that I was 2 but I always watched my dad play.

I grew up with Sonic, I always loved all his games. I never thought that the games would start to stink but in January 2004 everything changed.

I heard that a new Sonic game came out. So like any other Sonic fan I had to have it. I went to the store and bought it thinking it was probably one of the best Sonic games ever. Boy was I WRONG!

Graphics: 8/10

This was one of the few things that I liked about this game. The characters look very good in 3-D and the levels do to. The CG movies were excellent and detailed. But some of the characters were a little bit to shiny. Like they were wrapped in tinfoil....

Sound: 6/10

The sounds were okay. The stage music fitted perfectly with the stage and the theme songs were good too.*except for Team Rose and Team Sonic's theme songs...*

But some of the voice acting.... well, it was terrible!
Sonic and Shadow sounded awesome but Rouge got very irritating and Tails sounded like a 4-year old!! When my neighbor was playing the game he goes, why is there a 4-year old telling me what to do? And Charmy and Cream sounded like they were leaking helium. You'd at least think they could get some decent voice actors.

Story: 2/10

This is where the game starts falling apart. The story line for each team stinks and is confusing.

Team Sonic's story line: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles get this letter from Eggman that says he's going to take over the world yadda yadda yadda and they only have 3 days to stop him. Welcome Team Sonic.

Team Dark's story line: Rouge is snooping around Eggman's base looking for treasure when she finds a capsule containing Shadow. *Who some how survived his fall from the ARK in SA2* Then Omega wakes up and starts blasting them and Rouge stops the fight between Shadow and Omega. She finds out that they both want to find Eggman so they set off. Welcome Team Dark.

Team Rose's story line: Cream wants to find Chacola *Cheese's Cousin*, Big wants to find froggy *who has wandered off AGAIN* and Amy wants to find Sonic. They set off looking for their things together. Welcome Team Rose

Team Chaotix's story line: The Chaotix detective agency hasn't had any business for awhile. One day Charmy Bee finds a walkie-talkie and brings it to Vector. It turns out it's a client and he wants them to do stupid quests. Welcome Team Chaotix.

There were to many potholes and the story never explained where you were going next. I was always wondering, "What the Hell am I doing here? How did I come to this zone???"

In the Sonic Adventure games it actually told you *well showed you* where you were going next. Not anymore.

And the end of Team Dark's story is very confusing. *I will not spoil it for you*

Control: 0/10

This is one of the many problems with the game. The Camera SUCKED! like the other Sonic Adventure games it wandered off everywhere. I thought Sega would of fixed by now! But nooo they didn't! So 85% of the time I died was because the camera was stuck behind a wall or moving away from the characters so I didn't know where I was going until I fell off.

Rail grinding was another problem. In SA2 it was very easy and I loved it. But Sonic Heroes is another story. Don't try to play around on the rails or you will fall off. Don't even try to dodge the enemy attacks or you will fall off. *If you don't dodge the attacks you will fall off* Also, you have to stay on with the speed characters. Don't even think about switching to flight or power. You will go slow and fall off. *Rail canyon was a nightmare*

Some of the characters attacks are completely useless Sonic and Shadows homing attack, when you do it there is a 90% chance that you will miss and fall off. And the tornado attacks will kill you because the pole is almost always next to an edge and when you do the tornado attack you will fly off the edge instead of landing on the pole. And since when is flying over a fan a power trait???

The abilities are useless too,

In the flying mode you can only stay in the air for like 5 seconds and you have to keep pressing the A button. And when you fall off an edge in speed or power mode and you switch to fly nothing will happen because the characters only change when you touch the ground so your out of luck.

The Speed mode makes no difference in how fast you go.

The power mode is useless, You get to destroy robots woohoo, you can also destroy them with everyone else.

The level ups also make no difference and every time you get them you character says, "Level up!" and it will annoy the heck out of you.

Game play: 0/10

This game was not fun after the first hour. Some of the stages are very loooonnggg. I got bored to death by playing them. And some of them are IMPOSSIBLE to get through. A couple of stages took me 30 minutes to get through. Yes I said 30 MINUTES because I kept dying. I wanted to throw my tv out the window. And to make it worse, you have to run around the stages 3 other times with the other teams.

The bosses where dumb. Like the old Sonic games there was one after every 2 stages. But they sucked. On some of them you have to keep destroying robots that just keep coming and if you die you have to do the whole thing over again!

And the team vs team bosses where stupid and unnecessary. I mean Why would Amy try to kill Sonic if she loves him? And why do Sonic and Shadow start fighting the minute they see each other? I thought they made peace in SA2.

BEWARE the final boss. After 65 times of trying I finally beat him with Team Rose. It took me forever to beat him with the other teams. I nearly destroyed my controller because I was so mad.

The special stages are back, You are running in this long tunnel and you have to get the emerald thats running away from you. You have to run through these ball thingys to make you go faster. But if you hit the spike ball thingys you slow down.
The control in there sucks. If you run very fast *which you are supposed to do* you wind up on the ceiling or on the side of the walls running and you end up running slower instead of faster. There's also spike balls on the ceiling and walls too which slows you down even more if you hit them.

The first 2 emeralds are easy to get but the last 5 are impossible to get! It took me 4 months to finally get them all!

Replay: 0/10

Forget it. There is none. After you complete the game you don't ever want to play it again. There is a super hard mode which you need all A's to get, but nobody want to play it that much. The multi players suck and there is no chao garden.

Rent or Buy?

RENT. Do not waste 50$ on this piece of crap. In fact don't even rent it and waste 5$. Borrow it from someone.

I have never before seen a Sonic game this bad, Sonic Team should stop being lazy and make us a better game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/31/06

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