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"Play at your own risk."

This game doesn't just suck. It blows! Released in 2004, Sonic Heroes was highly anticipated at it's release. It was disappointing, but that was the only light from the tunnel, as the games got worse and worse. Hopefully Sega can turn around and hope that they'll have a good Sonic game for once. But for now, let's review this game.

Game play 5/10
The game play is just very bland and has nothing to do with anything about adventure games. You basically go around a level, avoiding obstacles, and hoping that you'll get enough points to get the best rating. If you get a bad rating, they'll get mad at themselves, and as a result, you'll get mad at them for being so ungrateful.

The controls are ok, but everything else is madness. There's the basic moves for a sonic game, A for jump, control stick moves the guy, etc. However, there are three characters at a time, consisting of three colours. There's blue, which is usually for fast-moving areas, yellow, for getting up to hard-to-reach areas, and red, for destroying objects such as walls and doors. Thankfully switching the characters is easy to do, but the attacking of the flying-type person is sloppy, as all it does it stun the enemies.

Sometimes the camera can do awhal at times when you don't want to. This can get very annoying when you're near thin platforms and all of the sudden the camera moves, and then you don't really know where or what you're doing! Speaking of thin platforms, sometimes enemies can knock you off the platform, regardless of how many coins you have. Sometimes this can result in unnecessary anger towards the game. I've noticed that this game was more lenient towards 5-year-old kids, but at times the game was designed to be beaten by 20-year olds!

But, otherwise, this game does have enjoyable game play. It resembles the 2-D era of Sonic, which is a good effort. Overall, the game play is about average.

Story 2/10
This game fails in the story category.
There are four, yes, FOUR, teams to play with. They are Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles), Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge and E-123 Omega), Team Rose (Amy, Cream and Big), and Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy and Vector). You can tell the developers are running out of ideas when they use characters from the before-barely known Knuckles Chaotix from the 32x! But that's beside the point.

Aside from difficulty, the teams are practically the same, playthrough and story. Team Sonic attempts to stop Eggman from creating a super-weapon, Team Dark has a hedgehog with amnesia and a robot bent on destroying Eggman's robots, Team Rose is looking for their friends, and Team Chaotix is doing a job that has a reward in the pay.

Basically, these teams have the same route, only with different objectives. This can lead to a REALLY bland storyline. Instead of a dark, interesting storyline, such as in Sonic Adventure 2, we get this cheap plot line that could be used for a made-for-TV film. Really, Sega? Did you have to go to a low in storyline? Thanks!

Graphics 6/10
The backgrounds are ok, in the sense that they are greatly detailed and show very nicely. However, this other-wise mark is lowered with the characters. They look like they've been recently polished. Sheesh! Did anyone say in the testing "why do the characters look weird?"

Sound 4/10
The music is ok but VERY repetitive. It can really get stuck in your head when you have to play a stage over and over again. Even still, the stages can stretch on for six or more minutes, and we get a cheaply made tune for music. The voice-overs are TERRIBLE. Most of them sound like the actors aren't interested. Other times the voice-overs are three-second clips used over and over again. The voices of the characters can start to get REALLY annoying after a while.

Replayability 1/10
After you've played through the entire game once, you're not going to play it again. It isn't worth it, and after you've played through the game, you don't want to go through it again.

Buy or Rent?
I'd say forget about it. It is NOT worth your time to go through many hours of pain. Avoid at all costs.

I'm going to say this right now, DO NOT play this game. There are other good sonic games out on the Gamecube. The theme of this game seems to be repetitiveness. You will have found out how cheap Sega was for making a horrible game. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

+ Great backgrounds
+ The game plays well
+ The cover looks ok!

- Bland storyline
- Playing through the same game four times through different characters isn't worth it
- Frustrating camera makes for unnecesscary difficulty

Total Score: 36% (rounded to the lowest 10) 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/01/10

Game Release: Sonic Heroes (US, 01/05/04)

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